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For many of us commitment means getting married and staying together forever until we no longer exist.
The idea of commitment has changed over time though, and many people avoid getting involved with such an idea. Commitment covers different areas and it is essential that you know what you wish to commit to and if the person you are interested in, feels the same. There are several different types of commitments.

Emotional commitment commitment
An emotional commitment is when you are there for you partner whenever he or she needs you and they are there for you as well. You make each other first priority in your lives and stay together through the bad times and even make certain sacrifices

Differences commitment
A differences commitment is when you commit to each other's differences and respect them. You agree to disagree on things, without letting it blow out of proportion. You accept each other's personalities without ever attempting to change your partner. Although these are all separate commitments, they can all combine, which is what most people are looking for when they are trying to find a partner.

Sexual commitment
A sexual commitment is when the both of you agree to perform sexual activity only with one another or if the two of you agree to involve other people.
Some people may even agree to sleep with others without the other involved, as long as they inform each other about it.

For many of us commitment means getting married and staying together forever until we no longer exist.
Understanding why you want a commitment will make things clear for you and your partner. Many people often wish to commit for the reason that they feel it is a pattern they must follow. They feel they will be judged negatively if they do not eventually commit fully to a person.

Do you want a commitment because your parents are pressuring you?

Or do you truly wish to settle down and strengthen your relationship?

No matter what situation your relationship is in, understanding and keeping the commitment can be confusing, misleading and disappointing. It can also build an extremely strong and loving bond if the two of you met at an agreeing level. For Advice on this topic please go here.

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