Top 3 Reasons a Guy Loses Interest

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Top 3 Reasons a Guy Loses Interest

So you’ve met this incredible sexy man that you actually had your eye on for a while. Finally, you get all the signs and green lights from his end that he is also interested in you too! The flirting goes from subtle and mild to hot, heavy and completely obvious.

A-lonely-woman (11)You are constantly texting each other whenever you have the chance, you keep in touch via social media and even talk on the phone, keeping each other up at night a lot of the time. Things are going so well and so fast- and there is no doubt that this guy is into you. Except for the fact that he seemed to fall of the face of the earth!

Out of nowhere and without warning, he stops texting you and does not answer your texts either. You try messaging him via social media, only to see that he reads your messages, but just chooses not to respond to them. Now you find yourself completely confused, scratching your head and wondering: “What is going on? Did I do something wrong? Did I dream the whole thing? Why is he ignoring me?!”. Trying to figure out this odd behavior can quickly become an obsession- one that you cannot let go of until you understand why he was hot for you one minute and then so cold the next, as if you never existed.

Quick Ramble:
Men can be very weird. I mean, obviously to them in their “man world” their behaviors are perfectly normal and acceptable, but to us women- it can be quite frustrating and annoying. Sometimes it feels like one of life’s cruel jokes- to make men and women so different, leaving us to have to constantly play these guessing games and try to solve these mystery puzzles. Only we don’t have to play guessing games- we don’t have to play any games at all. This is a torture we voluntarily put ourselves through, when in reality- it is quite obvious what is going on. We are smart, sophisticated creatures but choose to play the confused role, because somewhere we would like to believe things are the way we would like them to be.

Back to Guys Suddenly Ignoring Us….
Okay, so we know all of this- but just for kicks, I interviewed many of my male friends about this very subject, as well as polled different men from all over, asking them why they may suddenly lose interest and just start ignoring a woman they were so hot for her not too long ago.

Based on the answers I got from majority of these men, here are the Top 3 Reasons a Guy Loses Interest

1. He Got What He Wanted and Needed and Moved On– You may have had more in mind when you started talking to this guy, but some guys aren’t looking for anything more than some fun. There is no doubt he thought you were hot (guys never spend that much time talking to a woman just to be nice), but that doesn’t mean he was looking for a relationship. Perhaps he was just interested in connecting with you sexually, or if you haven’t slept with him yet- then maybe he got the fun and ego boost he wanted from talking to you and is now done.

2. He Got Bored– It is possible that you two were strongly attracted to each other, but once you started really talking, he got bored and ad didn’t quite feel that connection with you he thought he was going feel. Don’t take it personally, just move on-this is what the dating world is all about; win some, lose some.

3. He Found Someone Else to Play with– The truth is, if this guy was that into you, you would know, because you would not be sitting there wondering why he is ignoring you and not calling or texting you back. If he wants you, he will be in touch and if he is not that interested and starts ignoring you, then he probably met someone else that caught his eye and interest. Move on and find someone else too.
But Why Ignore?A-lonely (12)

I know, I know- you have the reasons, but you still can’t understand why they have to ignore you though. Why not just talk and break things off with you like a mature adult?
Because a lot of guys lack communication skills and don’t know what to say, is what I’m told from my male peers and the guys I polled for this article. They don’t know how to talk to you about it, so they figure ignoring you is the best route to take, not to mention an obvious hint that you are sure to get.



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