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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

Enjoy our site and we look forward to receive your story!

The love of my life – since I was born till now

Posted on : 19-02-2013 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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Hello everyone! My love story is kinda weird because I don't really have fallen in love with him but he is truly in love with me. It all started when we were born. I was born in November 1993 and he was born in January 1993. I (Isabelle) was in Turkey and he (Zack) was in UK. But we were related as my uncle got married with his aunt. Almost every year his family will visit us in Turkey. Once when we were three years old Zacj protested not to return back to UK because he doesn't want to leave me. He was crying so badly and my uncle asked him (as a joke) to bring me together to UK. But Zack said something that shocked everyone. He said "No! I won't bring her now to UK. After we have grown up I'll marry her and bring her to UK with me". But nobody took that seriously and everyone started to tease him since. After that we've seen almost every year till we were ten and later we didn't see each other for two years. Next we met when we were thirteen and I was shocked that he never forgotten even a single thing of me. He even correctly guessed that I've reached puberty (hahaha). Things go on till we were fifteen where Zack told me that it's our destiny to be together. Truthfully saying, the word 'destiny' will always give me goosebumps. I am always scared of destiny. That is the main reason for me not to fall in love with anyone as I can't promise them that I'll be with them forever. Even after Zack confessed to me I didn't say that I love him or not. I just said that I will marry you if it is our destiny so let's wait for it! He, totally respect my opinion on destiny, is waiting for the destiny until now. After his last visit when we were fifteen, I've never seen him and miss him a lot. We have each other contact details but we have never contacted. Later I got the news that he has became a singer in UK and he got a girlfriend. But I have never felt jealous because I believe in destiny. Last year where we were nineteen, he sent me a surprise birthday present all the way from UK to the country where I am now. I was so shocked that he still remembers me! Now that we are twenty, I received an e-mail from him last month. He confessed his love again and said that even though he is having a girlfriend, I will be the love of his life. And that he is still waiting for destiny. He doesn't force me to say YES to him but he joins me and wait for the destiny! Again I am saying, I love him as a person. I have never fallen for anyone romantically. But if it is our destiny to be together, I would be glad to marry him as we share the same habits, behaviours, interests, and so on. Wish us all the best! 😀

(Screen) Name: Isabelle


Dedicated to my love sneha

Posted on : 20-08-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : First Love, Romance Love Story

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I was 19 years old and she was just 16.We met through a friend of ours, we had only one common friend in us n she helped me alot in propsing sneha but because of my shy nature i wasnt able to propose her.she is so beautiful just like the gal next door i loved her like hell she dint undertsand it but we kept meeting both more often.I called her for movies we gaged had fun together. i knew that she is the only one person with whom i can spend my rest of my life i was really happy and even afraid of proposing her.
The day of 14 feburary finally with lots of guts i finally propsed her and she did really said yes. I was so happy just felt to just go and hug her, I still remember that days each and every single moment of my life. I still get dreams of that moment, it was the best moment of my life.I hope everyday would start up and end up with that day.All days should be like that day.She is the only one person whom i have loved.
We kept meeting, finally our relationship continued for 5 yrs and m really happy.There were misunderstandings, fights, arguments and everything which happens in every single relationship but always it was me or her to come up with the solutions. If I thought its my fault then i said sory and everything seemed normal n if she thought its her then she was the person to say sory.
i love her like hell she does too..will keep loving her till the last breath of my life

(Screen) Name: Vishal


I finally meet him ( MY SOULMATE )

Posted on : 05-07-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story, Soul Mates

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June 13

(I made an account to a website that i don’t even know hw it works all i know about that is it is a dating website ^^ )

“Before i slept i was thinking that, why i made such account ?”

Next night June 14 I open again that account and when i open it after a few minutes someone chatted at me . OMG ! he’s so cute:x so i hurriedly reply at him ( him: HI! me: HELLO:) with smiley ) *blushes* just a simple HI makes me blush . hahahaha 😀

While were chatting i feel like we really know each other and thats what he feel too he said when i told him what i feel! after an hour of chattin i asked him how webcam works in this website ? then he told me that he don’t know because he is just a newbie there and just created an account yesterday (june 13) Oooh ! “DESTINY” (I’m starting to think that maybe i accidentally made an account there because its the way to meet my SOUL MATE ) and i finally met him YEY !!!

After 2 days of Chatting we finally meet *HE GAVE ME BUTTERFLIES DEEP INSIDE* He is so cute, gentleman, handsome, kind, funny, talkative everything in him is i really like and He is my dream guy also (true) but were together just a few hours 🙁

When i got home . We chatted again ^^ and decided to transfer chattin at yahoo ! he really have a good sense of humor that’s why i really really love to talk with him and he is so funny doing funny faces in webcam and dancing JAI HO ahahahha xD and that’s the reason why every second makes me fall in love with him . (now I am deeply shrink in love with him). We have lots of similarity our simcards, the way we think, likes and foods 😀 so iam so convince that he is my SOUL MATE :*

By the way i forgot to tell you at first how i call him and how he call me too . i call him NINJA BANDIT PROFESSOR SOUL MATE ^^ he call me BANDIT SOUL MATE ^^ or SM (short for soul mate)then turns to MAHALITA(me) and MAHALITO(him)
were happy now ^^ its enough for now but i will share you again gals what our love story will be LOVE YOU GALS ~tata~

(Screen) Name: banditsoulmate


My specil Angel

Posted on : 05-09-2010 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Long Distance Love, Romance Love Story

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when I was 4 yrs old my uncle had rapped me. back then I was only a child so I didnt understand and never told anyone about it and as i grew older i was scared to tell anyone. over the yrs it effected me alot, i would go through periods of time where i was compeltly depressed bt infront of ma family and friends i would act as if nothing was wrong, everything was fine. still act that way and i still havnt told them about it. when i was 15 yrs old, during my summer vications from school i had the wrost attack of my past, i would spend ma whole day and night sitting alone in ma room thinking bout every second of what had happened. As an afghan girl it is seen very bad if u lose ur virginety befor ur married and it brings really shame to the familys name and honer. nowing how much my dad loved his brother and how it would hurt him i thought it best if i found a way to get rid of ma self. one day whielst sitting in ma room ma friend called me saying to make a facebook account so that i could see the piituers of her from her holiday in thiland, so i agreed to it and i made a facebook account, 2 days later i got a request from syed asking me to add him as a friend. the name sounded familer, i was thinking i now dis name very well so i added him and started to chat to him. there i found out that he was one of my friends from ma childhood from back in afghanistan. he was living in pakistan now and studying his 1st yr of uni. we started chatting on msn. becouse we had been such gud firends when we were kids i trusted him alot. he would chatt to me all day long, keeping my mind of my past, slowly i started to feel strong emotions for him. one night when we were chatting he told me dat he had fallen inlove with a girl but was scared to tell her incase she didnt love him bakc and left him. his words cut right through ma heart. i felt angry at my self for thinking bout him in that way, it was obvious someone so sweet, so lovly and kind hearted could never be free. i asked him who the girl was but he wouldnt give me her name so then i asked him what is she like? he said she is so sweet, so inocent. her smile, her laughter is the prettiest sight, and her eyes are the most beutifulliest thing i have ever seen in this world, the say so much. thinking that it was someone else i said to him hun you should tell her how you feel befor it to late, whilest inside ma world was crumbling down. with every passing day that i chatted to him the stornger ma feeling for him got, i was scared that i would be even more cut up by this than i was by ma past. i thought bout not chatting to him but it drove me crazy so i left that idea. one day while i had ma cam on he asked me, do you love anyone and not wanting to spill ma secrite i lied and said no i dont love anyone, i dont belive in love and i hate the idea of it. but some time later, on 28th of agust at exactly 9:15 he said to me, u want to now who i love, well i the girl that i love is you. i was shocked, i didnt now wat to say or do. ma cheeks were balzing red. i could feel every worm emotion all at once. i just told him that i have to go and sighned out on him because i was affried that he was lieing to me. i didnt speak to himf or 2 days, but then i thought he couldnt possibly be lieing to me so i chatted to him and told him how much i luved him. about i month later i told him about ma past, i was scared that after hearing about it he would leave not wanting to have anything to do with a crazy broken up girl but instead he came close to me, he called me every day spoke to me, told me how much he loved me. he was like a bandage for all my wounds, slowly healing every one of them. ma friends say that i cant trust him, it on the net, you never know, but i now i can trust him becouse in ma heart i now how much he loves me. his sister is my mums siter-in-law ( brothers wife) and his dad is her step cousin. his mum and siblings are very close to my family but his dad and his siblings dont get alone with our family, there are big arguments between them, for that resone ma family and his familt dont get on that easily. our families dont now about us and we cant tell them untill i am ready to marry him. the fact that we come from tradional muslim families its making everything alot harder. i kept telling him this that they will never let us be together, that we are just a dream and can never work but he has hope for the futer. if the is one thing i now in this world then that is that i love ma sweetheart more than ma own life and i never want to lose him no matter what.
please pray that i get ma love.

(Screen) Name: lovebunny


“Love is not a feeling, it is an ability.”

Posted on : 01-01-2010 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story, Secret Love

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First of all, I know this story is gonna be very long..but at least please try to read my story so you can get some ideas about soul mates and secret love. Enjoy reading!

I remember this guy back when we’re still in fourth grade let’s call him in the name of Mr.Genius (coz his very good in Math). So my story goes like this.

First day of school, I meet my old friends and some new classmates. Our class adviser decided to arrange our seats. He seats in front of me. We still don’t know each other that time.

The second day, the teacher told us to get 10 sheets of pad paper for our penmanship folder, then the guy seating in front of me offered to give me ten sheets of pad paper, he was kinda friendly to me, but I said no thanks coz I have my own. The next few days, he was friendly to me and we talked to each other, get to know more about each other, and I noticed that when I arrive at school he was there talking with his guy friends and when he saw me arrive, he suddenly will go to his seat. These time I was thinking that this Mr. Genius guy likes me because I saw some obvious signs where in a guy is doing when he likes a girl. But, that time I wasn’t that into things like crushes or simply boyfriends thingy. That time I already knew that Mr.Genius likes me, so I was thinking of a way so he would not like me anymore, then I start to be rude to him, and I start to avoid him. One time when we were having our Chinese calligraphy class, he’s jacket was placed at the back of his chair. Then suddenly I accidentally brushed my Chinese brush onto his jacket, leaving a big black mark on his jacket. I’m so shocked and don’t know what to do, because I know if he found out he’ll be mad at me. So I decided to just sit quietly and continue writing. Later he found out, then he asked me if I was the one who did that, I said it wasn’t me, because I was afraid to tell him. Then he got mad at me and told his friends about it. The first quarter has ended and the teacher again decided to change our seat plan, this time it was me who was seating in front of him. It was like every time if the teacher is going to change our seat plan, he is always near me. That time when I accidentally put Chinese ink into his jacket, from then on don’t talk to each other anymore, few weeks past, we began to develop shyness between the two of us. Every time I’m gonna pass near him, I noticed that he is trying to avoid me.

When we were in fifth grade, I don’t know what was happening to me, but soon I just realized that I have feelings for him (It’s just really weird), so that time I don’t know what I was doing, I black texted him, and in one of our text he asked me if I was interested in him and I said I was..(I don’t know what I’m doing that time, right know I’m thinking back that time were I confessed to him that I like him, It makes me feel that I’m totally a foolish girl.) But soon he knew that it was me and I was so ashamed, don’t know what to do because he is telling his friends that I confessed to him that I like him.

By the way, his friend’s brother and my brother know each other and they were both friends, so it means Mr.Genius Guy knows my brother and my brother knew everything that I was doing, and I felt very ashamed. I just wish I didn’t do that anymore.

When we were in sixth grade, Mr.Genius guy has a crush on a girl. Just so you know, Mr.Genius guy is a playboy.

This Mr.Genius guy has a friend, and his friend has a crush on my friend. His friend knew that I like Mr.Genius. So his friend told me that if I would agree to spy on my friend and he to will spy on Mr.Genius and tell me more about him. Then I agreed. He asked Mr.Genius if he is still interested in me, and Mr.Genius guy said that he has liked me back when we were still in fourth grade until now (sixth grade) (that time he likes a girl, me and genius guy are not classmates anymore in sixth grade.)

When there is a batch program or when I’m walking at the hallways or at the corridors, sometimes we cross pass each other and I saw that he stares at me and suddenly look back, he is totally shy too. We haven’t talk for almost 2 and a half yrs. already because we were not classmates. And it’s almost our graduation so I decided to ask him if I could have his graduation pic, he was really shy, and I notice him blushing, and he said yes.
I’m just wondering why is that, if he likes someone at the school, he asks the girl if she can be his girlfriend, but he has a crush on me too, but why is that he is too shy and doesn’t do the same thing to me like what he does to the other girls he like.

Now, that I’m a freshmen, sometimes we cross pass each other and sometimes he look at my eyes so deeply, like he wants to say something, we try to act normal to each other. Sometimes I realize that my fate is testing me, because often we saw each other in the same places. And until now I still has a crush on him, even though he has hurt me a lot of times, I keep on telling myself that I’m not gonna like this person anymore and I’m gonna forget him already, but this feeling I have for him still does not fade away and keeps coming back. I still have this one question on my mind..Does he still like me?

Feel free to post comments:)

(Screen) Name: Hollywo0dPrinc3ss

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