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You know it’s time to Break Up When

Knowing when it’s time to let go A break-up is never an easy experience. Whether a break up is one sided or a mutual decision, it is something that leaves you feeling very emotionally torn. You would think that if you are pretty much over someone and have had it with the relationship, it would [...]

How to Charm Him Over

How do we girls know when a guy likes us? No rocket science needed there! If a guy is into you, he will make that very known through his actions and behaviors. Men are visual creature- this we know. So to first reel them in, we must use physical bait.  That’s actually the easy part.  [...]

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Are you Someone’s Rebound?

Finally, after a long time of being alone and going through what it feels like endless boring dates, you meet someone super cute, super cool and super available! You clicked from the very start, have many things in common, the physical attraction is very strong, you laugh together and when you are not in contact, [...]

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The Younger Man and Older Woman

Why Younger men are going after older women  Today, the younger man-older woman relationship is nothing new. We see it happening more and more each day, yet at the same time- people still can’t stop talking about it, keeping it a taboo subject. Why is it that when the man is older nobody says much, [...]

Why You Keep Falling for Losers

… And How to STOP it! I really wish I did not have to bring this topic up in the first place, because this only means that enough intelligent women out there are falling for losers. I mean girls, really! We say we want a good man who is sweet, who will be attentive, who [...]

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Why Some Women get all the Guys

Do you know or have you seen how a certain woman seems to get all the guys?  It’s like a magnetic force, the way these guys are drawn to her. I mean sure, she is beautiful, but there are also millions of other very beautiful women in this world too, who do not seem to [...]

Top 3 Reasons a Guy Loses Interest

So you've met this incredible sexy man that you actually had your eye on for a while. Finally, you get all the signs and green lights from his end that he is also interested in you too! The flirting goes from subtle and mild to hot, heavy and completely obvious. You are constantly texting each [...]

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How to Approach a Crush

Crushes are for everyone and have no age limit. You are never too old to develop a crush on someone and whether you are in high school crushing on someone or a full grown adult, the feelings are always the same. This is usually how the whole scenario plays out: You meet someone you find [...]

No Guys, She’s Not THAT Busy….

We hear it all the time- women talking to each other and asking questions and advice about some guy they were supposed to hear from but haven’t heard from yet. Do you think he’s just really busy? Maybe his text didn’t go through? The questions of possibilities as to why he hasn’t called her is [...]