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Infinite Phantom Love

Approximately about 4 years ago, I fell deeply in love with a boy.


That boy has grown up, and so have I.


But he still drives me crazy everytime I think about him.


That guy was a popular person on the internet

He never even knew that I existed, and how much I fell in love with him at the first sight. That guy had perfect eyes, nose, jawline, lips, hair, height.. No matter how much I looked at him I just find him perfect… Maybe at the first sight I just fell for his looks, but that thing attracted me to get to know him. I knew I’d never ever get a chance to talk to him, I’ve tried multiple times but I kept on failing. So I picked up my phone and researched almost everything on the internet about him.. This was probably my best mistake or the best miracle that has ever happened to me that I came to know about him. His personality isn’t how he looks, infact, he is a sensitive person that strongly believes in love at first sight, and believes that the first love is the internal love and would only love the person that he finds her as his soulmate, a loving and caring person.., that not just only loves him for his perfect looks but loves him for HIM. When I found about that I went crazy about him, I totally got over obsessed so I tried searching about his likes and dislikes, his hobbies, what he prefers in a girl.. and they turned out to be at least 90% similar to me. I don’t know what kept on motivating me that one day we will definitely meet, and then we will live with each other for forever and always. I’ve dreamt a lot about him, and he coming in my dreams kissing me to sleep, telling me to have faith in my love… But the thing that I was feeling uneasy with was, he was 6 years older than me, I know age should never matter when it comes to true love but I felt he is probably more like an elder brother.. I somehow managed to overcome this feeling, but he lived far away in another country from me. And I can never imagine to reach there yet. Even knowing he doesn’t knows that I even exist I still had hope, we would definitely meet and our love would be internal, due to him telling me in my dreams to always have hope in love no matter what. I guess being too obsessed caused it that my own spirit was telling me to have hope no matter what in that guy’s form, and when I thought about that I started to get my hopes down from being by his side instead of hoping I’d be with him sometime in the future. Nevertheless, the only thing I started to feel was me being more obsessed with him, learning about his likes and dislikes even more, researching if he has/had a girlfriend.. And this just won’t end until even now.. That guy has grown up into an adult which sure looks will find his “true love” anytime soon, of course I might not be the only person that has felt this way but I extremely love him and want him at all costs, and wish to make him happy.. that just seems impossible for someone like me.. the only thing that surprises me is even he still haven’t found that person he wish to spend his whole life with and that he hadn’t dated for years. No matter if its day or night everything in my love is still the same for him, this just won’t change no matter how much I try because I’ve even tried to forget him for good because the reality is, he is never mine… I just wonder if he ever thinks if there’s a person that’s so obsessed with him and would love him no matter what it costs.. If I just had the luck to meet him our love would not be an endless phantom one-sided love that’s only held onto me… I’m so tired of keep on hoping he’ll ever be with me but its helpless, its sad that its not like how you think. I felt like sharing this because he was my first unsuccessful love.., that still haunts me telling “it” will be alive for all eternity.


Age doesn’t matter

I knew I should be nervous about talking to people online, but in fact I wasn’t. What could go wrong? If i didn’t want to talk to someone, i could just block them or ignore them. I had an open mind and was excited to meet people. Lots of boys sent me texts when I first posted my screen name, but they never really interested me. It was just a bunch of awkward texts with strangers i couldn’t really connect with. But then I met him. When i first saw his picture, I thought he was the cutest guy i’ve seen so far. He had a nice, friendly smile. He didn’t look like a pervert, or a crazy confident player. But his up right posture and his hand subtly grazing the counter indicated he didn’t have insecurities either. And that was just my first impression. Immediately i was like smiling. He first sent me a text that was huuge. It had an introduction, and that showed me he actually cared about having a conversation with me, instead of just asking for pictures, like all the others! I immediately connected with him, because I wanted someone like that. A real conversation. He said he was 22, and that was another plus. But i didn’t respond to him that night, because i was tired of dealing with all the drama of guys asking for pics. the next morning, he texted me again and asked if he was too old. I felt sorry for him and decided to give him a chance. After that, we just started talking. He asked me how i was and told him how i got accepted into my dream university that day so i was really happy. Then he started asking questions about pervy stuff… sigh, guys. Then he asked for my number, and i gave it to him. He called me right away. We ended up talking for 3 hours. Days passed and we would skype on the weekend and text everyday. on valentines day he said he wished i could be his valentine. i asked if he would give me anything and he said yes i would bring you flowers and chocolate and a teddy bear. I really did have feelings for him. But i’m not sure if it can last since we live 6 hours away, and I’m going to college in the fall. he treated me like i was his girlfriend. His birthday past and now he’s 23. I’m 17 still, but turning 18 in 2 months. I first was baffled by our age difference. But then i realize it doesn’t matter unless you keep your mind closed. my friends keep telling me to stop talking to him, but i can’t and I know they would never understand me. THat’s why i want to talk about it all here because all my school friends will judge me. Thank you so much

(Screen) Name: waterberry


still love you..

I was on the internet like every other day… I was depressed that year which I call being 2010.. It was 22nd November that year when he came on my friends account and without knowing I started the conversation.. without having said a single lie he told me who he was and introduced himself.. little did I know after talking to me for over 2 hours on chat he was head over hills for me.. later on that day he added me after he went home.. I got so excited to know it was him.. he had made a new account since he had deactivated his old account longgg time ago..
after a day he told me he loves me but I didn’t know anything much about him.. I talked with my friend about him and got to know a little.. it turned out that he had promised his first love that he will never say the girl he loves those three words if she was near and would never show himself to the girl who was far so I was far..
the next weekend I was chatting with my friend and he were there too but I didn’t know.. she asked me who loves me the most so I took my friends name.. just seeing that he went off to write my name in his hand with a knife.. I was so worried that I asked my tenants about what should be done when one does such things and they gave me some tips which I told him.. there wasn’t a time that week I didn’t think of it than he told me it was getting better so I was finally a hit relieved.. I told u yes on 26th November 2010 n that was our first time getting together..
he was the most romantic, kind hearted and the sweetest guy ever!
he told me everytime if he would be late or anything.. the next year in Feb he found out about some guys loving me and broke up with me on 28th of Feb…. I couldn’t have believed it.. it felt like my world had ended.. I cried and cried.. my eyes were entirely red.. the tears kept rolling down and I couldn’t help them but somehow I managed to get him back… on March the 5th I broke up with you cause I didn’t want him to be with someone who lives other side of world from him.. I wasn’t even able to be there for him or wipe his tears when he needed someone….I still loved him with all my heart but there was this guy in school getting bullied from everyone and only had me to hang out with.. I asked him around 10 times before dating him n he had replied I could and that I was doing good… I helped that guy as much as i could than stopped dating him..
I didn’t realize that my guy was getting hurt.. sounds stupid but I was immature than.. I was 12.. when he said he was gonna leave me forever after 15 days, he also said he will make me hate him before that.. my world was falling down me…how could the person who promised he would never leave me so many times leave me? how could the guy who didnt go a day without telling me he love me leave me forever? I cried over nights .. as hard as it was for me I know it was for him… my heart had started aching.. my breathing problems had grown worse…
each time I asked him why he gave me different reasons but my favorite was ” everytime I talk to you i realize how much I love you and I realize I can’t have you which makes you love you even more.
it was his birhtday beteeen those 15 days n he didnt celebrate it.. that broke my heart even more… he eventually left me without me bekng able to hate him…

he still came back to me a few times but left after a few days… Oct 2 u purposed me to be your gf.. it was my birthday the next day.. that was the best present ever!
in December he broke up cuz both of our parents had found out n yours told him to do so. but still we were completely in love.. this year 2012, in Feb I was out of my mind so I asked him who r u? he than left me again n time giving me no reason at all.. he came back again 7months and I still love you the same way that I did n I know its the same with him..he loves me and thats the best feeling.. even if he leaves me again its ok cause all i want from him is to be happy..I am always ginna be here for you no matter where or go , i dont care how you look but just be yourself. soon its gonna be our 2nd anniversary and i just cant wait . .

(Screen) Name: true lover


Hello Anna! A True Love story out of Russia

Who could ever imagine that two complete strangers from opposite sides of the world that do not even speak the same language could meet and fall in love. Is this even possible? Yes, this is exactly how it happened for Bryan and Anna.

Bryan’s attempts to find love in a marriage that had completely fallen apart after a length of 12 years came to an end when his wife left him with 2 children and a mortgage he could not afford. The struggle was over and a new life was about to begin.

With much effort, Bryan pulled himself together and began his new life as a single father. Not knowing what the future held, Bryan began to seek out new friends online via social networking sites.

One evening as Bryan showed a website to his neighbor who was married to a woman from Russia, they both decided to search through numerous profiles all over the large country of Russia. The name of the website was Badoo.

The list was endless filled with empty words and photos of women that were probably exaggerations at best. Suddenly Bryan stopped on one profile and all time seemed to stop as he gazed on the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on.

The profile was in Russian and Bryan was able to use an online translation tool to translate the profile. Very little information was included in the profile. Only brief information about her employment along with the region she lived in Russia. Her name was Anna.

In a leap of faith and not knowing if this beautiful woman would get a message if he sent one, Let alone if she would even give him the time of day, Bryan decided to say hello. The message was brief and Bryan typed “Privet Anna!”. Without another thought he submitted the message into the universe of possibility.

You can read their entire story at Hello Anna

(Screen) Name: bryguy1955


incredible love!!

Thought of writing whatever is in my memory until now from d very first day i.e., 20th Feb ‘09.

It was Friday that day. i remember i was checking my orkut account from my cell (which i rarely operate) n saw for the very first time a friend request from a guy of London (got excited ,a firangi has sent me request as i m always curious about foreign ,don’t know y)

anyways it was better to ask him some stuff rather than ignoring d request(which i always do with strangers).

D name of his account was ‘esoteric’ and d first thing i asked him was is he Indian as it sounded he was, from his profile n some of his pics.

after few hrs got a reply yes he was Indian:) don’t know y it was a very strange feeling with him always as if we r born to meet

got more excited after seeing his reply n added some more of my ever ending questions which he bravely faced.

all this conversation was going over phone nw. i asked my friend to operate my account from her computer as my gprs was slow(first crazy side of me for him)

HELLO it’s been just a day i know him n what i m doing !!! I begged many a time to my friend to help me in this.

Strange in his first conversation he gave me his no. but y???? i found it very strange n obviously doubted on his character as well 4 sometime.

D conversation ended as he told me that he is free in weekends so that we can chat more.

i dint had net at home n was not aware about mobile messenger that time so decided to go to my aunt’s place which was at walking distance from my home (next day was Saturday as well,HOLIDAY TIME)

got ready in afternoon n went to aunt’s house(one thing more that time i was a home sick person n rarely moved out alone but was going crazy to talk to him n went outsid!)

Anyways i got in d house. Had a little chat with aunt n other ppl n went directly to chat with him online 🙂 ok! There is lot of stuff to ask a stranger (didn’t feel like stranger though). He was online n that day we chatted for almost 4-5 hours continuously both were sticked to d computers like glue

he told me his name is ‘ARNAV GUPTA’, software engineer.24 years old n work in London but was once from my city only.

Ok good enough!

He asked me to add him in his orkut account to which i showed some hesitance as had some of my pics in my account. I deleted them all just to add him. Now he is my friend as per my orkut list’. it was night now almost 10:30 n i was still chatting. my aunt’s family ws raising their eyebrow as i didn’t move an inch since 5 hrs. n was not moving even for dinner.

In end he said good bye (might b he got tired) n so i headed towards home.

Recalled everything b4 going to sleep n a sweet smile took me to sleep :).

D next day too i went to aunt’s place n chatted for 4-5 hrs. things were going gr8.

I bombarded with every silly question of mine n he too in between was asking me like “do u know how to cook” ha ha ha i m not sitting here 4 a marriage proposal silly..

in d end of my conversation I told him that MY BOARD(12TH) EXAMS will b starting from 3rd march’11 n I won’t b online till d end of march

he showed intense grief to this n quoted “what will happen to me in this 1 month without u”

umm.. Hello its just 2 days we have known each other but somewhere i too was feeling same attachment .i said i will try to get online then

but i can’t go everyday like this to aunt’s place.. Need to think something girl!!!

Had computer at home which was more of a trash n hanged after every minute

but d excitement to know this guy was far more so i decided to gv it a try..

With all sort of ‘jugad’ i managed a net connection which too was slow like d computer i just need to b patient while working with this DIBBA. n so i did

we chatted for hrs for a week until i got complaints from him that i m too slow nt my fault dear this dibba is like this

again i used my unused brain n loaded a messenger in dad’s cell.


Hope it works n yes it worked!! i was so happy as if i have got a noble prize indeed

i gave him surprise by getting online through messenger n he was happy as usual but he gave all d credit to himself that it was his idea (ha ha ha ).

We chatted like this daily even during my exams as well. But d time difference was a big problem for me.

he got free at d time when in India its 1:30 AM n we chat till 5-6 AM 🙁 BAD!!! But i need to adjust n manage yaar..

so decided to study in daytime n midnight it was d lovely talking only next morning d first work which i need to do was to read all d last n8 conversation again n just imagine with a smile.

Hey while writing my exams i m thinking about him.y????? i have gone crazy man!!!

then one day in between my exams he told me that he has lost his job due to recession n is soon heading to India again

it was so disheartening to me as i myself has lost mine. i supported him emotionally in every possible manner.

Any how i finished my exams (slept just for 2-3 hrs b4 every exam) n came home on 23rd march’09.

in morning of d same day he proposed me indirectly to which i dint respond clearly (he played some sort of question ans just to know hw i feel about him)

i was happy that exams got over n now i can chat without any hindrance GUESS WHAT!!! We had a fight that day for d first time over some silly issue.

he need to leave from there on 28th march’09 n we cleared it all on 27th (we chatted that day till 7 AM n he was emotional this time it looked)

he asked me about d ans to his proposal to which i said NO n he was disheartened n called me heartless so i said i need some time to think upon.

After tht he mailed me that he has reached safely (thank god! he mailed i was dying each second to know about him) n first question he asked me was what’s my ans about his proposal.

i had no ans yet as how can i say yes to a stranger n most important how can i fall in a relationship with a internet guy

he asked like crazy every time i saw him online n i felt guilty every time of saying NO to him although i don’t want to say no we had all sorts of discussions, both good n bad! i told him about my reason to say NO but he was not ready to listen anything but a word i.e., YES!

i listened to my heart as always n said “YES i love u too” he was on top of d world now i was also happy. It was 4th April ‘09.

We decided that we will talk over phone 4 d first time on 15 apr’09 (my birthday day).

D day came n i was damn nervous. N then d night. He called me. OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD it’s his call.

First word he said ‘hello’ umm. D voice was not that impressive (may b i expected a lot) but i talked.

He continuously wanted to listen his name n those 3 magical words from me 🙂 i said none!! ha ha ha.n again end up in fight he disconnected d phone in anger n i was DAMN hurt n cried even. But stopped myself from that n slept after missing mostly all wishing calls.

D whole day i felt low n again had some fight over some silly issue but still though i was falling in love deeply each day!

We decided to meet each other on 26th April ‘09. It was really a hard decision 4 me to take and a risk too..

i m actually taking a very BIG step to meet him without letting anybody know. By now my heart was pounding heavily n was counting seconds to meet my love of life!

we decided to meet at big bazar (safe place to meet)i saw him at last..Wait he is different from his pic. Not going to comment on appearance plz (doesn’t matter much) i was like dead yaar..Words nt falling from within. i was shy which i never was. N now i m sitting with him I CANT BELIEVE THIS!!!

We parted after 45 mints n i headed forward to my friends place which was nearby. Hey i had tears in my eyes!! i m missing him!!

after some time i went to home n slept. nice meeting u my love

n d days passed like this with love n fights

one day on 22 may he told me something he never lost his job, was there on assignment n is 26 yr old!!! OH MY GOD it was heart breaking!! Tears didn’t stop at all..

N whatever i thought was wrong that a relationship can work at once so smoothly but its nt.. He tried to convince me but now d image was different. It was hard for me to believe him now but once again i listened to my heart 🙂 n continued!!!

It took me sometime to cm to d track again but i managed. i still loved him a lot!

Then one day he asked me about petition. What petition??

Well it was a marriage petition..

WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!! it’s just two months i m in contact of him n have met him once. How can i marry him man!!! its not that i m cheating him by denying 4 that.. nt at all!! We again had strong fight over this n we decided to meet on 27th June ‘09 at Taj Mahal n Agra fort.

Had bad fight there too n he said “it’s better to forget each other if u can’t sign petition or can’t talk in ur family”

heyyyyyyy! What is this now. r u crazy i m just 19, have just completed my 12th n is youngest in my family..It will b silly to talk about a guy whom i want to marry..Is it nt???i was sure enough it will nt take me to anywhere but on his assurance i went ahead n told my mom d very next day n got some resistance as expected

so decided to end it at once n nt to take it far it was a HARD decision for me seriously !! conveyed this to arnav too n he was too emotional with this idea. so i decided to hold it 4 some time as parting is nt possible now..

Time passed n i got to know when he want marriage n all. Was a bit uncomfortable with d idea although as he wanted to settle down asap bcoz of his age n parent’s low health.

In October we came on d verge of break up again just bcoz it was hard for me to go 4 petition but i love him to d end !!

NOW my strength was my weakness !! Not talking to him a day was like nt taking oxygen.

Awesome guy he was. A Lovely person n very lovable. Anybody can fall 4 such a guy..BELIEVE ME!! Had wonderful memories with him 🙂 n the time spent with him was OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was now more imp to me than anything else..

Come back, come back…

we were breaking up HW can this b possible man?????? It was diwali day i remember..n tears n pain was there in me..HARD TIME!!!

But he backed off from his decision after 2 days but on some condition of course..

i need to talk to my family members in nov’09. No option man so i need to agree..

from that day to November my every night passed in tears after saying him gud night 🙁 as i was aware d time i will speaking this in my family wroblems will start for us. I even risked my career but no way i wanted to loose him plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! i will prefer to die than to live without him..

After all d silent cries n tears November came. i spoke it in my family n got what was expected it was disheartened to listen all that from ppl u love n about someone whom u love too!!

Days passed in grief n tears i was getting every shit from everyone among family n relatives n was handling that all alone as d one 4 whom i was doing all this was too angry from me as according to him i was not giving 100% effort..

He believe i have never given any effort anytime.. it was more painful if ur strength is making u weak but believe me i did everything i cud have done decently n to b in limits!

i was not even able to concentrate on my exams n other things bcoz of d quarrels going every day..

What nt ppl put me through n there was no support from any where

i was broken completely n was dead from within. Thought of ending it several times too..

Days passed like this n then came my b.com exams.. Cried in examination hall too n ppl thought i got nervous bcoz of paper (ha ha ha funny).

Anyways i listened to everything bad he said from ‘fuck off’ to ‘bitch’ when he used to loose his temper


The person whom u have given everything is abusing u like this!!!!!! Listened to that too with no complaints..

I was abused in every possible way by every1… life seemed like nothing..

M i living 4 this???????

I never gave weight age to money, status, looks, or anything else but just love n this i m getting..


But main thing is y i can’t say anything in return to him?? bcoz I love him (that means he don’t love me??) or i m too weak to say anything?????

I DONT KNOW n don’t want to know coz that will make me more crazy

then May came n he came home as what it was decided n in end it was agreed by both parties that i should b making my career first n then go for any relationship..Happily decided by both sides.. Thought it’s all sorted but d game is not yet over.. How can it b so easily..

He always thought my family is fooling him don’t know y..i think he knows my family better than me or may b i have myself created such image abt my family?????

Whatever but through all this period i have been going through HELL.. really he almost ignored me when i needed him d most, abused me like anything

n what i got in return just tears but i m cried more bcoz of d good times we shared n spent together

hw can some1 who love u can ignore u let it b any reason..(he believed making distance frm me wl make me strong for carrying on dis fight wid my family for him)

I know its difficult for him too but for me it’s too not easy but i make sure I act calmly especially with him..

I even left home at that time (though he convinced me to return back) when my dad can’t even got up from bed (met wid serious accident), without thinking about his condition, fought with ppl at that crucial time when he needed me d most but I still went with my love.

Didn’t care about anything n what I got????????


Its sad when u message yourself “i love u n there for u always” on ur no.with d name of the person u love just for the support.

i have no written records with me now but nobody can erase it from memory..

n i have truly loved him with no conditions still he doubt. Don’t knw y??????????

Where i m wrong that i m getting such reaction!!!

Y i m to b blamed for everything..

Well complaints will lead me nowhere as no one is listening either..

It feels good when u write as there is no one to listen to u not even d one whom u need d most!!!!!

One thing i always did n do is I wish him every 20th (d date we first met) but every time, i get negative response or sometimes, no response
i was broken within all these months till January n fought shamelessly with my family for him. Cried, shouted, went on hunger strike n what not but it seemed my family didn’t had heart.

after going through long trauma n fights for 5 months finally my family decided to call his family home in jan’11 to talk about us(a ray of hope finally ) I was not allowed there n d matter was handled by elder ppl of both families along with Arnav.

As usual my family gave another shock to them n me.. OUR HOROSCOPES DONT MATCH AS PER D ASTROLOGER. Though d score was 30/36 but it’s not about score only.My family told them that being both manglik i shud marry after turning 24 n that is a right age too to get settled. Listening to this arnav boiled with anger as he was expecting this kind of story only from them. His family was in no mood to wait for another 3 years as arnav himself was 28 by now. So they made excuse that they will decide n let my family know soon. Main reason for my family’s denial- my cousin is unmarried yet n it wud b difficult for her if i got married b4 her.(which arnav failed to understand).one thing more my family is a firm believer of all these horoscopes. It is almost impossible to make them agree on dis front.

When they all went home my family turned hostile to them bcoz of d heating conversations both parties had during the meeting. They were nt at all happy dont know y but i think my family is more allergic to ‘love marriages’ than anything else.

i didn’t had d courage to message arnav even as i was afraid of his reaction n feedback. Got a message after 4-5 hrs from him, complaining that y i didn’t message him for so long though he added that its better that we don’t communicate from now as dis relationship can’t go anywhere (i almost collapsed listening dis) he ended d call n dropped a msg saying FINAL GOODBYE i tried to hold him back all that week through talks but I guess he was tired n determined by now n his family too.
i felt soooooooo empty each day n helpless too. Life was dead n aimless.

Months passed by n i used to wish him every 20th through mails to which he never responded.

One morning of May i received a long n prolix mail by him when he was in USA (went for work)it was heart melting n touchy but was rude n full of anger too. He was complaining that i have made his life hell n made him suffer so much by not taking any action for this relationship. He said he still loves me n goes crazy without me. His life is full of misery n sorrows n ppl no longer can bear him bcoz of his frustration on them.

I felt so guilty after reading d mail n cried a lot(a usual habit now) i mailed him back comforting him a lot n told him about d same condition n life i m facing without him. But now his love changed more to anger n frustration. He was continuously nagging n complaining n blaming me for d worsening of d matter.

From May to October we exchanged rude n bitter words to each other hoping the other side will change things n we can b together once again but something was holding both of us to take extreme action.

i can’t talk in my family b4 my sis gets married n he can’t wait anymore as his family is pressurizing him to get settled asap.


Then came my exam (October end) which was in Delhi n near to his native place (noida).so i planned to meet him. He refused at once first of all n abused me a lot but later came to meet me..Seeing him after1.5 years was a feeling which no one can explain. We roam in mall n sat at barista. After staring at each other he collapsed in tears..I tried to stop him but don’t know how as was stunned to see that gesture. People around us were gazing at us as they found a new story to talk about..
‘Dude !! Handle ur life don’t buzz in our matter’ i was thinking.

we got up after sometime n spent 2 hrs together complaining n expecting from each other to turn things good as expected no one understood d other side problem. He dropped me at a place where my friend was waiting for me. I remember he addressed me ‘bhojh (burden) to which i almost cried as it hurted me so much. How can he say such a word to a person he love just bcoz he dropped me d other side of d road by bike when usually ppl cross it (whats a big deal?? i was new to d city anyways, u have to take care of me no matter what)

After he left I messaged him ‘love u, thanks for coming’ to which he replied ‘hmm’. (at least he replied this time ) for my 5 day stay in Delhi he fought a lot through messages day n night n i tried to calm him down but only my talks with my family can please him now I know this thing for sure..He asked me to take back all d gifts i gave him as they haunt him n make him sad n nostalgic(he cant throw them either bcoz of feelings attached with it).

He wants to start a new life n can’t stay in a limbo state anymore. i thought he will b strong after meeting me but he got more weak indeed.i returned back home n all this time in d journey he showed concern about my well being by asking me my whereabouts through messages. that was good n comforting as soon as i reached home he said ‘goodbye’ as he only was communicating with me all through d journey out of concern for me n need to stop all this now. he said he will not communicate with me n soon gave me ultimatum to talk in my family about him n if I won’t do now he will change everything even his no. n will leave no mode by which i can contact him. d whole week went like hell for me n I was helpless too as talking to 22 members of d family b4 cousin’s marriage was like banging head against wall in which i will b suffering ultimately like before.

Since that time I m not in touch with him..Everyday i wake up with his thought n sleep taking him in memory. Hoping things will turn good n he won’t get fixed with some1 else.

Expecting each message in my cell to b his but till now no news I have about him. don’t know y we r so attached to each other when we started facing all these problems right after 7 months of our relationship.ppl usually don’t like to hold such a short period journey with such heavy n big problems but i m sure something is there which is holding us together against the odds n that supreme power is LOVE!!!

DATE: 17.11.2011

(Screen) Name: myworld0606


Miles and Miles of Love

I may be young, but I’m wiser than you may think. It may seem like I haven’t experienced anything but…I’m 14 and I’ve seen slot from the world. I guess that’s how I should start. Even tho thats not the beginning.

It all started near the end of middle school. My friends and I always eat lunch together through our shared interest of anime, manga, drawing, and cosplay. I remember them clearly, all the good times we had. One day, one of my friends brought another girl she knew to the table. She was solemn and a bit dark. She looked like she found it painful to smile. I wanted to fix that but, she wanted to fix me. At that time, I was hiding deep pains in my heart. But with the fun I was having I thought the scars would heal or be forgotten. Absentmindedly, I told her about them. She pledged her service to me, something I didn’t want. It actually surprised me. I thought no one would care like that in this world. I began to grow on her, not only to try and repay but to discover why she was so giving of her own freedom. …I thought I was in love with her. (Yes, I had felt love before. Crushes, with family, ect.) I told her I was in love with her so, we started to try to be a couple. I felt like I was lying to her. Like I was just holding her down. So it only lasted a few days before I told her I would rather be her sister than her lover. She said the same. It was a relief.

Now, I had a ‘best friend,’ if you would. She was modest, she loved acting and anything about england. She played the viola and worked her hardest. I had no talents but our friendship was based on the fact that our names were almost the same commonly. Around that time, I felt as if we weren’t really…cooperating well. I started to feel like a tool or a shadow more than a friend. A person to steal ideas from or get a quick tip from. Someone you could easily forget and throw away, which has happened more than once. So, to soften the blow of losing someone close, I started to cut off our friendship, bit by bit, slowly. Sadly, it couldn’t save me from what happened next.

I remember that night clearly. I had decided to host a sleepover so I invited my ‘best friend’ and my other friend over. ( She still considered me her best friend.) what happened that night hurt me. It was my house, my neighbor hood, and I do my best to be a good host. But they were to caught up in each other than they ignored me. I didn’t see it as much and passed it by but, in the back of my mind, it hurt me down to my heart. The next night, I was in a chatroom waiting for my ‘best friend’ to arrive when I fell asleep. Kinda cliche, huh? When I woke up, I read the conversation I had missed and learnt the truth. The two friends had started going out,andmy so-called ‘best friend’ didn’t have the decency to tell me at my house to my face but, to a total stranger over the Internet. That broke my heart and so, a long, painful battle began.

Different thoughts painted my head with one single question. Why? Why, why, why? Why did she trust someone she hardly knew than one she knew and saw face to face everyday. It didn’t make sense. It’s painful to try and explain in detail, and even if I did, you have a chance of not understanding no matter how smart or wise you are. But at the end of that battle, I was mentally broken. I no longer had friends. Everyone was either against me or had ignored everything passing it off as not their problem. Few people tried. And Maria was one of the few.

Before, my ‘best friend’ has introduced me to a chatroom fro roleplay. That was where I first met Maria. If ‘best friend’ is reading this I just want to say,’ Thank you and eat my sh*t.’ Maria had been one of the spectators of the battle and had acquired my number by ‘best friend.’ She was worried about me, for I had disappeared and ran away from the sourse of the pain, the Internet. I brushed her off and told her to go away because she didn’t care either. I thought to her, it was the same to the rest of them; a show that I had put on to watch. But she wouldn’t go. I turned away from her and everyone else.

However, maybe a week or so later, I came back. Someone hurt and with few to turn to, shouldn’t be alone. I knew that. So, I simply just took her as someone to talk to. I was caucious. I didn’t want to be hurt again. Not only that but this was a person I only knew from chat. Someone still connected to the enemy and might be just a spy. A week after I started talking to her tho, she started to tell me things. She told me she loved me. Believe me, I was thinking the same thing you are thinking right now probably. ‘ You don’t love me,’ I told her,’ You just want to…’ I didn’t really have anything to put in that line. She wasn’t a spy so, why was she here other than to be here? Protect? Help? I thought nothing of the sort and ignored her ‘feelings’. Besides, love after a love after a war? Doesn’t make sense, does it?

You see, if you had ever wanted to be in a relationship with me, you had to play a game. ‘The game’ as i called it, was probably just me looking for key traits of a person, feelings strong enough for me to believe, or maybe actions done out of emotion. I don’t know exactly but the point was to find someone I could trust with my life and my heart. Those who won the game, won my heart. Once you’ve met me, you start playing the game.

Maria and my friend had both practically flew through the game. However, it seemed like my friend either forced her way through or I just let her in. Maria, however, was different. She was gentle and she progressed so quickly and was so close that she was scaring me. She gave me words of comfort when horrible memories flooded my head. One day, she came to me crying. She had stood up to my ‘best friend’, was critized and left the chatroom. She had done it for me. Me. I, surely, throughout she was crazy but, I came closer to thinking,’ Maybe she really did love me.’ It would explain her sacrifices and her tenderness. Maria truly was one of a kind.

The best night of my life, She said I love you. I believed her. I truly believed her. She had won the game and it wasn’t long until I said,’ I love you too.’

It may seem very cliche, sappy, and dramatic but, these events actually happened.

There are problems tho… You see, I live four states away from Maria. Maria lives four states away from me. We’re both bi, we’re both 14, and we’ve never met. Our mothers both don’t approve. They would never say it of course. Her mother thinks it’s a phase; my mother says because of distance it’ll never work. I talk to Maria everyday. Virtually, we hug and kiss, we tell each other how much we love each other, we laugh and sing, we chase each others fears and wipe away the tears, virtually we’re together. But it cannot cease the longing to actually be with Maria. A warm body next to mine, a hand to hold. A moving, breathing face. I long to see her smile.

Maria and I have been together 3 months. I could careless what you adults think or say. These have been the happiest 3 months I’ve ever had. I hope to spend many, many more days just talking to Maria. I can’t wait to show her the things she has never seen. Snow, for one. Right now, I want, more than anything, to be with Maria. But the fates are cruel that way. I have to go to school and see ‘best friend’ everyday, but I get to come home to talk to my real best friend and my lover. Maria. Watashi wa anata o aishite, Maria. I’ll wait as long as it takes to be in your arms.

This is a sad story of heartache and revival, but it’s also a story that hasn’t ended yet.

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Miracle By Chance

©Copyright – by Jeannette Gardner (December, 2007)

This is a “true story” about how I met my Husband on a dating site on the Internet. It’s the unbelievable story behind it that’s truly amazing!

I used to hang out at a country bar called the “Club Palomino”. I loved listening to good bands there, and dancing to their country rock music. I used to drag my friend out to see my favourite band playing called “Cheyenne”, who were amazing and always packed the place. My friend and I used to get up and dance to their songs. I was interested in the rhythm guitar player in the band, to me, he was the best looking one, and I loved his voice along with his rhythm guitar sound. Yes, I had the “hots” for him and would goggle eye him playing his guitar/singing while I was on the dance floor, or just standing at the bar listening and staring. I’ve always had this thing for bands as I play guitar too, and always wanted to play in a band. They played there for a long time and were the best band at the “Club Palomino”. I would go there as much as I could just to hear them play, and of course, always watching my favourite player. The sad part about it was I used to see him with a blonde girl, not knowing if she was his girlfriend or wife.

After seeing them playing there for a long time, the “Club Palomino” closed down. Yes, the club had been sold. Wouldn’t you know it a huge townhouse sub-division was put up and the club was gone. So were all the bands and my favourite band, “Cheyenne”.

When I first found out about the club closing down, I wanted to approach “Cheyenne”; particularly the rhythm guitar player and ask where they would be playing in the future. But I didn’t have enough courage to do that. I guess things happen for a reason.


As time went on I met someone and got married. That was a mistake. Eventually we got a divorce. I started going out to bars, again, got tired of it and not meeting anyone decent enough. I wasn’t crazy about the bands playing at other bars either. Later, a friend told me to join a particular dating site on the Internet, which I thought I would never do. But, I thought I would check it out for fun as I heard so much about it through people even meeting their soul mates from that site. Surprisingly enough, I had a few dates, meeting in public places, but just didn’t find the right one and thought I never would from a dating site. I sort of gave up on it until one night. After getting home from a bar, which I hated, I went on my computer. For some reason I logged in that site again which I was really glad I did. I got an interesting email from a guy and liked his picture. I was also touched by his email and that he was also interested in my picture and profile. From then on we started emailing each other quite a lot from that site. We seemed to have so much in common through our emails. We continued writing and eventually got on MSN, and chatted for quite some time. He was Bulgarian and I was Hungarian, how common was that! We discovered from our MSN chats that we had so much in common. It was really amazing. Our families even lived in the same town of all places. We chatted every night as often as we could.

And then, a miracle happened! We started chatting on our computers about music. Wow…we also liked all the same music and we both wrote songs. I told him I liked country music and used to frequent a particular bar about 15 years ago, which had closed down. Of course he asked me the name of the bar back then. I told him the “Club Palomino”. He was really surprised and told me he used to play there. I wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not! He said he would send me a picture of his band that played there. I thought, “yeah right” to myself as I waited patiently in front of my computer for the picture. Lo and behold, a huge picture came up on my screen, “CHEYENNE” “CLUB PALOMINO”. I freaked! I couldn’t believe it! It was him in the picture with “Cheyenne”. The guy I was interested in who was the rhythm guitar player in my favourite band. I was so shocked that I went crazy seeing this picture! It was just unbelievable! Like a miracle happened suddenly! Like a fairy tale! We carried on chatting every moment we had for some time, and eventually he gave me his phone number. We started talking on the phone every night. It was just amazing all the things we had in common about everything! Yes, it was too good to be true!

After about 3 weeks of talking on the phone every night, chatting on the computer & exchanging pictures, we decided to meet. I was brave enough for him to pick me up at my mother’s place as I developed this trust in him, by his voice and his honesty. I met him downstairs in front of my mother’s apartment building. He got out of his car, and the first thing we did was look at each other and start laughing, and laughing like crazy, and couldn’t stop laughing! He took me to the local Canadian Legion where we talked, had a drink together (still laughing) and we got more acquainted. Eventually we went into another room and sat down at a table. After a while, he asked me if I didn’t mind if he got up on stage to do a solo. Hey, a man singing with his guitar was like being in heaven. He got up on stage and started playing his guitar and singing in front of an audience. That did it for me. I was hooked! And the guy I admired 15 years ago was performing in front of my eyes, and, was my date! I was in heaven!

We dated for about 2 years and it was absolutely wonderful. Eventually we bought a condo and have been living together for 2 ½ years now. Then, the final surprise! After moving into our condo, we looked out the window and to our astonishment what did we see? The office building of the dating site we joined of all things! What a coincidence that was! In March of 2008, it will be 5 years being together, playing music, and still laughing! We are just two peas in a pod!

He met my friend who I was with at the Club Palomino 15 years ago, and he also remembered seeing us dancing while his band “Cheyenne” played. He also remembered me standing at the bar at times. I used to watch him go to the bar for his coffee and I know our eyes met each other’s at that time. It sure is strange crossing one another’s paths some 15 years ago – and now, being together in a different time in the future, and remembering!

And by the way, that blonde girl he was with at the Club Palomino, was the girl he eventually married which lasted 8 years. He went through a brutal divorce. He did tell me that when I first saw him at the Club Palomino 15 years ago, that I should have approached him and told him “she was bad news”. It’s funny how life is – it just wasn’t meant to be back then. Fate brought us together. We found our “soul mates”!

We got married on Nov. 21, 2009.

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My Serendipity Love

“Serendipity is a propensity for making fortunate discoveries while looking for something unrelated”

I considered my love story as a serendipity love. I don’t believe in long-distance relationship, but i guess, what you really don’t like or don’t believe will come back on you. When I joined IMVU, I never intended to find a girlfriend or to be in a relationship even just for fun because I never think of love as a game. I was on IMVU just to meet new people and find more friends all around the globe.

Denisse is not my first girlfriend, nor my first long-distance relationship. (I’m not a fan of a long-distance relationship okey, it just happened haha)

I’ve been on IMVU (avatars and online chat in 3D) for almost two months when I first met her.(Take note everyone, what I’m about to tell is happened on IMVU). She didn’t impress me when we first met (I don’t think I impress her also haha), probably because she didn’t talk much. She was new on IMVU (not that new tho). At that time, I got my own circle of friend, and I ‘hang-out’ (online) almost all the time with them. Denisse is belong to my ‘other’ circle of friend, including my sister (online sister) who is a ‘vampire’. (I’m not a vampire, so is Denisse).

I wish I can retrieve everything that is related to me and Denisse on IMVU cause I really wanted to know, how our relationship can grew like now hehe.I always tease her. I asked her to kiss me, then she’ll replied me, ‘on cheek?” and I will said “no”, then she’ll asked me again “hands?” and I’ll answered back ‘not on hands not on forehead’ and at the end she’ll said “sere is crazy’. (I didn’t get the kiss that i wanted, just a peck kiss). I ‘tackles’ her too (she did the same to me). Well I don’t think we will do that in real life or someone will end up sitting on a wheelchair haha.I argue with her, and always fight.I don’t know how or when it started, but she somehow always made me mad and I don’t easily get mad. Get mad here is in the other word is jealous. When she talked to another guy, I felt left-out. One thing that made me pissed also is when I wanted to dance with her, she’ll moved away (damn haha), then I will asked my sister and the other vampire to bite her! (They didn’t do it tho. They’ll always laughed at us)

Yes, I fell in love with her first and I don’t think she think me the way I think about her. Why? Because she’s straight! Yes, I am a girl, and I like girl. I asked her to go out with me, but she’s so crazy that she think I was kidding (I don’t blame her, cause I kid and joke around a lots). One day, when she was around and so is our other friends, I said to them how Denisse always decline me and she asked me “are you really serious?” and I said “Yes” and she said “I thought you were playing” and I said “of course not”. She said yes, and oh wow, I am so happy. I ended up telling everyone that she finally agree to go on a date with me.haha.I can’t wait for tomorrow.

The next day, we met, just me and her (in a public place of course). I told her I was really happy that she finally agree to go on a date with me. Guess what? I was totally pissed off when she said “well, nothing wrong to go on a date with friend right?” .(speechless). “Date as a friend?” I asked her. She said yes. “Who go on a date as a friend?”. She apologized to me after (she still didn’t realized that I like her…geeezz -she is crazy- ) haha.

I told my sister about it and she laughed at me (she knew I like Denisse), same goes to some of my friends, then after that, when I met Denisse, I will always tease her “date as a friend huh?”. I gave up then. (Cause I don’t think she’ll like me; she’s straight, remember?)

Then in real life, I’m having a busy week with University (assignments: 7 of them). I said goodbye to all my friends on IMVU (for a while of course). I spent my last day there with Denisse, Claire and Pink. (It was like a second date as a friend with Denisse tho haha). Turned out to be one of the best time I’m on IMVU. Four of us having fun at the theme park and at the ice cream shop! Then I say goodbye.

I don’t online on IMVU but I still kept checking on my messages. I’m not a stalker, but I knew the time when she’ll be on, so I will send her messages and she’ll replied. She pissed me off again when she always replied it late >.< .. during this time also, I realized that I do really like her. I told her I miss her, she told me she misses me too. (isn't that sweet?) hehe Almost two weeks off from IMVU, I am back again. I made a video for her birthday (anything for love huh?) haha but I kinda tried to forget her (yes as a friend but nothing romantic). I have another friend: Mar. We did flirt to each other (I kinda like her also haha) but Denisse is the one that really caught my heart. Me and Mar came up with the term "my maybe girlfriend". we addressed each other as 'maybe girlfriend". I even asked Denisse to translated it into spanish. (I can't recall if I have the intention to make Denisse jealous haha) I started to realized something is different when she told me "Sere, today when I was eating ice cream with my friends, it reminds me of you". She even message me, " sere, sere, sere , sere.......... hi hi. I'm crazy, just want to disturb you". I was like 'aha' ! Then I made an final attempt. On April 11th, I asked her. "Denisse, you do think of me when you're not on on here and every time you wanted to be on on here, am i right?"(In front of my sis and our friends haha). "I'm going to ask you one last time, will you go out on a date with me? Not as a friend". She paused. (I was like 'yes'!) My heart is beating faster, it is tense. Then she finally said yes. I AM HAPPY and also SHOCKED!! Frankly speaking, I thought she'll said NO. Not like most of the people on IMVU who 'in a relationship' as a role-play, me and Denisse are serious. Yes, separated by North Pacific ocean doesn't sounds rational but love know no boundaries. (I think haha). Now we talk everyday on Skype. We texted also. We tried not to talk so much about future but we can't help it. To be honest, I don't know what will happen between me and Denisse, but I love this girl so much. We laughed, argued and even cried together. I just know that, this is not just an 'internet love or internet romance.' we haven't meet each other, but we will. Te quiero mucho mas mi novia mwaaaaaaaaaah. visit my blog if interested to know more about us and to know what will happen to this serendipity love: http://myserendipitylove.blogspot.com/ Just made it. ^^

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I met this guy two weeks ago and I can’t really tell that,is already a love story because until now we don’t have a middle and ending. He is my chat mate up to now we always talk and see each other using web cam. I was feeling alone and a prisoner of my promise to my ex boyfriend that I will never leave him even though I don’t love him when I first talked to David (not his real name). David made me cry the first time we talked when I open everything to him and told me I should leave my ex if really don’t love my ex so I can be happy. Because of that i left my ex and I give all my time to him. My ex couldn’t accept it up to now but I don’t care I already found the guy who made me feel complete. He was divorced six months ago and he can’t trust anyone after what happened to his past relationship. Everyday we always see to it that we talked and see each other before letting another day past. Oftentimes I felt like I’m the one who was courting him. On that short period of time I fell in love with him and that was the first time I admitted to myself that I am in love and ready to take risk just to be with him. He also said he feels the same way too but I know for myself that I love him more than he loves me “that if he really loves me”. David was the opposite of the guy that I wanted because he is working in a military, we have different nationality, he has a light skin which I really hate because i also have it, he is very good looking that can make me feel insecure and unsecured if ever, I cant even touch him because his the other side og the globe but still I know I want to be with him no matter what. I never thought that I’m beautiful because of what my family said about me that I’m not that pretty compare to them. But when he came to my world things had changed i gained confidence and changed my image. I am not ashame to say that I’m beautiful because he keeps telling me that I’m beautiful if I said no I’m not he will surely get mad. I woke up every morning wishing he has a message for me and I always have. Everything goes smoothly and loving him more deeply each passing days. He use to be my listener and most of the time he can read my mind he knows what I’m thinking and he can make things bright and light for me. We are sharing our pictures, sweet thoughts and bad experiences we had. I’m on his world and his with mine also even he is at the other side of the globe. But now we have a problem his ex wife wants to see and talk to him and asking to give her another chance. I’m here I can’t see what is happening at the other side of the globe. He doesn’t want to see her not because he doesn’t want to be with her but he is afraid what might happen. When I knew it my brain stopped functioning, my heart was aching, my body was frozen, my hand can’t press any letter in my keyboard and that was the first time i felt that way what people called “jealous” and so worried to lose him. This is the beginning of our story we haven’t talk I just left a message informing him how I feel about it and why I want him to see his ex. I know from the bottom of my heart that I really love him and willing to accept everything just to make sure he will be happy. And I’m not going to let my self incomplete without holding him and telling him how much I love him while I’m in front of him staring to his perfect features. Now I know that nothing is impossible. No need for you to hold someone before you can say you love him. That’s why there were a lot of literally blind people out there felt in love without seeing the person they love. Knowing that he is always here I know I will always have the reason to wake up with smile on my face while facing the challenging world with enough strength coming from him.

(Screen) Name: senorita


Lucky in Las Vagas

I was divorced for about a year and I was not having much luck getting back on track. I was feeling like I was never going to get over my exwife. I had been married for 17 years and oneday my exwife just came home and said that she was not in love with me anymore. I was crushed,she was my world and I could not imagine loving another women. I had always wanted to go to Las Vagas. I did not really have any friends that could go with me so I booked a trip and went to Las vagas for 5 days. The first day I spent the whole time gambling in my Hotel. The second day I decided to explore the strip so I walked almost the whole strip. It was raining and almost snowing so it was not a great day to be out. I decided to take the bus (Duce) back to my Hotel and do some more gambling. I looked for a bus stop and a bus was just pulling up. It was packed and there was not enough room for me so I waited for the next bus. Thank GOD!!! The next bus came in a few minutes and i got on and it was also packed. we stopped at the next stop along the way and people got off the bus and people got on. As the people were getting on I noticed this good looking woman getting on the bus with her mom. The bus was packed and she was in the standing room only. The next stop people got on and off and the people next to me got off and the women with her mom i noticed sat down next to me. I looked at her out of the corner of my eye and she was amazing looking. she was mid 30s dark hair slim very distinctive features of a South American women. She looked at me and asked me directions for the show her and her mom were going to see. I did not have a answer for her but I helped her look on her map and I helped her figure it out. From the moment I saw her come on the bus I could feel a attraction from her. her stop was the next stop and I only had about 20 seconds to say something to her and ask her out. I looked at her and said do You want to go to a show with me tomorrow? she said sure. OH MY GOD!!! I was flying. Then she said but…. OH NO!!! She said I am with my mom. I looked past her and looked at her mom and her mom did not speak a word of english. I said oh thats OK she can come with us. The bus stopped and she was getting off the bus. All the people within 5 feet of us were listening to us. the pressure was on and she did not speak english all that well either. I was thinking quickly and i said I will pick you up at your hotel where is it, She named off her hotel and I said I will meet you in the lobby at 6pm ok. She said ok and she got off the bus in a hurry, i did not have her name or Phone number all I had was a hotel. So the first thing i did when I got back to my hotel, the Stratosphere was look up her Hotel. I did not find it anywhere it did not exist. I looked and looked and asked people and now one had heard of it. I did not give up though. I looked in the phone book and found the words of the Hotel she gave me but it was condos not a hotel and it was about 10 miles off the strip. I thought is was a lost cause but I did not have much to do and I really wanted to see her again. So the next day i took the bus to find the hotel/condo. it took me 2 hours and 4 transfers to get there but I found the name of the place she gave me. i found a front lobby where i told her I would meet her and i really hoped this was the place but I was not sure. It was about 12 noon so I went back to my Hotel and gambled for awhile. I went back to my room about 4 and took a shower and got all ready. I took a cab to the Hotel that she said she was at. i went to the lobby and prayed I was in the right spot. There were about 10 different buildings and maybe several offices. I sat there for about 15 minutes and right at 6 i looked up and there she was with her mom. The relief I felt was incredible. She got a smile on her face and I am sure I did also and I walk over to her and said Hi I found you. We got a cab and went to my Hotel because that is where the show was. We had a great time and spent the evening together. I sent her and her mom home in a taxi and got her room number and her name and her phone number this time. We spent the remainder of our time together in Las vagas. The next night we went dancing together and i got my first kiss that night. I wanted to take her back to my room alone so bad but she did not think that was a good idea. She is from Ecuador and casual sex is not a word in that country. I think it made me want her more. We spent 4 amazing days together kissing and hugging and seeing many sites together, At the end of our trip she was going to LA to spend the rest of her vacation thru x-mas at Disneyland and California. I could not get her off my mind from that day on. I sent a xmas gift to her Hotel room in LA . A diamond necklace and a digital picture frame to her mom. When she went back to Ecuador we spent every evening talking on the internet and cam. everyday we grew closer to each other and in march we decided that we wanted to take the net step. she is 39 years old and has NEVER been in love before. I found myself writing her poems and telling her my deepest feelings. She told me she had never felt the way she feels for me before. She visited me in the summer for 3 weeks and we had a wonderful time together. We filed for a fiancee visa so she could come here and I could marry her after 90 days if we wanted to. I went to Ecuador for 2 weeks and met her family and they are amazing people. it made me feel like i am part of a family again. it is Nov 23rd 2009 and she is going to be here for good on Dec. 12th 2009 one year after we met a year ago. We are so in love and i can’t wait to marry her. She is a wonderful person. she just graduated with her master degree in June. she is giving up alot to come here. She is giving up her job at Avon. she was a marketing director for Ecuador. She is leaving her family and they are a very close family. We will be married on Dec. 18th 2009 and we will have our wedding in Feb.2010 so her family can come here and we will have plenty of time to plan. I am the happiest man alive right now. I have found a wonderful women and i was not really looking. I never thought that I would fall in Love again but i did. I think to myself of all the things that had to happen for me to meet her that day. i really did get Lucky in Las Vagas. Thank You

(Screen) Name: zentzman