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thanks to great dr okiti

My name is Frank Morrison, my family and i live in
UK. It was after seven years i got to discover that my
wife was unfaithful to me. I didn’t know what was
going on at first but as she got deep in the affair with
her new lover, i felt that our marriage was on the
rocks. I notice that she no longer light up when i
touch her or kiss her in her neck and her chest cos
she really liked it when i did that, she also usually get
naked in front of me but when she started seeing
that guy she stopped it.I remember asking her if i
have done anything that makes her feel irritated
when i am around her then she gives silly excuses
that she has been feeling stressed up and that she
need space for a while.I know when you are been
asked for space its usually because there is
something fishy is going on.I hired a private
investigator to help find out what was going on.And
in a week time he brought me prove that my wife
that i have lived with for seven straight year is
cheating on me with her high school lover.I had
picture of her walking out a of a restaurant with him
and many other photo of them kissing in public like
she will never be caught by someone that knows she
is my wife.I asked myself, even when we had a
daughter together she could this to me.That same
night i showed her the pictures that i got from my
private investigator.She didn’t look at it before
saying, that she is seeing someone and she know
that i just found out about it.Then she said that she
is in love with him.At that moment, i didn’t know if to
kill myself or to kill her but the button line is that if i
was going to kill anyone it was going to be me cos i
was so much in love with her to even think of
thinking to hurt her.As time when on she asked for a
divorce and got it and even got custody of our
daughter and i was all alone by myself.For a year i
tried all i could to get her back with the help of my
seven year old daughter.Even at that all effect was in
vain, i used the help of her friend but turned out all
bad.I know most people don’t believe in spell casting
but believe me this was my last option and the result
i most say was impressive.And i know it difficult to
believe but A SPELL CASTER Dr OKITI really made my
life much better cos he gave me my family back.He
didn’t ask me to pay for what he did for me all i was
to do, was to provide the materials for the spell and
believe that he had the power to help me.Like he
said, he was going to do something that will make
her reset her love and affection for me just as it has
always been.My wife told me she woke up and
realized that she should have never left me that i am
all she needs.To make thing clear, her life with her
high school lover was great before Dr OKITI castled
the spell they had no disagreement on anything.The
guy said it himself that why she broke up with him is
unexplainable.Only Dr Okiti can do such a thing
contact him to solve your problem with his


(Screen) Name: frank


1st love never end

Kisi ko mai tab le like karta hu jab mai iske like v na tha class 8th me 1st time maine dekha tha use kya khubsurti di h bhagwan ne use gori chere or kya kya can’t mention. 1st time me hi dil de diya use baad me pata chala she is the sister of my best friend SONU.
Kya karu kuch bol v na sakta tha sister thi mere dost ki mera kya bina prank ke jism bacha tha mere pass dil to de diya tha jism mere pass thi kisi tarah 9th than 10th complete kiya but hamesa us ki yaad aati thi raat ke baad din ka intjar karta tha bcuz morning me tuition me milti thi wo pyar 1 sided tha but ye mere liye 1st nd last tha..phir mai Kolkata aaya 11th 12th complete kiya is bich puja naam ki ek larki aai mere life me bahut pyar karne lagi thi mujh se but wo v ye janti thi mai komal ko pyar karta thaw o chahti thi mai uska ho jaunga ek din dil tha uske paas relation 4 years tak chala ek dil usse pata chala mai komal ka contact ki talal me hu gusssa hui phir maan v gayi ek dil ankit ne mis behave kiya uske sath phir maine v relation ship dhire dhire jata raha . is bich mai life banane ki tension badh gayi phir ek din time aaya or mai muzzafarpur gaya hotel management ka form lene AIHM me admisition ki soch rakhi thi maine sonu ne komal ke ghar le gaya mila dil ko chan aaya apne pyar se mil kar …phir maine ihm Guwahati me admission liya ek din drinking kar rakhi thi or sonu ka message v dekha tha sonu se baat hui bato hi bato me maine use apne pyar ke bare me bata v diya usne koi negative action nahi diya or bola bhai ye mai janta tha but agar tum mujhe ye baat batate to mujhe tumhare liye kuch karna parta.phir ye wada kiya ki mai tera sath dunga usne call v kiya use but usne negative action diya sayad isliye Q ki sonu uska bhai h phir sonu ne Ritu ka num diya tab maine use ye sab bataya or usne v komal ko call kiya but again negative.21th july ko mai phir komal ke ghar gaya.dekh kar accha laga but situation is not well hum 9.30pm me gaye the sab hamari intjar me the mila baat hui uski mummy ne ek accha pyar diya or 1-2 comment v jaise m doing hotel management than I can’t like her boring food. khane me khana kam pyar jyada tha mujhe laga komal gussa h but sayad nahi wo mujhse normal baat ki accha laga raste me sonu bola kaisa laga pyar se mil kart u pyar karta h usse isliye tujhe milwa diya dusra hota to nahi dost h tu apna tere liye bahut kuch kar dakta hu mai. phir Guwahati. Ek din dil ko kya hua malum nahi maine uske num pe yahoo se msg diya or call v kiya through leeli but she give d action like she heat to speak the stranger ye baat maine sonu ko bola gussa hua uuski baate aisa laga jaise 1st time wo mere sath nahi komal ke sath tha or usne kuch bura v bola uska matlab sahi tha but mere samaj ne ka tarika galat. Phir maine use pucha kya karu mai I can’t forget her tab usne bola bhai 1st apna career bana komal ki family se mai baat karunga tere liye bahut accha laga sunkar tab maine deciide kiya aaj ke baad use kam yaad karunga but bhul v nahi sakta tha mai usse pyar jo karta tha usse aaj v hamesa uski hi yaad aati h.puri din yaad karta hu usse 1-2 din se leeli se v baat hone lagi h acchi larki h wo but uski sath rahkar ek chij sikha kisi ko v sacha pyar nahi milta h wo ankit ko pyar karti thi or wo timepass or mai komal ko or wo mere liye sochti v na thi..
Aaj 27th aug raat ke 4.09 am me uski yaad aayi or socha kuch likha jae apne life or love ke bare me
28-08-2012 (2.13 am) aaj kal pata nahi hamdardi leeli se v badh gayi h uska morning message facebook pe chat and daily call se ye lag raha h wo meri or attrack ho rahi h or mai v uska baat karna accha lagne laga h. but ankit ke sath galat v to nahi kar sakta.ek chij ye v h pyar jitna v karu wife ke liye komal ko hi dil Q allow karta h malum nahi waise aaj tak koi v mere life me na aai puja ek sapna y phir movies ki story jaisi aai thi but maine usse v bata diya tha I love komal but aaj inta kuch ho jane ke baad puja v yaad aati h mujhe but komal ka jagah nahi de sakta usse kya karu sale dil hi ek diya god ne or wo maine komal ko de diya any girl can came in my life but she csn’t give the place bcuz its already reserved for komal .leeli dost h meri or mai kisi ka galat nahi dekh sakta so mai uski kuch help karta hu wo v mujhe accha samajti h waise wo v sahi h but ankit galat kar raha h uske sath wo usse bahut pyar karti h but wo ignore karta h usne mujhe bataya ki wo uske liye bimal ho gayi thi itna pyar v koi kisi se kar sAkta h she is great sala pyar ussi ko milta h jo care nahi karte ankit ko hi dekh lo leeli ,noor,or sakshi v or mai hu real love h to but wo nahi jisse 1 sided love 8 years se kar raha hu uski yaad na kar v karni parti h pata nahi Q pyar jo karta tha har jagah komaal hi likh rakha tha maine facebook id yahoo gmail laptop password and sare sms site pe but wo meri hone ko tarar nahi h pata nahi Q sayad meri pahli life ko dekh kar but she don’t know that m totally changed.
Pata nahi siksha ko Q nahi pasand karta mai sayad uski past life ko dekh kar ya kuch or v h but she is a good girl. Try karunga uske sath ek accha relation ship banau.ek acchi dost banu uska ek movies dekha tha maine ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAI jiski ek diglog acchi lagi jab dost bana kar kaam ho sakta h to dusman Q banai jae. Soch raha hu uske sath sari gila sikwa dur kar li jae. dekhta hu but abhi sone jaa raha hu
29-08-2012(1.30) aaj pata nahi jaise mai kisi ko miss kar raha tha kon mujhe v nahi malum sayad komal,sonu, pawan ,ankit,lily ya phir amrita but pata nahi Q amrita or lily se baat kar dil ko accha sa laga ye mujhe kya ho raha mujhe v pata nahi h sayad lily se pyas ya phir amrita se malum nahi but mai dekh raha tha lily v mere se attract hoti jaa rahi h wo v bahane dhundti h mujhse baat karne ka or mera dil v karta h usse baat karu aaj 30 minutes se jyada baat kiya tha usse abhi mera call to kabhi uska wo bahut khush ho rahi thi baat karke mujhe se pata nahi pyar dono or h aaj mai uspe gussa h hua wo har baat me ankit ko lati h pyar karti thi ankit se but usne dil tora tha uska or mai sayad malham ka kaam kar raha hu aaj wo ye v boli mai bahut accha larka hu. Now going to sleep
30-08-2012 (2.26) morning 12.30 me jab jaga to dekha lily ke7 msg h maine padha reply nahi diya fresh hua or exam dene gaya class me lily ka call aa raha tha maine cut kar diya phir jab maine call kiya to wo reback call di uske baad baat hone laga acchi khasi baat hui wo kisi frnd ke sath thi komal naam tha uska jab usne ye bola ki meri frnd ka naam v komal hi h to mano dil me kuch hua Q ki komal to meri jaan ka naam tha mai uska facebook id liya or request v diya uske baad phir lily se baat hone lagi aaj kuch jyada hi baat hui ab hum apne bare me v baat karne lage h wo apne bare me bata rahi thi usse sadhi nahi karna or mai majak me bol raha tha mai to 1-2din ke liye ready hu or v bahut sari bate hu pata nahi Q hamare bich itna kuch badhta jaa raha h ab mai v usse baat karna chahta hu sayad attraction ya phir pyar but malum nahi dil hamesa bolta h ki komal can be only my life partner dil lily pe v aa raha h but dil h ki hamesa komal ko hi yaad karta h..but lily ek acchi larki h but acchi dil to uska bahut hi saf h..ab komal ki yade thora kam aati h but dil har jagah ussi ko yaad karta h jab sadhi ki baat hoti h sayad mai uska place kisi ko na de pau..aaj yadav subedi ka birthday celebrate kiya puri 1st year aa rakhi thi party me kuch pic v liya one important thing aaj maine siksha ko block kar diya facebook me or 2012 fresher’s party ka picture file v hidden kar diya Q ki shiksha thi usme ek jaha mai usse sari problem solve karna chahta hu wahi dushri or nafrat badhta hi jaa raha h…
Aaj nunu chacha ki v yaad aai acchanak aai malum nahi Q maine may me unhe kuch accha bura bol diya tha aaj dil ne phir awaj di jab dost bana kar kaam ho sakta h to phir dusman Q banaya jae.sayad maine kuch galat kiya tha us din but family problem se thak gaya tha mai or gussa kya kuch na karwa de mujhse chalo sahi h laga to sayad mai usdin galat tha.
Aaj 1-2 din se amrita mujhe facebook pe sir bolti h or mai mam accha lagta h sochta hu sayad uska sir ban jau mai sayad komal ka place isse de pata but yaha v dil komal ko hi yaad kiya allow kiya amrita ke liye but 50-50 but aaj usne chatting me ye bol diya uska koi boyfrnd v h bura laga but uski v koi life h she is human being nd free to think about her self. Nind aa rahi
31-08-2012(2.16am) Sali ye mujhe kya ho raha mai v nahi janta raato ko nind nahi aati din ko so nahi pata hu aisa kabhi nahi jab 11.00 pm se phle saya hu aaj 12.00 morning me jab so kar jaga to dekha lily ko msg tha puri din call v na tha eve me maine use message diya upset thi wo uska last reply aaya maine tumhara id use kiya tha 15 mints ke liye 7 baje maine call kiya upset thi wo sayad hamari facebook me conversation dekh kar but raat me 10 baje uska call aaya acchi khasi baat hui wo har baat me ankit ki hi baat kar rahi thi itna kuch dekhne ke baad koi v pyar karna hi bhul jae but wo thi ki har baato me usi ko yaad kar rahi thi ek baat to haran kar diya baat kahtam ho jane ke baad uska msg aaya jisme usne likhi thi Monday ankit ghar jaa raha h dada ji ke sath 1 month ke liye accha nahi lag raha yaar ktna din baat dekhenge uske aaj baat karke message me bahut accha laga 2nd message me likhi thi aaj soch rahi thi agar uska message aaya to reply nahi karungi usko but aisa kar nahi paye pata nahi Q yaar. Ye larki nahi god h yaar man gaya isse.call me puch rahi ki how I’ll forget him baad me rone v lagi bahut acchi larki h wo but ankit ne uske sath galat kiya aisa nahi karna chahiye tha
Aaj main ek or chij socha she is not made for me agar wo meri ho v jati h to lastly mai usse wo place na de paunga jo usse chahiye mana sadhi ho v gayi to kya kya lily wo pyar pa sakti h jo maine komal ke liye rakha h I think no never..phir wo sochegi mai v waisa hi hu jaisa ankit amrita ko to kal hi dil se nikal diya tha or puja mere life me ab aana nahi chahti wo v sahi h usse baat karna mujhe accha lagta h but kya wo meri ho paegi no never than I have no right to cheat with her aaj phir dil komal ka hi h sirf or sirf komal ka but wo meri nahi h man gaya khuda tere karisma hi ajib h jo pyar karte h usse tu milata nahi or jo nahi karte uske sath game karta h
31-08-2012(3.29 morning) aaj puri din exam me hi gaya morning 9.30 se exam tha 3-3 exam tha pura din exam me hi gaya after exam I had sleeped baad jab jaga 5 baje rakhe the I had take my snake than suddenly I miss komal nd lily also but I can’t do any thing raj kisi ko call karna accha bhi to nahi lagta na or lily h ki ankit ankit or ankit hi karti h kya pyar h uska jisse pyar karti h wo ignore karta h usse but ankit ye accha nahi kar raha tha but I can’t do any thing 4 her bcuz ankit is my frnd or mai nahi chahta mai dosti me kuch galat karu but lily v acchi larki h or ankit uska pyar h but kisi ke liye jindagi chor dena v to galat h
Tomorrow we have to go to khamakhya mandir with my senior so I have to sleep
01-09-2012(03.38) today the day is totally boring I was remembering her a lot I had call her but she is busy with her sister evening again I had call her she don’t pick the call and night 10.00 pm she had call me and talk one hour with me. I fill good to speak her she is a good hearted girl she tell me one thing that she tell me I have to teach ankit something good not bad also. And again she told me that I am a good guy it’s her opinion.just give her reply in crazy mudi am a good guy I the teacher of ankit and am like him But I think it’s her goodness she is a good girl and ankit is doing wrong becuz people says that “jisse jo milta h wo ignore karta h or jise nahi wo pana chahta h”. just like myself I want komal but she not. Now I am taking a decisioni don’t know its good or not but I’ll do its, In this durga puja I’ll spend my vacation at muzzafarpur. i’ll try to meet her and tell about my love lastly. At last she mother had call her than she tell me I’ll talk tomorrow than give me reply that she want to use my Facebook and she send a good night message
02-09-2012(1.17 am) today the day was totally boring but had miss someone very much she is my sweetheart my love komal I had talk with my cousin to arrange aroom in muzzafarpur I also tell him that I’ll spend my durga puja vacation in there. Today lily had call me in evening about facebook her facebook is not working ankit had change her id.so he want to use my id than she talk about ankit.she love him must but he is ignoring her she know that he is not agood guy but she love him much use ye v malum h wo kidnaper h playboy h uske bare me kya sochta h phir v wo ankit ko hi miss karti h or mujhe v sayad usse pyar ho gaya tha aaj maine uski id se uska pic nikala or laptop pe lagaya but I think am wrong I’ll remove it. I already tell her(lily) that am going to spent my vacation at muzzafarpur.she was very happy to lishen that nd wish for us I think she is my best frnd but now m attraction with her that not my fault its human nature. Today I had take a decision that I am not to avoid smoking bcuz its bad for myself m feeling weakness to use it and rohit sir advice my don’t use it and sleep earlier .so I’ll not take it again and going for sleep
03-0902012(03.11morning) aaj ka din bahut ajib bita pata nahi Q mujhe sms free mila tha puri din sms or call me hi gaya morning me hi kshmesh ka msg mila tha wo v ship se aa gaya tha morning jag kar fresh hua or socha kuch padh lu phir pata nahi Q lily ko call kiya baat hone lagi lastly mera balance khatam ho gaya phir usne call kiya isi bich hamare padhme ka time jata raha or phir naha kar fresh hokar clg gaya exam ke liye dua upar wale ki exam bahut accha gaya phir wapas aakar market gaya aate time lily ka call aaa she want to use my facebook id kisi ko ankit ka pic dikhana chahti thi wo phir maine sms se kkshmesh or lily pawan ko msg diya phir guriya ka num lekar guriya ko v msg diya malum nahi Q aaj maine guriya ko fast msg me hi bola dil chahta h ek thapar mar du phir uska reply aaya bro num pe msg dena call nahi ghar ka h bahut gussa aaya maine use yaha tak bol diya msg v nahi lunga or tu bahut gandi larki h re wo bahut sry boli but mujhe gussa thora jyada tha last time lily ka call aaya wo puri baat me ankit ki hi baat karti h aaj se phle mujhe lily se attraction badhta jaa raha tha but aaj raat me vivaah movies dekhne ke baad kya hua pata nahi maine uski pic jo laptop ka wall phota bana rakha tha hata diya dil se awaj aaya ye place to komal ka h or phir lily ka face v bahut bura laga mujhe ,aaj komal ki bahut yaad aai bahut jyada but koi meri problem nahi samajh sakta sayad lily samajh ti h guriya ke andar changing dekh kar bura laga but she is free to spend her life with her style..maine bura bola sry bol deta hu abhi
04-09-2012(12.23morning) 2day morning 9.15 I had wake nd check my mobile ihave a msg from lily than fresh my self nd ready 4 class 12.00 am I got acaall she is lily but m not free dat time I have a class so I had cut her call 2 tell her dat I have a class after 2.00 I had free nd call her she don’t pick d call first than she give me a missed call than I had call and start talking today I had done a big work I don’t know its good or bad but I want 2 build my frndshhip realation on the basic of truth.so I had send some part of my dairy to the lily than m totally upset and sleeped than my junior came and tell me sir wake up but my mind in not under me I think about her dat wats going there to see my daily I had send a msg and text her please call me than she give me rpy I have no balance I’ll call u later.she call me at 9.00pm and start talking but she is not upset dats means she is a good girl if other girl girl had there she make a issue but she is totally fine talk like same day am happy to see her condition I can tell dat she is my good frnd..i am thinking about guriya she has not send any msg or call 2day she totally changed she its my problem 2 think about her bcuz she is my sister nd other important one is komal I can missed her nothing more but last time am going 2 meet her if she will do something bad behievere with me I will totally forget her its my promise to me
05-09-2012(1.36) god kisi ko chahe cancer de dena but kisi ko love ki bimari mat dena roj ki tarah aaj v lily ka msg aaya tha cell pe morning jag kar lily sebaat kiya aisa nahi mai ab v use like karta hu but accha lagta h usse baat karke wo apne ankit ki baat share karti h or mai apni komal ki dil ko accha lagta h aaj to komal ki itna yaad aayi ki kya bolu maine munna bhaiya ki wife se barma sir ka num liya phir varma sir se amresh bhaiya ka phir unhe jhoot bola mujhe durga puja me muzzafarpur me research ke liye jana h so I want a hotel ye sab maine DIVYA ka num ke liye kiya tha maine soch rakha h divya se baat kar komal se milne ki becuz she is her frnd she can help me I don’t know its good or not but m doing this I know I am doing wrong my small fault will destroyed my self and the respect of my family but mai apne dil ke hatho majbur hue k choti se mistake mujhe amresh bhaiya sonu divya or komal se alag kar dega but mai majbur hu amresh bhaiya 2 din ka time liye h number or address hotel ka dene ke liye tab jakar divya se baat karunga phir dekhta hu kya hota h idar lily har baar bolti h dekho sab accha hoga u will success in ur field u will got ur real love dil ko thora chain milta h sunkar bura v lagta h ki ankit uske sath galat kar raha h ankit ki ek call or sms usse itna khus kar deti h kya bolu sayad yahi pyar h lily bahut khus hui sunkar ki maine cigarette chor diya or drinking v ocationaly karta hu wo sahi larki h humne decide kiya h jaldi so jane ka Q ki black spot aa raha h aakho ke niche
06-09-2012(01.14) 2day m burn in production class little bite in our last theory class lily was calling me after finish the class I had give a msg than she call me and start talking I had tell about my self that am burn she had tell me baby don’t use water if u burn any time than talk with me self her self but 2day I was very funny mud why I don’t know I had tell her that I had done lots of fielding for you I love u and many more but she is taking it in funny mud and m also in funny but we had very happy that time I had missed my lovely love today but I can’t do any thing for her
07-09-2012(3.25)God ne life diya thanks for that but wo life hi kya jaha pyar na ho chahta hu komal ko bhul jau but kaise jab v bhul na chahta hu yaad aa jata h akhir bhul kya phir jakhm hare itna pyar agar rand se v kiya hota to wo meri hoti sala jab se usse dekha yehi socha she is my 1st and last choice but 1st ka to pata nahi sayad last h ye but iske bina koi or ko mai apna pyar de hi nahi sakha ye komjori h meri durga puja me jaa raha hu clearly puchunga pyar karti h agar nahi to Q. suna h khami sab me hoti h but meri kon si khami use dikh gayi jo na kahi wo sonu ko..aaj evening me lily se baat hui but wo busy thi or phir uska reply v nahi aaya bahut ajib sa laga sayad she had taied.aap pata chala jiwan ki ek galti admi ko kitna majbur kar deta h dusri karne ke liye jo dukh deta h so v.aaj sonu ka phone aaya tha kuch bol raha tha but network nahi tha isse baat kar v accha lagta h iski har baate dil ko malham ki tarah kaam karta h aaj v iski 2 baate yaad h “1st tune apne pyar ke bare me bataya mujhe v kuch role play karna hoga ab 2nd tu apna course complete kar mai AK-47 lekar hath mangunga tere liye tu dost h apna.”
Wah dost ho to sonu jaisa dost ke liye relation ko ek or chor diya kya baat h m proud of you my frnd sonu
08-09-2012(5.41morning)puri raat khatam ho gayi ning nahi aaya or sone ka ji v nahi hua pata nahi kya ho raha tha mere hath aaj kal hasta v hu to lily ke sath but wo meri ek dost h or kuch v nahi ek larki h guriya ki tarah but she is not changeable like guriya, guriya v change nahi ho sakti thi but wo hui Q I don’t know but if she is not wrong she can tell me sry is it correct I had tell her don’t disturb me but I’ll very happy if she tell me sry I am ready 2 forget it all becuz she is my sis mai samaj sakta hu uske sath kuch problem hoga but itna v nahi ki kisi ko bhul jae wo v use jo sis manta h dil se but I am ready 2 4get it all pawan v call nahi receive kar rahi h pata nahi Q sayad use bura laga ho maine uske girlfrnd ke sath galat kiya but koi meri v dil ko samaj pata bura mujhe v laga tha ki mai apne sis ko kuch bol raha hu but no one can understand my feeling.aaj kal roj ka routine ho gaya h lily ka msg aaya hota h jaene se phle aaj v aisa hi hua eve me maine use call kiya acchi khasi baat hui wo mere se puchi which type of girl I am?? Reply me maine apne dairy ka kuch part mail kiya use evening me 8.30pm me phir call kiya she had not pick my call and give me the reply am busy to help my mother than she call me at 9.30 something than start talking she is only one option for my happiness she is a good girl and I want her like frnd and guriya like a sis but I hate the attitude of guriya she have not change her self same like earlier..at the time of writing this I miss guriya a lot and am going to send a msg
09.09.2012(01.36) jaisa ki mai let se soya tha 12.21 me jaga tabhi facebook pe ek anshu singh ko online paya wo guriya ka id h but mai conform hona chahta tha but usne reply me kaha she don’t know me than I had advice her to don’t send the request of stranger and advice her to remove me than she reply me she know me but she had no tell her name evening time I had send the msg to guriya again 1st time she had not give any reply than I had call had than she give me reply and tell me m not fine I have fever don’t know why but m totally broken to listen that my eye is full of tears than I had ask with her u have no time for me she tell me ‘’mai aapki wahi sis hu kch pro tha isliye miloga to btauge I m not change bro” she tell me lastly I’ll tell u on call than lily call me and start talking and suddenly she tell me how much you missed komal I socked to lishen that nd m totally blank than I had tell me hatta na yaar lets change the topic..but m totally confuse wats I have I do I missed her much ..lily is a good girl and my best frnd I want these types of girl 2day sonu call me but I can’t talk with him bcuz he is busy with his work
10-09-2012(2.43) aaj pura din accha gaya evening me bittu se baat kiya or bola divya ka num pata karne ko she is my frnd and she is the owner of reshmi ladies barlour.but mujhe pata nahi tha uska naam kya h maine sonu ko call kiya wo confuse hua mujhe ye Q chahiye but maine usse jhoot bola wo naam bataya aaj mai ek kadam phir aage kar raha hu komal ke liye mai janta hu ye galat h but I can’t to any think ye v pata h ye meri life barbaad kar dega but dil ke hath majbur hu aaj maine puja ko v msg kiya tha uska rpy aaya but she is doing rowdily behave she agree to speak with me tomorrow I hope she will call me
Aaj hamare collage me kuch galat hua ek larki priyanka ne nind ki goli kha li senior uske ragging lete the ub gayi thi but I think her decision is not good usse complain dena chahiye tha principal ko she is now in I.C..U and suffering from bad condition hape she will be fine soon
11-09-2012 & 12-09-2012(1.33)morning se hi ready tha Q ki yesday puja ne bola tha aaj baat karegi mujhse but mere pass balance nahi tha or reliance ka num v start nahi hua tha phir maine lily ko call kiya ussi time puja ka v call aane laga maine 2 class chor kar room gaya or baat karna start kiya puja ki bhabhi ne call rec kiya tha ek accha behave kiya unhone try kiya sab thik ho jaye hamare bich but sayad ye sambhav nahi tha phir puja ko call di pata nahi wo aisa Q behavekar rahi uski baate dimag ko lag raha tha jaise ki KOMAL TUMHE PATA V NAHI DETI OR TUM USKE PICHE LAGE RAHTE HO sunkar bura laga kya karu mai pyar karta hu komal se or ye maine 1st me hi bola tha ki mai kisi or se sadhi nahi karna chahta phir v wo ready thi mujhme but aaj uski baate dil ko bahut andar tak chua or phir wo mere nasa ki baat karne lagi or phir family pe v jaise ki meri family se baat nnahi hoti or v bahut kuch last me bhabhi ne call liya or boli usne bola sahi tha but unke bolne ka style hi waisa tha phir normal hokar boli aap log purani baato ko bhul jao or phir se relation start karo or boli aap sham ko call kijiye puja aap se baat karengi but thori der baad puja ka msg aaya aap ko bura boli sry 2nd aaya sry ab phone mast karna plz dil pe bahut laga tha wo guriya ki v baat kit hi wo pawan ke ssat aquatorium se gaya thi swimming ki sunkar itna gussa aaya dimag kharab ho gaya ab maine v soch liya tha isse bhul jaunga
Phir lily ko call kiya sab bata phir daily ki tarah baathone lagi accha time spend kiya uske sath call pe phir eve me uska msg aaya aaj uska bohat sara baat tumse kiya humko accha laga n tum v bohat acche ho yaar sach me kuchhi din me mere ache fnd ban gaye ho tum baat ye h ki mujhe v usse baat kar accha lagta h mai to usse pyar v karne laga hu but ye v fact h mai usse sadhi nahi kar sakta Q ki ye place maine kisi or ke liye reserve kar diya h or flirt mai kar hi nahi sakta Q ki mai sab ki tarah nahi kar sakta wo meri bahut acchi dost h or mai usse bina baat kiye rah v nahi pata
Aaj maine phir bittu se baat kiya tha 2 bola mai dekhta hu sayad ho jae
12-09-2012(02-02) aaj pura din class kar jab room aaya to lily ki bahut yaad aa rahi thi eve tak v usne call nahi kiya tha last time jab call kiya to boli busy thi or abhi kisi party me jana h or phir mummy ne usse bula liya wo cut kar di raat me uski 11.00 msg aaya sry aaj tumse baat na kar pai phir maine msg diya mujhe tumse baat nahi karna 2-4 msg me sry boli phir uska call aaya or maine usse topic change kar ke baat kiya
Waise aaj v maine bittu ko call kiya DIVYA ka num ke liye but wo sayad nahi kar paega maine nishant bhaiya se v baat karni chahi but na ho payaa
13-09-2012(2.53) aaj pura din hi boring gaya morning utha or class ke liye ready hua phir class maan waha v nahi lag raha tha tabhi vivek sir ne breakfast ka offer kiya hum cigarette or tea liye phir roti khayi phir lily ki yaad aayi maine call kiya uska rpy aaya 10 mints ruko phir tab call ki jab mere chicken ke liye sab larai kar rahe the maine cut kar diya phir lunch ke baad aaya or socha lily ko call karte h but class v jana tha so maine head phone lagaya or baat karte hue fresh hua Q ki frnds ke liye time milta nahi nikalne parte h phir class jate wakt call cut kar diya 9pm me call kiya to wo mummy ke sath roti bana rahi thi phir uska msg aaya mera aaj tabiyat kharab tha isliye hum tumse baat nahi kar paye or mera maa pash me baithe the to ishliye bahar v nahi jaa paye don’t mind frnd…timag kharab ho gaya mera dekh kar turant call kiya thori der baat hui bahut dhire bol rahi thi wo hasi aa rahi thi uspe cute girl but she is my frnd aaj sonu ko call kiya thori baat hui but thora me hi bahut kuch kah diya usne komal ka 11th ko birthday tha but sonu ne ye v nahi bataya aaj uski bahut yaad aai sabse bari baat komal or pawan 2no ki birthday same day ko hi tha
Aaj puja ko call kiya tha but sirf uski bhabhi se baat kiya maine waise wo bimar h fever h usse
Last night se mai cigarette pina start kar diya hu but ye regular nahi hoga
14-09-2012(2.37) aaj v lily ka se acchi tarah baat nah o payi kya h ye samaj nahi aata problem mere postpaid connection me hi h pichli baar liya tha usi din puja ke dad death kar gayi is baar liya to ye busy ho gayi but ye regular hota raha to mai use v bhul jaunga waise wo acchi dost h meri
Aaj v komal ko bahut miss kiya yaad kuch jyada v aa rahi thi uski aaj phir amresh bhaiya ko call kiya but wo thora busy the aaj v maine cigratee pina but sayad wo kharab tha nasa jyada aaya usse waise kal se nahi piyunga
15-09-2012(4.01) aaj evening me lily ko call kiya boli yaar tera num nahi tha so baat na kar payi mera mobole kharab h aaj acchi tarah baat hui usse bahut accha laga bahut acchi larki h wo aaj komal ki v yaad bahut hi aai but mai kuch kar v to nahi sakta
Aaj puja ko call kiya tha uski bhabhi boli baat boli uski family condition ke bare me Sali family se hi har kuch sikhi h aaj umesh chaudhery ki yaad aai jisne kaha tha family ke jab tak kahi croupion nahi hota bacche galat nahi hote puja ka v yahi tha maa,bhai, or wo sab ek jaise but uski bhabhi acchi h
16-08-2012(3.19) aaj evening me lily ka call aaya bahut der tak baat hui sayad 1hours tak bich me wo ankit ki awaj sunna chahti thi isliye maine conference me ankit ko liya but wo bola lily ki sakal dekha h or phir tu phasa le usse ye lily ko bura laga tha but wo aaj boli usse baat kar gussa aata h or tumse baat kar hasi aati h ek acchi larki h wo
Aaj sonu se v bahut der tak baat hua bahut sari bate ek baat usne bole ki komal mujhe like nahi karti h sonu idher baat kiya tha to wo boli ki usse bolna uska koi boyfrnd h but ye galat h mera dil bolta h ye or sadma laga tha ye sunkar ki uska koi boyfrnd v h but phir sonu hi clear kar diya aisa kuch v nahi h but maine usse ek kaam diya h ye pata karne ko ki agar wo mujhe like nahi karti to Q iske 2 karan honge 1st m not a good guy in her thinking nd 2nd she is not intrested to involve in there case but agar 2nd wala sahi h to mai uski family se baat karunga magar 1st sahi hua to usse hamesa ke liye bhul jaunga
Aaj maine decide kiya mai muzzafarpur v nahi jaunga Q ki waha jana sayad galat hoga usse bura lagaga ab sirf ek hi rasta bacha h after course uski mummy se baat karunga ki mai aap ki larki se sadhi karna chahta hu
Aaj puja ko v call kiya tha koi rpy nahi di cut kar di Sali kuch jyada hi bhawo ho gaya h Sali ka
17-09-2012 & 18-09-2012(2.24) 17-09-2012 bishwakarma puja morning der se jaga or socha drink kiya jae so manoj kanwar ko msg diya or ready ho gaya party ke liye raste me ek junior mila use v sath le liya phir drink ki aaj pata nahi Q drink me nasa aa raha tha smoking me v nasa aa raha tha sayad isliye Q ki maine chor rakha tha after drink khana khaya or night ke liye pack kara kar room aa gaya or so gaya phir dinner time jaga or phir dinner lekar so gaya pata nahi Q raat me 2 baje ke baad sir me bahut dard ho raha tha or ulti v hui aaj kal mere sath kya ho raha tha aaj kal har alchocalic beverage or smoking se v nasa hog raha tha sayad ye kisi ki dua v ho sakti h aaj lily boli usne v soft drink liya tha but sayad wo jhot v bol rahi ho sakti h but aaj kal wo mujh me ankit ko khoj rahi h
18-09-2012(2.34) aaj morning me jaga or cls gaya after cls lunch time sir me dard tha so maggi khaya or exam ke liye gaya exam bahut accha nahi gaya tha but sahi gaya tha after exam maine lily ko call kiya but wo busy thi so mai so gaya 9.00 pm me usse baat hui usse baat karna bahut accha lagta h mujhe or sayad usse v..aaj maine apne dil ki baat bata di ki mai puja ko love nahi karta thaw o just attraction tha or agar karta v to wo pyar na deta jo komal ke liye rakha tha or ye v sahi tha mai uske sath khus v na rahta hamare thinking milta hi na tha maine socha tha mai usse apne jaisa change kar dunga or wo mujhe but both r fail in our work or phir hum alag ho gaye hum dono khus h isse
Aaj maine guriya ka num v delete kar diya sachi bolu to nafrat ho gayi h usse ab jisna pyar diya koi v nahi de sakta usse apni bahan se jyada pyar diya tha usse but wo may se hi change ho gayi thi phle apna num nahi di phir ghar ka kar number arrange v kar liya maine to usne abhi baat hi nahi ki problem h uske pass aaj mai har kisi ke liye time nikalta hu Q ki mai manta hu dost khuda ki ammanat hote h kal exam h or hyatt regency Kolkata ka interview v but m not prepared for both
19-09-2012 & 20-09-2012(2.40) today I am very exicited for my interview but I was not selected and m totally upset for this reason but just after the interview result lily was call me ask me hw m upset I say her my problem she tell me no problem don’t take tension it’s a magic of her voice I had forget all the matter and seddenly I got a canformation from HHI Varanasi. I thing she is my best frnd evening I had open my facebook accout I saw that guriya is online and she send me hi I am very unhappy with her today I had deleted her num and msg from my phone than I had give her reply I had deleted your number and I am going to unfrnd u now in my facebook id but she tell me sry and give somereason like she is in problem and she promise me Friday she will call me surely
20-09-2012(2.50)today m busy with class and searching the email id of all the hotels in kolkta evening time I has call lily but she had sleeped that time so she could not receive my call but at the time when was talking with me father pinki and rinki and putul didi in conference she was calling me after my talk I had call her and ask with her and I had feel very well she is doing the work og medicine in my pain she is my nic frnd nd I want these types of frnd
After the talk she send me a msg that plz send the msg so I had send her wats happen tell me than she tell me wats r u doing now and than she give me the reply that she is weeping I had feel very angry and I had tell me it’s a good joke and I had send some part of a good movies BREAK KE BAAD.where one lady is asking to the actor that ‘’ye devdas ka remix bana bana kar new generation ko kharab kar rehe h kuch hua nahi ki bol diye mai apni bahumul life in sasti wiskey ke sath gawa dunga’’ its agood daglock.after this dialock I had try to convence her that life will not finish after 111 break up so plz try to control your self than she give a promise and my wise too she will not weep for me
21-09-2012(3.29) today I wake up early and am very tens because of my today exams I had three exams today but am not ready but going for a war. In the first exam I had got 4 calls in my cell 2 from ravi and two from lily after the exam I had rebake all the call and speak with the lily and ravi..evening time I got a call from guriya, she want to tell me she is not changed I know she is not changed but her thinking is changed something-anyone can live without speak with her close in 5 month but want to make me full but her excuse his right today evening I had again call lily but she is busy than she tell me that she will call me later so am busy to saw the rockstar movies but suddenly I got her call and than we had talk a lot but I am forgetting someone in my busy shadule she is komal but her palce is taking lily now but I can’t give that if she tell me she is not ready to spent her life with me than I will search another if she is lily its good for us because we know each other or am ready to spend with someone other.
22-09-2012 & 23-09-2012(3.16) Today the day was good I had speak sonu the good thing the that I had speak with his at 5 hours one funny thing is that he tell me onething that he can win all the topic but one topic of komal he can’t win with me bcuz one side is me and another side is his sister but he is me best frnd and he is argee to help me in all time we had talk a lot many topic as lily and many thing he want to speak with her but m feeling gelish bcuz I love lily and she is my best frnd today I had talk with her also she tells me that am a good guy. I think she is in love with me bcuz she has call me a lot 5-6 time daily and daily one hour and msg also
23-09-2012(3.28) today I miss someone that’s very important for me and I love this girl komal I missed her a lot today I saw a movies tum bin and today I had very upset bcuz lily was not receiving my call today so am upset and the time of watching movies I had totally imotional and weeping too why I don’t know but I was not weak like that it’s the love of komal and lily .but I see one thing lily had totally upset bcuz of my upset she call me many time i Iove her much but I can’t tell her bcuz she is my frnd
24-09-2012 & 25-09-2012(6.46) morning me jaga but class nahi gya f&b ka exam tha or mai prepared v na tha tabhi papa ka call aaya ki sonu ke uncle ji dead kar gaye bahut bura laga sunkar kuch jyada hi attact tha us family se mai or khas sonu se roya nahi but har karam ho gaya mera maine baat kiya sonu se bahut upset tha wo family the wo puri din usse baat karta hua hi gaya bahut sahare ki jarurat thi usse raat me 2 baje uska call aaya baat hui wo bola he want me on the date of his uncle sarad I think I have 2 go. Dekhte h kya karta hu
25-09-2012(6.56) ye mai kai daldal me aakar phar gaya hu malum nahi yaar ek or mai komal ko pyar karta hu or wo mujhe nahi ek or lily jo sayad karti h but m not sure but mai apna dil ko komal ke naam kar rakha hu or ye place kisi or ko de v nahi sakta bcuz its not mine but agar kisi or ko na de sakta or komal na mile to mera kya hoga
• Aaj mujhe kya ho gaya h pata nahi jo kisi ko dukhi kar ke khusi fill karta tha aaj itna emotional ho gaya ki ek movies ko dekh kar v ro deta h
• Mai wo jo sab ko bolta hu kisi ek ke liye khud ko barbad karna kya sahi h but whats m doing komal na mili to ye pyar mai kisi ko chah kar v nahi de paunga..mai kal sonu or roj lily ko bolta hu always search alternative option if the price of tea will increase people will go 4 coffee but aaj mai hu jo alternative ke pass jata hu to dil bolta h am doing wrong THAN THE MATTER IS THAT IF YOU ARE AFFORDABLE FOR TEA THAN TAKE OTHERWISE FORGET IT but m not prepared for that..abhi guriya se v openion manga tha I think she is confuse 2 to give the reply
Socta hu lily se hi puch lu kya bolti h wo uska rpy kya aata h
26-09-2012 & 27-09-2012(2.37) aaj komal ki phir bahut yaad aa rahi thi ek option mila tha usse dekhne ka but wo v papa ke karan na ho paya socha tha sonu ne bola h aane ko jaunga usse v accha lagega or mujhe v or ek baar dekh to paunga apne pyar ko jise pana sayad muskil h.mai duniya ko bahut samajhta tha ye meri thinking thi but mai to apne baap ko v nahi samaj saka tha mujhe ye nahi samaj aaya ki unhone aisa Q bola dosti chor do bahut bura laga mai sochta tha mera baap meri baato ko jarur samjhega but mai galat tha phir v ye socha ki kal convence kar lunga apne baap ko but kya bolu puri family hi khuda ki den h aaj putul or pinki didi ko bola papa ko samjhane ke liye but tab v kuch nahi ho paya unki baate itni buri lagi ki aakho se aasu gir gaye sala mai aaj tak apno ko v nahi samaj paya tha
Aaj lily se apne bare me pura usse ye bataya ki wo larki payal desai h or mujhe Bangalore me mili thi puri story uski story jaisa hi bataya maine wo v boli tumhe ek baar perpose karna chahiye but mai sachi bata raha wo mere sath khus nahi rah paegi bcuz mai har larki me komal ko search karunga jo ki mujhe milega nahi or mai or wo larki mere sath khus nahi rah paunga
27-08-2012(2.52) aaj lily ne puri tarah reply di boli mujhe perpose karna chahiye tha but karne ke baad mai khusi de paunga kya wo mere liye komal ban paegi kabhi nahi sala mai mar hi Q na gaya jab 1st time mila tha usse pyar v hua to usse jo karti nahi or hua v itna ki kisi or se kar v nahi sakta upper wale accha game khela tumne..aaj lily v boli mujhe jab tumhare bich kuch v na tha one sided love h uske baad v tum 8 saal tak komal ko nahi bhul pae to mai itni jaldi kaisi ankit ko bhul jau ye v sahi h or wo bahut pyar karti h ankit se but wo sala nahi
Mai komal ke bina khus v nahi rah paunga maine try v kiya tha puja ke sath but 4 saal me maine kitni baar komal ki baat bataya usse mujhe khud v yaad nahi or lastly break up v hua to isliye Q ki 4 year sath hone ke baad v mai komal ka hi tha na ki puja ka
Aaj papa se baat kiya sonu ke ghar jane ke liye but mujhe nahi pata thaw o mana karenge mujhe sayad isliye Q ki wo aaj v mujhe baccha samaj te h unka v sahi h baccha hu unka bahut pyar karte h mujhe se kal phir baat karunga papa se convenes karne ka try karunga dost ke liye dost ki problem me jo jana h
aaj pura din ganda gaya baar baar sonu ko miss karta tha dost h mera uski problem me mujhe hona chahiye tha aaj phle pinki didi ko call kiya or usse papa ko convenes karne ko bola wo call ki tab tak mai putul didi se baat kiya convenes karne ko bola tabhi papa ka call aane laga pinki didi jo call kit hi unhe papa phir papa ko call kiya or conference me baat hui papa meri or putul didi ki aaj phir papa ne na bola bahut bura laga almost mai ro v diya tha papa or putul didi udher se hello bol rahe the or mai sirf chup chap phone per o raha tha lastly papa ne jija sa baat kiya or call ko disconncet kar diya phir maine v call cut kiya or room me aa gaya tabhi didi ka call aane laga or maine didi se baat ki or ek plan banaya ki mai ghar v jaunga or papa ko bura v nahi lagega mera plan tha HHI me interview dene ka or phir papa ko convence kar ghar v jane ka. didi ko bola papa ko bol mai kal Kolkata jaa raha hu interview ke liye ,didi boli v
28-09-2012 morning me papa ka call v aaya but mai soch me tha jau ya nahi because jise paise de rakhe yhe usne diya v nahiu tha or interview ke liye dress v ready nahi tha or main problem ye tha ki principle chute pet ha or mai subah subah warden se muh nahi lagan chahta thaw o chute deta v nahi deta to bahut sari gali dekar sale se jo nab anti thi meri lastly hua kya pata nahi RAVI ko call kiya or MANOJ ko conference me lekar baat kiya or bola mai Kolkata aa raha hu interview ke liye monaj se process pata kiya interview ka but lastly dress or principle ki problem ne mujhe nahi jane diya, dippress hokar college v nahi gaya or room me hi tha afternoon me gmail me ek mail tha FORTUNE PARK PANCHWATI me interview fix hoga tha unhone interview ka time evening 7pm diya tha hassi aa raha tha ki ek 4 star property aisa soch v kaise sakti h jab ki HHI VARASANI ne bina interview select kiya tha or peerless ne v but challenge lena pasand tha mujhe 7pm me call kiya sala training manager chatu tha chat gaya mujhe itna ganda interview to hyatt wale ne v nahi liya tha start my self se kiya
Lastly mai pak gaya tha usse aaj 1st time maine challange se bhaga tha call cut kar diya tha or lastly uske missed call ka reply v nahi diya bahut hassi aa raha tha or khud pe gussa v ki mai challenge se bhaga kaise
Lastly rajnish sir ne room pe bhulaya or vinay sir se milaya or mujhse siksha ka num or address mang rahe the Q ki unhe malum tha mai hi hu jo ye kar sakta tha Q ki shikha ka 1st boyfriend mera dost tha
Waise vinay sir usse bahut pyar karta tha but wo 3rd class larki kisi ki nahi thi ye uska 5th love tha maine uske 1st lover ka number apne facebook ke msg se nikal kar de diya or usne usse baat kiya or apne gmail se shikha ke lover ka mail v jo usne bahut phle send kiya tha
29-09-2012(4.11)pura din(28th sep)to ganda gaya hi but raat but lily din or raat tak msg deti rahi morning 3 baje tak
Morning jaga or phir lily log ko msg diya aaj v wo accha msg de rahi thi phir fresh hua lunch liya din kuch boring hi gaya tha komal ko bahut miss kiya maine lily ko v miss karta raha but dil ye manne ko tayar na tha ki lily is perfect for me wo to itna hi bolta tha komal is made for you and you too
Sala dil uske bina kisi or ko accept karne ko tayar hi nahi or komal mujhe but agar wo mujhe na mili to mai sacchi kisi ke sath khus nahi rah sakta, kisi ko wo khusi nahi de paunga jo usse chahiye hoga
Raat jyada ho raha h or nind v aa raha h or kisi ko miss jo sapno me karna h so lets go for sleep
30-09-2012(1.49)aaj pura din hi simple gaya afternoon me sonu ko msg diya but uska rpy nahi aaya sayad busy tha wo evening me ankit se baat kiya wo totally change ho gaya h jab se fail kiya h aaj uska dimag kahi v constainly nahi rahta kabhi ghao me business karne ki baat karta h,kabhi kidney ki,kabhi B.B.A karne ki to kabhi computer course ki or ek or lily h jo sirf uske pyar me hi pagal h wo hamesa ussi ki hi baat karti h kabhi kabhi uski raad me ro v deti h. ek or ankit h jisene pyar ko thukra diya or ek or humdono jise pyar mila hi nahi aaj v komal ki bahut yaad aai kabhi maine ye nahi socha komal ko use karne ki hamesa bus itna hi ki wo sath ho or duniya ko bhul kar uske baho me sokar baat karu or lastly so jau itna v right nahi mujhe.ek baar ye bol de pyar h tumse jindagi bar ji luunga uski judai me v.aaj lily 12-01 ke bich msg me boli ankit bahut yaad aa raha h or mai ro raha hu bahut bura laga imotional ho gaya mai laga a ro dunga mai kya pagal h wo usse itna pyar karti h or wo thora v nahi.
Thora bad feel ho raha so going to sleep
01-10-2012(2.19)aaj pura din hi kharab gaya ek to network nahi aa raha sahi se Guwahati me so msg v nahi jata aaj evening me lily se chat hote time usne mujhe bola or bolo to maine I love you bol diya sayad usse bura laga sms ka rpy dena chor di but m in funny mud or ye wo v janti h ki mai aisa hi hu but usse bura laga she is a good girl that why m attracting with her mai v dekkhta hu kya effect hota h uspe kya mere bina rah sakti h wo hamari dosti me kitna dum h,I know I have not to do that but she know me.usse bura laga usse jyada mujhe
Actuly I want a love and love a girl komal.kabhi v aisa nahi jab usse yaad na kiya ho but hamare bich ek big distance h.or mai uske bina kisi or ko accept nahi kar sakta. Har larki me komal ko hi khojta hu but its not possiable

(Screen) Name: vikram


Dedicated to my love sneha

I was 19 years old and she was just 16.We met through a friend of ours, we had only one common friend in us n she helped me alot in propsing sneha but because of my shy nature i wasnt able to propose her.she is so beautiful just like the gal next door, i loved her like hell she dint undertsand it but we kept meeting both more often.I called her for movies we gaged had fun together. i knew that she is the only one person with whom i can spend my rest of my life i was really happy and even afraid of proposing her.
The day of 14 feburary finally with lots of guts i finally propsed her and she did really said yes. I was so happy just felt to just go and hug her, I still remember that days each and every single moment of my life. I still get dreams of that moment, it was the best moment of my life.I hope everyday would start up and end up with that day.All days should be like that day.She is the only one person whom i have loved.
We kept meeting, finally our relationship continued for 5 yrs and m really happy.There were misunderstandings, fights, arguments and everything which happens in every single relationship but always it was me or her to come up with the solutions. If I thought its my fault then i said sory and everything seemed normal n if she thought its her then she was the person to say sory.
i love her like hell she does too..will keep loving her till the last breath of my life

(Screen) Name: Vishal


adhura pyaar

Hey guys..!! Mera naam navya h! (name changed) … Wese to mri story bahut badi h bt mai ap logo ko short krke bataungi.. Ye mri real luv story h ek one sided luv ki story.. The story begins………:-) me naughty, funloving n a vry hppy grl hmesha ki trh festival enjoy krne apne village jate.. Har saal hi hm apna tyohar wha manaate the wd my whole family.. I had a joint family.. Waha pe humara ek neighbour hua krta tha jo ki hmari hi trh gaun tyohar pe hi ata tha hm sb sth khub khelte the.. Wo mra bahut acha dost tha aur wo mri cousin sis ka bhi acha frnd tha.. Khelte kudate kb mai use like krne lagi mjhe samajh nai aya halaki mai bahut choti thi.. Mai hmsha wait krti gaun jane ka usse mlne ka.. Par wo mri behan ko shayad pasand krta tha jo ki mjhe lgta tha.. Usne nai bola tha mjhe kch..! Tb mai takreeban 12 saal ki thi.. Wo mjhe bahut kum attention dta tha aur mjhe bahut bura lgta jb bhi mai use apni sis se baat krte dekhu mjhe bahut dukh hota.. Yahi sb hote hote time aage badh gayaa ab mai 17 saal ki hu aur wo 20 ka.. Ab mri likeness cn be said love!! Ek chij wo hmsha mjhe bolta ki navya tm ktni choti ho na mjhse vaishali (sis) mri bahut achi frnd ho pati h as she iz of my age.. I dnt knw wo asa q bolta jb ki mene use kbhi nai bataya dt i luve hm.. Mai kai bar asa sochti ki q mai usse age me choti hu q akhr bhagwan ne mjhe chota banaya.. Phr ek din ki baat h jb hm kafi mahino baad sms k through baat kr rhe the mne kch ainwayi bola to na jane use kya laga uska reply aya ” tmhre dil me kch ho to tm bol skti ho” mne bola nai to bcoz mai nai chahti thi ki use mre pyar k bare me kch pata chale.. Bt he started forcing me thn i said tht “i like u n i even knw ths tht u dnt” he said ksne bola tmhe i also like u phr usne gn bola gn bola bt wo sunkar mjhe kha need ani thi.. Phr 10 ya 15 dino baad humari baat hui.. Phn par jb baat ho rhi thi to usne luv tpic pe kch bola aur phr baat baat me usne mjhse nikalwa liya dt i luved him…. Bt phrrr usne bola dt hm sath hnge to bahut prblm ho jayegi navya etc etc…. I was really sad n he was like pls i cnt see u sad plss plsss… Bt couldnt control my feelings n thn he told ok lets do ths.. If u luv me thn i d’nt cre abt d whole world.. I was flyng im airs aftral mra bachpan ka pyar jo ki 5 saalo se hidden tha.. Nw he was wd me bt… Yes bt mri khushi nam ki thi mjhe usse kbhi wo pyar nai mlta tha.. Pura din beet jata tha is umeed me ki atleast uska ek msg milega bt no.. Ase hi din guzarte rhe aur mai aj ek asi jagah khadi thi jaha mai phle bhi zyada tut chuki thi.. I WAS DAMN HURt… Use mud swing ne mjhe pareshan kar diya tha kbhi he let me feel ki wo mjhe bahut pyr krne laga h to kbhi wo prove krta tha ki use mri koi parwah nai.. Phr meri di ki shadi me hm mile wo bhi aya tha.. Phr wahi situation jaha mai wo aur mri sis the.. Waha kch asa hua jisse mjhe uspa shuk hua subah ka time tha mene uska cel dkha to conversation me usne mri behan k bare me ksi frnd se bola tha ki mai uske sath hu wo bhi 2 din tk.. I was shocked n hrt.. Bt he denied aur phr usne mjhe ye bhi samjhate hue bola ki tm bahut choti ho mjhse.. Hm bachpan se ek dusre ko jante the to baate casually ho rhi thi.. Tb se we’r like vry casual aur ek din usne mjhe cl kiya aur kaha dt ur sis iz my gf since 3 yrs bt hmare bich wo pyr nai h i luv u.. He said mjhe mat chodo pls bt mai apni behan ko cheat nai kr skti thi.. I luved her!! Wo na use chodna chahta tha aur na mjhe.. I felt he’s nt worth my love bt pyr tha wo kse samajhta.. I cnt stp luving hm.. Mai ye janti hu ki mai use bahut pyr krti hu bt shayad kch logo ka na milna hi better hota h.. Wo mere pyar ko kbhi nai samajhta bt phr bhi mjhe umeed h ki wo kbhi na kbhi zarur samajhega bt shayad tb tk bahut der ho jaegi.. Mene ye kahi suna tha tha ki jb ap ksi ko chaho aur wo apka na ho paye to udaas nai hona chahiye koi usse bhi behtar apki kismat me milna likha hota h.. Mai ye sochkar khud ko mana leti hu… But i love u sooooooo much ki shayad tmhe koi utna pyar na kre.. Bt tm nai samajhte mere pyar ho.. Ap hi log bataiye kya mera faisla galat tha apni behan k liye use sacrifice kiya.. Mai janti hu ki usne ktni galat baat boli dt tm mri gf raho uske sath to mera naam ka rishta hai.. Par mai kya karu i luv hm aur mera pyr to asa hi h dt mjhe uski lakh galtiya bhi nai dkhti.. Mjhe umeed h ki mri lyf me bhi koi ayega jo mjhe bahut pyar karega.. I hope so jaldi…!! Bye frienzzz…!

(Screen) Name: navya


Teen love story of Kolkata,India part 2

its me Lucky back again to tell you about Antzy my love
He is now in a relationship with a girl,Maggie
she’s cute,charming sweet!!!
I never got love from him but am happy for Maggie,she’s a lucky girl!
Antzy introduced her to his family……I wish I could be in Maggie’s place!
Antzy told that am immature…
Wish I could be a little mature like Maggie
Forget it…….the day I got to know about both of them being committed I don’t know why I couldn’t stop but cry out loud.
But I was happy for my love cause I really wanted him to b happy and he was happy being with Maggie….
But still I feel that I deserve to share this happiness
But what to do…..its all about my destiny
my destiny did not wanted him to him to be in my life!
But I know that its all most next to impossible for me to love someone again cause I cannot forget him…..I try my level best to forget him but I failed every time
Again sometimes he rings me up and tells that by mistake he dialed my number
its like sprinkling salt on my wounds
I still love him unconditionally but he has a girlfriend and am unable to move on…..plz readers suggest me wat I should do now….!

(Screen) Name: Lucky


never too late

My name is Linda Mccharty,i am 32 years old, i am extremely glad to share the bad and good side of my relationship,After being in relationship with him for six years, he left me, i did everything possible to bring him back back but all was in vain. I want him back because of the love I have for him, I begged him with everything, I tried to entice him with money, made promises but he refused. I explained my problem to someone online and he suggested that I should rather mail a spell caster that could help me cast a spell to bring him back but I am the type that never believe in spell, I had no choice than to try it, I mailed the spell caster, he told me there was no problem that everything will be okay before three days, that my ex will return to me before three days, he cast the spell and surprisingly in the second day, that was around 6:00pm. My ex called me, I was so surprised, I answered the call and all he said was that he was so sorry for everything that happened, that he wanted me back to him, that he love me so much. I was so happy and told him to come, he came to me the following day and we started living together again. Since then I have made a promise that everybody I know will never have a relationship problem that I will refer them to the spell caster to help them. Anybody could need the help of the spell caster, his email is (rincewind76 at ymail dot com) you can email him if you need his assistance in your relationship or anything.

(Screen) Name: mcchylinda


don’t loose hope

My name is Linda Mccharty,i am 32 years old, i am extremely glad to share the bad and good side of my relationship,After being in relationship with him for six years, he left me, i did everything possible to bring him back back but all was in vain. I want him back because of the love I have for him, I begged him with everything, I tried to entice him with money, made promises but he refused. I explained my problem to someone online and he suggested that I should rather mail a spell caster that could help me cast a spell to bring him back but I am the type that never believe in spell, I had no choice than to try it, I mailed the spell caster, he told me there was no problem that everything will be okay before three days, that my ex will return to me before three days, he cast the spell and surprisingly in the second day, that was around 6:00pm. My ex called me, I was so surprised, I answered the call and all he said was that he was so sorry for everything that happened, that he wanted me back to him, that he love me so much. I was so happy and told him to come, he came to me the following day and we started living together again. Since then I have made a promise that everybody I know will never have a relationship problem that I will refer them to the spell caster to help them. Anybody could need the help of the spell caster, his email is (rincewind76 at ymail dot com) you can email him if you need his assistance in your relationship or anything.

(Screen) Name: lindyd


Teen love of Kolkata,India

Hello everyone,this is Lucky,sweet sixteen,crazy,friends call me mad cause am always happy and jumping everytime for nothing,am always in a chilled mood,I have no tension in life accept one which am going to write here……the tension and the biggest problem in my life is my LOVE!!!!!
Am from Kolkata,India,metro-girl.I can mingle with people very easily.Being in Facebook is trendy nowadays,so being a metro-girl I even had an account on Facebook,flirted a lot with several guys on Facebook but was never serious or never fell for someone,it was just a time pass flirting with guys……
Now the story of my love starts from Oct 2011,I came in contact with a guy ….he was cute,handsome(saw his pictures on Facebook),one year older to me,we started flirting wid each other,as usual I was not at all serious,we exchanged our number.Oh I forgot to tell his name,Antzy,super cool guy,we texted each other all day,chatted late night over phone!I stared liking him personally,he was very helpful also.After someday he proposed me,my heart started pumping faster as I wanted him to propose me,I accepted it instantly!Just danced the whole day!
He lived near my school so,it was easier for us to meet,we met nearly on the last week of Jan.When I first saw him,I was so surprised,he was so cute,I started having butterflies in my stomach,but that day I had to hurry for my tuition so I rushed for my tuition couldn’t talk to him much.
The next day we met again and he surprised me with a kiss!It was my first kiss ever,and the first kiss made me realise that am incessantly,unconditionally in love with this guy!Awww my God…..I really love him,am in love,I was super excited!Yipppieee!
Now problems…..gosh sucking me off
Somehow I got to know that he is with other chicks other than me,I just got mad just couldn’t stop but cry out loud,it was the first time I cried for a guy!
But I did not wanted to lose him,I didn’t breakup,but after someday he himself broke up with me,my heart broke apart,I just wanted him back by hook or by crook.
I tried my best to convince him to stay with me but it was useless,meanwhile his elder brother Dibs proposed me but I couldn’t accept it,as he was my x boyfriend’s brother.
After some day on 3rd March he called me up and wanted to patch up,I couldn’t reject but accept him again,I trusted him a lot…….then again we started meeting!We came closer and closer!I lost my virginity with him.
Then again I got to know that he’s cheating on me,this time I acted brave and ditched him!But I love him so much,couldn’t stop but cry out loud.
Thats the end of our relationship,but we r still in contact with each other,I love him so much,I wish to be with him again…..I love u darling,come back to me!!

(Screen) Name: Lucky



Hi all

I just wanna share a story of love that happened between them.

It all started in high school. They had been bestfriend since second year. They enjoy the company of each other. Then 1 day the girl felt something weird about her feelings towards his bestfrien, she started to fall in love with him. She chose to make it a secret because shw was scared that their friendship will banished.

Months passed by.:

the girl heard a news that the guy is courting other girl. It hurts her a lot, she almost cried every night thinking how he love his bestfriend not knowing that his bestfriend is also in love with her.

everyday it is obvious that they were avoiding each other.

One Day:

A Boy run to her and said “Mahal ka daw ng bestfriend mo.”
It shocked her a lot. She can’t explained what she will feel
She said in return: “weh di nga hindi ako maniniwala hanggang hindi siya ang nagsasabi.”

Along the Hallway
when she passed by, his bestfriend approached her and said: Pwede ba tayo mag usap?
She listened to what his bestfriend will tell:
Totoo yun sinabi nila sayo kanina. Im in love with you Bez!

The girl dont know how she feels that time. but still she just cant say yes because she’s afraid to lost their friendship.But they knew to themselves that they have a mutual understanding.

on the Third high school
The girl had a boyfriend and it breaks the heart of his bestfriend.They again avoid each other.
But the trith is they love each other. Despite of their feelings towards each other the girl became a very good girl to his boy. But the boy was so jealous to his bestfriend that leads to their break up.

The boy knew what happened to her bestfriend and to her boyfriend. He started to get near again her to gain their lost friendship and to develop their feelings.

On their JS prom.

The music starts and the lights are on.
The boy cant get a chance to dance with her bestfriend because many guy were asking to dance her. When he got her near he didnt ask her bestfriend to dance instead he asked her to go with him in a relaxing place. They went to the rooftop of the building. The boy held her bestfriends hand and said. I’ve been in love with you since we were in second year but i dont knew how to admit it. They found themselves crying because they were trying to fight their feeling for each other. The Boy Said “i might not be your first dance but i want to be the last, I want to be with you forever bez!”

Days and months past by:
The boy had no time for the girl. He’s always with the company of his friends instead of accompanying the girl. He’s always busy having bonding with his male friends and it really hurts the girl. She think that she has been disregarded and mis understandings starts to burst out. That made a gap between them.

Last year in high school

The friendship and love turns to hatred.
one day the girl heard again a news that his bestfriend was being linked with another girl. She just disregarded it and focus on his study.

On their retrest.
The said girl that his bestfriend was courting wrote a letter to her:

an excerpt “answerte mo sa kanya mahal na mahal ka nya, ingatan mo siya ha”

Tears starts to fell down.

next letter that she opened is from his bestfriend
A ring serves as the lock of the roll.

“Bez alam ko madami na ako kasalanan sayo, maraming beses na din tayo nag away, ilang beses na din kita binalewala sana maayos ulit tayo. I miss you” Mahal na Mahal kita”

After reading that she decided to have another chance with his bestfriend.

They graduated high school and go with their separate ways in college but they were still in their relationship. A long Distance relationship.

They tried to make it work but it doesnt work at all. The girl decided to end their relationship and chose to rescue their friendship but its not that easy .

Year’s passed by:

They learned to live their lives without each other.
The girl realized that nmaybe they were just meant to be bestfriends not lovers.

The girl got pregnant and his bestfriend dont know about it. She pleaded their friends not to tell his bestfriend about her condition until the day that his bestfriend admits that he was not in love with her already and he have a girlfriend.

But one day the girl received a call from his bestfriend saying

“why did you not wait for me?I know it was my fault I always take you for granted. When you are with me i dont care much. I dont know how to take care of you. But when your not with me and i heard that someones courting you. Im so selfish because im harrassing you to please come back to me”

after that conversation. The girl chose to end their communication so that his bestfriend will learned to live without her and find his true self and genuine love.

months passed by:

She heared that his bestfriend have a girlfriend right now and that girl was the girl that wrote her a letter on their retreat.

She was happy for his bestfriend.

After a year again.
They open their communication to each other. They still have their feelings for each other but they knew they must fight that feeling because many will got hurt right now if they will be defeated with their emotions!

Hope you like my story.
Feel free to post a comment.
Thank you

(Screen) Name: Gblogger


Love means a beautiful feeling inside you.

This is my own story. In 2005 first time I met him. A simple guy who use not to speak so much. Quiet Decent man of simple life with a high thinking. Whenever i used to be with him I like to be like a blossom honey to whom he love most. When we are together we make the beautiful couple among everybody around us. Love is the most beautiful feeling in us which make me feel most beutiful girl of his life. He says me that i make every possible effort to make his life happy that`s why i m `Khushi’. After 6years still we are together and sharing a same feeling as we had when we are on our first date. We still love like a beautiful pair of birds who live seperately but breath for eachother only. Problems never make us apart rather they make us more closer after every fight. May God shower my all happiness to my heartsweet who makes me alwys smile. LOVE YOU JAANA ALWAYS.

(Screen) Name: Khushi