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Re-Discovering each other is another terrific way to heat things up again. The two of you have seen each other's bodies so many times; that you probably stopped observing it altogether and just went straight for the deed and mission to orgasm. It is important to remember that sex in humans has everything to do with feeding the minds fantasy. Sex is a very visual activity; so take the time to re-discover your partner's body, every curve and area that puts together the creature you desire so much. Oh yes, and take your time! Over time in a relationship, people tend to rush and hurry more during sex as if it is a chore. Making love is supposed to be a fun and patient experience. So take the time to observe your lover's body, kissing every area patiently, expressing the fantasy your mind has for your partner, making it come true.


Paying attention plays a big part in sexual greatness as well. If you are taking it slowly as you should, you will able to notice the expressions your partner is making, which can be a big turn on for you and boost your sexual confidence, motivating you to go on and try new and more things to keep things running smoothly and hot. Keep in mind that you should pay attention to yourself as well. If you wish for an area to be pursued, feel free to request it from your partner. After all, your partner will do his or her best, but is not a mind reader.


Showing your appreciation and care for each other will leave things healthy in the bedroom, making you both look forward to the next time, with the wish to discover each other all over again. Do not just get up and go about your day after you are done. Take the time to let your partner know how wonderful the experience was and how great it made you feel, as well as asking how they feel about it too. Talking about it will bring the two of you closer together, which will result in the both of you craving more and more intimacy.


In order to do all of this though, you must make the time! Too many people claim that they wish to improve their sexual life, but just do not have the time. If heating things back up in your sex life is truly important to you and your partner, then you both will have to make the time to dedicate to your sexual needs and desires. Set up a time when you can talk about it and patiently have a love making session. As time goes by and you get used to your new sexual lifestyle, you will be able to be spontaneous as well. Spontaneity is just as important because it makes things more exciting and comes in handy when you are having the busiest of schedules!


When you and your lover work as a team and put in the efforts needed and wanted to your sexual relationship, you will be able to re-explore all the things you love about each other, as well as finding out things you never knew could make the two of you so wild. Just keep an open mind, be honest about how you are feeling and make the time to approach the bedroom with care, patience and willingness. In time, you will, as a couple, find your secret to making your sex life last in the hottest and sexiest way you could only dream about before.
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