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long distance relationship

A girl with crazy minded …start her life in online world.in fb..

She get many true friendship in online…

A boy …who get interested in her attitude ..start chat with that girl…

She ignored ….the boy… after 1 years she accepted that boy love’$….she started her new love life with him….they both love each other… unfortunately…there is an misunderstanding between them…they breakup each other…but the girl loved that boy more…..but fate …the boy get married with some 1….the girl when she heard about his marriage she cried lot.. she didn’t like to express her feel to others..she prick herself…after ..a couple of months the boy came to that girl that he told that he didn’t satisfied with his married life and he felt sorry for all his past  married relationship and everything….the girl felt very happy that she get her dream boy as real…she felt thank to god …she dreamed that she touch the star …with her beautiful hands…..but. .

Fate ….the girl loss her hope because of that boy….the boy who she loves ….gone for away from her life…. Bcoz the boy who married with some 1get her wife as perfect….so ..he gives break for her lover…..but the girl who love this boy feel he is a world for her….she like to see his happiness ever time so  she scariced her love for her lover…….she like to see his happiness in his face so…..once again she. Prick herself….she realized that the boy she loves doesn’t care for her..  although she understands about her lover…but she can’t move on from it……she felt that till the day of judgment….till the day of  her breath tops she like to love that boy ever seconds in her life…….but poor girl till now she doesn’t meet her boy friend as real……but she love more..


This Life We Live

I smile this same smile everyday as the light strikes you three from between the thick leaves that hang over you. The sun is falling and any description less than astounding when speaking on it would be shamed…though the leaves are thick, they’re thin enough to allow light to pass through, giving off a beautiful and seemingly new variant of the color green. The sound of a happy mother (you) and ecstatic children(ours) ,fade throughout the day and when night comes it’s never any trouble at all getting to sleep…the water politely slushing over the sand outside of our home & the moon glowing shyly as it watches over us. A secluded area between the ocean and a mountain miles away from society. A place we can call our own on this earth we share. Our little planet. A place where the rest of our lives will stay….we aren’t married, and I don’t have a ring but the promise you gave to me was the greatest of all. Something that will never get old, something I will never forget, something I will always cherish…this feeling you give me, the beautiful children we have, and waking to perfection. Every morning I can feel you breathing.my head will raise and I’m awake…but I don’t move because I’m afraid I’ll wake you. So I decide to stay and enjoy this moment over and over, every morning because nothing ever gets old with you…my head on your chest as your arms rest around my neck and your legs wrapped around my back…and only when you run your hand over my head do i open my eyes. I see the sand through the open door which means the munchkins are out playing…pink it looks almost but only when the sun kisses the water from over a strip of land out in the ocean that looks so close you could grab it. I can also see our children splashing but only that. Silhouettes of what we brought into this world. their shadows seem to reach just before the bed because of how low the sunrise was at this point and I touched the floor where my sons hand would have been if only this shadow weren’t a product of trick of light and in that moment. I could see and feel everything that we are and have been. I’ve loved you, I love you and I will love you, just as you make me feel…endless…so endlessly.


Innocent Love

 Innocent love. That’s what I held in my heart for her. My heart fluttered every time I saw her. I remember the way her chocolate hair flowed in the wind, cascading across her shoulders. I remember how she would do the most awkward things, how color filled her beautiful cheeks. I remember the fireball she was, how endlessly loving and enthusiastic she was.

 But I also remember how I noticed these things; sad things. I remember how I could tell if her smile was fake by the twitch in the corner of her mouth. I remember how my heart broke as I helplessly watched her deal anxiety. I remember how she would always wear shorts that covered her thighs. I remember how she would break down, how she would hate herself.

 I remember the day that I told her about my suicide attempt and she told me about her’s. I remember how I cried with her. I remember letting her down, I remember picking her up. I remember how we hugged that first time I saw her after she had gotten out of the hospital. I remember how she was the only reason why I did not kill myself. I hope I was her reason.

 I remember that day at school where the lunch table was full and she asked if I wanted to sit on her lap. I remember how I internally freaked out and awkwardly declined.  

 The thing is, I have only known this woman for a year but I want to truly get to know her. I want to learn her pet peeves, I want her to tell me her life story and rant. I want to help her. I want her to truly believe and know that I couldn’t imagine the world without her. I want her to know these things that I can’t put into words. I could think for hours and not find out the right mixture of 26 letters to express how important she is to me. I won’t ever be able to understand how such an amazing person could hate herself and want to end herself. I want to be there for her, to break any of those lies.

 Because I’m in love with her. I’m in love with her personality, her scars, and who she is. I wouldn’t change a thing on that astounding woman.

 I am innocently in love with her. I want to fall asleep beside her, to brush the strands of deep brown hair out of her eyes. I want her to feel loved. I want to be the one that fixes the future and puts a peace of mind on the past. I want to be her first love.

 I love her. I love the way her eyes have so much depth. I love the choker that wraps around the base of her tanned neck. I love her true smile, how it perfectly fits in her complexion. I love her figure, regardless of society’s standards. I love the little bows she expertly weaves into her hair. I love the way she can make anyone smile. I love her weird nature, how she isn’t afraid to be herself. I love her story, how it proves how strong and amazing she really is.

 I want to brush my hand across her cheek and kiss her. I want to make up for all the times she felt worthless. I need to make her realize how much better she is compared to these illnesses.

   I want to make her feel wanted.

   I want to be her first love.


Crush that gave me my life

First crushes are always special, and because it is the time that we feel something new and beautiful, it stays with us forever. Even my first crush is special, there are two reasons for this. First and that obvious one is that it was the first time I ever felt anything like this, this feeling was so new and different that it scared me but at the same time I never wanted this feeling to go away. I could think about him for hours and the thought instantly brought a smile to my face, but whenever he came in front of me I got so scared that he would be able to tell that I have feelings for him that I immediately left the place where he was present. Needless to say, we never spoke. But he still holds a special place in my heart, which brings me to my second reason. when I was young a guy tried to misbehave with me. That incident frightened me to the core. I completely ignored boys from that point, I thought that all guys want girls only for one reason and they really didn’t care for us. This gave rise to my hurt and anger. Foimr years I thought that all guys are bad and I maintained a distance. whenever I met a guy I unconsciously searched for ways to hate them. But when I saw HIM for the first time, it was like I was under a spell. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Something about him just made me want to keep looking at him. He was nice and simple, didn’t try to act over smart and different from every guy I had seen. This guy made me realize that not all guys are same. Some guys are sweet and wonderful and will always respect you. He made me see guys from a different perspective. Without even saying a word he showed me a completely different side of boys. Even today I don’t know if he felt the same about me or even knew about my feelings but that doesn’t matter. Because he may not be my soulmate, but he was definitely my savior. I will be able to love again because of him, he made me believe in love and for that, I will be forever greatful to him. I wish I could tell him how I feel or at least what he did for me just by being himself but I just don’t have that courage. But I will always wish the best for him and hope that he find someone good enough for him.


The Game

What can a person do when they see their best friend get hurt? I found out the hard way. She was not the type to fall in love, but there she was totally out of control. To her he was all she could ever ask for, for him it was just sex. I heard of him before. To me he was just another one of those, you know the fuck and chuck type. He’d look you deep in the eyes and smile like a little boy, and you was all his. Well, that’s what it was like until he met me.

When he got tired of my friend, he decided it was my turn. He start playing his little games hoping he would get something out of it. The thing he didn’t know though, was that you can’t play a game on a person who is already a player. Yeh, that’s what I was. I knew how to wrap a guy round my finger. I always used to get what I want. Bless him, he had no clue what was coming to him. I could no longer watch my friend get hurt, so I decided to give him a taste of his own game.

The plan was to make him fall in love with me and for me to break his heart, just like he broke my friends. Of course she was a part of it too. I was playing hard to get, and he was getting more and more turned on. We met almost every day, and night after night I was getting to know him more and more. One night were went for a walk, he turned around, stoped me and said that he could make me fall in love with him, but he doesn’t want to hurt me. I don’t know what happened but I put my arm around his shoulders, looked him in the eyes and before the words of what I was going to say came out, he kissed me.

We spent the whole night talking. Talking about life, about our plans and dreams, about us. For a bit I forgot all about the game. We watched the sun rise, than he walked me home and kissed me again. I was the first ever girl who he open up to. He was mine, all I had to do now was break his heart. That’s when I realized I couldn’t do so.

The more I got to know him the less I understood,but at the same time with all my heart. He was a mystery, so fascinating. So imperfect, but so beautiful. Before I realized I belonged to him. I kept lieing to my self, pretending I hated him. My pride was saying I had to win. My heart was asking me be with him. I was playing indifferent, crying inside.

The worst thing was, either way I was loosing. By loosing the game I could have him just for a minute, a minute when he could be all mine! before she would get me back. By winning I would loose him. I understood I was only fooling my self. I decided to tell my friend about everything. She loved him first, and she was my best friend. I knew he could never be mine. I couldn’t lie anymore.

He found out a few weeks after. I decided to tell him my self. That’s how I lost him. I know he hates me now. I don’t blame him. I guess, we cant plan everything in life. It’s full of surprises. You never know what life had planed for you.

Nights like this make me feel like nothing has changed.I still don’t want to take my make up off or get changed. Deep inside I hope I will get a text at 2am asking me to go meet him, and I would spend the whole night cuddling up to him in the back sit of his car. I can still feel my heart beating faster when he used to look at me. And although he never said it, I know he felt the same way. I miss that feeling, I miss everything about him. His voice, his eyes, the way he shivered when I scratched his back down his spine. The sound he would make when I would bite his lip. The warmth I felt when he was near.

I miss him so much. But a game can’t be played by two players, that way nobody wins, you both get hurt. I guess he will never know how I felt… how much I want to be in his arms one more time. I can only blame my self. He was not mine to love.

(Screen) Name: Player


Age Doesn’t Matter.

we met late 2010, but some of my other friends had already none him for a couple years. I would’ve been 12, Him, 17. we lost touch for awhile when he got kicked out of his house…. but we started talking again about six months ago. we’ve always connected easily… and the weird thing is I’ve even had dreams about events in his life that he hadn’t told me about until I had described the dreams… But anyway, He’s my Best Friend. He always looks after me, and he’s the only person I feel Completly safe with. I turn 15 next month, he turns 20 in 6 months. I know it’s illegal… but he’s just… everything to me. and I know he loves me back. I can feel it. we promised eachother to wait until we’re older, so that people won’t try to tear us apart, but we still love eachother, and he’s still my everything. I wish people would understand that age doesn’t matter if you’re really in love. it would be a lot easier…

(Screen) Name: LetsNotAskWhyItsNotRight


Too many people got involved and ruined my relationship

ok so basically i was in a relationship with a guy that i fell in love with the moment i set eyes on.hes from a relatively poor family.btw im from London but i currently live in sulaimaniyah, Iraq,He lives 2 hours away.so at first there was no way i could tell him how i felt.a year later i saw him again and so then i told his cousin who used to be my friend to tell him how i felt but instead he told him that i hated him(i found that out later) a couple of monthe later i saw him at my uncles house,and it was amazing he felt the same way about me and i just went crazy when i saw him,it was the best feeling in the world,we kissed for the first time.1 month later i saw him again which was even better we spent about 5 hours together with my cousins.this was the last time i saw him about 7 months ago.He got a phone and managed to get my phone number and we started talking everyday for 3 hours.I was so happy.Of course we had to talk secretly.This went on for 2 months but it didnt last long.about 3 month later my mums sister found out and she told my mum(my mum absolutely hates his family) she literally went crazy and it became a big fight between our families,our communications are cut of completely.Ive always tried calling his dad in necessary circumstances but after the big fight his dad forbade me to contact any member of his family.I don’t even know if him in relationship anymore or if im still his gf.btw im forbidden to go anywhere near the city hes in.Every single relative i had turned against me after this and made up a million rumors about me.What hurts is that he doesnt know that after all this i still love him and im still trying to contact him but one more risk and thats it because my parents gave me one more chance to let go.(Im Muslim btw but im from London so im sorta different than the people here)And i dont know what he thinks about all this.Everybody tells me to let go and ive tried but he means too much.Please give me some advice.It really means alot.(Im 16 btw)

(Screen) Name: candygirllxx


the sadness

my storys about when my brother brought his girlfriend home… i am a serton age (not saying) and i am a girl… i also like girls, i am bi, and im in love with my BROTHERS GIRLFRIEND! i cant stand it… i kept it a secret for almost a year and he proposed to her and they had a secret wedding…. the whole time im wishing it was me marring her 🙁

(Screen) Name: chas


The untold love

I never thought of sharing this story with anyone in the world.But maybe now’s the time when I should express what I really feel like being in love with someone, whom I can only dream of but never get.
I am a little different from all my friends.I am shy, introvert,a nerd according to my friends and most probably I do not enjoy company.I like to be let alone all the time.I am 17 years old now.
I do not have an official love story to say.Its just that he & I met through one of my close friends.We study in the same class, same school but I haven’t noticed him until the day we met.We didn’t talk, we just had a brief eye contact.After that day we three used to return from school together. We almost reside in the same area.We had more than fun, we chatted, we laughed, for a short time they were becoming my best friends. And then one fine day, I started to realise that I was falling for him. At school, he used to stare at me sometime, did some things which would draw my attention, laughed loud so that I can look at him, always find some reason to stand next to me. At one of my friend’s birthday,as a part of ”dare” of the ”Truth & Dare” game, he said in front of everyone, ”Will you marry me?”.
Everyone can thought it as a joke, but it was so romantic for me.I couldn’t sleep that night, thinking about that one sentence. I used to smile at me, whenever I remembered it.Maybe we both started to love each other. Our birthdays were next to each other, as in mine was 1st June and his 2nd June, same year.
And then the worst thing happen at school. Rumours spread out in the class that He loves me. Now ”rumour” is one thing that we dont like at all.True to say,maybe we were enjoying those rumours at inside to let know each other that we do love, but outside we had to show that we are very irritated. Then I had to stop talking with him, to draw the class’ attention. This continued for two and half years.Those times , how I was living, its hard to describe.It was much painful, because I had no one, not a single one to say all these.
Now I’m 17 years old. This is my last year at school.We draw the same attention towards each other, but we dont talk in real. Even I think thrice before commenting on his statuses on Facebook.We travel in the same bus yet we dont talk. I’m kind of used to that gesture. I’m a lot different right now. And I try to forget him. Maybe I cannot ever do that.I will have to carry on this whole of my life.
I have heard enough that ”true love is once in a lifetime”. Though I know, it might be him, yet I paray myself (cos’ I’m an atheist) that he cannot be The One. I can never ever say to him that ”I love you”. The girl who’s gonna marry him shall be very lucky.But I do wish him all the very best in life. I have nothing else to say.

(Screen) Name: Rinki


Bitter Sweet Memories That will die with me

I remember the First time i saw her.. just like yesterday, so vivdly ,It was an evening around 3pm, with her wild hair and gentle yet authoritve posture of a princes, she looked like a princes, and she was indeed a member of long forgotten royal family. My heart knew and my mind understood i will not live happily anymore because i was a teacher and she my student, Technically though i never taught her and i was an intern, Sad right, the curse of being a teacher hunts me. and it still does.but i never fell down instead took to the task as i realized she had the potential of being a very great personality, hence i for all those three years served her, all i cared was a great future that should be available to her. Every day was a struggle, there were many nights i cried, yeah cried.. Am i not a human too.. i made sure she goes through the exams effortlessly.. the last day of her stay with me, i wished if i had passed out or blacked out .. i was nearly sobbing yet strong to the task of sending her home.. when she was leaving, she came towards me shook my hand for a long time and touched my feet. and asked for my number i hesistated but gave her… i will never forget her, though she as not called me up yet even if she dont,in my heart i know i did the best for her, i have told her one thing, do visit the Institution, i intent not to leave this place.. i will never leave it… only to see her agian in her better part of her life, of her being a great achiever, married may be… its now 12.45Am and its been two weeks since she left… time may kill me early or the love i fallen into but not these words that flow from a pure true heart, the only mistake my whole life was to inherit the school my family had started at a very young life.i had to safeguard it. i did my duty am ready to end my life, i dont opt for marrying anymore its worthless.. and the wealth i make is useless… all i want is Nirvana from this life so next life if God promnises i meet her agian.. even if its going to be a thousand times i being in the same situation. Do pray that she visit me agian..its not that she will not come for the results but later… many many years later, when my work will present the Ultimate Gift that so passoinatly i sacrificed for her,

(Screen) Name: iwillneverforgetyou