Hi i need help, i think i like my best friend. The whole story starts when my friend Kevin (who i like)took me to the movies to see The Lucky One (a romantic movie, i guess). He took me because i told him i was having family issues n i was so upset. He was really sweet when we went. A few weeks later my friend Brooke told me she liked him. By the way i didnt tell anyone i liked him. i didnt want anyone to find out so i told Brooke i would set them up to go to this dance at school. i felt so so so stupid when i did. But eventually they broke up. Then me and Kevin got in huge fight(i dont remember about what) then we made up. Now i see him flirting with other girls but the reason him and Brooke broke up was that he was not ready to be in a relationship. i think he is so sweet and nice but sometimes a douche. i love him as friend n i lik him more than that. he has seen me when my life was falling apart and he helped put it back together. i am way to nervous to tell him this because i dont think he feels this way toward me. what wshould i do?

(Screen) Name: in need of fast help