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Love Quote MSN Quotes - Part 8

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there's more than one reason why i love youu..
but you'll have to figure them out by yourself..
When you sit alone on a bench...thinking theres no one for you. Just look across the street and there you'll find your someone alone too.
your all i can thin of, like you were carved in my mind
see i like this guy and he kinda has my heart
Nothing hurts more than realizing he meant everything to you and you turned him down!
If i could be anything i would be your tears so i could be born in your eyes .. live down your cheeks and die on your lips !! -- By MoƩ --
Every time i miss you a star falls from the sky; yesterday as i looked up to the sky i realized that i had miss you so much, there were no more stars left at night alone.
love starts with a smile,grows with a kiss and ends with a teardrop
love is like a river washes someone in and out of your heart but then it's not really lovee...
I never called you my everything cuz i new if i lost you id have nothing
If you heard the sound of my heart shattering, trust me you would break into bits of peices too.
you breathe you think you think you cry you cry you ran you ran until ur with the one

by Natasha Carlton age 12
no boy is worth my tears and the one who is would never make me cry!!!
I love when you look at me because I know for a second I crossed your mind.
Girl , your lovee's like a nuclear weapon..
I Thought SomeOne Was Fallin For Me, But They Were Really Tripin Over A Branch (U)
dont worry about the peoplw in your past, theres a reason they didint make it to your future
to love is to accept that he's truley happy with her. to love is to be greatful that atleast he got his happily ever after!
Give Me A Hug, Give Me The World, Give Me Your Heart And I'll Be Your Girl, Give Me Your Smile, Give Me Your Time, Give Me Your Love And I'll Give You Mine...
should i smile because were friends or should i cry because thats all we'll ever be (L)

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