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Your Favorite Love Quotes.

Love Quote MSN Quotes - Part 9

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i dont think u realise how easily u make me smilee :)
hole me closer and never let go because iLoveYou xoxo
no matter how much,u hurt me........i'll always love u like i used to..!!!
somewhere between all our laughs,long talks stupid little fights and all our jokes i fell in love!
If I can only be with you in my dreams, then let me sleep forever!
(L) if i has to choose between LOVING YOU and BREATHING....i would use my last breath to say I LOVE YOU (L)
Love is like a war: Easy to start, hard to end, and impossible to forget.
loving you is all i want...not for a moment, but forever ...
The Sun Burns Bright, But Our Love Burns Brighter

From Connor (aged 14 ;))
I know you are there in many chapters of my life,
but I know, I will never be in any chapters of yours

{Made by Lara Hopwood. 12}
Love is like a melody, it only gets sweeter by the minute.
even a condom can't stop me from showing my love for you
i use this one on april fool "i love u not"
I need you in my life !:((U)
Love is lik soup, when you think you have it, it slips away
i drpped a tear in2 tha sea nd wen i find it will b wen i stp loving yhu
i dropped a tear in2 tha sea and when i fnd will b tha day i stp loving yhu...

By Annabelle 13
dont cry over someone thats not going to cry over you cuz u just end up in more pain then what it is really worth
You asked me one night... Who do yoou love most life or me?... and i answered life then you left without knowing that you were my life
you broke my heart, and i didnt even love you.

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