How to Approach a Crush

How to Approach a Crush

Crushes are for everyone and have no age limit. You are never too old to develop a crush on someone and whether you are in high school crushing on someone or a full grown adult, the feelings are always the same.

This is usually how the whole scenario plays out: You meet someone you find extremely attractive- only this is not the usual “Oh my gosh, he’s (or she) so hot” thing where you acknowledge their hotness and then move on. No, this is more. Suddenly, you catch yourself thinking about this person constantly, having a hard time focusing on work and your day to day routines. You lose your appetite, have constant butterflies in your chest and stomach , listen to corny love songs and well- actually feel kind of ill, but in the most wonderful way! If this sounds familiar and you can relate, then congratulations- you have a crush on someone!

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Crushes bring so much joy into our lives. They make us feel young, alive and take our minds to the most amazing, magical places. At the same time, crushes can also be very distracting and scary. Most crushes are discreet, a sacred experience we go through alone, wondering if this person feels the same way or even knows you are alive. You want so much to get closer to him or her, but are terrified of the possible outcome (rejection hurts, after all). So, how should you approach a crush?

It can be nerve-racking, but it is important that you deal with your feelings and approach your crush. It’ll bring you relief and of course you will also have the opportunity to find out how he or she feels. What’s the worst thing that can happen? At the very worst, he or she will not feel mutually, you will go from having a crush to feeling crushed, but you will move on (even if you think you won’t). At the very best, you will find out he or feels the same and has been too afraid to approach you too! Believe it or not, it’s worse not approaching your crush, because you will forever be wondering, torturing yourself day in and day out with daydreams and playing things out in your head, when you could just gather some courage and just go for it!

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Here are some tips on how to approach your crush:

1. Lock Eyes– Eye contact is very important when it comes to finding out whether or not someone finds you attractive. It is also the best form of silent flirting. So the next time you are around your crush, try to make eye contact and lock that eye contact for a few seconds, no longer. Pay attention to how he or she reacts- does he or she smile, look away, look away and then look back? Their response to an eye lock will give you more of idea of whether they find you attractive. Trust your instincts on this one- you will know what it all means when you see it.

2. Smile!– You may be nervous around your crush, but do not let all those nerves distract you to the point that you forget to smile! Let your crush see your most irresistible smile and say hello. This will get their attention and he or she will know that you are there.

3. Pick Conversation– This may seem scary, since you feel nervous and are afraid that you may trip all over your words, but talking is the only way to get things started and flowing, Pick conversation with your crush so the two of you can start getting to know each other a little more. You can even practice ahead of time of the topics you will bring up- that way you do not freeze once you come face to face with him or her.A-crush (5)

4. Ask Him or Her out for a cup of Coffee or Drink– If you’re feeling gutsy and up to it, try asking your crush out for a cup of coffee. If you two say hi to each other pretty regularly and engage in small talk now then, then it’s good enough to ask him/her out for a cup of coffee. Just be calm, cool and casual about it and see what happens.



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