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How to Charm Him Over

How do we girls know when a guy likes us? No rocket science needed there! If a guy is into you, he will make that very known through his actions and behaviors.

Men are visual creature- this we know. So to first reel them in, we must use physical bait.  That’s actually the easy part.  The real question is: How do you charm him over and keep him interested? After all, capturing their interest is one thing- keeping it is another.

Like women, men also need more than just a good physical connection for them to stick around and grow attached to you. You’d be surprised to know that men really are not all that different from us when it comes to what they need and want from the opposite sex.

A-fall_over_him (6)Here are what a small group of men had to say when it came to being charmed by a woman, making them want to stick around and be with her- so listen up, ladies!

Compliment Him- The men I talked to generally said they don’t feel they get complimented enough. Like us, they also would like to hear how good they look, small or something simple such as how cute you think they are.

“I really love it when a woman is generous with giving me compliments. Men give compliments all the time and sometimes women don’t realize how good it feels for a man to also hear something flattering about himself” – Paul M., 28

Send a Text or Call Him!- Seriously girls, I know it’s nice to be the one being chased all the time, but how about you let that special guy know he’s been running through your mind too by also sending him a quick text or giving him a short but sweet phone call? It doesn’t have to be anything specific- a simply “Hi, I was just thinking of you- how are you?” is more than anything to charm him over.

“If you’re thinking of me, call or text me! Woman always feel like they have to wait for the guy to make the move first as a sure sign he is into her. Ladies, we are into you, but it’s also nice to know that you’re into us too! Doesn’t have to be as much as we text or call you, but a little attention from you wouldn’t hurt”.- Seth A., 31

 Turn Up Your Sex Appeal- Be flirtatious and don’t be afraid to turn up your sex appeal and get all seductive with this fella.  Men love having their egos fed just as much as women do, so start getting your sexy back and use it! Send him naughty, flirtatious texts to get his imagination going.  Men have shorter attention spans than us in general and need to have their minds stimulated more often- whereas us girls can have an amazing night with him and reminisce about it for weeks!

“ I wish women wouldn’t be so afraid of being more sexual. It’s like they’re afraid we’re going to think low of them if are. I’m not saying get all porn star on me, but just show me your sexual side, it peaks our interest in you even higher and makes us more curious about you”.

A-healthy_relationship (20)Having a Sense of Humor- Being able to take a joke, laugh at yourself, as well as make him laugh is a sure way to charm him right over! It is important for most men to be with a woman who does not take herself or life too, too seriously and who is able to smile, laugh and not take everything to the heart so much.

Understand his need for Guy Time- Yes; you want to spend every breathing moment with your delicious, irresistible hunk of man, but if you really want to charm him over, let him have some space to have some guy time with his buddies. Men like to sometimes be on their own or do guy stuff with the boys- whether it is watching a game, or whatever. By not freaking out about it and understanding his needs for it, he will be more than charmed you. Nothing is more attractive in a man’s eyes than a woman who plays it cool and doesn’t freak out whenever he doesn’t want to always do things together with her.

Is Able to Hang with the Guys- A woman who is able to hang with her guy and his buddies is sure to charm your lover boy!




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