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long distance relationship

A girl with crazy minded …start her life in online world.in fb..

She get many true friendship in online…

A boy …who get interested in her attitude ..start chat with that girl…

She ignored ….the boy… after 1 years she accepted that boy love’$….she started her new love life with him….they both love each other… unfortunately…there is an misunderstanding between them…they breakup each other…but the girl loved that boy more…..but fate …the boy get married with some 1….the girl when she heard about his marriage she cried lot.. she didn’t like to express her feel to others..she prick herself…after ..a couple of months the boy came to that girl that he told that he didn’t satisfied with his married life and he felt sorry for all his past  married relationship and everything….the girl felt very happy that she get her dream boy as real…she felt thank to god …she dreamed that she touch the star …with her beautiful hands…..but. .

Fate ….the girl loss her hope because of that boy….the boy who she loves ….gone for away from her life…. Bcoz the boy who married with some 1get her wife as perfect….so ..he gives break for her lover…..but the girl who love this boy feel he is a world for her….she like to see his happiness ever time so  she scariced her love for her lover…….she like to see his happiness in his face so…..once again she. Prick herself….she realized that the boy she loves doesn’t care for her..  although she understands about her lover…but she can’t move on from it……she felt that till the day of judgment….till the day of  her breath tops she like to love that boy ever seconds in her life…….but poor girl till now she doesn’t meet her boy friend as real……but she love more..




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