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best spell caster

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(Screen) Name: cornelia


An unforgettable Love Story

In this unforgettable love story I love her but I don't know whether she love of or not. I have never lakked with her but I felt that she also wanted to talk with of but because due to the lack of confidence and distant between us, our love is the love which looks better in the books only.
I know that it was the Christmas time in 2010 and I with my sisters and neighbour, no with all the Jesus Youth of JHARKHAND were going to KERELA to attend the 25th Jesus Youth Jubilee Conference from 28th December 2010 to 1st January 2011.
From LATEHAR (where my good is) we went on 25th of December to RANCHI'S HATIA station of Railway to catch the train for KERELA. And in the station for the first time I saw such a beautiful girl like her in my life. She was as pretty as in my they the most beautiful girl in the world. But after seeing her for the first time I neil her. And on the same day at might I say her again and for the first time for a girl the tunes of guitar was played in my heart.
In the train she was just sitting next to my berth in the same coach S1. We both used to sleep in upper berth. But I never tried to see her because it was the first time that a girl came into my life. As I used to turn beside her a sacred feelings would come in my heart and mind.
Since that day my eyes started searching her everytime. There in KERELA instead of praying and celebrating my eyes was always in search of her. Everytime I say her my mind and heart wished "I could just talk to her",
During this period I also noticed that she was also just staring at me. There in KERELA, three days instead of praying I was droned in her thinking only. I was just thinking how to talk to her and many more things about her……..
Since it was the first time though I didnot talk ever to her but I got a glance to see her every day. But I was not couraged to see eye to eye in her eyes and talk to her. Because I never got a chance a perfect opportunity because I was used to move there with my brother MANOJ and she also was used to stay with her friends,
As the time passed my heartbeat started fastening due to the thought that today will be my last day to see her. And it was the last day on 02/01/2011 when it was the time to catch the train from KERELA to RANCHI. I was just sitting in the railway station. Them she came and sat infront of me but my head bowed towards the ground and not a single word came ou from my mouth, seeing infront of of I was speechless. I blew cause I was too damn shy.

Since I could not express my feelings to her and how my heart felt about her. I missed her a lot and now also used to cry in her absence,
-Yesudas Khusar
9430795650, 7209183990

(Screen) Name: Yesudas Khusar


adhura pyaar

Hey guys..!! Mera naam navya h! (name changed) … Wese to mri story bahut badi h bt mai ap logo ko short krke bataungi.. Ye mri real luv story h ek one sided luv ki story.. The story begins………:-) me naughty, funloving n a vry hppy grl hmesha ki trh festival enjoy krne apne village jate.. Har saal hi hm apna tyohar wha manaate the wd my whole family.. I had a joint family.. Waha pe humara ek neighbour hua krta tha jo ki hmari hi trh gaun tyohar pe hi ata tha hm sb sth khub khelte the.. Wo mra bahut acha dost tha aur wo mri cousin sis ka bhi acha frnd tha.. Khelte kudate kb mai use like krne lagi mjhe samajh nai aya halaki mai bahut choti thi.. Mai hmsha wait krti gaun jane ka usse mlne ka.. Par wo mri behan ko shayad pasand krta tha jo ki mjhe lgta tha.. Usne nai bola tha mjhe kch..! Tb mai takreeban 12 saal ki thi.. Wo mjhe bahut kum attention dta tha aur mjhe bahut bura lgta jb bhi mai use apni sis se baat krte dekhu mjhe bahut dukh hota.. Yahi sb hote hote time aage badh gayaa ab mai 17 saal ki hu aur wo 20 ka.. Ab mri likeness cn be said love!! Ek chij wo hmsha mjhe bolta ki navya tm ktni choti ho na mjhse vaishali (sis) mri bahut achi frnd ho pati h as she iz of my age.. I dnt knw wo asa q bolta jb ki mene use kbhi nai bataya dt i luve hm.. Mai kai bar asa sochti ki q mai usse age me choti hu q akhr bhagwan ne mjhe chota banaya.. Phr ek din ki baat h jb hm kafi mahino baad sms k through baat kr rhe the mne kch ainwayi bola to na jane use kya laga uska reply aya ” tmhre dil me kch ho to tm bol skti ho” mne bola nai to bcoz mai nai chahti thi ki use mre pyar k bare me kch pata chale.. Bt he started forcing me thn i said tht “i like u n i even knw ths tht u dnt” he said ksne bola tmhe i also like u phr usne gn bola gn bola bt wo sunkar mjhe kha need ani thi.. Phr 10 ya 15 dino baad humari baat hui.. Phn par jb baat ho rhi thi to usne luv tpic pe kch bola aur phr baat baat me usne mjhse nikalwa liya dt i luved him…. Bt phrrr usne bola dt hm sath hnge to bahut prblm ho jayegi navya etc etc…. I was really sad n he was like pls i cnt see u sad plss plsss… Bt couldnt control my feelings n thn he told ok lets do ths.. If u luv me thn i d’nt cre abt d whole world.. I was flyng im airs aftral mra bachpan ka pyar jo ki 5 saalo se hidden tha.. Nw he was wd me bt… Yes bt mri khushi nam ki thi mjhe usse kbhi wo pyar nai mlta tha.. Pura din beet jata tha is umeed me ki atleast uska ek msg milega bt no.. Ase hi din guzarte rhe aur mai aj ek asi jagah khadi thi jaha mai phle bhi zyada tut chuki thi.. I WAS DAMN HURt… Use mud swing ne mjhe pareshan kar diya tha kbhi he let me feel ki wo mjhe bahut pyr krne laga h to kbhi wo prove krta tha ki use mri koi parwah nai.. Phr meri di ki shadi me hm mile wo bhi aya tha.. Phr wahi situation jaha mai wo aur mri sis the.. Waha kch asa hua jisse mjhe uspa shuk hua subah ka time tha mene uska cel dkha to conversation me usne mri behan k bare me ksi frnd se bola tha ki mai uske sath hu wo bhi 2 din tk.. I was shocked n hrt.. Bt he denied aur phr usne mjhe ye bhi samjhate hue bola ki tm bahut choti ho mjhse.. Hm bachpan se ek dusre ko jante the to baate casually ho rhi thi.. Tb se we’r like vry casual aur ek din usne mjhe cl kiya aur kaha dt ur sis iz my gf since 3 yrs bt hmare bich wo pyr nai h i luv u.. He said mjhe mat chodo pls bt mai apni behan ko cheat nai kr skti thi.. I luved her!! Wo na use chodna chahta tha aur na mjhe.. I felt he’s nt worth my love bt pyr tha wo kse samajhta.. I cnt stp luving hm.. Mai ye janti hu ki mai use bahut pyr krti hu bt shayad kch logo ka na milna hi better hota h.. Wo mere pyar ko kbhi nai samajhta bt phr bhi mjhe umeed h ki wo kbhi na kbhi zarur samajhega bt shayad tb tk bahut der ho jaegi.. Mene ye kahi suna tha tha ki jb ap ksi ko chaho aur wo apka na ho paye to udaas nai hona chahiye koi usse bhi behtar apki kismat me milna likha hota h.. Mai ye sochkar khud ko mana leti hu… But i love u sooooooo much ki shayad tmhe koi utna pyar na kre.. Bt tm nai samajhte mere pyar ho.. Ap hi log bataiye kya mera faisla galat tha apni behan k liye use sacrifice kiya.. Mai janti hu ki usne ktni galat baat boli dt tm mri gf raho uske sath to mera naam ka rishta hai.. Par mai kya karu i luv hm aur mera pyr to asa hi h dt mjhe uski lakh galtiya bhi nai dkhti.. Mjhe umeed h ki mri lyf me bhi koi ayega jo mjhe bahut pyar karega.. I hope so jaldi…!! Bye frienzzz…!

(Screen) Name: navya


spell brought my husband back!!

hi everybody,,magic is real,just believed that some weeks ago i guess,and the funny thing is i learnt it the hard way..i had been married for four years with two kids and thought everything in my marriage was perfect and extraordinary,my husband was the most loving and my whole family was happy until everything changed..don’t know how or what happened but i guess i didn’t believe it was my fault.he started hitting me and my kids,cheating and we started having dept cos he was gambling quite much and he had lost his job..A friend introduced me to some counselors and therapist but it didn’t get well,it was getting worse so i decided to go the spiritual angle..After several attempts with different spell casters and magicians nothing happened.i met some people online who claimed to know someone who claimed to be able to help but it was all false,i lost a lot of money,was scammed several times and cheated on…i guess i was too desperate for a quick solution,but it all changed when i was introduced to a spell caster online,i thought he was going to be fake,maybe try to scam me again so i was prepared this time,i thought at least i could get him caught or something..but he wasn’t what it thought he was,he did some spell which i used playing along,but he was right,he was true..everything stated to turn around,my husband came home,he was changing and everything was going back to normal..and now after three weeks,everything is perfect and much more..my family is back,he has a new job,i do too..and we are happy as ever..i guess magic truly exist but in the right people with the right heart..magic is real and out there so is the person who saved my marriage,my family and i…

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(Screen) Name: sussy



I used to hear people saying,”love is blind”;this also happened to me.The story begun when I fell in love with a pretty girl at school.We really loved each other to the extent that nobody could think that one day we would separate.Our grew stronger and stronger,becoming as new as everyday that goes to the Lord.We went out together,we ate together,in short neither I or her could do anything in her or my absence.My family appreciated her,and her family accepted me,that is we planned to marry each other.
The thirsty of marrying her became “never-meet-dreams” this was after I was selected to join with advanced level studies.I was supposed to travel to another region,this was the beginning of tears,sadness,stress,and frustrations.She got another man who is a teacher at the same school,she aborted several pregnancies,she even did want to hear anything about me,she hated me the way Christians hate Satan,but more wonderful one day she said to me “I really don’t need and love you anymore because you are poor,you don’t have money to give me,fanny enough you are not my type.I have found the man of my life,so never think of me anymore”
It was difficult to accept and believe these words,I tried to call her back but she didn’t answer,she eventually changed her phone number.I tried to call to her in order to mediate I didn’t succeed.
She and her newly got man ended up in marriage,and they got two children.But they had unhappy marriage that resulted into divorce two years ago.She is now back to me with “tears of blood”,wanting me to love her again.I told her that ,it is impossible to me to love her again because I’m already married and I have a happy marriage with my wife…thus I wont love her again…

(Screen) Name: Masele


my first love and my true love

on april 13 when i was meeting him first time that day my life best day.he is my life.he is so caring,sweet and so special for me.he loves me very very much and i m also love him. i want to marry with him but our family is not agree.bcoz our cast is different but we made 4 each other. i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv him very much.

(Screen) Name: dimple