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Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits (FWB)- this is not a new thing. We have heard of friends with benefits for a very long time now- heck, some of us have had friends with benefits or even in a FWB relationship right now!

As common as frieA-fantasy (8) nds with benefits is, it is still a topic that gets a lot of attention. People love talking about it and everyone has their opinion on whether this is a big deal or not and whether it is right or wrong. Is having a friend with benefits really that big of a deal?
friends benefits Personally? I do not think so. I think that if two young (or older) adults are mature enough to understand this type of relationship for what it is and are able to enjoy great sex while maintaining a great friendship- then go for it! If you are someone who wants an amazing friendship with the opposite sex and want to have some fun in the bedroom with no strings attached, this is an awesome arrangement. This really is nobody’s business besides you and your friend (assuming there is no girlfriend or boyfriend in the picture), so if it works for you, then it works for you- have fun!
That being said, I also must include some cons to getting involved in an FWB relationship. So before you get all excited and see this as a green light to jump into the sack with your very attractive “friend”, read these possible cons and see whether or not you feel this is still worth it.

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Cons to a Friends with Benefits Relationship

Con # 1: You secretly have romantic feelings for your friend.A-unsatisfied-man (21)

If you already have some secret crush and romantic feelings for your friend and want to sleep with him or her with the hopes that it will take your friendship to the next level, steer clear! Trust me, while there are rare occasions where a FWB situation blossoms into a romantic relationship, it is really rare. Seriously, if your buddy had romantic feelings for you too, you would have seen more signs of that via flirting, being asked out, etc. If you two are friends, it’s for a reason and it is because he or she wants to be friends. So to avoid creating an emotional mess for yourself, stay friends and avoid sleeping together.

Con # 2: One of you can fall for the otherfwb

Okay, maybe none of you had a pre-existing crush on the other and really entered this as pure friends who just wanted to have some fun in bed, but things can quickly take a turn and one of you can develop romantic feelings for the other, with a desire to take this to the next level. Chances are, your friend will not feel the same way if you end up falling for him or her and this could be the end of a very special friendship. Are you ready to take that chance- of losing the friendship you have with this person because one of you may grow love feelings for the other? Think about it.

Con #3– Weird Territorialism when one of you gets a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Keep in mind that while you two are enjoying sexual awesomeness, you will continue to have your own personal dating lives and one day, one or both of you will start dating someone exclusively and perhaps even enter a relationship. This is where things can get weird or tricky. Even though you understand the situation, that you two are just good friends with benefits, you may still feel like you have this sort of hold on your friend -or your friend on you. The sex between you will obviously stop once one of you is in a relationship and this may create weird feelings of territorialism and you can even get jealous, because now your friend’s partner is enjoying that amazing lovin’ instead of you.

Once you reviewed all these possible cons and you still feel you and your friend can handle a FWB relationship, and then go for it! Have a talk before you start sleeping together so you both understand the arrangement and then enjoy…

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