Am I a stupid wife

I married a man in prison his sister was what I considered my best friend but today is I sent in resume I think back of the things you used to tell me how her and her brother were really close before he went to prison then we had a visit together and let's just [...]

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Hotel fun

Was at a work function, at a hotel. Was by myself, and really looking for some fun. I was wearing panties, under my clothes. At the bar, I got close to a nice looking guy. He wasnt gay, but I wasnt discouraged   After a while, we got closer, and I  suggested to go up [...]

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My dark fantasy

I am an exhibitionist. It all started when I was in eighth standard. We used to live in a three storey building. I had just found out the pleasures of masturbation. I didn't have access to the internet so I had to rely on FTV and other English channels for my sexual entertainment. I used [...]

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Worshipped my sister’s legs

Liz, When I was 14 and homeschooled what kept me alive was weather. But what really made me give that up for weeks was when you wore green shorts and you used to glow and shimmer with your legs that made me the happiest person on earth. Your legs sparkled from the top to the [...]

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I love him so much

I was like a girl who did not believe in love and i was not interested in marriage. Perhaps I had little bit crush on my cousin. He was my first cousin. He also liked me. We met after 2 years at our maternal house. We were very happy to see each other after a [...]

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Chris told me he ran into you a week ago.   To his credit he really really didn't want to tell me.  I guess his honesty policy and what's best for me policy, well you know which one ran out.  I just spent the past two minutes looking at the blinking blue line of what [...]

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In too Deep

I love my husband, I really do. He is absent and I am lonely. I have started to seek comfort from another and although I feel guilty I am also struggling with lusting after the other man. It started off quite innocent but has slowly but surely gotten to a point where I find myself [...]

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Dressed up as girl

my female cousin who was two years older than me was visiting us. One afternoon she and my mom went out. I walked passed her room and spotted a pair of lavender panties in her suitcase. I went to my room, undressed and slid my new found silky panties slowly on my body. I had [...]

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i have confessed now i am free and wont commit this thing of liking someone or a thing which is not yours'.

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Do you have a secret that you have been keeping from a friend or loved one?

A new MTV series from the creators of Catfish: The TV Show is looking to help anyone ready to let go of a secret once and for all.   Do you have a secret that you have been keeping from a friend or loved one? Has this secret spiraled out of control, leading you to [...]

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