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Your Favorite Love Quotes.

Love Quote MSN Quotes - Part 11

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Its amazing how someone can break ur heart, but u can still love them with all the little peices
Teddy's dont hug back, but sometimes its all you got.
Cut my legs off and put them on your head so i can run through your mind like you run through mine
what's minnie without micky, whats tigger with pooh, whats patrick without spongebob, whats me without you. (:
i loved you once , love you still .. always have & always will.
love the ones that show you they love you more than they love them self's
i love you like a million red m&m's
i always thought that making a girl love u is to show her how much u lover her, but now i get it that i was wrong all the time.
you have the key to my pad locked hart so open it but if you please promis me that you wont let it get locked up again
love is like a rainbow; it can be there, and just fade away.
love is a beatiful thing that will make u suffer
When you smile, I smile, but it quickly fades as I realize you're smiling because of her...
love cn mke u feel happy aswell as sad...
never love a guy that doesnt like you back you can hurt really bad
i no that iin a million years, yourll still be the one i love :'(
If i could re-arrange the alphabet i would put U and I Together :( xx
♥To Me Your My Everything To You Im a peice of crap!♥
♥when love gets you down..just remember that theres someone out there perfect for youu...and soon your time will comee ♥

Hannah Wilson
Aged 13
one day the moon asked me if your love makes you cry then why don't you leave your lover? i looked back at the moon and asked the moon if the sky makes you cry would you leave the sky?
im feeling like a star you cant stop my shining when im with you.

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