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In love with my best friend

Posted on : 21-03-2012 | By : Liv1996 | In : Romance Love Story

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My family moves a lot. It’s mostly for my dad’s work. Our thirsd move was to a city in NB Canada and we stayed there for about two years, I’m very shy and dont make friends easily, I went to the same school from kindergarden to grade one so I made a few friends. At the end of grade one my family mved yet again.We moved about two and a half hours away from my old place and didnt return until my father got a premotion to my old place so we moved back in hte summer befor I went into grade four.
The first time I set foot in my new grade four class, I met a boy, Dylan.We quickly became friends.Did everything together, I was a tomboy, not afraid of anything and he was a trouble maker so we got sent to the office every day.We were unseperable.sat in class together and played soccer and basketball together at lunch.
In grade six Dylan tryed to teach me how to skateboard. Now, when I was yound I didn’t have much balance so I wasnt to good at it. But he stillgrabbed my hand and pulled me aroud the parking lot at my school. I remember when he grabbed my hand, i blushed like crazy, I could feel my face getting red hot and I was embarassed.Of corse Dylan saw how red my cheeks were but being the ten year old boy he was he didn’t notice that I was blushing. That same year my younger sister told him that I liked a guy in my class, Dylan wouldnt stop picking on me about it, no matter how many times I told him that i idn’t like this guy, he would still pick on me about it (Just playing of corse). I eded up telling Dylan tat my sister liked him.She didn’t and he knew it,but him and I picked on her together telling her that we know how much she likes him, we would do it until she ran after us and we would always get on his skateboard (He took that thing everywhere)and take off leaving her with one of my other guy friends Ricky.
Dylan and I never faught and we told eachother everything. And I mean everything when I say everything. HE told me aout him liking Heather, one of my other close friends.I remember hating her.Although i dind’t know why at the time.
The city I lived in was small (like every other NB city) so we could roam around town for hours if we wanted to. We use to et in trouble together outide of school aswell.I remember in grade six, Dylan and I decided to go to a construction sight with a few friends one night.They were building a row of houses attached to eachother.It was really dark outside so we were all scared to go in but we dared eachother to go inside the house and up the stairs, of orse being the twelve year old idiots we were, Dylan and I went inide. Our friends outside yelled for us to come out because one of the construction workers came back. But by that time we were already up stars. we ran down and out but my friends were already gona and the worker was looking for us.we ended up running as fast as we could past the worker and jumpped the fence. Luckally we got away and never got caught but we promissed eachother that we would never tell anyone about it.
In grade six, the game truth or dare was extreamly popular.My friends and I would play it every lunch.One particular day, Dylan, Ricky, Sarah and I were playing in a circle outside away from everyone else. Ricky was the only one who has ever been kissed. And Ricky and Sarah hated eachother, like the faught all of the time.Dylan tahught it would be funny if he dared Ricky to kiss Sarah.Ricky flipped shit, but eventually he gave in a kissed her hand.Lol thats as far as he would go. In spite of Dylan Ricky dared him to kiss me…and that was my first kiss.When he kissed me,I didnt want him to stop.I wanted to sit there for the rest of my life with my best friend’s lips on mine.But eventually Sarah buted in and ot us to stop.
Dylan and I never went out. He datted one of my other friends Heather.I moved in the middle of grade seven and I only saw him a few times a year wen my fsther went back for work.I mean we talked on facebook and stuff but thats the only comunication we had because calling was long distance and costs too much money.
A year later,Dylan and I got into a fight.I dont remember what it was about exactly but I was pissed at the world because my grandfather died.Dylan was only trying to help and I jsut snapped at him.I tryed many times to say sorry but for months he wouldnt talk to me.About 3 months after the fingt,y dad and I went back to my ld place and I met up with him, to talk to him.I told how I felt about him.I told him that I liked him a lot like a lot a lot.And he asked me how long i’ve liked him for. And I told him since grade six.He told me that he liked me since grade four…My heart sank,I froze.The only thing that was going threw my head was “Why didn’t he tell me?” I was so mad. right in the middle of my thaughts he kissed me.I still remember standing in hte middle of the side walk with his arms wrapped around my waist and my lips on his. we kissed for longer then I have ever kissed anyone.
The next day my dad and I had to go back to NS.I cyed the whole way home but I pretended to sleep with my jacket over my face so my dad wouldnt notice.During that car ride home I realized that I loved Dylan.I was thirteen years old and in love with my best friend.
I haven’t seen Dylan since that day two years ago.I still think about him,but we dont talk anymore because we know it will never work.He has a girlfriend that he has been with for 5 months and I have nobody at the moment.Dylan is planning on joining the navy when he is eighteen and out of high school.And I would like to be a nurse…who knows maybe we will cross paths again some day.

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