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Love Meter to analyze your love.

Love-Sessions offers you this free Love Meter. Love Meter for all those in love it becomes at times a necessity to know whether or not you are perfect in each aspect. A small consolation can go a long way in making or breaking of an affair. Use love meter for fun rather than taking it seriously. However, love meter is designed to provide your loving heart a lot of excitement.

If you are caught up trying to make a decision about to whom to choose, you can combine your name with multiple suitors and find out the best combinations. Love meter can help you make a choice of the perfect mate according to names. However, overall aspects can change because of the fact that there are sun signs and planetary positions that too play a major role in the compatibility of a couple. Use the tool any day of the year, Valentine or any other day! If you have any comments to improve our love meter, let us know!


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For your information:

  • This test is for entertainment purposes only. Have fun with it.
  • None of the information you enter for using this Love Calculator, is stored or used for other purposes.
  • "I did a test somewhere else and got different results" Yes, that can happen each site can have a different formula. We at Love-Sessions think this Love Calculator is the best out there :).

Are Robert and Ruby a perfect pair, does Tanya match Jack, how much love exists between John and Jane? If you are wondering about similar questions about you and you’re beloved, you have come to the right place. With the help of this love meter you can find out love percentage between you and your sweetheart.

Use this love meter to get fun readings, though there is more to a relationship that mere names, this love meter will have you hooked for hours together, you can check out compatibility not just for yourself but also about those around you. Love meter analyzes your name with that of your partner and gives out results that can be both amusing and surprising.

Using the love meter, you need to put your name in one dialogue box and another name in the second box. Just give a love meter checking and you have the percentage of your love. Love meter analyzes your names according to the numerical values of your spelling and then gives whether or not two names are compatible with him and her.

Adjust your name to suit your sweetheart’s name, take a new pet name and add special feelings into your relationship. In fact both of you can change your names for your private use simply for fun and to put in some more love feelings into the relationship. With the help of love meter you can add special romance into your relationship.

Find a new way to propose through our love meter:

Browse internet with the person you love, open our love meter put in your name and your beloved’s name and with robust percentage you can propose her, ‘Our names match each other so do our heart’s lets be together forever and stay in each other hearts’.

The above is just an example though; you can check try something more innovative or state in simple and straight words. Love now will be unstoppable with not just your hearts but also to match your souls and your names. Use our love meter to find exactly who loves how much.

Love meter is available to you 24/7 so check out how much love exists in your couple and simply enjoy the results.