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Foods to NOT Eat on a First Date

It’s your first date- and like many first dates, you two are going out for a nice, fun dinner. Perfect! No setting is better for a good “getting to know you” conversation than an appealing dining scene and good food. Be careful what you choose on the menu though- or your date will avoid being close to your face for the rest of the night! The idea is to bring this person closer to you, not further away- and let’s be real here, nothing makes a person run for the hills faster than someone with bad breath! Bad breath is one of the most common turn offs when it comes to a first date, or any date – actually in any situation for that matter. When your breath is smells and is scented strongly with an unpleasant odor, it just makes people feel grossed out and it also invades their personal space in an very offensive way. It goes without saying that besides making sure you floss and brush your teeth well before heading out for your big date, you should also take some gum or mints along with you, to stay fresh throughout the evening. A-best_dating (24)However, there are certain foods that not even the strongest gum or mint can hide or get rid of.

Here are some foods you should avoid having on a First Date:

1. Very Garlicky Food– Yes, garlic is yum, but resist the temptation of a garlic infused meal. Garlic is very strong and lingers around long after you have eaten it. 2. Onions (especially raw)- If you must have onions, keep it to a minimum and have them cooked, as raw onions are stronger and much more stinky. 3. Too much coffee – As delicious as coffee is, try keeping it to one cup if you decide to have it. Once coffee settles in to your stomach and you start silently burping things up, it does not smells like the yumminess it started off as. 4. Spicy Dishes– While dishes such as curry and other exotic meals may be scrumptious, they also contain many ingredients that contribute to bad breat, such as the garlic and onions mentioned above. Go for something milder instead. 5. Alcohol – a Cocktail or Martini to get things going and flowing is cool, but try not to get carried away. First of all, the last thing you want is to get totally drunk on your first date and second- alcohol contributes to bad breath and your gum is only going to help you to a certain point. Keep these tips in mind and your breath will perform beautifully o your first date. Obviously as you go on more dates together and grow closer, you will enter a comfort zone where you both will enjoy many different foods together, but first dates are all about first impressions- make sure your breath doesn’t blow it for you.



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