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Are you the Type of Woman that Men Desire?

Figuring out what men really desire is never easy, since men come in different variations. However, regardless of what category a man falls in, there are standard things that every man is looking for in a woman. Are you the type of woman that men dream about being with? We all want to be an object of desire- the kind of woman that men talk about, dream about and long to be with. We all want to be chased and admired by men and to be appreciated, respected and admired for our existence, appearance, personality and accomplishments.

So what do men really desire in a woman and are you that woman? Well, the first and most important thing to remember is to: desire

Be Real- be who you really are, rather than try to be what you think you should be or who you think people want you to be. It is easy to sense a real person from an artificial one and one of the main turn offs for a man is a woman who is not herself and gives off a fake vibe.

Have Confidence: Nothing is more attractive to a man than a woman who is confident and feels comfortable and happy in her skin. A woman who feels good about herself is a woman most likely with a good head on her shoulders, rational, focused and has good direction in life. If a woman does not have confidence in herself, then a man feels and sees no reason to have confidence in either and he will not want to invest his time and effort in a woman he will have to baby sit emotionally all the time.

Dress Fashionably: Wearing the most expensive apparel is not the most important thing to a man, but it is important that a woman keep up with her appearances. A woman who dresses sharply comes off as a woman who is successful and who treats herself with love and respect and therefore a man will not want to do less for her either- he will love and respect you too. So be sure to keep yourself updated with fashion and keep yourself well groomed. This will not only draw men to you, but you will also feel good about yourself- which is the first priority before you please anyone else! And remember, dress sexy, but classy as well- and always leave something to the imagination.

Express Intellect - Being desirable to a man is not just about having a pretty face or shapely figure. A woman with intelligence is important to and a man wants to be with a woman who will have something to talk about and who will teach him new things, just as he will teach you new things. Everyone is unique and has their own personal talents and areas of higher intelligence than others- so be sure to express that side of yourself to prove that you do have the whole package- an attractive appearance along with other intellectual surprises. Share your hobbies, share things you have learned through your life experiences and show what he has been missing out on before he met you!

Be Sweet and Feminine - Okay, today women are more independent and career oriented, but that does not mean we should have to give up and forget our feminine roots. Women are delicate creatures after all- we are sweet and giving and it is important for a man to see these qualities in a woman. It is not weak to show a man that you are sweet and care taking- after all, this is the type of woman a man dreams coming home to- someone who will lovingly welcome him home with a sweet feminine smile and take care of him. Never lose your special feminine roots- show him your sweet and romantic side.

Tell him what you want - It is understandable that you want a man who will treat you beautifully without you having to give him directions- and you should never lower your standards when it comes to this. However, you also have to remember that men cannot read minds and let us face it- we women are often emotionally unpredictable creatures and are not always easy to read. Men love it when a woman has the strength and confidence to tell him what she wants. Men want to please women, sp do not be afraid to open up and let him know what it is important to you.

Stay Glamorous - This does not mean that you should walk on eggshells and worry about your looks all the time. You should feel secure enough in your relationship to know that even when you are not made up, your man will still adore you and will not look at other women. However, this does not mean you should let yourself go and not care about the things that were once important to you. Relationship usually start going downhill when one or both partners stop caring about the little things, such as dressing up for each other, little romantic gestures and so on. So, remember the little things and always keep your self-confidence in tune by taking care of yourself- and your partner will automatically keep admiring you!

Like Your Body - Men love a woman who loves her body. A woman who walks around feeling good about her body and knowing that her body is beautiful is incredibly sexy to a man and make him curious and eager to get to know that woman. So be sure to build your physical confidence and focus on bringing out your best features. Nobody is prefect- everyone has flaws, but that does not mean that you should advertise your flaws. Get to know yourself and find your strong physical points and bring them out for the world to see and admire. If there are parts of your body that you believe could use some help, then do something about rather than complain.

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