• pretty girl make a duck face, and take a self portrait
    Are You Sending too many Selfies? Yes, we do live in a selfie culture and taking selfies on a daily basis is the norm. This is all fun and fine, but what about in the case of flirting and dating? Read more here ...
  • Bad in Bed
    Are you Bad in Bed? - Having sex is a little like baseball- it can be a hit or miss. You are either going to score a home run or will end up disapointed. When the sex is bad, does it mean ... Read more here ...
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    Love Calculator - Have some fun, measure the love compatibility. Go here...
  • A-Love dating-kiss (25)
    When Sparks Fly at the Office: Should you sleep with a co-worker? Read here ...
  • love slide
    Should You Spend the Night? Ok ladies- so you're dating someone you really like and things are really hot between you. You get along, enjoy being together and the sex is amazing. Read more ...
  • A-fall_over_him (6)
    Like women, men also need more than just a good physical connection for them to stick around and grow attached to you. You’d be surprised to know that men really are not all that different from us ....

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