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i never relized how much love could hurt or how fast dreams could be crushed until i met yeww
i dropped a tear drop into the ocean, and when someone finds it, is the day i will stop loving you x
sweet is love when all is sane
sweet is death to rid the pain
cruel is love when all is hell
cruel is death when all is well -lil devil
A true love is one who will be there for you, and not make your best friend his boo.
im falling faster to the floor, you said you'd always be there but guess wut you lied cuz you just walked out the door.
saying you loved me sounded so right...or..i just wanted it to.
Love is worthless so fdon't waste your breath on a guy..
You and I are like One and Zero...together we make a perfect ten but without you i am nothing!
loving me is easy.but pleasing me is the hardest part
we started off as friends, then best friends, then lovers.
why must we end it as enemies?
If i told you th story of why my broken heart cried, it would show u how it all started with one simple lie,
if it wasnt for that one little lie, i wouldnt be wanting now to lay down & die.
i reach for your and,
she rubs it in my face..
i reach for your hand,
shes taking my place..
i reach for your hand,
its always been mine..
i reach for your hand,
its in hers this time.
true love comes once in a milion chances so take that risk and be happy for your self
I just wish I didnt feel like there was something I missed...
Lets create the perfect crime
Baby, we were never mean't for eachother... Sadly I thought we would be together for ever....
i hate letting you go,!!but i have no choice for it seems that im bound to lose you..it's better this way..for sooner or Later i'll learn to accept that parting way's will be the only way to spare my heart from pain!
I just hope to sleep
And never awaken
Nothing left in this world
Could replace what you have taken....
what makes her so much better than me..What makes her just everything that I can never be..What makes her your every dream and fantasy
Because I can't remember when it was me

never say i love you if you dont really care.never talk about feelings if they arent really there.never hold my hand if your gonna break my heart.never say your going to if you dont plan to start.never look into my eyes if your gonna make me cry.if u really mean forever than say you'll try.never say forever if forever is just a lie.

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