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Love Quote MSN Quotes - Part 12

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TI Said I can have what ever I like thats why i have you (L)
love is just another feeling but when you have it, it can make you feel on top of the world (L)
When your here i stay away from you,only cause i love you.
you loved me once,i hated you,you hate me now,i love you
I can't sleep at night cause your running through my mind.
I look at you,you look at me you turn away.You just made my day :)
I wish you were in my dreams all night so then i'll never forget you.
I Carnt be supergirl without my superman ?
You're the first screen name i look for, when i sign on(L)
Love is 4 letters, but so is hate so when you say you love me do you meen hate?!
Is love is for real, why do you keep breaking my heat?
love is like glass, when it breaks... you might hurt yourself putting it back together .
youh told me something & i was stupied enough to beleave it :(
love is to strong to joke around with (L)
I don't care were I'd have to be, I just want to be with you forever
the pain cant be dismised because when i think of his smile , i miss you ! Much more then i thought i ever could
Love is a strong word, it's the one that breaks a persons heart.
You broke my heart once, but I re-attached it because I still love you. I believe that everyone makes mistakes, but I know that there is no real mistake when were together because we patch it up and make it better :)

By JayZ2310Madgy
I want to be the only hand you ever need to hold
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