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A failure story of janu lucky

A girl entering into mba college to full fill here dreams, but unfortunately  a boy entered into her life. She believes him alot and very soon she loved him , the boy was not that sincere and he has already lover in his graduation still they are in love,  without knowing all this she believed him and deeply into love with him and fine day his previous lovers ( sakhi)came and then both together went to their home town and the other girl(janu) into depression for some days after some days again the boy (lucky) come to janu’s life again she don’t want accept but unfortunately  sakhi call to janu to inform that lucky going to come into your life because he loves you truly so sakhi is not going to come again in their life , on that day janu was so happy and exciting about his new  life and janu loved lucky madly and even lucky too the days were going very happy and they decided to get married but  lucky mother didn’t accept janu and she want to get marry his relatives girl , the same thing lucky accept and he decided to promise his mother that he will do what his mother want, and janu bad days started like that days going and suddenly one day lucky got married without informing janu and after some days she knows that he got married and janu decided to commit suicide but to seeing here parents she decided to fulfil parents dreams so she lived after few days she committed suicide and she is no more.



I met you when I was 18. We shared not much else besides a freshman class at our university and a facebook message exchange, both carrying around broken hearts from the high school relationships that crumbled at the door step of higher education.


And then we were off, in opposite directions in pursuit of what I could only guess was many different versions of the selves we would eventually become… I was wild, and so I can only thank my lucky stars you didn’t know me then. I was a number on your friends list, a two line message in your inbox. Mutual friends and status updates, I’d be lying if I said I paid attention. I was here and now and wild, I was “numb what hurts” and “oversleep class”. I was “lack of discipline and structure”.

Had we met in the middle we would have only cleaved shortly after.

Fate was merciful.


But like any good author it mastered the foreshadow, and then you were gone. Back to the city I would so desperately grow to miss you grew new branches that later formed leaves and blossomed and found your own way. Somewhere between 18 and 19 I did the same, carried it through to my twentieth year, I spent my 21st birthday hunched over an anatomy book, you were about a month shy from an engagement ring. To say we lost touch would be unfair, unsure we ever established it to begin with.We were different people now; better, but not ready.


I was busy feigning love while you were sure you found it, I really hope you did. I hope you can look back on that and remember the happy before it hurt. Lesson learned, she didn’t know, she wasn’t ready. I think I was.


I wore boots that night because I hadn’t drank in months.

Three redbull & vodkas later and your mom had her hand on my shoulder and the other on her touch screen showing me a face I didn’t expect to be familiar. Foggy, but I pulled the pieces together. “I know him! We went to college together” Small world. (understatement of the year)


Week after Thanksgiving, wasting my time on someone who would never be worthy, leaning somewhere up against the free weights in between sets, there’s your mom again. Smiles, waves, “I can tell such a big difference!” and there you were, too.


A few weeks prior I had written about the desire to have someone who captivates me from the first moment we see each other.



“yeah, 16 weeks, I guess I’m doing this”

you: “is this your first competition” Game over.

“This is my son”

I know, I know. Freshman year, Facebook admission page, I know, I know. “hi”

I think we shook hands. (hah!)


Gym mirror eye contact for weeks after, stood next to the squat rack when  I hit 225, stood on the other side of it next week and corrected my form, how much longer was I going to have to wait. Completely distracted by how captivated I was, everything was all at once brand new and foreign.


New Years Eve: come out tonight (pleasepleaseplease if you have plans break them)

Maybe. MAYBE. Screaming at work, dancing with my roommate. I was ecstatic. You have always struck me as special.

Confirmed: see you tonight. yes. yesyesyes.

You called another girl at midnight. Awkward silence.


“i’ll come kiss you after we get back from down town”


Why was I so disappointed??


Almost too drunk to care.


Shots, music, pictures, hazy, small moments I had to steal to exchange them with you. Captivated, new territory, I was so excited.

You put your hands around my ribcage to feel the asymmetry. My feet stuck to the floor. Game over.


The Took you a few more weeks to kiss me by the front door of your parents house. You love your self the way that I do and your hesitance was admirable. You’ve always been beautiful. You literally had me from hello.


Never Knew What love is till I met a stranger.

My story about love and life is something that everyone can relate too. Its about the best days of my life.  Read it and see if u have done something same at any point of life.

It all started when I completed my college and moved to Delhi India for Internship. These were the first days that I felt So Independent and carefree and This all started on the day when i was coming back from a office party and could not go back to my hotel as I was late. I asked aanchal  my hostel friend to pick me up with her boyfriend shivam after party as i had no other place. And Aanchal confirmed that we can go clubbing after the party. So as planned she came to pick me up at the party with her boyfriend and his friend named Aditiya.  As I sat in the car, I saw this guy sitting next to me. I didn’t pay any attention to him initially and started talking to my friend aanchal and Shivam.

They told me the we are going to Urban Pind  ( Club in Delhi) As I was new in Delhi, I found everything so much fun. After we reached there we danced a little and then i told aanchal that i want to sit for a while. And she gave me a thumbs up so I went and sat on the sofa. And Aanchal friend Aditya followed me and sat next me. He asked me if he can buy me a drink and i said no I don’t drink later he said even I don’t drink , Just asking for a cold drink. When i denied he insisted to buy so went he went and brought that for me.  I was enjoying myself so much that i hardly talked to aditiya and busy noticing how other people were falling boozing , Dancing and falling down. As the night went on all four of us headed towards 24/7 To eat something at lajpat nagar. I was having a good time like never before, It was my first ever night out and then around 4:30am we dropped aditiya  back to his home and all three of us went to Star Coffee Cafe at Noida and sat there till our hostel  gate reopened.

After i reached my room, I went straight to sleep for 8 hours but felt so happy after a wonderful night. My best friend Payal, who was also my roommate was not there as she was on a vacation with her friends to mussoorie. So I was all alone in the room. When I woke up after I hearing aanachal banging on the door. She came in and asked me to get ready as she wanted me to join them for dinner a pandara road and i denied as I had to Go and Pick my bestie from Airport.

The next day Aanchal boyfriend called me and said that he need a treat from me as my internship turned into a job. And I could not deny it. My bestie was not very happy with me going out with them. But I told her that everything is okie and i need to give them a treat, They came and Pick me up and we went to Pandara Road for dinner. It had beautiful restaurants with nice ambience. So we had nice dinner and when the bill arrived,  Aditiya didn’t let me pay. I found it little strange as it was me who was supposed to give a party not him.

Day 4 –  Aanchal called me at work and asked me to come with them to World of wonder amusement park, I thought i should say NO but I also started having a good time with them. I called my best friend and told her that again I am planning to go out with them and she straightly told me that Aanachal and her boyfriend is trying to fix me with Aditiya . But i said there is nothing like that and went with them to worlds of wonder. And had a gala time. Later in the evening we decided to go to huka parlour in sec 18 Noida. I asked aanchal to call my bestie Payal as well to join us there.

So we went and picked payal from the hostel and took her to the huka place.   She felt uncomfortable and didn’t like aditiya trying the get closer to me. That day i also realised that whatever payal was saying is right. But i liked to went with the flow. But the twist in the story comes here, i was in a relationship with someone Vaibhav from last one year. He was my school friend and later he proposed me and i said yes at that point of time because he was a great friend. But i was not very happy with him so i always use to make excuses for not meeting him. He was a super possessive guy. But he was crazily in love with me. After me reached home after the wonderful day, Payal told me that this is not happening and I am cheating vaibhav and aditiya as they both don’t know about each other. And I tried to convince her that She already knew my feeling about vaibhav and i don’t like him. And i can make more friends. There is nothing bad in it. But she didn’t agree to it.

Day5 – Next day Aanchal asked me and payal to her boyfriend home is empty and we all can go and stay there at night and have a party. Before i could say no payal agreed to it to my surprise. Aanchal picked us up after work and we all went to her boyfriend place. There was aditiya and his brother Rohit and Sargun his brother`s girlfriend. Aanachal talked me privately about aditiya liking towards me. And i got worried because of vaibhav. I didn’t wanted to cheat him. So i told aanachal everything about vaibhav. She was very happy because i shared it with her, and told me that we have got one life to be happy. If we are not happy in any relationship, we should quit that and move on. But somewhere in my heart i knew its not gonna be easy, Vaibhav wont let me go. And neither would payal do. That evening Aanchal boyfriend shivam asked me and aditiya to get flavoured Milk for them. It was around 10:30 at night. I now know that they just wanted us to spend some alone time. But payal said she will join us too. So we went to nereby market but couldn’t get milk. Aditiya asked me for chocolate and i said no. And payal said yes. And we came back home.  Shivam insisted us to go and get the milk from far away place. By now payal felt everything what was happening and so did I. But I too wanted to spend time with aditiya. Aanchal insisted payal to stay with them. As we went outside and  in the car i told aditiya that things are not easy in my life, I told him that i know what is happening but it wont be easy. Aditiya then said that he likes me and want to spend his life with me. I couldn’t stop myself telling him everything about vaibhav. And i can never forgot his reply back to me. Aditiya said. If u are not happy no1 can let you stay and i am with you whatever happens. We came back home and As soon as i left the room I remember aanachal asking aditiya about what happened and did he said that to me. And Aditiya said yes.

Day6- Next day morning when we reached home, Payal was not properly talking to me. And was upset about the previous night. About how Aanchal didn’t wanted her to go out with us etc. And i told her everything that aditiya told he and she got really angry and called one of mine and vaibhav`s very close friend ruchika to come and stay with us. I knew what was going to happen. Ruchika has been in school and college with me forever,  Payal told her everything what was happening, And ruchika went mad on me like how can i do this, how can i cheat vaibhav. They called aanachal as well and told her everything about me and vaibhav and they tried their best to convince aanchal to convince aditiya to step back. I told them that unlike others I am not looking for two timing and I called vaibhav and told him everything. He was quite in the beginning. On the other side aanchal called shivam and aditiya and told them about whatever happened. I stood there alone. Without my bestest friends and No1 to stand by me.

And suddenly i receive a call from aditiya that he wants to meet me and standing outside to pick me up. He said I know what is happening. Your friends want you to stay with them and vaibhav forever, doesn’t matter you are happy or not. I just came here to tell you that I like you and will stand by you No matter what. I called vaibhav infront of him on speaker and said everything that i am been telling him for a year. Vaibhav used to fight with me if i wore short dresses. Would never let me go to a office party or talk to my friends at night and many other things.

That night I thought that everything is so strange. Friends that I had forever, stood with them whenever they did anything wrong like a wall is not with me and a stranger whom I met hardly a week before is there. At that Point of time i decided that I will do whatever my heart wants.

Day 7- Aanchal was not very happy now with me and vaibhav getting together after all the discussion with payal and ruchika. But just because Shivam knew how much aditiya liked me he wanted to us to get together. So Aanchal asked me out for the college fest happening in her college s with shivam, aditiya, Rohit and Sargun and without asking payal I said yes. We went there and Aditiya wanted to show me his college, so we went for a walk. Where he asked me about what happened and that i look so quite today.  I told him that i wanted to talk to him about vaibhav but he stopped me saying it doesn’t matter to me. All matters to him is me. I could see a purity in his eyes. But as everyone said Delhi guys are not good, I was very scared. Sargun his brothers girlfriend told me that its gonna be the best decision in my life if i say yes to aditiya bhaiya. Later We stayed at shivam place at night coz i dint wanted to talk to Payal and ruchika.

Day 8- We went to Barista in Sec 18 Noida. Aditiya came to pick me up. As soon as i was about to sit in his car, there was a rose on the seat. He said thats because he likes me, Then at sec 18 we moved to shivam car and there were more roses on the seat and aditiya said thats because we are friends. I knew he going to propose me. Then at barista the waiter came and gave me roses one after another. I felt so shy and special like never before.  Then we decided to go to Urban pind and there he proposed me saying that he feel in love with me the first time he saw me. I didn’t knew what to say and kept quite for so long. After i saw his sad face and watery eyes, I said yes and he side hugged me with joy. That gave shivers in my body, Shivam, aanchal, Rohit and sargun was very happy to hear that. We then went somewhere and he gave me bouquet of roses and proposed me again.  Then late at night we went to shivam place to sleep and he said bye that he will go to his place and sleep. And he again asked if he hug me but just because i was so shy he side hugged me and kissed on my forehead and went.

Day 9- When I reached home with so many flowers, payal was sure of whatever happened. sHe didn’t say anything and told he that she is happy. I was glad to know that. Later me and aditiya planned for a movie alone and lunch. We had a great time, I got to know that aanchal and payal made vaibhav talked to shivam on phone. They planned it against me. I never thought payal could do something like this. I was really heartbroken to know that. Shivam talked to vaibhav on phone. But soon after the conversation he realized that how dominating he is and Vaibhav threatened him that he will brings his friends for a flight and lots of things. Shivam called aditiya and told him everything. And also told him that They are trying there best to make me stop. Shivam called me his sister and said He would do everything to make me stay. Shivam and aditiya both started hating payal. Aditiya told me what payal did, I could not stop crying. But it made me more strong and I loved aditiya way much more. I was blessed and couldn’t thank god enough to found someone like aditiya.


Thanks for reading my story and Trust me its good to Trust in Love. Time and place doesn’t matter. Love at first sight exist. Believe in Love and give your life a chance.  Aditiya has given me the best days of my Life. Those were even better than my dreams. Never knew what love is till I met Aditiya


You couldn’t write it

When I was a young girl, I asked my brother “when do you know your in love?”, He answered “you won’t need to ask, you will just know!”.

I held that thought for many years. I got married, had 5 children, a very lonely marriage as for two  very different worlds and yes, you can feel lonely with so mnay children but the love for your off-spring is strong and therefore the best thing was to keep it together. The enitivable happened and he started looking elsewhere for what was missing in our marriage. I wasn’t so much surprised as  slightly numb as  my parents had left us some years previous with no explanation other than, they wanted a new start and we were not to hear from them again, which we have not. departure wasn’t something new and survival kicks in. I was stubborn, something my mother once said would take me through life.

We were brought up on survival, not having a lot of money, hard working parents, living on a budget along like many other families, my brother, sister and myself  all worked from age 9, potatoe picking, strawberry picking, shop work, anything we could to help a family, a very good life lesson now as it happens.

During high school, ina  small community we were all as family, along with the usual fights and disagreements, we tended to stick together. I longed for a settled guy who I could have my own family with but with with character, so of course always chose the wild boys! There was one that kept crossing my path called David but we never seemed to get together. He always watched me, I always watched him and was even at his first wedding but something kept us apart. That is until now!

I had  always dreamed of this perfect guy who loved kids, loved the sea, maybe an island boy, down to earth, sociable, funny, sexy, and hard working. Little did I know, that 27 years later we were to meet again in the circumstances we had then.

After 3 years of being single as focused purely on my children and did what parents do, keeping them secure. I was persuaded that Saturday night to go out to a club which wasn’t my thing but endured the drunks at the bar trying to pull any woman they could and jsut as I thought this really wasn’t for me, in walked David who was pointing at me saying “Nicki!!”. My heart nearly dived onto the table! Although there was much noise, dancing, people falling about, the room felt silent. He was just as handsome as when I knew him all those years ago. We hugged but did not ask each others sitruation, we werte so pleased at meeting up after so many years. I returned to my frends and he went with his but the next morning I felt the first urge in years to find out where he was! I found out he was widowed, had 5 children himself but I got on with life as it was. I kept dreaming of the number 19, every second day, why was I dreaming this, every bus seat I sat on was 19, it kept coming up.

5 months later, my job took me to a patient I was caring for and happened to see David in a garden, as I Walked over to say hello, number 19 was on his garden gate. This time we kissed to say hello. That was it, that was the kiss I had been waiting for my whole life.

From that monent onwards, we couldn’t spend a minute apart, our kids met and coming from two train crashes, them losing their mum, mine being in split marriage, they found solice in each other. We have not been able to spend time apart, I now live with David and our huge family of children, yes we still have lifes struggles but both being brought up the same way, we have the same morals and love for things.

It has just showed me that destiny does happen and we are luckier than most. I marry David next month. Love does happen.




Next to me

I have travelled to a lot of countries but in the end I met this beautiful boy in my own city. It’s still seems amazing to me. We are both gay and what we have between us is so different and beautiful. I really like to take care of him, I always ask him if he is hungry so I can buy him a sandwich or a pizza.

One thing that I feel with him and it’s new to me is that everytime we separate after ten minutes I feel like calling him again and I miss him. My heart pupms hard when I see his name on my cell phone calling me. He is a Libra in the zodiac and naturally very charismatic. I always wanted to have a person with me who understands me fully and he is the one that can feel me completely. I can not hide anything from him.

I like the small decisions he makes for me and then tells me “It’s for your own good, if it was bad for you I wouldn’t do it.” So much compassion, it’s what the humanity needs. I wish each single person finds the one who completes him, it’s wonderful.


The Struggle Is Real

Five years ago, I attended high school as freshman to Francis Lewis High School. That’s when I met Rahim Cobb in my algebra class, who was also a freshman. His physical appearance is caramel skin tone, deep dark eyes, a buzz cut hair cut, and he also had beautiful biceps with an athletic build. His personality was hyperactive and perhaps too hyperactive. As weeks go by in algebra class, I remember the most embarrassing yet hilarious moment. When I was doing my work, everyone in the class was laughing at me, not with me. I was asking Rahim why everyone was laughing, he told me after the class was over that my thong underwear was showing. I couldn’t help but to blush and laugh. We became good friends and kept in touch with each other.


During my sophomore year, we didn’t have much classes together but we still managed to stay close friends. I don’t really remember much about us from sophomore year so I will not get to that.


During my junior year, we had two classes together: English and Global History. We would always sit next to each other and joke around low key. The one memory I will never forget was how close we actually grew when we had summer school (It wasn’t that bad, I actually enjoyed it). We would always sit next to each other and then we would immediately bond. I never knew I had an underlying romantic feeling about him because I was too afraid to reveal my true feelings.


During my senior year, I started dating my friend Kaitlyn’s brother Sean whom I’ve briefly met during my junior year up until the summer of 2013 when I invited him and Kaitlyn to a party at a bar in my town. Sean and I enjoyed our dancing moment. Now mind you, he was already in a relationship with my former friend. The relationship actually started in late August when he ended his previous relationship. After almost five months of dating, Sean abruptly ended the relationship because he only liked me as a friend and I was heartbroken. I became drastically depressed. The only people that comforted me was Isabel, Omayra, Rahim of course, Brandon, Frank, Anthony Lugo, Anthony Urbano, and my family. Rahim was always telling me to move on away from that relationship because I had no idea that I kept talking about my ex.


After high school, that’s when the sparks and chemistry began to grow. I went to Rahim’s house to hang out and I ended up giving Rahim a kiss because I really was in love with him. I might as well seize the moment. So, on November 6th of 2014, that’s when we established the relationship. I never felt so loved and warm. But here’s the problem, his ex girlfriend who was also my former friend began staying at his house because her family disowned her where she had nowhere to go. As months go by, I felt that she had overstepped her boundaries because I felt like she was trying to wiggle back into our space. That’s when things were growing rotten. Every time me and her got into an argument, she would run to Claudia, Rahim’s mother to tell her about it. I never forgot the moment When she left me a voicemail filled with cursing and threats. So, I ended up saving the voicemail so that I can show Rahim what went on. When I went to Rahim’s house, I showed him the voicemail and he was pissed and I had a long talk with Claudia and Carolyn to squash the beef.


After a year of our relationship, we are now stronger and despite being banned from his house because his mother banned me, I was hurt. I didn’t know whether to commit suicide or end the relationship. I knew in my heart that those are not the solution. Now that I think about it, I realized that life is too short to deal with a mother who would do everything she can to keep me away. Me and Rahim are still together and I don’t care what anyone thinks. It’s my life!


To those of you who are dealing with your partner’s family who are not too fond of you, you are not alone.


P.S.: Claudia used to like me before me and Rahim started a relationship.


The End!


Deeply in love

I am a college student in a well known university, honestly I have the beauty and brain so most of the students in our university know me. In my 1st year in college I have 4 best friends, suddenly they just disappear when they have their boyfriends. On my 2nd year I became close with my past classmate and she became my best friend that time, we hang out together, go to mall together, do home works and project together, it was a good time hanging out with her. Until one day she just say yes to one of his suitors and became so busy to his boyfriend. So even though she is too busy with him, I always come with her and even though sometime I became their chaperon. One night in an event when I was with them his boyfriend introduce me to one of his friends, and one guy catches my attention (I will name him Y). He is cute, nice and gentlemen. We talked a lot since my best friend is busy with his lover, and Mr.Y asked for my number.. At first I was a little bit of scared I don’t know why, but I gave to him. When I got home I was still thinking of him and waiting for his texts, and I feel asleep without receiving any texts from him. The next day when I woke up I looked at my phone and found that a unknown number texted me, I was hoping that its from Mr.Y but its not 🙁 it is from another guy who was with us last night. I was so disappointed. Because I’m so bored I replied to the guy who texted me (I will name him X) since his also one of my classmate during the semester. The day passed by and we hang out, with my best friend and his boyfriend with Mr Y and X. I feel in love with Mr. Y and he also told me that he also feel the same way to me. But someone is contradicting our love story.. its Mr X, my best friend and his boyfriend. Even though they don’t want Mr.Y for me we still date and hang out secretly. Until one day Mr Y just left with any texts with out any thing, he just left with out telling me the reason why.. I feel very sad that days, then my best friend told me that Mr X is in love with me and Mr X and Mr Y are cousins, and they don’t want to argue and fight just for a girl, so Mr Y surrendered and told to Mr. X that he will not court me anymore and he will give me to Mr. X even though its hard for him. I was so desperate that time that I even searched him at school and text and call him but no response. I told to myself that maybe I should move on. My friends support Mr X in courting me.. he is a nice guy but i really cant feel any love for him, I just want him to be my best friend and no more than that. Time flies I told him to stop cause I really feel sorry for him if he still continue courting me maybe I will hurt his feelings more. Months later I moved on and finally I’m okay with my life, and one man courts me (I will name him Mr Z) I really love him and I’m happy with our status getting to know each other.. Then one day Mr Y comes back and apologized to what happen, I really don’t know what to say and what to feel. But I rejected him and asked him to stop and that I’m know okay with my life. Mr Z became my boyfriend and until now we are happy with each other and Mr Y is still texting me and asking me to come back to him and give him another chance. But I’m scared that he might do those things again to me, and also I’m happy with my boyfriend now and I don’t want him to feel the pain of being left alone and being hurt because I love him so much. But still my mind is still thinking of Mr Y and I don’t know why 🙁 I hope I did the best decision. Thank you for reading 🙂


A True Miracle

I had been left as a single Dad to a 9 year old girl after a 17 year relationship. She had been left after 10 years. Both cheated on.


Neither of us had any interest in meeting anyone new. A mutual friend one night just about forced us both to get out of our homes and go out together, neither of us wanted to. I decided to go and meet them just to “get them off my back”.


To shorten this story, we have been together ever since that night – 17 years ago!


Here is the best part: I proposed at the Castle Neuschwanstein in Germany. 2 years later we are clearing out our storage shed. She finds an old briefcase that has been there for years. She opens it to see whats inside of it. There she find a card that reads “Expect A miracle”. Behind that?


A picture of a castle she had cut out years previously. She had no idea where this castle was. It was Neuschwanstein!


Then in 2007 we lost everything we had. Everything.


We spent 7 years literally almost homeless and barely surviving. She stayed with me through this! We just celebrated 15 years Married, really 30 since we have been together 24/7 since the night we met.


I wrote this song for her to thank her for loving me all these years, and especially through the hard times we have had, Our relationship is a true miracle!


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