I am in love with a man I don’t know.

He and I knew and loved each other as children, thats for sure. We parted ways almost 15 years ago.
Destiny and technology crossed our paths again and we have exchanged phone numbers, pictures, texts nd it feels just like it did then! Wow.

We have lived a lifetime since we last spoke and he feels they same way for me as I feel for him. I don’t look at anyone else anymore, I don’t want anyone but him. We cannot be together right now and I am willing to wait as long as I need to and remain faithful to him for as long as it takes. And THAT is new! I have NEVER been willingto give up sex for anyone!

I do think I’m a fool for thinking he could really love me, but I swear I feel it! It feels real, true, here! I miss him, get the butterflies. He knows just what to say to make my day, no matter what kind of day I’m having. He’s there for me. No matter what.

The thing is, I haven’t even seen him, except for a few pics. He’s seen me on webcam. We will see each other on webcam soon, but I already decided that it doesn’t matter what he looks like. I love him. But how could I not be considered insane for doing and feeling this?!
I must be.
But one thing is certain, a phantom has my heart.

(Screen) Name: Chataq