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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

Enjoy our site and we look forward to receive your story!

Teen age love story

Posted on : 03-02-2010 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Fictional Love Story, Romance Love Story

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It was a Saturday in September when i met my love. Me and some friends went to the movies and like there’s an arcade inside we were bored so went there, I saw this very interesting handsome guy that i was really interested to talk to. I told my friend Kim that i wanted to go talk to him and she was like well go so then i went after a while i was so shy and i could notice he was too. After a while of talking he gave me his number after that i had to go to the movies. Later that night he texted me in the most unexpected time I was watching a movie with my brother in the living room and he got so jealous that i was watching a cool movie. My crush for him began the next day when we talked by phone for about 5 hours none stop just talking about our life’s. Al tough he didn’t tell me something that i found out a week later…. he had a girlfriend and he was in love. I thought to myself it was too late and thought about backing off but still being friends. And so we started to talk in a friendly way for a month until he broke up with his girlfriend. Yes he was still waiting for her because her dad didn’t want her to have a boyfriend but i stole his heart from her. I gave him my heart few days later but he was still waiting for her. We flirted a lot until we stopped texting for a while. Time passed, he texted me telling me that he was over his ex but he was really sad because he found out that she got a boyfriend the day after they broke up I just stood by his side all the time. three days later, we stop texting because we both got busy he had a busy schedule with homework and sports i had a busy schedule with theater and homework. It was another Saturday he texted me I asked him about his ex and he was like oh well im over her why you ask? and i was like oh no nothing… then he was like sure 🙂 heheh that was cute ^^ anyways going back to subject…. okay so we walked together all the time in the mall until my friends came and started to flirt with him I backed him off like a lion protecting its property and we went to walk again. We were at Dillard’s when I tried kissing him he was too shy so just asked me to the movies, of course I had to say yes I mean I liked this guy for the LONGEST time ever. After a while I asked if I could grab his hand and he let me then we went back to my friends and they were like Awww you two make such a cute couple you should go out and I was like pf-ft not yet gosh then they started giggling and like he didn’t have money we had to borrow from some of his friends. It was embarrassing but cute. It was finally time for the movie it was movie theater nine where the movie took place. When we sat I felt so impulsive I couldn’t resist kissing him after such a long time that I had waited for our first kiss. I loved his lips they were so soft I just had to taste them he got so shy and I got so shy but we kissed trough out all the movie. Later that night he texted me I got so happy I was blushing so bad. That same week we were fighting about who liked each other more in one of those messages he told me he LOVE me. Oh my gosh that almost made me cry of happiness. That Saturday he asked me out and well whoa of course I said yes!!! I was more than excited about it he literally took my heart away in the yes everything of me belonged to him in that same moment and I couldn’t help my self but kiss him. It was Christmas vacations we spent every single day together at movies, park, mall or for my birth day zoo. That was the best birthday of my life he first took me to watch a romantic movie then a restaurant then Sunday my birthday he took me to zoo and his house :). Woah this boy became my life. Al tough there happened a problem his mom not liking me yet we kept on fighting for our love and we still are in till this day. He’s the boy that owns my heart he’s my magnet, my everything, my life. I love texting, talking, walking, anything while it’s with him. Yes probably we’re in different schools and probably we’ll go through soooo many problems together but I know that we’ll make it through everything I love him and nothing will change that. So that’s the Lili and Brandon story anyways there is ALOT more to go still.

(Screen) Name: liligoesrawr




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Broken But Healing

Posted on : 03-02-2010 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Fictional Love Story, Romance Love Story

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I’d read about love and asked my mom what it was like, and the truth was I never thought I’d know what it was. She told me it couldn’t be explained, only known. I didn’t know what that meant and asked her to elaborate. She couldn’t. When I asked her how I would know if I was in love for certain, she just told me I would know. I think very logically; to me there is only black or white. Something is either there, or it isn’t. Therefore I couldn’t understand the fact that something can’t be defined.

Five years later, it turns out, my mom was right.

I’m not sure if it was love at first sight, because really, what is love? All I know is that I saw him and immediately thought, “Wow.” This was followed by, “That’s the cutest guy I’ve ever seen in my life.” As the day wore on, I only paid attention to him. Lucky for me, I got to hear him sing, as he was a musician. The entire time, I was thinking about how amazing he was, how I’d never seen anything like him, and other thoughts mainly composed of admiration. When I returned home, I spent the next week looking at pictures of him and learning everything I could about him. I paid attention to everything he did and said. I framed a photo of him, paid attention to his friends, hung on to his every word. Being a musician myself, I wrote songs about him. At the time I thought it was just infatuation. A year and a half later, after seeing him kissing another girl right in front of me, I knew that I must have been in love with him. Why else did my heart feel like it was snapping into a million pieces? Looking to confirm this, I tried to write down how I felt about him.

It was impossible. The only thing I knew was that I needed to see him, because I couldn’t stand to be without him. (I will call him “Nick” to avoid confusion).

Soon, my luck changed. He talked to me, and eventually we became very close. It was the start of a friendship, so I couldn’t ruin it by telling him how I felt.

One day, he introduced me to his friends. I was eager to please them, and happy that he wasn’t hanging out with goths or other assorted weird people. Unfortunately, I spotted a guy near the back of the crowd and pulled away. This guy was dressed in all black, with shaggy black hair and tatooes on his arms. He was also wearing a leather jacket and what looked like black eyeliner.

I resisted the tempation to laugh at the makeup and instead introduced myself. We talked briefly about music (he was into punk rock). Then I sheepishly told “Nick” that I probably wouldn’t get along with one of his friends. He said I was talking about “Jerry” and to not worry, because he didn’t think I’d like him anyway. “Jerry” was also a musician, so to be nice, I listened to some of his songs. They were awesome, but not really my genre.

The days went by. Like most people, I ran into many challenges. “Nick” was not well liked by the majority of people (to this day I still don’t know why), so my love for him got me into some awkward moments. Ironically, “Jerry” seemed to be more favored, but that didn’t deter me. After a while, the stress became too much. “Nick” could tell I was upset, and frequently asked what was wrong. I told him that I just needed some time alone, and that I loved him.

Against my better judgement, I listened to “Jerry’s” songs again. They perfectly captured what I was going through. I arranged to hang out with him to find out if he actually went through the things he wrote about.

Amazingly, he had, and really helped me through a tough time. He made sense of why things happen, and I figured I was wrong to judge him by all the black clothes he wore. We talked many more times, as something about his morals and beliefs appealed to me. I knew I loved “Nick” and that there was no way to “turn off” love, so I figured I was just being social.

After many months, “Jerry” played a song he had written for me. I asked him if he really felt that way.

He said he loved me.

My reaction can best be defined as: shocked speechless. Instantly, my mind began racing at a thousand miles per hour.

How could you let this happen? What will “Nick” think? Does he know? How can you explain it? Is it cheating? Is it wrong? Why can’t you think straight? Why do you love the fact that he wrote this for you?

My thought process screeched to a halt.

Do you love him?

I didn’t know the answer. I told “Jerry” that the song was beautiful, and that I hoped I would see him again.

At home, I laid awake pondering my dilemma. How complex this matter was! I could even bring human nature into the discussion, because “Nick” and “Jerry” were like light and dark. One is what I want to be, one is what I once was. But which one was real? Which one was I now?

I spent days trying to decide whom was right for me. Which would bring me less pain? Which would benefit me in the long run? Whom does my heart belong to? Was I just maturing?

No matter who I chose, the other will always be in the back of my mind. I can’t have both, because I can only have one serious relationship at a time. And not choosing wasn’t an option, because it would only make the situation worse.

I took as many “Are You In Love?” quizzes I could, comparing “Nick’s” and “Jerry’s” results. Not one quiz gave me a decisive answer. I turned to characters who faced similar problems on TV and in books, but TV and books were not reality. I asked mystical sources like tarot cards without progress. If I mentioned my problem to my parents, I knew why would tell me to choose “Nick” because “Jerry” wasn’t someone they approved of. The problem was, they couldn’t understand my problem completely, and if I told them, they would say to choose whomever I thought was right. But that’s the problem: I didn’t know who was right!

I definately didn’t feel the same about “Nick”. That much was obvious. But I could easily describe how I felt about “Jerry”. That must mean that I didn’t love him, either. No matter what, someone was going to be hurt badly.

In an act of immaturity, I pushed the decision off to the side. I hung out with both of them like nothing was wrong. “Nick” and I talked about the same things as always and enjoyed each other’s company, but when “Jerry” and I talked, it was always fun. We could be openly honest, even if it was awkward. This, of course, only made me try to strengthen my relationship with “Nick”.

Eventually, my mom noticed “Nick” while we were out and about. I asked her where he was, but there was nothing genuine in my voice. It felt like something I rehearsed.

When we got home, I immediately evaluated my situation. The more I thought about, the more something had to be said. I called “Nick” and he answered.

“Nick…um, there’s- okay, please don’t be mad, but- wait, I know you’re going to-”

“What’s wrong?”

“You’re going to be really mad at me, but I swear I didn’t intend for this to happen! Really, I didn’t!”

“Why? What is it?”

“I promise I didn’t do anything! I didn’t even think I…jeez, I thought nothing would come of it, I swear!”

“What happened?!”

“I, um…you’re not going to like this, and it’ll probably hurt you a lot, but I have to say it and please don’t be mad! I didn’t force it!”

“Baby, you’re scaring me. What’s wrong?!”

“It’s about Jerry.”

He didn’t say anything for a while. “Are you…”

“No I’m not cheating! At least not intentionally!”

“Then what happened? Tell me the truth.”

“Okay, I’ve been hanging out with Jerry because life has gotten really complicated and I knew I loved you so I didn’t think anything would come of it and I didn’t think I liked him anyway but a few days ago he played this amazing song and said he loved me and didn’t know what to say and I think I still love you but I don’t know and PLEASE don’t be mad at me!”

There was silence for a long time. I thought I heard him muttering under his breath.

“Please don’t be mad,” I said timidly.

Still no answer.

“I wouldn’t do this on purpose!”


“I still love you, I promise.”

“Really?” he asked, not sounding convinced.

I thought about it, going over what had happened. Did I want him to be hurt? Of course not! Would saying I loved him prevent that? Yes it would. Did I mean it? …I wasn’t saying yes.

“I can’t believe you’d do this to me,” he said, sounding tortured. The next thing I heard was a dial tone.

Did I still love him? I had doubts.

Did I love “Jerry”?

I couldn’t love him! It wasn’t possible! What did that say about me? But the more I whined, the more I knew that I had feelings for him and not “Nick”. It was that simple.

I called “Jerry” and told him about the conversation. The more I talked to him, the more I knew he was the right choice. I had been pretending with “Nick”, and that could only lead to more suffering.

I’ve only been dating “Jerry” for a short time. I frequently think back to “Nick”, but in the long run, I think I’ll be happier this way. I just had to move on and let go of a relationship that I didn’t feel the same about.

There is not a happily ever after yet. This story has merely begun. Wherever it leads me, I’ll remember to do what I think is right. Pain is a part of life, but it doesn’t have to prevent love.

(Screen) Name: Oceiana




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Lost Love

Posted on : 03-02-2010 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : First Love, Romance Love Story, Soul Mates

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She was 14yrs. old and I was 18yrs. It was love at first site she was mature for her age. All we ever did was just kiss and talk and hold each other. It did understand it then but I had respect for her it never got sexual just communication and honesty. After 30yrs of not hearing from each other and various marriages between us we found each other again. Those feeling that we thought we lost surfaced and surfaced fast her lovely brown eyes and soft skin reminded me of why she meant so much to me back then. We started texting each other ten to twelve time a day until we could not take it anymore. We decided to meet at her home it was as if we have been together all long. She had just broken up with her friend who was not showing her and treating her with the love she deserved. We started in the bed room but it was a little akward so I decided to sleep on the couch. We only made it to the top of the stairs and our lips touched the pillow that I had in my hands just slipped out of my hands and landed on the floor everything just felt like we were in a movie. We ended up back in the bed room until the morning sun came up. We have grown in Love and passion ever since.

(Screen) Name: tommylee




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I Finally Won Something that Matters More Than Anything

Posted on : 16-01-2010 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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On October 14, 2009 I decided to tell the guy that I had liked for 3 years how I felt. From the moment I woke up I was planing what I would say to him. I had invited him to go to a haunted house for Holloween, 13th Gate.

We had been friends from the moment we met. His name is Terry. He was, and is, the best guy I’ve ever known.

I felt confident that day, I woke up and the first thought in my head was, “I’m going to tell him.” Terry had often been my first thought lately. It was now or never, I chose now. I talked to hime on the bus that morning and thought about him through my first three classes. I was talking with my friend on the way to my third class when my best friend asked me,”Do you have a thing for Terry?”

I told her, though I’d have rather it been a suprise. She jumped up and down in joy that I’d found someone that she aproved of and that I’d know and liked for so long. She told me how she’d started noticing how I act around him. It was something that I accepted easily, I had been with him more often and would stare at him.

So after explaining what I was going to do she decided that if I got to scared that she would make me do it. When lunch time came around two other friends came to me and I let them in on my secret. I looked for him for a while then found out from Terry’s close friend that he was in the band room (He plays the bass drum- witch I think is awesome because music is like my soul). So we- all three of my friends and me headed that way. When we got just outside of the door I stopped, my insides seemed to twist up. My friends nearly had to pick me up to get me in there.

“Can- can I talk with you Terry?” were the words that came out of my mouth. He nodded and came into the hallway with my friends and I.

“What’s up?” he asked and I couldn’t find my words I could only stare into his amazing clay-green eyes with star like shapes of a darker green.

My best friend cut in when I said nothing and, I hate to put it this way but, ruined it more than I could have. She said, “Terry, she has to tell you something! She has liked you for a while now, you know, like kidnergarden, likes you.” He stared at her like she’d just punched him in the face. Shock.

I felt my eyes tear up a little when he looked at me with pitty. He said, “I’m sorry but I only think of you as a friend.” I put on my best mask, smiling and saying that I was fine.

Later when I got on the bus he came and sat with me. He looked me in the eyes and asked, “Is what she said true.”

I looked away and nodded. I made a sound that let me know that he understood. I asked if he still wanted to go to the haunted house and he said that he “wouldn’t miss it.”

~flash foward~

Terry and I were in the back seat of my dad’s car on the way to the 13th Gate. After getting lost we finally found it as we walked to the etrance he let me hold his arm.

Through the whole thing I held his hand tightly. There was one part where a man with a chainsaw made him almost fall while I tried to run, still holding his hand…I didn’t get very far… Even after we got out he continued to hold my hand. The whole way to his house, which was 2 hours, he held my hand strokeing his thumb over my hand.

The next night he and my best friend came over for Holloween. We watched movies and played games. During the Corpse Bride he put his arm around me.

It was little signs that were showing that he was starting to feel the same about me. On the 8th of November I invited him to go to my little cousin’s b-day party. I finally gave him to the answer to his last riddle. The answer was lips…

We where playing in the boucey house, pushing each other down. When I pushed him down for the 3rd time he grabbed my arm and pulled me down. Our lips met in the most passionate kiss I’d ever had. That night he kissed me 12 times, yes I counted.

The next day at school, noting seemed to change. It nearly broke my heart. It was like that the whole week, I didn’t know what to do. I invited him to go see 2012 with me, he agreed.

November 14, 2009…

Through the movie, he held my hand would give me a quick kiss every once in a while. After the movie, while in the car he let me lay across his lap and would kiss me softly. My dad stopped at a store and got everyone a water. Terry took a sip of his water, leaned down and let it trickle into my mouth. I pulled away looking into my eyes and said, “I bet none of your other boyfriend did that.”

Xanadu by Rush began to play (A song about paradise. It was on a CD).

The shock must have shown on my face because he chukled and I asked, “Does that mean your finally my boyfriend.”

He smiled and nodded. I sat up and gave him a passionate kiss.

(Screen) Name: GirlRyuzaki




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Prince Charming? Really?

Posted on : 13-01-2010 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story, Soul Mates

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I spent many years searching for my prince charming. My expectations were high but beyond what I ever thought I deserved.
I had a first marraige based completely off of having children with my childrens father…it didn’t work!
One day about a year after my divorce I went to a gathering of friends and I saw a man who literaly took my breath away. The setting was open where each of us could speak at leisure and very comfortable. Brent began to speak and the whole room stopped to listen to him and what he had to say, at that moment I was swept off my feet before he’d even met me. At the end of the gathering I looked at him thinking he’s too good for you but just give it a shot. So I asked for his number, he gave it to me! From that point we talked every free moment we had.
I told him I had three children and he proceeded to tell me he did as well. Between us our six children ranged from two yrs old to seventeen yrs old.
I have no perfect way to explain how this all came together so perfectly, but we have now been together for six yrs with our six children and it is still wonderful! I am so happy and so blessed that some power greater than me made it possible for us to meet!
At the begining of this story I said I had high expectations of men, but what I found is, I would have sold myself so short by searching out those qualities I thought I wanted!
My hope for everyone in this world is to find this kind of love and realize that our typical version of “Prince Charming” is not even comparable to real love!

(Screen) Name: Gratefullady




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Tell her bravely and timely

Posted on : 13-01-2010 | By : olina yang | In : Lost and Love, Romance Love Story

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Yesterday, one of my friends told me his body betrayed his girlfriend due to loneliness. What a stupid and irresponsible excuse! A man has to know what kind of responsibilities he must take on and how to. This accident annoyed me but later what he said made me think for a long time.
” The present girfriend is not suit for me, we have lots of differences, and i don’t know whether it is still necessary to go on the relationship, but if i ask to break up, she might break down.”

Ironically, i also feel nothing to say with my boyfriend. Sensibly, i know we are not suit to each other. Emotionally, i struggle to appear to his favourite and life style in hope of a long, sweet, stabilized relationship.

what shall i do???

(Screen) Name: olina yang




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Posted on : 13-01-2010 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : First Love, Romance Love Story

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I realized that I was in love when the words mentioned above struck my heart. Every one experiences love once in life time….love has nothing to do with caste, creed, and religion. As they say love is blind and this is what exactly happened in my life.

It’s a long story which I am very proud to share with all the lovers.
I was just eighteen when I met this girl when my sister brought her to our house. She was so pretty and innocent that she could not lift her eyes to take a glimpse of me. And I complained to my sister, your friend did not even say hi. After two days I got a call from her saying, can I speak to your sister please? It was repeated twice. But the fact was my sister was just an excuse, where as my sister stood beside her when she called up. I did not about it until she told me a year later.
One fine day she came to my house with my sister and my mom requested her to stay over night. I was very glad to see her as she said hello to me. In another two days I was suppose to go to Chennai for pursuing my graduation and I requested her, why don’t you stay for another two days till I leave. And she said ok. As a part of our tradition we always take blessings from neighbors and the elders before leaving home and so the previous night I asked her to join me to receive blessings. We both went to one of my neighbor’s house which had a nice dog that tried to greet me by jumping over. She was scared and she caught hold of my hand and the very moment I had the feeling that I want her. When I finished visiting, I asked her if she could be willing to come with me for a walk. She wanted to ask my sister if she could go with me but then I stopped her. I took her to a lonely place where almost the streets covered with darkness with just the moon light. She said she was scared as it was dark out there. But then I told her not to be afraid I am with you. And then stood in one corner above a lake where water was flowing. There was a long silence….I wanted to tell her about my feelings but then my hands were almost shivering. The time was running short and we had to leave that place. As we were walking I suddenly stopped and decided to have the courage to express my feelings towards her. And I asked her, will you give me whatever I ask you? She stood confused for some time and she said, I will give you if I can. Then I asked her will you give me a kiss? Listening to me she was so surprised and perplexed that she could not answer me. But then she asked me, what relationship we have that she can share a kiss with me. But then I could not answer her. I told her its ok I do not want the kiss lets go home and I turned around and took a step, but she caught my hand and I asked me, do you love me? And I said nothing. But by then she was in love with me and agreed to share a kiss with me later, but she did not know when. After dinner everybody went to sleep. I was sleeping in my room and she was sitting in my sister’s room. I made sure that everyone was asleep before entering my sister’s room. I woke her up and told her to come to my room and I went back to my room. I was waiting but there was no sign of hers. I went again and told her to come, she said she was afraid. I told her every ones asleep and so nothing would happen and I went back. She came to my room after sometime and set on my bed. I asked her have you come here for sitting? She told me she knew not what to do and so I told her to lie down and I kissed her. That was the first kiss we both shared. But even after I kissed her I did not realize that I loved her. The next day I left. The house where I was staying did not allow us to have cell phone and so we could keep in touch. One fine evening she rang up on the landline and I was very happy. Since we had a time table where I stayed it was not possible to ring up too often because everyone used to get calls within the allotted time. And luckily she got me on line. The moment she heard me I could sense the kind of joy and happiness that she was filed with. Before keeping the phone she said something strange, I LOVE YOU. But I said nothing and cut the call. And that have been the first time I broke her heart. I went home for Christmas and I called to my house. During that time I had other girlfriends of mine and I considered her as one among them. I used to step out of the house and come back only in the evening, and after coming home I used to keep my self busy on the phone talking to my other girlfriends. I hardly had any time for her; accept at night on the bed. How she must have felt? But she never complained. The same things used to repeat every time I went home. I was hurting her so much without realizing the pain she underwent. But finally the day came when expressed her feelings by saying the most touching words, ‘YOU REMEMBER ME ONLY WHEN IT IS TIME TO GO TO BED.’ Her words touched my heart and I realized that I was in love with her. That was the day my life changed completely. I knew I was grown up and I have certain responsibilities on my shoulders. I was no more the same person as I was before. For the first time in my life I felt as if I belong. My eyes almost filled with tears and my soul was rejoicing. And for the first time I said to her the most awaited words, ‘I LOVE YOU.’
This is not the end but there is something that I have not mentioned throughout the first part of my love story.

The girl whom I love belongs to Hindu Religion and I am a Christian. We have been in love for last 3 years but our only concern was will our parents agree for our marriage. I love my mom a lot and she loves me too. I thought my mom would understand me but then when my home people came to know about our relationship, they were so angry that they stopped speaking to me. There was so much of sadness in my house. No one spoke to me properly. My mom insisted that I should leave her. She would all the time remind me that people will talk bad about us and it will bring bad name to our family. She is not at all ready to accept our relationship. I made her understand as much I could but nothing works out. There is no way I can leave her because I love her so much. She is the one who changed my life for better and I have dreamt my future through her. I was so depressed and I did not know what to do. Finally a time came when I had to raise my voice against my mom inspite of my unwillingness to do so. But I was helpless and I told her that I do not care to what my neighbors and relatives say. I do not care what the society and my friends think about me. I used all the terms and my words hurt the most. But the truth is, I did not mean to hurt her. I was just trying to say that my LOVE IS TRUE.

I also met my girlfriend parents I told them that I love and want to marry her, but Religion is the problem for them.

We love each other so much that we cannot live without each other even a single moment. But no one wants to understand us. Every one thinks how the people around will react to this. But no one cares for the two hearts beating as one.


Thank you Shana for making me the kind of person I am today and I am sorry for all the times I have hurt You.
I love you a lot!

Love – Leslie
Goa, India




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Although He’s Gone

Posted on : 13-01-2010 | By : kirstierae | In : First Love, Romance Love Story

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It was the strangest feeling I’d ever had, yet it sent such a message to me there was no use trying to ignore it. As I sat rows above the other new students for orientation, my first attempt at college, the most annoying outburst drew my attention to the front row where I first saw him. Surrounded by a group of giggling girls was the man who would change my life forever. From the moment I looked up my stomache warmed slightly tingling as in my mind I thought “I must have him”.
Three days later crusing around with friends we found him doing the same incidently following him until he pulled over. Since we’re all young, new high school grads, it’s only right to act stupid. Six of us decide to pile into my car, a 1985 Honda Prelude not made for six people, especially three who are good sized guys. With two guys and one girl in back, Shane, “the guy” is going to drive and my other friend in the passenger seat I question where to sit, like out of a dream Shane says on his lap. Climbing in I position on the emergency brake Shane grabs my waist instantly I’m on his lap face to face so close I feel him breathing. Crusing with no purpose music blaring, everyone laughing we stop quickly almost missing a stop sign, it was then our eyes locked and time stood still I heard nothing and was lost in his deep blue eyes, and he in my green eyes. I knew it was mutual not only by how it felt I could see it in his eyes, his hand was tight on my hip, then the moment was gone and all Shane could say was “Don’t do that”.
As I tried to sleep that night my mind played that moment over and over anticipating his promised call. Fast forward slightly Shane never had a girlfriend, he was known for one nighter’s but never commitment. After our first date we were inserarable I was new in town and had captured his heart. He would put roses on my winshield when I was at work with cute notes. After a year together durring spring break while visiting my Dad we ventured to get matching tatoos it was amazing. Every day I spent with him I loved him more, he consumed me in the best of ways I thought it would never end.
Although he claimed not to know how to dance one night we drove outside of town to the rocks and hills it was a full moon night,the sky full of stars as we climbed out of his truck he turned up the radio we danced arm in arm whispers of love the only spoken words. Every day and night was full of romance such as this, right down to making love on a white bear rug by a crackling fire, snow covered moutains outside.
After two years of happiness my world stopped turning. I literally stopped living, Shane finished school and moved to Nevada to work in the mines, though I went to see him it fell apart.
I moved back to Idaho lost there came a time I said to my Dad I didn’t know who I was anymore. He and my stepmom were so worried they thought I’d never be in another relationship, I didn’t want to be Shane was all I wanted. Three years later the night before I married a stable man I didn’t love Shane called me, I told him about the wedding and then made the one regretable decition in my life. Shane called saying he was ready to marry me he tried everything to convience me not to marry the man, but to drive to Nevada and marry him. To this day I will regret saying no, this story has holes, and little detail only because as I think of Shane and the time I had with him it cuts like a knife. After seventeen years I still hurt, not a day goes by I don’t have some kind of thought about him. One night my prayers turned into tears just begging God to take the pain away and let me get over him, that was five years ago. I believe the memories are still here for a reason, God always has a plan.
Of course my marriage ended after only four years and in 2006 I met a man who gave me that same strange feeling I felt when I first saw Shane, yet it’s just not the same. I think I do love him truley and this time everything is right, I just wish if just once I wouldn’t think of him.

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Day 8: 100 reasons

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There’s more than 100 reasons why i love my baby…but here are 100 reasons why i love him. I love u pookie….missin u

****believes in god a lot****

1.) He loves me

2.) He cares for me

3.) He’s my superman

4.) He’s my life

5.) He’s always there

6.) He always makes me smile

7.) He’s perfect

8.) Never screws up

9.) yells at me 😛

10.) looks amazing

11.) argues with me[its really cute.his face is so SERIOUS LOL]

12.) feeds me with his hands

13.) so open with me

14.) trusts me

15.) he’s the only person who i trust 100%

16.) never lies to me

17.) does everything i want him to do for me

18.) fights for me

19.) hugs me

20.) kisses me

21.) tells me that he loves me

22.) protects me

23.) he’s my husband

24.) he’s my boyfriend

25.) he’s my best friend

26.) he’s my valentine

27.) my soulmate

28.) my lil baby

29.) acts like a kid

30.) sometimes says the stupidest things

31.) he’s forgiving

32.) he’s mature

33.) he’s also immature

34.) he can be and act like a smart adult

35.) makes good choices

36.) acts totally stupid

37.) i love his smile

38.) his ears

39.) his eyes

40.) he’s my heart

41.) he’s the reason why im here today

42.) he’s the reason why i am how i am today

43.) made me a better person

44.) held my hand and led me into a beautiful world

45.) closed my eyes and took all the pain away from me

46.) tells me that it’ll be okay even in the worst situations

47.) cries so easily

48.) cries when i cry

49.) laughs when i laugh

50.) if i were to jump off a bridge he would come too…even though he doesn’t know how to swim…stupid

51.) he would do anything i ask him to do

52.) the reason why i believe in true love is him

53.) taught me how to walk on the right path

54.) treats me like a child

55.) voice is amazingly soft and silky

56.) so romantic

57.) ignores everybody when im with him

58.) doesn’t answer his friend’s phone calls when im talking to him

59.) treats me like a queen

60.) gives me more than i need

61.) buys me random gifts…when i ask him not to lol 😛

62.) he’s my sunlight

63.) he’s my moonlight

64.) he’s the only hope i have

65.) never ever makes me cry

66.) he’s my dream boy

67.) he’s so obbsessed about me and i love it caz im so obbsessed about him lol yay obbsession!

68.) he doesn’t mind if i look like crap

69.) wakes up early in the morning during his winter break to come and drop me to school and spends about 30 mins with me

70.) always tries to act like he’s happy even when he’s not

71.) he is so jealous about me talking to any boy…SO cute! lol

72.) holds my hand so softly and calmly

73.) he always knows what to do

74.) he wears his socks half way on and half off

75.) never matches

76.) never talks to any girl except for the girls who he knows very well

77.) screws up my hair all the time

78.) he broke my clay house that i worked to hard on lol

79.) made me a rose and a monkey drawing

80.) he gave me the place of god in his heart

81.) he can be a pain in the butt(but i love it) i know i love u too baby

82.) got me a perfume bottle instead of deoderant that i told him to get me hahaahah gud times

83.) he helps out so many people

84.) thinks of everybody first and then about himself

85.) he looks like hiritk roshan(indian actor) lol

86.) he can be so clumsy


88.) doesn’t have a clean closet

89.) throws everything all over the place in his room

90.) wears a black patka ever since i told him that i don’t like it when he wears colorful patkes. (patka=turban like thing for boys)

91.) never looks at any girl

92.) gave me the key to our house

93.) buys me the cutest necklaces

94.) an amazing essay writer

95.) HORRIBLE speller LOL

96.) he’s the other half of me

97.) we’re one soul….he’s 50% and im 50%….we make one person

98.) he has good taste in clothing

99.) he’s the reason why im writing this

100.) he’s my everything….without him, i would have never told you guys about these 100 reasons why i love him because, i’d be dead without him.

I love you pookie ji missin u a lot and these 100 reasons are nothing compared to how much love i have for you. Typing up 100 things is easy to do, but to show you how much i love you is the hardest thing that i will do soon…because, no matter how much i tell and show u that i love you soooooooo much….i’ll have more and more to tell u and to show u…..my love for you is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. It’ll take me more than 10000000000 lifetimes to show you how much i love you. But for now, those 100 reasons should sum up half of my love. I love you baby…missin u tty soon hopefully

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The beating wasnt so bad…but his hand with her’s…was heartbreaking

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Do you think that it’s okay for someone to be punished just because they love someone? Well my parents think that it is okay to punish someone just because they love somebody. Yesterday morning was another normal morning. Everything was going great until my dad saw me getting out of my husband’s car to go to my school. This is when things everything fell apart. As i was gettin out of the car, my dad drives by. I could see his eyes turn red with anger as he speeds his car away. I ran to school, and i asked my teacher if i could make a phone call to my mom and she said yes. I went to the main office and dialed his number instead of my moms’. When i called him, we made a plan that he is going to get a friend from college to sit with him in the car and pretened that he already has a girlfriend. Doing this, will make it look like i just got a ride from him…and that he’s not my boyfriend. Jasmine agreeed to help us so we decide on the following plan. When i go home and my parents ask me why i was with “that” boy, i will just tell them that i am friends with this girl that goes to my high school(who wud be jasmine) and “that” boy is her boyfriend. I wud also tell them that i missed my bus so jasmine and her boyfriend gave me a ride to school. That is what our plan was….although it turned out totally different when i got home. When i reached home, my parents weren’t home..thank goddness to that. Right then i called raj (gurwinder’s nickname..i only call him that) and we started talking until ravneet, my sister told me what my dad had told her about me. Ravneet had an early dissmissal from her school because of conferences. Ravneet told me that our dad said, that he’s going to beat the crap out of me and i will probably be sent to india forever. She also explained how my dad had seen me with raj in the past few days. I was in shock…and i was scared to know that the plan that we made wasn’t going to work. Too many questions raced through my mind at that time….i didn’t kno what to do…but to cry. I kept my feelings inside and i didn’t cry because raj and i had came up with a different plan. When my mom and dad reached home, my mom took me to her bedroom. She locked the door and slaped me so hard on my face. She said that i disrespected our religion and her trust. She kept on slapping me till my dad came into the room. He was furious with anger built up inside of him. He came up to me and slaped me. I faced him, asking him to just listen to me for one second so that i can explain to him what was really going on. But he didn’t listen to me…instead he pushed me onto the hard wooden floor and kicked me with his bulky shoes. I felt pain for the first few minutes, but he continued for about 10 minutes. He cursed at me….told me i was going to be sent to india forever. After a few minutes i just sat there on the floor, waiting to be hit again. I tried to defend myself by putting my two hands around my head….it didn’t work. After all i’am only 14. After my dad was done beating me, i got up and i told him that the only reason that i was in his car was because of jasmine, his girlfriend and my friend. I also told him that i missed my bus so i was walking and they asked me if i needed a ride and i said yes to them. I also told him that sometimes i didn’t get on the bus, instead i took rides from raj and his girlfriend. He said okay..lemme talk to his girlfriend. And so i called her on the number that raj gave to me. When i called, i was crying and i told her to talk to my dad. My dad started to talk to her…he asked her if whatever i told him was true. And obviously she was going to say, yes we do give her rides once in while and that raj is really my boyfriend, not manpreet’s. After my dad was done talking to jasmine, raj took the phone and started to talk to my dad. As soon as my dad heard his voice, he started to curse at him like crazy, half in our language and the other half in english. haha it was kinda funny now that it’s all over lol…im a retarted person…u’ll kno wat i mean as i write more entries. Anywaysz continuing on with my story…so after my dad was done talking to raj and jasmine, my mom took my dad downstairs. They both went downstairs and discussed how to solve this problem. After a few minutes my mom came upstairs and i told her that mom please believe me. She said that she only believes in half of my story and that she will believe me fullly once raj and his (fake) girlfriend comes to our house to show my parents that they really are girlfriend and boyfriend. So my mom called raj and told him that if you arent going to come to our house with ur girlfriend then we will think that manpreet truly is your girlfriend. So raj brought jasmine to our house after 1 and half hour. Right before raj and jasmine reached my house, my dad left to get my baby brother’s diapers. (lol so random…i kno). My mom and i went outside to talk to raj and jasmine. I really didn’t say anything, but raj did most of the talking. He explained how this girl (jasmine) is his girlfriend and not me. He also told her that they did give me rides to school but they wont any more. My mom said that it’s fine and she let it go. Thank god my dad wasn’t there…he’d probabaly slap him …and that would hurt me more than anything. Before jasmine and raj were about to leave i noticed that raj and jasmine were holding hands. They only did this to show my mom that they both were really girlfriend and boyfriend. Being kicked all over for 10 mins and crying for god knows how long, the thing that was most painfull was not any of the things that happened to me but instead was to see his hand with her hand…..even though it was just ment to be a way to convince mom..it still hurted me from deep within. My blood started to rush to my face, burning me from the inside. I wanted to go up to raj an force him to let go of her hand but i knew that he couldnt think of another girl as anything more than a sister. It still burned me from the inside to see him holding another girl’s hand, but i had to face the truth that he had to do it…..for the sake of our love.

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