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You Know You’re in Love when…

Love is a sneaky little thing. It gives you no heads up of when it plans to come get you and hold your heart hostage. Once it takes over, it’s almost like you don’t have a say in the matter- like you couldn’t turn the love button off even if you tried. It makes you feel amazing, strange, scared, helpless, silly, beautiful, crazy…basically you are overcome by all sorts of emotions all at once. Can you say emotions overload? Yup.

But how do you know when you are in Love, exactly? Between feelings such as having a crush on someone and brief, but strong infatuations- it is not always easy to tell the difference. Emotions can be very funny that way- just when you think you have a certain feeling figured out, boom- it takes you in another direction entirely and was not what you thought it was.

in a happy romantic relationship or have been bitten by the love bug before on how they knew they were “In love”. Here are the top 6 signs of being in love I have, based on the answers I got from majority of people that I asked:Romantic moments for young couple

You know you’re in Love When…

1. That person is at the top of your priority list– When you’re in love, that special person is at the top of your list of highest priorities. They become one of, if not the most important person to you and you put them ahead of everyone else.

2. You just want to make him or her happy- Nothing makes you happier than making the person you’re in love with happy. Love is very selfless and you become less concerned with what you are getting (and not getting) and more focused on what you can give, so that your lover can feel happy and on top of the world- and so that he or she knows how special they are to you.

3. When you are not together, it feels like eternity until you are together again- You know you’ve got it bad when your time apart feels like an eternity, even if you have only been apart for a short while!

4. You talk about the future…a lot- If you and your partner find yourselves talking about the future a lot and can’t stop dreaming and planning how things will be down the road, then you are definitely feeling serious and in love with one another. When its true love, you become less into go with the flow and more into getting the future planning on the go!

5. The physical connection just gets better and better- Obviously when you first start seeing each other, the attraction is intense and the physical connection amazing. If you find your sex life only feeling more comfortable, adventurous, passionate and exciting as time goes on however, then you two really have something solid and can say there is a real love between you.

6. You feel comfortable doing private things in front of each other- Most of us are not really comfortable doing our private businesses in front of other people- whether that be brushing our teeth, taking a shower, going to the bathroom- whatever. When you feel safe and secure enough to do all those things in front of your lover without fear of embarrassment or judgment, then you are in love and have a relationship with real love and closeness.



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