Confused Girl

Hi All, I am a 30 year old girl whose married. BUt soon after a month of my marriage which was arranged i fell in love with a Man, who does not like to have a relationship wth me but yes likes me a lot. i am madly in love with this guy and i cannot loose him . He knows i am married. I have no idea what to do, cos this guy whom I love doesn'T respect my time, and has taken me for granted. Please help me .

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what’s right and what’s wrong??

Last year, in April 2017. I meet a guy, at Gym. At first sight, I feel head over my heals. But I thought it was just a crush, as he was really good looking.  I was 20 year's old nd new to the place. He was 28 year's old, one of the partners of the gym nd my trainer as well. He was kind, traditional, generous, smart, intelligent and had good sense of humour.  Like other trainer's, I never once felt uneasy or uncomfortable with him in 10 months.It tooked me 7 months to knew his name. I use to be calm, nd sweet. My every day was fun because of him, he was very motivational. Slowly I started feeling these mutual vibes.  But I never been in a relationship so I hold on myself back nd just thought he will. Sometimes he even did, but I never got them as a sign, I  use to make fun off [...]

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Am I a stupid wife

I married a man in prison his sister was what I considered my best friend but today is I sent in resume I think back of the things you used to tell me how her and her brother were really close before he went to prison then we had a visit together and let's just say a Picture Tells a thousand words we had another visit together and my eyes focused on the interaction which tells me there's something more to this sister brother relationship and the fact I married him in prison a little crazy I feel like there is a family secret that everybody knows and I am I stupid or am I

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Hi there I've been with my wife for 7 years now and love her to bits we have a 5 month old girl together.. but since she fell pregent I've been sleeping around with escorts and woman from dating apps also I see myself as a straight man but since then I've also been meeting men and crossdressers. And going to be honest I've loved every second of it. the first time I slept with somebody else I told her I felt so guilty but after I told her I got a kick out of telling her  of what I did. She forgive me but if hasn't stopped me from sleeping around with woman and men. But I want her to find out. Ive even sent my mother in law a picture of my cock hoping she would tell my wife but that didn't happen I am now sleeping around with my mother in law. I really needed to [...]

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Everyone knows that I love him. It took a lot for me to admit that I loved him. I refuse to tell him that I love him but the truth is I do. And I told him that we couldn’t be friends with benefits or just plain friends anymore because it was too painful to see him sleeping with other people. Is it a bad idea to start talking to him again? The feelings aren’t as they used to be but my friend is worried that I’ll go back to square one again. I don’t know what to do.

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My girlfriend’s bestfriend

I’m seriously attracted to my girlfriend’s (gf) best friend (bf).   What makes it so difficult is that me and bf see each other a lot, we have a lot similar career goals, we have similar interests, we have a similar level of intelligence, and humour, and living style, and so much more.   Sure me and gf have a lot in common, but there’s more and more that puts me off her each week.   If I knew how bf felt then I might be more willing to do something, but I can’t afford to risk it now and lose both of them and my home!   On top of all that, I now work with bf so I’ll be seeing her even more!

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My first gay experience

When I was 16, I was sleeping over at my best friend’s house. We would have sleepovers fairly regularly since neither of us had girlfriends and we would end up gaming until late, so we often figured we may as well stay.   This one particular night, we had been allowed a couple of beers with dinner (which had gone straight to my head). Skip the boring bits, we were both in separate beds, sipping on beers and watching good old Babestation, on his TV in his room. I was feeling horny and was rubbing myself under my duvet. I could clearly see he was doing the same.   The night goes on, we flick between channels and land on a full-frontal channel. This sent me over the edge. By this point, I had my pants down and was jacking off, still under the duvet. My friend had been doing the same and before long he jumped out of [...]

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Emotionless narcissist

I don't form emotional attachments to people I'm supposed to be on a relationship with, I don't feel guilty for cheating which I've done in every relationship I've been in and today I realised I'm more attracted to myself than the guy I was sleeping with.

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In too Deep

I love my husband, I really do. He is absent and I am lonely. I have started to seek comfort from another and although I feel guilty I am also struggling with lusting after the other man. It started off quite innocent but has slowly but surely gotten to a point where I find myself fantasizing about him. He is fully aware ane we're both rebelling in the others attention. I haven't been married for long but I never thought of myself as an unhappy spouse. I feel as if this could end up wrecking both of our families. Yet, I can't seem to end the late night chats, tiptoeing around sexual fantasies and the innocent thoughts about what he's doing and whether he's with his wife but thinking of me. I never wanted this but I can't, no won't stop. He makes me feel so beautiful. We have a lot in common and our chemistry is off the [...]

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Chris told me he ran into you a week ago.   To his credit he really really didn't want to tell me.  I guess his honesty policy and what's best for me policy, well you know which one ran out.  I just spent the past two minutes looking at the blinking blue line of what I'm supposed to say next.     I asked you please try and understand that there is no one there hasn't been anyone and at some point there will be someone but as of today there is no one in this world who knows me better than you do.  It's not your fault that I live inside my head which is why something like this that really shouldn't matter is so destructive it's so hard for me to recover from.  You saw everything and I mean everything and you ran and you left and then you found a replacement.  As I write this I [...]

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