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First Love not meant to be my True Love

Posted on : 30-12-2016 | By : admin | In : Soul Mates


I want to share my story and hopefully this will help you guys while you are all in a good relationship status…

I was once all like those girls who fancied and loved their bf unconditionally, but eventually I got tired and realized my worth as a woman.. Being in a relationship was a real deal, imagine you have a bf and your living far from each other, thats why you have to survive a long distance relationship.. It was all good, we fell in love while doing chats and video call.. We set up a date and visited me here in the phil..I was so happy, we spent time together, and everything that a bf and gf should do… After spending time with me, we parted ways again ,, he went back on his country , and continue our love story, and every 6months he keeps visiting me, I was so faithful to him, even blocked those men who added and tried to message me … I gave him my password but he never give his,, (it’s ok) told myself)… He found nothing but i was… Somebody added me using the acronym of his surname, I was so pissed and asked him about her.. He started to get mad and raised his voice on me for the first time … I cool down myself though it was not my fault , I still apologized for bringing that topic to him… Then he said he was sorry too and didn’t mean to shout on me.. We make our amends.. But he asked me to block her and so I did… We became haPpy again and forget about the incident… Honestly I tried,, but we girls are super curious and too eager to know everything about our bf’s past relationship… I made my own investigation,,, and I found out that my bf has another bf aside from me when he first visit me and they spent time together too.. D*mn that hurts a lot. He lied to me. I confronted him with a broken heart and empty brain and trying to kill myself … He was mad again and told me if i keep believing this girl and her lies its better to end our relationship … I said no, b’coz i cant take that i love him that much, And before I stop he must tell me their story , he said that girl was his exgf and shes too crazy about him and threatened to ruin every gf she will have… I was shivering when I heard that and so mad about his ex and promised him i will never believed her again, b’coz i don’t want our relationship to end just like that… In other word, I believed him again and succumb to his lies, I love him and willing to do everything despite the fact that i know he was a lying asshole… But the suspicious thought lyes in me … I became aware of his moves,,, but i will never lie I still love him, though I know he was playing me and other girls… His 4th visit put me on the edge of my self control… He spent time with me again … And told me he will go to Thailand,, I know he was lying but I never told him about him… I search all those girls on his fb… And found these different girls inCebu… Yes 🙂 he has 3 more gf in Cebu,.. And 2more in manila and me plus an ex gf with benefit in angeles,, but atleast he wAs true about his other ex, he didn’t see her again and blocked her to every social media she was in… But damned a multiple relationship for almost 3weeks of vacation … When he went back home again,,, I confronted him again and again,,, keep telling him,, you will going to miss me when i’m gone … He was mad and told me to stop all these or else he will blocked me and end our relationship… And keeps telling me that I was suffocating him,,, “ok” told him… I stopped confronting him and started giving attention to myself… And to those guys whom i think nice and has a good sense of character …. And decided to meet this american guy after a month of chatting him… We met in a mall and shared meal in a pizza house and movies and shared our own story…. After few hours staying in the mall I decided to go home,, then got a message from this guy and asked me when will he ever see me again ,,, I answered him, he will at the right time … I need to fix everything first with the first man in my life, b’coz I still love him,, and I felt bad b’coz

I cheated on him.. I let other man date me … But I kept that to myself,… Days had passed but we are still having a bad relationship and my bf didn’t message me anymore for a week,, I told myself its over between me and him,,.  I need to start my new life … Im old enough to decide for myself… When this american guy message me, asking if I can spend time to him and if I like being with him, he wants me to be his gf and be with me till he goes back home… I said i will think about it …. Later that week i met him again this time with my family …. My family approved him b’coz they saw the sincerity on his eyes… We went home and made a promised to him that I’ll be back after a few days… We lived together,,, happily and he proposed to me before he went back home to his homeland… I never message my ex since then … But he did, he sent me a message  and confronted me and told me he loves me and he was trying to win me back … He don’t care if I have other guy ,,, he told me he chose me and let those other girls go away but not me … He loved me that much and he was sorry he hurt me… But no I will never go back to the old me ,,, now he knows my worth, he was sorry b’coz he lost me, he wanted me back but i don’t love him anymore, instead i felt nothing for him except pity and hatred,,, I forgive him in every hurt he caused me and I asked forgiveness too,,, b’coz I’m already in love with my future husband ..

Lesson learned… Don’t take advantage of your gf’s feelings and don’t take them for granted, you will never know, while you’re busy hurting her somebody’s already making a great mark on her heart…. Value her and if you don’t love her anymore, tell her straight…. Be man enough…

Don’t judge me too easy, you didn’t know what i’ve been through being on that relationship…





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