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Relationship Advice and Help are our two main categories. Our job is to give you the Professional Relationship Advice and help you need and deserve for all your Relationship problems.

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No more old fashioned visits to your counselors office, enjoy Online Advice! Receive advice on Relationships, Cheating, Marriage, Dating or any other Labelled with ICRAproblem on which you would like to receive advice or even just want to have the opinion from an objective advisor.

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counselor Alina
Counselor Alina - Expertise in Romantic Relationships, as well as Dating, Sexuality and Self-Esteem Issues. Alina can be found all over the web for her insightful articles. She also offers helpful advice on cheating spouses and affairs. (credentials Alina)
counselor Ron
Counselor Ron - Best known for his advice in the Divorce area and Marriage counseling, as well as helping those with proposals and wedding organization.
Counselor kristen
Counselor Kristen - Kristen is a dating and relationship expert with a psychology background and has been counseling and giving dating advice for the past 14 years and is passionate about giving others the personal advice that will suit their personal situations best.  If you are feeling confused about a relationship or can’t decide if you should stay with someone or not, Kristen can help you!
counselor Michael
Counselor Michael - Counselor Michael has helped many clients deal with the pain of a relationship, as well as how to cope with it and tips on how to attempt reconciliation in a broken relationship. He also offers advice to those trying to figure out where their dating relationship really stands and whether or not it is really leading somewhere serious, or if it is time to move on. Also helps with dealing with affairs and cheating.

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At Love-Sessions we provide Relationship Advice since 2002. Our fees for advice are in general low. The fee covers the costs for providing this service. We can choose which counselor you would like to have, and he or she will provide you with relationship advice. You also can choose between a detailed or a extra detailed Relationship Advice report. The normal report will contain approx. 500 words whereas the extra detailed version contains approx. 900 words. Our advice is to sign up for the extra detailed Relationship Advice. This way the counselor is able to provide you with more Relationship Advice on your issue.


Note: portrait picture of Ron, Kristen, Michael or for illustration only for confidentiallity reasons.

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