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Love Quotes

cute love quote You used to warm me up inside you used to make me feel whole but now I have to learn with the fact that your not here to warm me up anymore
cute love quote Writing shouldn't be forced to be written, but inspired to be created.
Walking away wasnt the hard thing..its knowing you wont come running back to me(U)
cute love quote Immature love is the first love
I have learned that the dashing white knight who was supposed to sweep me off my feet has apparently gotten lost in the forest
cute love quote i love u isn't hard to say, meaning it is the hard part
cute love quote P.S. I will love you forever and today!
cute love quote if i could be anything i would be ur teddy bear so when u come to cuddle it at night u would cuddle me instead
Feelings of love,
Moments of caring,
Small small sharing,
Stupid fightz,
Be togather in pain,,
These creates a miracle called
cute love quote Who do you run to to when your crying when the person you love made you cry?
A hert is not ply thing, hert is not toy, but if you wnt it
broken, just give it to boy.
cute love quote I love you like a fat kid loves cat
Love is caring... loyalty... honest..respect.. and knowing that someday it may all be gone..
cute love quote love is when reallity is better than a dream
Love is Like a butterfly hold it to tight it will crush,hold it to loose It might fly away!!!!!
cute love quote Love is blind but ur neighbours aint so dont do naughty stuff ova ur garden gate!
A break-up is like a nightmare where you Wake up Crying, Screaming, or you don't wake up at all...
cute love quote i wrote your name in the clouds,but the wind blew it away...i wrote your name in the sand,but the waves washed it awsy...i wrote your name in my HEART,and forever it will stay!!!!!!!
If love is suppose to So wonderful, why does IT sometimes hurt so much?
cute love quote a grain of sand fall from the sky each time i think of you,we now have the sahara,because i spent plenty real time thinking of u.
when you feel like giving up; remember why you held on for so long in the first place
cute love quote *Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never even knew*
poem qoutes
cute love quote Love is like the sun, comes out of the clouds and warms your soul!
god send you in my life to show me my path to love again.
I was never scared of anything besides god, until the day i fell in love with her heart
cute love quote the shortest word for me is I
the sweetest word for me is LOVE
the only one for me is YOU
trust is the best proof of love, i lost that.
cute love quote nothing's more painful than watching the one you love love someone else
Every tear I shed tells a story. The problem is, you've forgotten how to listen.
cute love quote it's hard to see the person you love so much loving someone else
Everyone has a little asshole in them
cute love quote When a guy sweeps you off your feet, he's in the perfect position to drop you on your butt
i love u and i always will i will never dunp u everon if u dump me i am allways youes
cute love quote Oh she's nice, she's kind, Innocent too. She's probably pretty The right one for you So Just forget me: I'm only a friend Though I'll be with You Until the end
You must be tired you've been running through my mind all night
cute love quote From our first hug I knew it was real, from our first kiss I knew it would last forever.
I knew I loved you from day one
cute love quote I only wish you would tell me how you felt
Love does not hurt only if you let it hurt. Get out if it hurts becomes it can lead to death.
cute love quote love is like the wind....you can't see but you know it's there
I do not condone your love, I suffer it-
cute love quote And she pretends youre right there beside her.....she doesn't want to pretend anymore.
you cannot love a person whom you cannot love him.
cute love quote Hang in there when life is not
fair. Remember Jesus Christ our
Saviour is willing help because
he cares about you.
Is fighting for you really worth it? Should I even try? When all I do is feel the pain every day and every night
cute love quote love is like that dream just when you going to hit the bottom you wake up to see he was never your.

Swallow your fears, stand on your own 2 feet, you're not giving up.
cute love quote
Sadeness darkness anger and pain
Brake ups just seem all the same
One persons angry
Ones depressed
A heart is broken
Nothing is left

They say ill get over it
And that ill forget
Forgiveness wil be never
But nether the less

I open my eyes
Swollen and weak
Crying all night
can do that to me

I just want you to no
How I feel
So if you cum near me
Youll no how I feel

I bottled it up until today
But I wrote this poem just to say
There are other days
Other days to cum
But I loved u so much
You WERE my number one
don't get up-set over people in your past, because there is a reason there not in your future<3
cute love quote Even tho true love may have to wait a few years to truly blossom, beacuse its true I know that it will.
I don't have to be ur first love, but I do want to be ur last
cute love quote My heart longs for you, but what hurts the most, is hearing you voice and not being allowed to say, I love you adam coz ur wid my best friend:(
the beauty of true love is in how you some how just now it's forever.
cute love quote As i look at the picture of me and him...a tear runs down my face and all i can think is..What did i do wrong
Being in love you have to know it to trust it to feel it with mind,body and soul and most your important your heart.
cute love quote Don't make someone a Priority in your life if you're just an option in theirs
Goodnight lil' star Maybe tonight my wish will come true, Sleep tight lil' star, I'll be dreaming along with you, And if I wake up tomorrow, And he's still my friend, Then I'll see you tomorrow lil' star, To try my wish again
cute love quote he makes you think he loves you withous saying a word but then turns around and breaks you inside and makes you cry a thousand tears
cute love quote I can tell you think of her when your loving me, I hate to know that i will never fill the hole in your heart that she left for you
cute love quote I love you
were the last words
he didnt know
what would happen
but now he will sow
his surrows are deep
he loved her
they were meant,
meant to be
just them
together they were free
but time passes by
people change
now he gets high,
high as the birds
They sing to him
he sings too
who would have thought
this day would come
he was once taught
to be strong
but he decided to follow
in her footsteps
as we speak
we is up,
up in heaven
now they are together
free as can be
just the two of them
love is all around
with such peaceful sound
humming in their ears...
with no more tears
to shed
some people..
will do anything
for love
I miss your smile, I miss your laugh, I miss having your arms around me..but most of all i miss the time we shared in the past
cute love quote i was once falling in love, now im falling apart
If kisses are water,
Then I will give u Sea
If Smile is plant,
Then I will give u tree
Plz Remember me ..Plz remember me

If Emotions are fish ,
Then i will give u whale
If Enjoyment is party
Then I will give u feast
Plz remember me..Plz remember me

If friendship is happiness
Then i will give u love
If love is sadness
Then I will give my life for you
Well Plz love me & Dont Hate Me .:P
cute love quote If the person you love doesnt love you back, then love me instead cause I'll be loving you forever!
Life is to live, n to live with little hope of love, n this little hope of love proved to be the highest hope of life to live
cute love quote love is an emotion so strong that u would give up everything, to just feel it once, to know that you are part of something special. To know that u can feel what love really is, to know, to feel,and also to be loved.
Love is like the wind you can't see it but you can feel it
cute love quote Love is like war, easy to start, hard to end, impossible to forget.
Love is time's music from a fruitfly's wings. - Adam Chadmon
cute love quote No woman ever falls in love with a man unless she has a better opinion of him than he deserves.
One day you'll ask me what will I choose; you or my life, and when I answer my life, you'll walk away without knowing you are my life
cute love quote Sex is like my cellphone with over 100 contacts;however, my life doesn't revolve around it like that of most people.
Sometimes the person you Love,just doesn't understand how much you love them
cute love quote The weather maybe rainy now but soon all the rain will go away and make beautiful flowers!
Thinking of him makes me hurt because the thought of me and him together makes me wanna fly but then reality comes back into my mind and it kills me inside.
cute love quote We love you lyke a fat kid love cake
you are the flower that flowers my soul
cute love quote You don't love a person because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her.
your my love as you see we took the chance and made us be, your beauty lies within your eyes were you make me feel alive, maybe fate has brought us here to teach us a listen in love, or maybe its been sent from the angels up above, no matter what my dear my love is here to stay your the one I'll always love each and everday
cute love quote ~what do you do~
~when smiles go away~
~when everything changes~
~within one day~
~what do you do~
~when love falls through~
~when the one you love~
~doesn't love you?~

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