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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

Enjoy our site and we look forward to receive your story!

does he likeme

Posted on : 13-12-2010 | By : LankanGPKPrincessLovers | In : Romance Love Story, Soul Mates

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HEYY SRY THIS IS LONGG BUT ITS MY LUV STORY heyy, its me, nd u told me u wanted to kno about my love story :”( its very sad 🙁 ok here it goes so when school started i was in another country nd aft a week later i cme to school nd thts when i saw him he was a new student nd i didnt kno who he was but tht day he smiled at me 🙂 nd i didnt smile bac cause i was a very quiet nd shy girl so lik as days go by he would always smile at me and stare at me thn aft a month when i was holding the door for his class he nd one of his friends was one of the last ppl in class nd they wer talkin so thn when his friends past me nd his friend was laughing nd told me tht he liked me nd thn he wa slik omg im gonna go beat him up nd his face was so close to my face o.O nd thn he started running aftr his friend thn afr a few days later i started to lik him so usally when he looks at me i would look at him too 😀 nd thn one day one of my friends forced me to kick him n im lik ok so thn i juts kicked nd he turned around nd just looked at me thn when ever he was close to me i would kick him 🙂 nd he wont do anythin to me thn when my friend kicked him he almost tripped her :O lol, so thn oneday his friend dared him to punsh meso he ran to me nd my hands wer on my hips so when he ran he put his hood on so he ran nd put his hand where my hand was cause my hand was on my hips so it was kinda lik a circl nd he linked it with his hand nd he dragged me bac lik three steps thn i let go nd tht time i didnt kno who he was cause he ran with his hood on so when he took his hood off i saw it was him 😀 nd thn one time when i was walkin down stairs with my friend he grabbed his friends soccer ball nd threw it on my head nd thn when i looked up he hid nd his friend was running to get his soccer ball thn his firend said tht the guy i liked threw it nd thn he cme out nd said he didnt do it 🙂 so as days went we would usally look at each other thn afre three month later this girl coms along nd thn he nd she were bfs nd gfs nd i would usally see her nd him together but i nvr realy knew tht they were bfs he would still look at me nd i would too but i nvr knew tht they were bfs nd gfs thn when it wa sthe last day of school i looked at him nd he looked at me nd we nvr said gud bye

so thn he went to another schoolthe next yr thn next next year i go to the sme scool nd everything changed 🙁 lik he did luk at me nd i luked at him too but he hardly looked 🙁 nd i saw him hang around with this other girl nd he was dating her thn at the school dance he was sitting down nd i was walkin around nd he was just lookin at me nd when i walked by him he almost tripped me so thn the next time when i walked by him he made sure tht he didnt trip me nd he also broke up with the girl he was dating nd started to go out with the girl he dated last year 😛 but i was kinda confused cause thn somone tells me tht the girl he was datin is his cousin but the girl he dated last year wasnt so one day when i was walkin i said out loud tht im not in this nd thn he copys me nd says it in a girly voice so i just looked at him nd walked away nd on my b-day i wore a skirt nd it was raining nd he wa slik who would wear a skirl in this weather nd thn when i was talkin to my friend i said tht o shes just tells me tht she forget nd thn his friend heard nd walked by nd copys exactly wat i said thn he was lik wasnt tht funny how she said it so one day we had this thing where u can send ppl stuff so i wrot ehim somthing saying tht i lik him nd all but i didnt put my nme i put unknown thn somhow they found out it was me nd aftrschool he was askin his friend if he should ask if i wrote it nd thn two days later when i was waiting fo rhim at the bus stop he kept hiding from me cause he has this bright yellow bag so when he was hiding tht showed up nd u could see it fro far away so i hid behind the bus stop thn aftr a few min later he stopeed hidin nd went to his friends when i cme out of the bus stop he started to hide agin thn i walked away nd cme bac nd thn one of his friends were pointing at me it was akward 😉

so one day his friend cme up to me nd told me tht these older ppl r going to beat one of my friends up nd this friend i s a guy well he isnt my bf or ex bf were just close friends but he nd his friends thought of it wrong 😛 thn the next day he cme up to me nd asked y i cared about my friend so much nd i wa sabout to tell him tht hes my friend but the guy i lik was lik im goin gout with him nd thn his friend was lik u guys r going out nd im lik NO so the guy i lik wa slik there cuzins nd im lik no there bros nd im lik no there sis nd im lik no thn im lik were just friends thn he nd his friend just looked at each other nd laughed thn when the bus cme i was rite behind his friend nd his friend wa slik dont worry theres another bus behind this nd im lik o.O ok thn thn i got on the bus nd thn he nd his friend started to tlk about me ;P o nd thn one day when i went out side to eat lunchthey were walkin in front of me thn this guy turned around nd saw me nd told his friend thn his friend looked bac nd saw me nd smiled lik when ever he sees me he would look at me thn he would start to tlk to his friend 😛 but when ever i go up to him nd tlk to him he gets mad nd annoyed :p

so this other guy who is also there friends woulld always look at me nd this is how he looks at me he looks at shoes first thn he would look up nd stop at my face usally he would see me lookin at him 😛 its usally akward

so when school was over i saw him online so i said heyy nd hes lik who the fck r u nd thn i got mad nd im lik well ur the person whos always beating my friend up for no reason lik they dont even kno who he is nd thn hes lik stfu y u talkin to me thn hes lik cutt nd deleted me as his friend 😛 nd thn i started to cry so much 😛


(Screen) Name: LankanGPKPrincessLovers




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