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Top 10 Worst Wedding Gifts  

Worst Wedding Gifts - The wedding top 10 disasters.

Weddings are the happiest day for the bride and the groom. Their union will be authenticated by their family, friends and God. However, your friend’s wedding day can turn out to be quite challenging for you. Firstly a wedding means you need to select the wedding gift that can make an impression and be of some use to your friend. Most importantly, this wedding gift should be special, but not too expensive on your pocket.

If you are closely related to the bride and the groom there is no doubt you will be thinking of all the above matters. But if you are not very closely related to the bride and the groom or are presently in a condition where you cannot afford something fancy for the newly weds, you can give whatever you want to, but consider the following points that may make your gift one of the worst gifts they received at their wedding. worst wedding gifts

  1. I O U: This is probably one of the worst gifts ever, let alone one of the worst wedding gifts! If you are thinking of giving this as a gift, forget it. This would harm your impression on the newly wed couple. Instead, a bunch of flowers would do the trick- at least you would have given something to the couple.
  2. Passed on gift: You have something in your home that you intend to give as a gift for the wedding. If you are considering this, you have to ensure that the gift you are about to give is useful to someone. If the gift seems, it is better that you avoid this gift, newly weds who receive it will not be too pleased with whatever you have given, especially if it adds to clutter inside their home.
  3. Outdated gifts: There was a time, when something you are about to gift the newly weds was in vogue, but not anymore, it would be wise not to give this gift, this too would be in the worst gifts list of the newly weds. Anything gifted that is out of fashion does not amount to a good gift.
  4. Gift with price tag: The newly weds deserve whatever you are about to give them, therefore, it would be highly inappropriate to give them a gift by leaving the price tag on in under some or the other pretense. This will also somehow undermine your impression upon them.
  5. Damaged gifts: Giving damaged or broken and repaired gifts to the newly weds is a taboo, even if the gift was expensive and you have done your best in mending or repairing it.
  6. Gifts you know are of no use to the couple: if you know the newly wed couple closely, you should know about their likes and dislikes. This can guide you at the time of buying a gift for the couple. You should try and select the one which they are most likely to use rather than the one they may not use at all. If you give a gift of something that the couple may not use at all, this can classify your gift as one of the worst gifts.
  7. Gifts that are potentially hazardous: Try and select safe gifts. Sometimes, opening up gifts can take up a long time, gifts like a spray, etc, need to be kept in safe places away from fire and heat. You should make it as clear as possible what the gift exactly contains, you would not want to surprise the couple with a gift that could be dangerous.
  8. Perishable gifts: Gifts should be the ones which can last a long time. Generally, newly weds are short of time because of their honeymoon commitments and trying to adjust to each other, therefore, they may take a long time in opening up the gifts. If you have at any point and time given perishable gifts, these are likely to get spoiled or rot if not opened. These are also likely to attract insects- this would give enough surprise to the newly weds, therefore, perishable gifts at weddings are one of the worst gifts.
  9. Unpacked gifts: Some people of the uncanny style of giving a gift that has not been box packed. This makes it very difficult for the couple to carry it from the venue of their wedding to their home. A gift that is unpacked definitely makes it to the worst gift list, because it cannot be stacked up anywhere good.
  10. A large box and small gift: Sometimes people do not want the public to see how small their gift is, so they end up packing it in a much larger pack and thus taking up lot of space. No wonder such a gift will make it to the worst wedding gift! It is misleading and not very tasteful.

What you select as gift for the couple is your wish. However, you need to put thought into the couple’s necessities, rather than your whims when you are planning a wedding gift.

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