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Your Favorite Love Quotes.

Love Quote MSN Quotes - Part 5

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It's amazing how you can make me smile so easily
i really love you and i wish that you would love me too
thought it was easy to pretend that i love you, but it was really hard to pretend that i don't love you
If i can have you in my dreams but not in real life i wish i could dream forever
i could tell you a hundred times that i love you but you wouldnt care
if she is worth it give all you got
i am happy for who you are and i love you for who you are
y do i always dream about you but i know it will never come true that me and you have a future
Loving you has already becomes a part of my life!
i love you more than anything in this whole world
i know who you love but you dont know who i love, cuz i love you
love is like the wind u cant see it but u can feel it =]
Every Night I Dream Of You,Just Wishing It Would Come True, But Knowing I Would Never Be With You :'((U)x
'she's the type of girl, that would go [head over heals]
for any guy..
kiss me is something u tell ur lover but telling him ur not ready takes just as much curage
this is not a quote this is a advice, if you like a person STOP pretending that you dont and tell the person you like him/her
I gave you my heart, but you threw it away and left me broken
My heart beats for you when you walk past me
**It's funny know you could love someone so much but not realize until you let them go! (U)***
I'mDreamingOutLoud; DontLetAnyoneWakeMe.

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