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Top 10 signs that show the man is into you!

It is said that the love of a man for a woman could be recognized very easily but it is very difficult to define it. However, here are a few tips that  can help you see if the man of your interest is into you:

10 Signsin to you

  1. The man can't seem to stop talking to you everyday.
  2. He is not dating anybody else except you.
  3. He starts treating your mother the way he treats his own mother.
  4. He starts using words like “we”, “our”, and “us” more during conversations with you, particularly when he is talking about the future.
  5. He is keeping a photo of yours on his desk.
  6. He starts keeping your favorite food items in his refrigerator.
  7. He bestows top priority to you over his work and other relationships.
  8. He keeps saying nice things about you when he talks to his friends.
  9. He does all your errands without the least hesitation.
  10. He keeps looking at you in the most admiring way even when other women are around

Additional Notes and Pointers…
When a man loves you, he puts on his top priority list. Open flirting might not always mean that the man loves you but the bestowal of more attention to what you say and what you like is a definite sign of interest and possible love. He would hasten to act all your requests, irrespective of the time of the day. Even if you call him at 2-00 a.m. in the morning, for example, and tell him that you have headache but out of stock of the medication, he would rush to a 24-hour drugstore, get the medicine and come to your place with that.
It is very difficult for a lot of men to show their love in an open manner. Even the most courageous man can become shy  when it comes to the woman he loves. His speech would be halting and hesitant. He would start to say something, stop, think it over again and then utter what is in his mind. It is because he is just getting to know you better and still not sure whether you would like what he says. Even though women are usually more guarded in the initial stages, men are equally nervous around the women they love. However, the man who is in love with you will take the extra steps in pleasing you. He would groom his hair and care more about the way he dresses when he is with you. Such acts reveal that he wants to look good for you. Take a mental note of these signs. Also, when he talks to you in a low voice so that others would not be able to hear what he says, this mean that he wants the conversation to be exclusively between him and you and he wants to connect with you on an intimate level.

Last, but not least…
If he is into you, he will compliment you not only to you in person, but also to his friends. He will speak highly of you to others. He will go the extra mile in showing respect to your family (when he meets them). He will call you several times a day without any special reason, but just to hear your voice. Whenever he is talking about the future, he will tend to use words like “we”, “us”, and “our” rather than “I”, “me”, and “mine”. Use of such words is a sure sign of his planning a future long-term relationship with you.
When you leave and say goodbye after a date or get together, he will keep looking at your until you disappear from his view. When a man is into you, he will arrive early for a meeting and would leave after you, if he is not accompanying you to your place. Even when he drops you at your home, he will wait until you have entered the house and close the door before leaving. All these signs definitely show that the man is into you and desires a long-term relationship with you. Act positively and let not this chance pass you by.


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