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I Love You

I love you - in 50 ways

I Love You - creator


Generate the code and - Copy / Past the 'I loveYou code' in your myspace or any other page.

I Love You - With this tool you can tell the world and of course the loved person as well; I Love You.

Customize your special heart. No heart is and will be the same as yours. Be proud, don't hide it, just say it I love you! After you have customized your special heart you can then generate the code and paste the code on your myspace or any other personal page or website.

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  • I love you more than yesterday but nothing is compared to tomorrow.
  • I love you more than I have ever loved anyone in the world! I love you more than I have ever felt!
    I love you more than I love my own self!
  • Never say I love you if you don't really care. Never talk about feelings if they aren't really there. Never hold my hand if your gonna break my heart. Never say your going to if you don't plan to start. Never look into my eyes if your gonna make me cry. If you really mean forever than say you'll try. Never say forever if forever is just a lie.
  • I love you is eight letters long but then again... so is bullshit.
  • I love you with all of my heart, but you love her...it breaks my heart to see such love that I won't have...

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