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confused love

I am a 14 year girl.studying 9th grade .when i was studying 8th grade .I just met a guy on fb through my friends account.He was my senior(9th).It was her fake account i used to check it.I  found this guy.i started to chat with him through her account till 2 months.after that i sended him request from my account .we used to talk a lot.i used to enjoy every moment I was with him.He blocked his old account and I felt very bad .I used too miss him a lot .then i realised that i was in love with him.he made his new account but couldn’t send me a request my account carries privacy settings.My friends got to know about my love and they asked me or probably proposed him.I created a fake account and proposed him.He couldn’t even guess it was me.I just said to his friend who is also my friend(common friend).that i was only that girl who proposed him everyone of his friends and he too was shocked because i was not that type of girl.I was decent and friendly to friends,teachers and well wishers and danger to enemies.He just went away unfriended me from fb. He stopped talking with me.My heart broked into pieces.I loved him a lot.After some months i found he used to have a gf who is also 10th after a few days i got to know that they broke up.he is one of the poplour guys in school.now i am studying 9th he is studying 10th.I thought to atleast be his  friend if not lover .I said sorry through the same common friend.He accepted it and we became friends again but my teacher got to know about my love and she scolded me.He blocked me from fb. nearly a month passed and I thought to focus my career and leave him.My class mate loves him now but I don’t know why I am feeling jealous.they are many rumours on him that he is loving his ex-girlfriend’s best friend but I don’t think so.His classmate is my friend but she is like my big sister she said he is not good.He is a player..etc.I dont know what to do??? (or) how to react????? .I  think i am still in love with him!!! and the worst thing is that i don’t have a mom to share with..my dad is always busy (divorced)and i am suffering from depression trying to overcome it..shall i follow my teacher words and concentrate on my career.so finally you got to know the reason why I labelled my love story as confused love.Many questions but no answers..waiting for god’s miracle!!!




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long distance relationship

A girl with crazy minded …start her life in online world.in fb..

She get many true friendship in online…

A boy …who get interested in her attitude ..start chat with that girl…

She ignored ….the boy… after 1 years she accepted that boy love’$….she started her new love life with him….they both love each other… unfortunately…there is an misunderstanding between them…they breakup each other…but the girl loved that boy more…..but fate …the boy get married with some 1….the girl when she heard about his marriage she cried lot.. she didn’t like to express her feel to others..she prick herself…after ..a couple of months the boy came to that girl that he told that he didn’t satisfied with his married life and he felt sorry for all his past  married relationship and everything….the girl felt very happy that she get her dream boy as real…she felt thank to god …she dreamed that she touch the star …with her beautiful hands…..but. .

Fate ….the girl loss her hope because of that boy….the boy who she loves ….gone for away from her life…. Bcoz the boy who married with some 1get her wife as perfect….so ..he gives break for her lover…..but the girl who love this boy feel he is a world for her….she like to see his happiness ever time so  she scariced her love for her lover…….she like to see his happiness in his face so…..once again she. Prick herself….she realized that the boy she loves doesn’t care for her..  although she understands about her lover…but she can’t move on from it……she felt that till the day of judgment….till the day of  her breath tops she like to love that boy ever seconds in her life…….but poor girl till now she doesn’t meet her boy friend as real……but she love more..




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Love at first sight ♥

‘Hi frens I’m sameer this was my first love happened 2 year ago. Mein ek simple ladka of age 18 , height 6’, living in Dream city mumbai.. ok bateh bahot ho gayi so I am coming to the point ..
Exams ke din the ..lots of stress ..was studying in 11th science ..tension evrywhere…puri raat padhai ki …aur ek baat, muje pata nahi tha ki mein kis exam hall mein hu ..so it is suspense for me …toh subah ho gayi means exam ka din ..ready ho gaya aur nikal pada college ki aor ..friends got so we went together ,aur ham sab college pahunch gaye ..ham sab yaar kon kis hall mein hoga yeh dekhne notice board padhne gaye … and got to know in which hall we are… bell ranged at 8.00 am and I entered the hall … mere thode hi frens the hall mein so I was not feeling to good…. I sat on my numbered bench and there was a Roll number 9 of Art student of another College. And then a sweet,cute,beautiful and pretty girl came and guess what she is the art student roll no. 9 .. I was surprised, got freezed for a minute..

I was eager to talk to her but I was little bit nervous … I realllly want to hear her sweet voice by the time …there were 15 minutes before examiner will come …and I think she is also lonely like me in the hall … so mene himmat ki aur usse bat karni shuru ki….

Me: Hii (bahut khushi se)

she: hi..

[frens uski aawaz itni mithi (sweet) thi ki mein flatt ho gaya..]

Me: I’m sameer..

She: I’m Ishita. [looking towards door ]

Me: Why r u looking at the door ..??

She: I’m looking for my friends..

Me: So will you be my friend???

She: Yeah..ok [Smiling ]

[ asehi hamari bate exams hone tak jo hame bich mein thoda wakt milta tha tab ham bat karte the…acchi yadein thi woh meri .. 8 din k bad exam khatam hone wali thi ]

last day of exam..
After the exam got over we had small conversation…

Me: By the way will you give me ur phone number .

she: Ok.

Me: Thanks

she: Its ok yaar ..will meet soon ha whenever get chance.

Me: I will miss you my friend. [But I was loving her so much but didn’t told her]

She: Me too. ok byee ha take care..

Me: Ok bye..take care.
[And she leaves from our college campus and I was like please don’t go Ishita ..got little bit senti…]

2 weeks passed …

Phir mere phone mein message aaya and guess what woh message Ishita ka tha …. I got very happy..
Phir mene uska message padha, usme likha tha

She: Hi sameer

Me: Ishita missing you!!!

She: really!!!

Me: yeah ..

She: So meet me na.

Me: Where??

She: lets meet in cafe coffee day..

[It was my first date …wore cool cloths and went to cafe and woww you will not believe she was just looking like angel …very pretty so cute ..she was looking gorgeous in that red dress ]

Me: woww looking gorgeous Ishita !

She: Thank you.. [Blushing ]

[I gave her a bouquet of red roses, and she smiled [blushed]
Hamne cold coffee order kiya ..after half an hour we left the cafe.

Then we had a small romantic walk ..she is just smiling and blushing.

I wanted to propose her by taking that opportunity but I didn’t. That’s the sad part.
Fir mene usko uske ghar pe choda.
She hugged me and said bye..
No mene usko kiss nahi kiya. The moment she hugged me achanak se uske papa aa gaye aur ishita ko khichkar mujhe ek zordar jhapad(slap) mara [zindagi mein pehli baar mujhe kisine jhapad mara tha mere ko gussa aa raha tha aur bahut dard ho raha tha ] uske papa mujhe aur ek jhapad marne aa rahe the lekin ishita ne unko yeh kehkar roka ki ..
“papa use mat maro usne hamari date par mujhe kiss tak nahi kiya yaha tak woh hug bhi nahi karna chahta tha woh toh mene usko hug kiya”

Phir uske papa ne phir se apna muh khola “aayanda meri beti ke samne aane ki koushish bhi mat karna, warna anjam bohot bura hoga ”

[ I was really sad as meri dost ishita ro rahi thi ,may be she started loving me …♥ ]

Mujhe andar se khushi bhi ho rahi thi ki koi beautiful ladki mere liye ro rahi thi phir uske papa ne use ghar le gaya …Ishita rote huye mujhe dekh rahi thi ,mene halki si smile karke use isharo se na rone ko kaha phir usne bhu halki si smile ki aur phir mene use hath se bye kiya aur usne bhi bye kiya..

Next day…

Mein uske bare mein hi soch raha tha isliye mujhe nind nahi aa rahi thi …
At 4.00 am ishita ka message aaya ,meri dil ki dhadkane tez ho gayi.
Message mein yeh likha tha ki

She: Sorry yaar mere dad ne tujhe mara mein dil se sorry bolti hun please mujhe maaf kar dena.

Me: Its ok, isme tumhari koi galti nahi thi ..

She: Mujhe pata nahi tha ki tum thappad khane ke bad bhi mujhse bat karoge..thanks for understanding.

Me: Toh milte he na aaj ..

She: ok..

[Mein use park mein milne gaya. Mein nervous tha kyu ki mein aaj use propose karne wala tha ..aur tabhi woh aa gayi …]

Me: Hii ishita , mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai..

She: haa bolo na kya bat hein.

Me: mein tumse ..mein tumse!

She:aage bhi toh bolo..

[She must be knowing that I want to propose her…Mera dil toh bullet train ki tarah daud raha tha..]

Me: I love you Ishita!!! do you love me?? [Gave a red rose to ishita. by one knee down]

She: Love you too sameer ! [Blushing, smiling ]

[ The nature also supported us …achanak se baarish shuru ho gayi …romantic mausam …phir ham baarish se bachne ke liye ek bade tree ke niche khade ho gaye ..after 5 minutes baarish tham gayi. And I dropped her to her house…]

[Yesehi hamari mulaqat 2 saal se chalti hi rahi aur uske dad ko bhanak bhi nahi lagi ki mein uski beti ko mil raha hun. Ishita ne hamesha mera support kiya jab bhi mein sad ho jata tab woh mujhe samjhati aur jab bhi woh dukhi rehti mein use hug karke samjhata tha …jab bhi mein Ishita ko hug karta tha ek positive energy aur apnapan milta tha …

Really without love everything is incomplete, No one in this world who had not fallen in love… Everyone falls in love once in a life..

In present situation I am 18. Hamari aage ki prem kahaani mein zarur bataunga lekin thode dino ke baad …as this is my real love story..

Friends please comment….
And stay tuned …




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A failure story of janu lucky

A girl entering into mba college to full fill here dreams, but unfortunately  a boy entered into her life. She believes him alot and very soon she loved him , the boy was not that sincere and he has already lover in his graduation still they are in love,  without knowing all this she believed him and deeply into love with him and fine day his previous lovers ( sakhi)came and then both together went to their home town and the other girl(janu) into depression for some days after some days again the boy (lucky) come to janu’s life again she don’t want accept but unfortunately  sakhi call to janu to inform that lucky going to come into your life because he loves you truly so sakhi is not going to come again in their life , on that day janu was so happy and exciting about his new  life and janu loved lucky madly and even lucky too the days were going very happy and they decided to get married but  lucky mother didn’t accept janu and she want to get marry his relatives girl , the same thing lucky accept and he decided to promise his mother that he will do what his mother want, and janu bad days started like that days going and suddenly one day lucky got married without informing janu and after some days she knows that he got married and janu decided to commit suicide but to seeing here parents she decided to fulfil parents dreams so she lived after few days she committed suicide and she is no more.




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my first love story

14-05-2016 18:00: Hello friends …… Ye meri real Ki love story hai meri aur palak Ki …. Mera Nam Rahul hai ye 27/02/2014 se start hui thi ….us samay Mai ek sidha sadha boy tha aur khub masti Karta khush rahata tha …….doston ke sath masti Tb Mai love shuv se anjaaan tha …. Fir ek din Maine palak Nam Ki ek ladki ko fb me req send Ki …usne accept v kar liya 27/08/­2014 ko …is din mahashivratri v thi . Hum dono ka hii hello Hua Aur hm dono dhire dhire acche friends v ban Gaye ……… Kafi acche dost ban gye hum dono …..fir hum rat me 2- bje tk fb me hi bate karne lage ….aur bate karte karte hi kv kv m so jata tha …….to wo dusre din gussa jati thi bcoz syd usko mujhse lv ho Gaya tha aur mai pagal samjh nhi paya tha aur m so Jaya Karta …… Ek rt usne kaha Ki agar aj tmm so Gaye to Mai kl se tmse bt nhi krungi ….. To Maine usse rt me bed me baithkar bat Ki kahin nind n lag jaye 3 baje Tak bt Ki lekin us rt kismat sath nhi Diya aur mobile Ki battery low ho gayi to sona pad gya ….. Fir hum log acche dost ban gye aur Maine uski pic kangi to usne pahle to mana kiya bt akhir man gyi aur de di mujhe pic ……. Wo kafi sundr lag rhi Thi……. Maine bhut khush Hua aur usse turant hi I luv u bol dala …… (mujhse cntrol hi nhi Hua Ki Ni av Ni bolna chahiye ). Aur wo gussa gyi ….pure ek din usne mujhse bt v nhi Ki …mai pura din sorry bola akhir sham KO wo man gyi aur hm fir batein karne lage ….aur bate karte karte hi kv kv m so jata tha …….to wo dusre din gussa jati thi bcoz syd usko mujhse lv ho Gaya tha aur mai pagal samjh nhi paya tha aur m so Jaya Karta …… Ek rt usne kaha Ki agar aj tmm so Gaye to Mai kl se tmse bt nhi krungi ….. To Maine usse rt me bed me baithkar bat Ki kahin nind n lag jaye 3 baje Tak bt Ki lekin us rt kismat sath nhi Diya aur mobile Ki battery low ho gayi to sona pad gya ….. Fir hum log acche dost ban gye aur Maine uski pic kangi to usne pahle to mana kiya bt akhir man gyi aur de di mujhe pic ……. Wo kafi sundr lag rhi Thi……. Maine bhut khush Hua aur usse turant hi I luv u bol dala …… (mujhse cntrol hi nhi Hua Ki Ni av Ni bolna chahiye ). Aur wo gussa gyi ….pure ek din usne mujhse bt v nhi Ki …mai pura din sorry bola akhir sham KO wo man gyi aur hm fir batein karne lage…… Mai aksar usko I lv u bolta rhata pr wo gusssa jati aur jldi man v jati ……. Aur WO b ek din man gyi aur usne I lv u too v bol Diya …. Phle to mujhe majak laga lekin…… Sch tha Mujhe laga Ki Mai koi sapna to Ni dwkh raha blv nhi Ho raha tha mujhe ….. Us waqt Ki feelings hi kuch alag thi kya batau bt lyf me pahli br aisa Hua tha to bhut khush tha Mai ……… Bs fir kya tha hm dono ko lv Ho gya tha aur hm dono bate karte the ……mai pahle usse aise hi majak me lv u bola tha …aur syd us waqt mere liye wo majak hi tha pr wo bechari mujhse real me luv krti thi …… Use kya pata tha Ki Mai dhokha de raha Hu …..(pata hi hoga ap ko Ki ladke those se harami hote hain majak Me hi lets hai Kisi ke pyar ko ) Us smy tak m v aisa hi tha …lyf me phli br hi tha pr Maine majak me hi liya ……. Fir aise hi do mahine gujar Gaye ek din 5 aprail Ki night ko humne rt me khub sari batein Ki aur bate karte karte subh ke 4 bj Gaye subh ke 4 baj chuke the matlb 6 date lag chuki thi fir Maine usse uska mobile no. Manga to usne mana kar liya aksrar wo mana kar deti thi …. Mai us din bola apna no. Likha aur send kiya aur bola ki agar 4:10 tk tmhara call Ni ayega to Mai tmhe blok Kr dunga ………aur fir kav bat nhi karunga …… Aur fb se log out Ho Gaya ……. Mere friends v ab tak jag Gaye the wo v sb dekh the the bcoz meri lyf me ye sb kuch pahli pahli Br Ho raha tha ………… …… 4:10 v Ho Gaye aur call nhi aya to meri ankhon me anshu a Gaye pata nhi kyu par syd mujhe v lv Ho Gaya tha usse …….. Mere ek friend ne kaha ki m 10 tk counting krrunga aur cll a jayega aur WO counting karne laga jaise hi usne 9 count kiya mere phone ki ghanti baj gyi ……… Aur Maine cll kt Kr Diya kyuki usne kaha tha Ki tm mujhe 15 aprail tk cll Ni kroge koi prblm thi usko …to Maine v socha Ki itne din wait kiya to thoda aur sahi Lekin Mai us din bhut khush tha …fir hm log uthe aur Mai apne training me challa gya ……… Aur hm msg se v bate karne lage lekin Maine use call Ni kiya….. ……. Ek din dopahar koo do baje. 11 aprail ko uska phone aya Mai bhut khush Hua aur jaise hi usne hello kaha Mai tham sa Gaya aur kya pyari awaj thi yr uski cuteeee…… Ekdam thi ………. Us din humne 47 minut tak bat kiya Maine syd pahli bar Kisi se phone pr itni der tak bat kiya tha ….hm bt karne lage aur 27 aprail ko Kisi reason se m usse gussa Gaya ……….aur usne din bhar manaya pr mere andar thoda attitude tha to main nhi mana …………. Aur usne decide kar liya Ki wo mujhe chhod degi …….. Aur usne mujhe sham KO last bar call kiya aur bataya Ki ab se wo mujhse kV b bat nhi kregi kyuki usne gusse me meri kasam khi liya tha Ki aj ke bad kav bat nhi karungi ……..to uska cll aya bt uske friend ne bt Ki aur boli Ki lst Br hai bt Kr lo ……to hm dono ne bt Ki aur rone lage dono bahut der tak roye ….m v kya krun par dil se m utna jyada majboot Ni tha Fir usne mujhe song sunaya rote rote …” Aa tujhme bitau ratiya Diil dil ko sunaye batiya Maine khud ko de Diya hai tujhko ….” Aur usne ksm thi Ki m khussh rhunga to Maine ha bola aur hum dono ne phone rakh Diya ……… Ab rat me mujhe nind Ni a rhi thi so Mai medical Gaya aur neend Ki goliyan le aaya …ek tab khayi pr fir v nind nhi ayi to mainejaldi jaldi me 3 goliya aur kha li …aur usne bd meri subh nind khuli to Mai hospital me thaa mera friend v tha sath me…..aur usne v mummy Ki ksm di Ki aj ke bd tu aisa kuch v Ni karega ….. Wo dost mujhe bhut pyar krta tha aur usne mujhe us din bacha liya …kahte hain n dost to dost hi hota hai …… Ab m thik Hua aur ghr a gya ……. Aur Mai apni trainig Jane laga continue …..bt thoda sad rhta tha lekin Mai usko cll v Ni Kr skta tha bco z usne apna mobile sim sbb kuch us din tod Diya tha ……i know usse v nhi raha jata hoga pr pata nhi usne khud ko cntrol Kr liya …….. Aur sb kuch thik than chalene laga ek din 11 may ko usne sms kiya apne new no se Maine cll kiya to rone lagi ….aur apne friends se chup chhup ke bat karne lagi …….. Rt me hum batein karte …. Aur din bhar sms se….. Bhut khush Hua Mai ….. Aur hm dono bhut khush the ………… Lekin kuch din bd hamari fir laadai hui kyuki hum dono hi bhut jyada gusse wale the ….to hum dono ne ek dusre ko phone v nhi lagaya Aur 20 din bina bt kiye hi gujar Gaye ….. Lekin 27 June ko uska bday tha to Maine uska bday msg se wish kiya aur so Gaya ….uska reply subh aya aur Mai usko manane laga dhire dhire wo fir se man gayi ………… Aur hm log bt krnr lage rat rat bhar bt krte the . Bt krte krte kab subh Ho jati pata hi nhi chalta tha ………. Bt kuch v Ho yar wo mujhse pyr bhut krti thi ……. Fir hm Roz bat krte aur khush rhte the ……rt me v bt krte …thoda bhut msti wali majak wali batei karte aur kav kV …thodi bhut romance wali bte v Kr lets pr WO hamesha mujhe dantti rhti is sbse ……. Ab pura February se lekar December tak beet Gaya pr ham aj tk ek dusre se mile nhi ….par achanak 29 december ko ek aisa din aya jab finally hm Milne ka mauka Mila …….. Maine turant taiyar hua aur nikal pada train ke liye ….maine train pakdi aur m pahunch Gaya ……………. Hm pure pure 10 mahine bad Milne wale the ……lekin gift lene ka mauka hi nhi Mila ……….aur Khali hath hi Gaya Mai uske pass……….. Hum dono baithe rahe aur batein Ki …….fur usne mujhe gale se lagaya …..kya batau yr Maine pahli Br Kisi ldki ko gale se lagay tha us waqt Ki feelings Ki kuch aur thi …jo shayad Mai lafzon me nhi Bata skta …….. Fir hm wapas a gye …aur new year a gyaa ……….new year me mera birthday tha pr Maine usse din bhar bt nhi Ki ……….. WO prsnl prblm hai isliye bt nhi kiya …….. Fir ham bate karte aur khush rhtethe …fir achanak semauka aya aur hum 9 February ko fir se mile …….. Is bar Maine use kiss v kiya ……… Bus aur teesri Br hm 2 march ko mile ……..lekin hum teeno bar station ke hi mile ……. Aur ha Isi bich Maine uske clg me apna admission v le liya …..wo finel year me thi aur Maine first year me admission liya ……fir hum bahut Br mile ……uske friends v mujhse mile ….. Achanak se uske friends ne plan banaya ghumne ka fur hm 20 may 2015 ko aamarkantak ghumne Gaye …..is me Mai uske pass wali seatpr hi baitha raha ….aur hm pure raste bat krte Gaye …….khub sari bate Ki ………. Aur hum laut kar aye …..aur us rat mujhe uske sath rahne ja mauka mil gya ……to hum ek hi rum pe ruke main aur usne friends 8 log ek hi rum pr ruke aur sbne rt bhar batein Ki msti kiya …. Bcoz un logon ke exam v khatam v hone wale the …… Aur WO sb alag alg hone wale the to thoda bahut roye bhi Subh hui aur Mai ghar 23 may ayi aur in logno ko humesha ke liye apne apne ghr Jana tha ……. Sb log alag alg Ho the the to sd sad to sb the hi ………………..­……­sb bahut rote … ….m v roya ….. Kyuki ajj wo humesha ke liye mujhse dur Jane wali thi ……. Khub der rone ke bad unke Jane ka waqt Ho gya tha Anshu rukne ka Nam nhi le the the ……..us sbse unke friends alg Ho the the aur mujhse meri jindgi mera pyar …..meri palak……………­­ WO rote hui boli Ki Rahul mujhe nhi Jana hai tmse dur …………. Main v use uske ghar Jane se rok to nhi sakta tha …….pr roya bhut ….chahta tha dil se Ki wo n jaye ………… ……. . . . . . Pr rok nhi paya usko ….kaise rokta wo apne ghar ja rhi Thi……………. ……….maine usko usko gadi me jabardsti baithaya ……………. …… . . . . . . . .aur WO chali gyi …… 23 may KO us din chhodkar chali gyi mujhe …..maine apna v bag uthaya aur apne ghar a gya ………. Fir usne mujhe 26 may KO cl kiya Ki jb tk m msg n kru tm kuch v maag ya cll mt krna …ohhk …… Maine kaha ha……. Aur jb wo cl krti sms karti Tb bs bt Ho pati thi ……………. Usneemujhe lsat bar 10 June ko cll liya ………uske bd usne cll nhi kiya to Mai ab thoda gusse wala tha to Maine jaise raise krke 5 din cntrol Kr kiya ….lekin 17 June ko nhi kar paya cntrol ….aur Maine sms kar Diya usko ………. Aur uske bhai ne pdh liya ……… Uska mobile rkh liya sb kuch khatam Ho Gaya m…………meri palak meri wajahse humesha ke liye dur Ho gayi ………………..­­………. Humesha ke liye meri ek galti se dur Ho gayi ………. Aur us din se usko pdhai v bnd Ho gayi aur WO ab ghr me hi hai ……… . . . . Aur uske pas mobile v nhi hai ……. Friends meri palak ke liye dua karna jaha v rhe khush rahe………… ………………..­­….. Mai aj v akela uska Wai t kar raha Hu meri wajah se uska likhana padhna ruk gya …………….. Uski lyf hi jaise rok di Ho Maine ……… Mai khud KO apni is glti ke liye kav maf nhi lr paunga …….. I know ab mujhe wo cll kyu nhi Kr rhi kyuki woo lv krti hai n use to lagta hai Ki agar dobara uske bhai ko pata chalega to wo mujhe kav nhi chhodega ……….. Isliye mujhe bachane ke liye WO khud KO saja de rhi hai …………… Palak dekho n rat me rota Hu to ye takiya n mujhe gale v nhi lagati koi respond nhi deti ……….tm wapas a jao m ………. Wapas a. Jao plzzzzzzzzz….. I love u palak ……i missssssssss u so much ………… Mai kV nhi bhul paunga tmhr dear friends meri kahani to adhuri rah gayai bat ap log aisi galti Mt karna Ki apka pyr kho jaye………… Pyar naseeb walon ko milta hai ………..kav khona mat …… Thanxxxxx……..          shayad is kahani ko Maine adha adhura hi likha rha lekin ab wo meri life me fir se wala s a gayi hai ….. Aur ab ham dono bahut khush hain ……….bahut khush matlb bahut khush ………..pahle Ma I uske Jane ke bd bahut hi ajib ho Gaya tha bahut hi gussssa ane lagi thi mujhko pr ab Mai bahut khush Hu aur ajjj v wo mujhse pahle jaisa hi pyar karti hai ….. Ab ham dono apni life me bahut khush hain ………… Pr mujhe pata hai ek din ham alag to honge lekin ho Gaya ham jab tk sath hai kam se kam tab tak to sath rhe ….fir aage dekhge kya hota hai ……..




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First Love not meant to be my True Love

I want to share my story and hopefully this will help you guys while you are all in a good relationship status…

I was once all like those girls who fancied and loved their bf unconditionally, but eventually I got tired and realized my worth as a woman.. Being in a relationship was a real deal, imagine you have a bf and your living far from each other, thats why you have to survive a long distance relationship.. It was all good, we fell in love while doing chats and video call.. We set up a date and visited me here in the phil..I was so happy, we spent time together, and everything that a bf and gf should do… After spending time with me, we parted ways again ,, he went back on his country , and continue our love story, and every 6months he keeps visiting me, I was so faithful to him, even blocked those men who added and tried to message me … I gave him my password but he never give his,, (it’s ok) told myself)… He found nothing but i was… Somebody added me using the acronym of his surname, I was so pissed and asked him about her.. He started to get mad and raised his voice on me for the first time … I cool down myself though it was not my fault , I still apologized for bringing that topic to him… Then he said he was sorry too and didn’t mean to shout on me.. We make our amends.. But he asked me to block her and so I did… We became haPpy again and forget about the incident… Honestly I tried,, but we girls are super curious and too eager to know everything about our bf’s past relationship… I made my own investigation,,, and I found out that my bf has another bf aside from me when he first visit me and they spent time together too.. D*mn that hurts a lot. He lied to me. I confronted him with a broken heart and empty brain and trying to kill myself … He was mad again and told me if i keep believing this girl and her lies its better to end our relationship … I said no, b’coz i cant take that i love him that much, And before I stop he must tell me their story , he said that girl was his exgf and shes too crazy about him and threatened to ruin every gf she will have… I was shivering when I heard that and so mad about his ex and promised him i will never believed her again, b’coz i don’t want our relationship to end just like that… In other word, I believed him again and succumb to his lies, I love him and willing to do everything despite the fact that i know he was a lying asshole… But the suspicious thought lyes in me … I became aware of his moves,,, but i will never lie I still love him, though I know he was playing me and other girls… His 4th visit put me on the edge of my self control… He spent time with me again … And told me he will go to Thailand,, I know he was lying but I never told him about him… I search all those girls on his fb… And found these different girls inCebu… Yes 🙂 he has 3 more gf in Cebu,.. And 2more in manila and me plus an ex gf with benefit in angeles,, but atleast he wAs true about his other ex, he didn’t see her again and blocked her to every social media she was in… But damned a multiple relationship for almost 3weeks of vacation … When he went back home again,,, I confronted him again and again,,, keep telling him,, you will going to miss me when i’m gone … He was mad and told me to stop all these or else he will blocked me and end our relationship… And keeps telling me that I was suffocating him,,, “ok” told him… I stopped confronting him and started giving attention to myself… And to those guys whom i think nice and has a good sense of character …. And decided to meet this american guy after a month of chatting him… We met in a mall and shared meal in a pizza house and movies and shared our own story…. After few hours staying in the mall I decided to go home,, then got a message from this guy and asked me when will he ever see me again ,,, I answered him, he will at the right time … I need to fix everything first with the first man in my life, b’coz I still love him,, and I felt bad b’coz

I cheated on him.. I let other man date me … But I kept that to myself,… Days had passed but we are still having a bad relationship and my bf didn’t message me anymore for a week,, I told myself its over between me and him,,.  I need to start my new life … Im old enough to decide for myself… When this american guy message me, asking if I can spend time to him and if I like being with him, he wants me to be his gf and be with me till he goes back home… I said i will think about it …. Later that week i met him again this time with my family …. My family approved him b’coz they saw the sincerity on his eyes… We went home and made a promised to him that I’ll be back after a few days… We lived together,,, happily and he proposed to me before he went back home to his homeland… I never message my ex since then … But he did, he sent me a message  and confronted me and told me he loves me and he was trying to win me back … He don’t care if I have other guy ,,, he told me he chose me and let those other girls go away but not me … He loved me that much and he was sorry he hurt me… But no I will never go back to the old me ,,, now he knows my worth, he was sorry b’coz he lost me, he wanted me back but i don’t love him anymore, instead i felt nothing for him except pity and hatred,,, I forgive him in every hurt he caused me and I asked forgiveness too,,, b’coz I’m already in love with my future husband ..

Lesson learned… Don’t take advantage of your gf’s feelings and don’t take them for granted, you will never know, while you’re busy hurting her somebody’s already making a great mark on her heart…. Value her and if you don’t love her anymore, tell her straight…. Be man enough…

Don’t judge me too easy, you didn’t know what i’ve been through being on that relationship…





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The Truth About Love


It is genuinely understood throughout the humanity that those whom you desire for sensual purposes are deemed important in our lives for two different reasons: One, for sex. If you’re lucky, you might not even have to pretend you like it every time. Second, to evolve into our spouses, and use that sex-thing that we learned in high school to actually procreate like it was intended. There comes a time when you meet someone who can give you both— sex and commitment— and that’s what every human’s life goal has yet become, the attainment of both. I have been lucky enough to experience this duo of traits in one certain individual. Yet I was mistaken, as the delusion of your first love is often commonly unnoticeable until months after the relationship’s ending.

This delusion will come upon everyone in life. It is unavoidable. The first kiss, the first time, the first everything. Your first love will stay with you for the rest of your existence as a small, comforting cubicle in the back of your brain. This cubicle is horridly messy, and a completely cluttered pandemonium. The shelves and drawers are chaotically stacked and jammed with files and folders of past times and warm moments that can’t possibly be forgotten. Back when the cubicle used to be neat and well kept, you were happy. You were in love. But this space hasn’t been touched in a long time, and the files’ texts are slowly fading away, getting more difficult to read with each passing visit. Though, nothing will be disposed. Each file and folder holds significant information that will be used to set a base and compare against the next few preceding relationships in your life. Soon you’ll stop comparing, but for now, you do. That’s normal.

Essentially, love is mesmerizing. Obsessive. Life-altering. Amazing. Painful. With love, you do not get out what you put in like they say about everything else. Love is math out of a one-hundred scale. If you put 70%, they’ll put 30%. If you put 20%, they’ll put 80%. The less you put in, the more they do, and vice versa. I’ve read somewhere that the ideal proportion is having both partners think that they are the 60% to the 40%, so that each is still putting in that much more effort than the other, but not feeling under appreciated by some unsurvivable cost.

Though love is the essential aspiration of all humankind whether we accept it or not, could it all just be a facade? Since the number of animals whom stay monogynous to their partners is slim, does love really exist? Or since humans are the most intelligent animals on the planet, is it some chemical combination in the brain whereas attraction + potential strong offspring-making genes + potential good parenting traits = love? Is love something to convince our coy race that life’s purpose is more then just to multiply versions of ourselves? That parents of children have a connection stronger than just wanting to produce strong and ample offspring who will flourish in the coming time without the aid of those who gave birth to them? That procreating has more of a purpose than just keeping our race alive? Or are humans just the only race who has the capacity to understand love and its complications? Is monogamy even real? 

Believing monogamy isn’t real is a very, very, depressing ideology. It might not be real for all we know. The argument that “since animals rarely practice it, it mustn’t be real” is, in my opinion, invalid. The human brain surpasses that of an animal, so why would we think that something we do is wrong just because animals don’t partake in it? We are significantly more intelligent than every animal on earth, meaning our brains can reach new levels and understand higher concepts— maybe including monogamy. It makes sense, because those who fail in practicing monogamy, aka those who cheat, are nine times out of ten vapid and imbecilic.

Love is real depending on who you ask. Go ask a newly-wed couple—love is real. Go ask a 45 year old divorcee— love is not real, nor did it ever exist. Love is like the belief in God in a fucked up, much more complicated sense. But simply, this is it: those who choose to believe in it are generally happier and see more of a purpose in life. Those who don’t, well, don’t. 

But love isn’t the only thing that makes people happy. Love is just a factor in the ideal of the perfectly happy human that our world has come to desire. One can be perfectly content and not be or never have been in love. Life has so much to offer, and just because love hasn’t come around yet for some person doesn’t mean they will never experience joviality. Love comes to all in forms we do not expect, and at stages in our lives in which we are not prepared for. 

That being said, number one—love is real. Number two— monogamy is real, if you are smart and willing to partake. Number three— love is not a necessity for happiness, but will constitute it. 


Understand that not everybody will believe in all three rules of love, and that’s okay. But make sure to figure out that about people you involve yourself in as quickly as you can, for if not, pain will come. And I won’t sugarcoat it—the pain of a heartbreak compares to no other kind of tolerable pain on this earth. Especially your first.




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Never Knew What love is till I met a stranger.

My story about love and life is something that everyone can relate too. Its about the best days of my life.  Read it and see if u have done something same at any point of life.

It all started when I completed my college and moved to Delhi India for Internship. These were the first days that I felt So Independent and carefree and This all started on the day when i was coming back from a office party and could not go back to my hotel as I was late. I asked aanchal  my hostel friend to pick me up with her boyfriend shivam after party as i had no other place. And Aanchal confirmed that we can go clubbing after the party. So as planned she came to pick me up at the party with her boyfriend and his friend named Aditiya.  As I sat in the car, I saw this guy sitting next to me. I didn’t pay any attention to him initially and started talking to my friend aanchal and Shivam.

They told me the we are going to Urban Pind  ( Club in Delhi) As I was new in Delhi, I found everything so much fun. After we reached there we danced a little and then i told aanchal that i want to sit for a while. And she gave me a thumbs up so I went and sat on the sofa. And Aanchal friend Aditya followed me and sat next me. He asked me if he can buy me a drink and i said no I don’t drink later he said even I don’t drink , Just asking for a cold drink. When i denied he insisted to buy so went he went and brought that for me.  I was enjoying myself so much that i hardly talked to aditiya and busy noticing how other people were falling boozing , Dancing and falling down. As the night went on all four of us headed towards 24/7 To eat something at lajpat nagar. I was having a good time like never before, It was my first ever night out and then around 4:30am we dropped aditiya  back to his home and all three of us went to Star Coffee Cafe at Noida and sat there till our hostel  gate reopened.

After i reached my room, I went straight to sleep for 8 hours but felt so happy after a wonderful night. My best friend Payal, who was also my roommate was not there as she was on a vacation with her friends to mussoorie. So I was all alone in the room. When I woke up after I hearing aanachal banging on the door. She came in and asked me to get ready as she wanted me to join them for dinner a pandara road and i denied as I had to Go and Pick my bestie from Airport.

The next day Aanchal boyfriend called me and said that he need a treat from me as my internship turned into a job. And I could not deny it. My bestie was not very happy with me going out with them. But I told her that everything is okie and i need to give them a treat, They came and Pick me up and we went to Pandara Road for dinner. It had beautiful restaurants with nice ambience. So we had nice dinner and when the bill arrived,  Aditiya didn’t let me pay. I found it little strange as it was me who was supposed to give a party not him.

Day 4 –  Aanchal called me at work and asked me to come with them to World of wonder amusement park, I thought i should say NO but I also started having a good time with them. I called my best friend and told her that again I am planning to go out with them and she straightly told me that Aanachal and her boyfriend is trying to fix me with Aditiya . But i said there is nothing like that and went with them to worlds of wonder. And had a gala time. Later in the evening we decided to go to huka parlour in sec 18 Noida. I asked aanchal to call my bestie Payal as well to join us there.

So we went and picked payal from the hostel and took her to the huka place.   She felt uncomfortable and didn’t like aditiya trying the get closer to me. That day i also realised that whatever payal was saying is right. But i liked to went with the flow. But the twist in the story comes here, i was in a relationship with someone Vaibhav from last one year. He was my school friend and later he proposed me and i said yes at that point of time because he was a great friend. But i was not very happy with him so i always use to make excuses for not meeting him. He was a super possessive guy. But he was crazily in love with me. After me reached home after the wonderful day, Payal told me that this is not happening and I am cheating vaibhav and aditiya as they both don’t know about each other. And I tried to convince her that She already knew my feeling about vaibhav and i don’t like him. And i can make more friends. There is nothing bad in it. But she didn’t agree to it.

Day5 – Next day Aanchal asked me and payal to her boyfriend home is empty and we all can go and stay there at night and have a party. Before i could say no payal agreed to it to my surprise. Aanchal picked us up after work and we all went to her boyfriend place. There was aditiya and his brother Rohit and Sargun his brother`s girlfriend. Aanachal talked me privately about aditiya liking towards me. And i got worried because of vaibhav. I didn’t wanted to cheat him. So i told aanachal everything about vaibhav. She was very happy because i shared it with her, and told me that we have got one life to be happy. If we are not happy in any relationship, we should quit that and move on. But somewhere in my heart i knew its not gonna be easy, Vaibhav wont let me go. And neither would payal do. That evening Aanchal boyfriend shivam asked me and aditiya to get flavoured Milk for them. It was around 10:30 at night. I now know that they just wanted us to spend some alone time. But payal said she will join us too. So we went to nereby market but couldn’t get milk. Aditiya asked me for chocolate and i said no. And payal said yes. And we came back home.  Shivam insisted us to go and get the milk from far away place. By now payal felt everything what was happening and so did I. But I too wanted to spend time with aditiya. Aanchal insisted payal to stay with them. As we went outside and  in the car i told aditiya that things are not easy in my life, I told him that i know what is happening but it wont be easy. Aditiya then said that he likes me and want to spend his life with me. I couldn’t stop myself telling him everything about vaibhav. And i can never forgot his reply back to me. Aditiya said. If u are not happy no1 can let you stay and i am with you whatever happens. We came back home and As soon as i left the room I remember aanachal asking aditiya about what happened and did he said that to me. And Aditiya said yes.

Day6- Next day morning when we reached home, Payal was not properly talking to me. And was upset about the previous night. About how Aanchal didn’t wanted her to go out with us etc. And i told her everything that aditiya told he and she got really angry and called one of mine and vaibhav`s very close friend ruchika to come and stay with us. I knew what was going to happen. Ruchika has been in school and college with me forever,  Payal told her everything what was happening, And ruchika went mad on me like how can i do this, how can i cheat vaibhav. They called aanachal as well and told her everything about me and vaibhav and they tried their best to convince aanchal to convince aditiya to step back. I told them that unlike others I am not looking for two timing and I called vaibhav and told him everything. He was quite in the beginning. On the other side aanchal called shivam and aditiya and told them about whatever happened. I stood there alone. Without my bestest friends and No1 to stand by me.

And suddenly i receive a call from aditiya that he wants to meet me and standing outside to pick me up. He said I know what is happening. Your friends want you to stay with them and vaibhav forever, doesn’t matter you are happy or not. I just came here to tell you that I like you and will stand by you No matter what. I called vaibhav infront of him on speaker and said everything that i am been telling him for a year. Vaibhav used to fight with me if i wore short dresses. Would never let me go to a office party or talk to my friends at night and many other things.

That night I thought that everything is so strange. Friends that I had forever, stood with them whenever they did anything wrong like a wall is not with me and a stranger whom I met hardly a week before is there. At that Point of time i decided that I will do whatever my heart wants.

Day 7- Aanchal was not very happy now with me and vaibhav getting together after all the discussion with payal and ruchika. But just because Shivam knew how much aditiya liked me he wanted to us to get together. So Aanchal asked me out for the college fest happening in her college s with shivam, aditiya, Rohit and Sargun and without asking payal I said yes. We went there and Aditiya wanted to show me his college, so we went for a walk. Where he asked me about what happened and that i look so quite today.  I told him that i wanted to talk to him about vaibhav but he stopped me saying it doesn’t matter to me. All matters to him is me. I could see a purity in his eyes. But as everyone said Delhi guys are not good, I was very scared. Sargun his brothers girlfriend told me that its gonna be the best decision in my life if i say yes to aditiya bhaiya. Later We stayed at shivam place at night coz i dint wanted to talk to Payal and ruchika.

Day 8- We went to Barista in Sec 18 Noida. Aditiya came to pick me up. As soon as i was about to sit in his car, there was a rose on the seat. He said thats because he likes me, Then at sec 18 we moved to shivam car and there were more roses on the seat and aditiya said thats because we are friends. I knew he going to propose me. Then at barista the waiter came and gave me roses one after another. I felt so shy and special like never before.  Then we decided to go to Urban pind and there he proposed me saying that he feel in love with me the first time he saw me. I didn’t knew what to say and kept quite for so long. After i saw his sad face and watery eyes, I said yes and he side hugged me with joy. That gave shivers in my body, Shivam, aanchal, Rohit and sargun was very happy to hear that. We then went somewhere and he gave me bouquet of roses and proposed me again.  Then late at night we went to shivam place to sleep and he said bye that he will go to his place and sleep. And he again asked if he hug me but just because i was so shy he side hugged me and kissed on my forehead and went.

Day 9- When I reached home with so many flowers, payal was sure of whatever happened. sHe didn’t say anything and told he that she is happy. I was glad to know that. Later me and aditiya planned for a movie alone and lunch. We had a great time, I got to know that aanchal and payal made vaibhav talked to shivam on phone. They planned it against me. I never thought payal could do something like this. I was really heartbroken to know that. Shivam talked to vaibhav on phone. But soon after the conversation he realized that how dominating he is and Vaibhav threatened him that he will brings his friends for a flight and lots of things. Shivam called aditiya and told him everything. And also told him that They are trying there best to make me stop. Shivam called me his sister and said He would do everything to make me stay. Shivam and aditiya both started hating payal. Aditiya told me what payal did, I could not stop crying. But it made me more strong and I loved aditiya way much more. I was blessed and couldn’t thank god enough to found someone like aditiya.


Thanks for reading my story and Trust me its good to Trust in Love. Time and place doesn’t matter. Love at first sight exist. Believe in Love and give your life a chance.  Aditiya has given me the best days of my Life. Those were even better than my dreams. Never knew what love is till I met Aditiya




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I met you when I was 18. We shared not much else besides a freshman class at our university and a facebook message exchange, both carrying around broken hearts from the high school relationships that crumbled at the door step of higher education.


And then we were off, in opposite directions in pursuit of what I could only guess was many different versions of the selves we would eventually become… I was wild, and so I can only thank my lucky stars you didn’t know me then. I was a number on your friends list, a two line message in your inbox. Mutual friends and status updates, I’d be lying if I said I paid attention. I was here and now and wild, I was “numb what hurts” and “oversleep class”. I was “lack of discipline and structure”.

Had we met in the middle we would have only cleaved shortly after.

Fate was merciful.


But like any good author it mastered the foreshadow, and then you were gone. Back to the city I would so desperately grow to miss you grew new branches that later formed leaves and blossomed and found your own way. Somewhere between 18 and 19 I did the same, carried it through to my twentieth year, I spent my 21st birthday hunched over an anatomy book, you were about a month shy from an engagement ring. To say we lost touch would be unfair, unsure we ever established it to begin with.We were different people now; better, but not ready.


I was busy feigning love while you were sure you found it, I really hope you did. I hope you can look back on that and remember the happy before it hurt. Lesson learned, she didn’t know, she wasn’t ready. I think I was.


I wore boots that night because I hadn’t drank in months.

Three redbull & vodkas later and your mom had her hand on my shoulder and the other on her touch screen showing me a face I didn’t expect to be familiar. Foggy, but I pulled the pieces together. “I know him! We went to college together” Small world. (understatement of the year)


Week after Thanksgiving, wasting my time on someone who would never be worthy, leaning somewhere up against the free weights in between sets, there’s your mom again. Smiles, waves, “I can tell such a big difference!” and there you were, too.


A few weeks prior I had written about the desire to have someone who captivates me from the first moment we see each other.



“yeah, 16 weeks, I guess I’m doing this”

you: “is this your first competition” Game over.

“This is my son”

I know, I know. Freshman year, Facebook admission page, I know, I know. “hi”

I think we shook hands. (hah!)


Gym mirror eye contact for weeks after, stood next to the squat rack when  I hit 225, stood on the other side of it next week and corrected my form, how much longer was I going to have to wait. Completely distracted by how captivated I was, everything was all at once brand new and foreign.


New Years Eve: come out tonight (pleasepleaseplease if you have plans break them)

Maybe. MAYBE. Screaming at work, dancing with my roommate. I was ecstatic. You have always struck me as special.

Confirmed: see you tonight. yes. yesyesyes.

You called another girl at midnight. Awkward silence.


“i’ll come kiss you after we get back from down town”


Why was I so disappointed??


Almost too drunk to care.


Shots, music, pictures, hazy, small moments I had to steal to exchange them with you. Captivated, new territory, I was so excited.

You put your hands around my ribcage to feel the asymmetry. My feet stuck to the floor. Game over.


The Took you a few more weeks to kiss me by the front door of your parents house. You love your self the way that I do and your hesitance was admirable. You’ve always been beautiful. You literally had me from hello.




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The one that cant seem to get away

My Ex Fiancé and I Broke Up late 2012, he had Gotten abusive and I was shattered when we separated. I couldn’t imagine myself with another man after the pain I felt, So I stayed away from men In general. Throughout 2012 I was alone, Depressed and I felt like there was absolutely no hope for me.Towards end of 2013 my mom advised that I go live with my Brother for  little while, so I can get out there, unwind and see other things and people.I took My Mother’s advise and went to my brothers place,but the only thing that changed was the environment, deep inside I still as lonely and hopeless as iwas when I was sby my mom’s house.

One morning I decided to go vist a friend of mine who doesn’t stay far from my brothers place,It was the 5th of January 2014, on my way there I met a lady who delayed me a little bit because she wanted help with something, anyway, I helped her then rushed to the taxi. While running so I can catch the last availale taxi, I could hear someone running behind me, as if chasing me, I ran faster, th person ran faster too, I decided to turn around , and when I did I saw this tall,(not too tall but taller than me),medium built guy,(he was the one unning after me), at that point I didn’t think much of him, or the situatin, so I kept running, and so did he, I turned again, looked at him laughed and kept running…he also continued.
I got to the taxi, asked to make sure its going to the right place ad I jumped in,after I sat down I looked to see what had happened to the guy chasing me, and there he was, at the door with his phone in his hand, still breathing heavily from the ‘chasing’, he said,”can I pease have your numbers?”,his voice did something to me, I don’t know how to explain it but something in me got softened and I took his phone and dialed my number, I didn’t even save my name.

A few minutes after I had gotten off the taxi and arrived at my Friend’s place , My phone rang,It was an unknown number. I picked up and from the other side a voice said :’hello , Its me, From Earlier,are there yet?”, it was that voice, it was him, my chaser.my stomach felt weird, I was overwhelmed with feelings I did not even understand, his voice made me feel relaxed, open, vulnerable (in a way I enjoyed), I had never felt like that before, it was all new and confusing but it felt AMAZING.
Anyway he introduced himself over the phone and  dd too, we got to know each other, backgrounds, where I live, what he does and we just went on and on and on, we spoke until my battery ran out and he promised he would call again in the morning , which he did, and that was it : The beginning of endless phone conversations and texts.I had to go back home (to My mother’s place ,to a different province far away from him),I felt like iwas leaving something significant behind, like i was leaving behind a part of me, someone I had known my whole life,(even though we had only met once),But even when I was gone we kept in touch, we spoke everyday,We spoke about life, about Friends, we joked and laughed, we shared painful experiences from the past and cried too. He had become my friend, my comfort , my hope, and I fell in love with him, so deeply, I was in love with a man I had only met once.

A few weeks after I had been at home, we were getting closer each day, our conversations were more intimate, he was in love too,He was in love with me.
One Saturday morning he woke up and was going to see his friends ( he would fill me in,tell me what he’s up to, and I would do the same, it made me feel like I was there, it made me feel closer to him).That Saturday morning he called and told me he was going to see his friends, I was with my friends too, he spoke to my friends on the phone, they liked his voice as much as I did, they could feel his warmth too.Anyway, we spoke and he promised he would call again in the afternoon.

Afternoon came and he hadn’t called, I got worried because it was unlike him, if he said he’ll call, he would call. so I called him to check if everything is okay, his phone went straight to voucemail, it was off.That didn’t worry mw though, Ithought maybe his battery had died or there was no coverage where he was, Itried again minutes later, it was still off, I kept trying , ot was off,sunday morning, his phone was still off.
I got worried, left him texts and probably a hundred voicemails.
I kept trying on Monday morning and his phone was still off.I felt so helpless, so far , and frustrated, Untill Around 13:00 Pm that Monday, I sent him a texts and it went through, A few minutes ;later my phine rang and it was his number, I answered Picked up and from the other side a lady’s voice said ” hello, Joe (I changed names) was in a car accident On Friday, he is in hospital and heavily sedated, he will get back to you when he wakes up”.”Oh is he okay? ‘I asked and she said he was okay..I was so relieved to hear that he was okay that I didn’t even ask myself who that lady was.
5 to six minutes later The lady called me again and this is what she said ” Hey Listen, I went though his phone and I saw your Texts and calls,Joe Is my Boyfriend, and you should stay away From him, I am Pregnant with his child as we speak , he doesn’t know it yet but I am, so please Stop calling and texting him”.
I couldn’t hold back the tears, I felt so betrayed, so cheated,I felt so broken as I put the phone down.I felt confused, why would he let me fall inn love with him then? why did he give me so much of his time if he ha someone else? I felt like such  a fool for letting him in, for falling for him,i was in pain and I felt he owed me an explanation.

He woke up a few hours later and called me as soon as he got home, he wasn’t aware that his girlfriend had called me so he tried to explain his presence “I was involved in a….” before he could finish I jumped in, “car accident and you were in hospital?” I asked, ” yes how did you Know?” , he sounded surprised, “Pearl told me, You know pearl, Your girlfriend” I replied. He was speechless.
He had mentioned a girlfriend in passing before but From How things were going  between me and him ,I had decided to assume that he had ended things with her.( That was stupid I know, But I was Intoxicated, I was in love).He Decided he would explain later , which I understood, he was still in pain.
later On he called and we spoke for a while, h explained, they were going Through stuff, she had hidden a child from him and he had just found out about the child, From what I understood, he wouldn’t have gone into the relationship if he knew she had a child , so he felt robbed.And he couldn’t just walk out now because of other emotional obligations he felt.He had tried breaking up with her,but each time felt forced back into the realationshp,( comfort maybe), I don’t know.
I didn’t know what to do, or how to feel, I was so confused , so broken , hurt.
I wanted to be there for him though, he was hurt and I wanted to know how he was recovering, so we kept in touch, I still loved him, I knew I still loved him.

He got better and we still kept in touch, But lady pearl would sometimes call me to tell me to back off, oh and she wasn’t really pregnant,she made that up to get me to back off.

Here’s the complicated part: I knew I loved this man, I accepted I could not have him, but I loved him anyway. We would talk every once in  a while, he would remind me often that he loves me and I would do the same, I never saw him again and I had accepted that I was never going to see him again.
Each time we spoke, even if it was after a month or two, I would still feel his warmth, his voice still had the same effect on me and throughout 2015, we spoke ( Not very Often) But we spoke, I sill loved him, he still loved me but we had both accepted that we couldn’t be together.

In December 2015 I started dating a guy who lives in the same city as Joe ( Pure coincidence).Im back in his province now, I work this side), He is sweet and kind, he is focused and he pushes me to do better. We have been together now for just over 6 weeks ,not sure if we love each other or we just deeply care for each other, (we haven’t spoken about feelings yet), our relationship is …well… comfortable.

First Saturday of 2016 , me and my boyfriend were going out for drinks when I decided on the way to a pub in town that I was hungry and wanted to eat, We took a turn and went to one of my favorite restaurants in town. We get there , get parking space and head into the restaurant, It was around 19:00Pm and a little dark, just as we were about to go into the restaurant, I heard someone call my Name, the voice sounded familiar, I turned around and It was him, it was Joe. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was in shock, all sorts of feeling, I was excited to see him but I was scared, he was with a girl, (his girlfriend , I assumed), I felt held back, I was with my boyfriend and couldn’t exactly run to Joe and give him a huge hug (and I wish I could),it was a Tricky situation , so I just said hi and headed straight to the bathroom, I was shaken, my feelings for him awakened, I had Goosebumps, I was crying and I didn’t even understand why.
I pulled myself together and went to eat with my boyfriend, He could see I was shaken and he wondered why, I am an honest person, so I told him the Joe story, though I left out  a few details, Like my feelings for him.

We ate and went to the Pub, But all Night all I could think about was Joe. The following morning he sent me a text, His girlfriend was Angry, She made sense of the whole situation, remembered my name and all the drama it had once brought into their relationship and thought me and Joe had arranged to meet like that, We hadn’t, It was just a coincidence. A Freaky one (I Think), the day I first met Joe was the first Sunday Of 2014, This was the last hours of the first Saturday of the Year, It was 2 days before our 2nd year Meeting anniversary, we met again almost exactly 2 years later, ” That’s Crazy” we said , almost simultaneously On a phone call a few days after we bumped into each other..
And the Craziest part is that I still love Him, Probably more now than I did then. And according to him, he still loves me too, Even more now.
Am I crazy? Am I mad For still loving this man so much even though I know I Might Never Have Him?
Is this Normal???? I love him Whole heartedly, And I expect absolutely nothing from him In return, I just love him, And I cant seem To stop, No matter where I Go, or What I do.




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