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Socially Irritated love of Sandhya Adhikary And Neeraj Thapa

Neeraj Thapa And Sandhya Adhikary Were class mate from Class 6 upto 10. They were not close to each other when they were in class 6. Neeraj liked the beauty of Sandhya. He intend to watch sandhya everytime but without letting sandhya know her that he was watching her. Neeraj didn’t know what sandhya feels for him. As the time passes, Neeraj gradually fell in love with sandhya.. But he was so afraid to tell sandhya that he liked her because Sandhya was Very dangerous girl, I mean she used to hate boys or strict to them. Class 6, 7 and 8 went with silence love from Neeraj Side. I didn’t know what was about sandhya because I am Neeraj itself. Sandhya became worse from class 8 because of the adolescent age with some affairs. Neeraj was sad but he couldn’t do anything. When they were in class 10, Neeraj proposed sandhya. Luckily sandhya accepted without any hesitation. But the main hindrances was the suspicious eyes of the society which brought a lot of problems between them and also Sandhya’s xboyfriend brought many big problems and misunderstanding but Neeraj Fought with all the problems and now they are extreme lover.
The Unique Jodi Of The World Is Neeraj Thapa And Sandhya Adhikary.

(Screen) Name: Neeraj Thapa And Sandhya Adhikary



My name is Muhammad Abid.iwas som strong about my emossion .i could not imagine to fall in love with anyone .but,
when i enterd in university i met a girl.she was so nice.no girl was here like her in university.she was gracefull,respectfull and ravishing .
i describe my all feelings with her ,byt she always deny me.i was in so trouble to share every thinmg with her byut she always said i am not understanding you i am not.
one day i talked to my motheer about that all mater.but my Mother strongly rejected and said its against our customes and family values .sorry Abid it can’t happen ever .you can’t merry her.

i always ask from myself which kind of values .customes or tradition these are which stop us to meet with lover .
i left her only because of most lover personality of world which is “your Mother “.
these are the stories of manyes please stop plesae there shuold not be any more Abid

(Screen) Name: Manni