I was travelling in a bus. There was a lot of crowd. I was sitting of the seat away from the window. A girl was standing near me and she was wearing a skirt. Because of the crowd my knee was touching her legs as her back was towards me. I pushed my leg towards her and touched her a little in the portion above her knee. Because of the crowd nobody was noticing it. She havn’t resisted it so i started stroking her leg. Still she havnt reacted at all this increased my confidence and i touched her knee with my hand and started my hand upwards. I reached her panty which was wet and squeezed it hard. OMG i cant say what i was feeling, my mind was drained of blood and i was unable think anything. I played with her pussy with my fingers she was standing still doing nothing, encouraging me too continue.I was knowing that it is wrong but still i was doing then after sometime her stop came and she left the bus along with the people she came with. Afterwards i felt like a loser who cant control my own deeds. I was knowing that it was wrong but i dont know what came over me. I am too ashamed of myself now.

(Screen) Name: Parth