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Keeping Love Healthy with Money Problems

Money may not be everything, but it also isn’t just anything.  It helps us not only to survive, but also allows us to enjoy other luxuries and do many enjoyable things with the ones we love. Money also gives us the strength and confidence to chase after our dreams and assists us in making them come true. love credit crunch

When money is short such as in the credit crunch and debt is involved however, it can affect your romantic relationship- no matter how much you and your partner may love each other.  This is because when you go from a life of comfort to a life of struggle and unwanted change, it creates stress for everyone involved and patience can be short.  When patience is short, it causes people to be easily annoyed with each other and they tend to snap at each other quickly due to all the worries on their mind.

Can money problems and a credit crunch ruin a good romantic connection? It can- but it doesn’t have to! With all the financial trouble out there today, it is very likely you will find yourself in some money trouble sooner or later. Naturally, both you and your partner are going to feel concerned and stressed out about it, and that’s okay. The only important effort you both need to make is to do whatever it takes to avoid turning on each other and playing blame games, and instead work together love creditin taking care of your financial situation.  As unpleasant as it may be, you both will have to make certain changes in order to keep your heads above water until your situation improves. This includes budgeting on things you never had to before and finding less expensive ways to enjoy life.

Work together in finding romantic things to do together that cost less. It is essential that you keep your romance alive and healthy during rough times and not allow money obstacles to tear you and your love apart. Tackle your money problems together, but do not neglect your love life. Make dates to do something nice together that will not put a strain on any of your wallets.  For example, you can reserve a certain night for “movie night”, rent some movies and cuddle on the couch together with some sweet snacks. You could also cook up a romantic dinner at home, or go out for dinner and come home for dessert.  There are many things you can do- the point is to be attentive to your relationship and not get drowned in your money worries. There is time to work on finances and time to enjoy your relationship. Your passion for each other should not go on hold and there is no need to turn against each other, because this is something you both can tackle and conquer together- as a loving couple.

Things to Remember:

How you felt about each other when you first fell in love and focus on why you love each other in the first place

  • Remember how supportive you both were of each other when things were going well. It is time to now be supportive of each other through struggling times too.
  • Remember that it takes two to keeps things good or to make them go sour. Team work is the key!
  • Always be open to listen to one another, even if you do not always agree. Ignoring things, blaming each other or closing up to what the other has to say will not make your money problems go away and could actually make it worse in more ways than one.
  • Tackle this together and come up with a plan you both like to help you both get back on track.

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