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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

Enjoy our site and we look forward to receive your story!

evan and archi

Posted on : 10-09-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story, Soul Mates



i was olways a gal who roams alot n a radio jockey who talks alot.. he was a guy who is doing a course in atchitecture and always roam around with friends whenever they get time they ysed to smoke alot and drink alot..common thing was that we both used to come same place for lunch.one day i just notice his group but not him. one of his friend and i started giving his friend a letter that contains a message that he should stop smoking after valentine’s day i got a reply that he is confused!! me n my frnds were so happy..then suddnly we stop doing that prank.one day i saw the one i luv mr.archi i smiled he too.. slowly slowly we became gud frnds. we started hanging out toghter then one day he planned that i should join him n his frnds i said ok. that was the day he got drunk and i saw the actual face of him. the person or i shud say a guy whom i always dream about.my heart started beating at that moment.from that day i was so upset and not the same i was.everythg got changed.i realise that i luv him actully and thn i said him after a nonth he too realise that yes he love me too.n nw its like we completed 2 months but it seems we know each other from many years and i love him so deeply.. and the destiny is that the letter i got from his friend was written by him 🙂 and the bst thng in him is tat he olwys accpt me the way iam n olwys understnd my unspoken words seems to b fake but its not hez the bst soulmate i got.

(Screen) Name: evan


my sweet love….

Posted on : 08-07-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Long Distance Love, Romance Love Story

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I were loving him from the first day of the college. and i was wishing that he also love me .he is just like my dream prince tall ,handsome, smart ,cute.we used to talk with each other daily .he only like to talk with me I like to talk with him only.1 month we were just friends and after one month we get close and close .in the month of december we both think to propose each other but their are lofs of problems between us like we were staying long and after proposing how to manage all thing and to meet each other in so much long distace but finally at the night of 15 december we propose each other…and from that day till now we love each other lot and lot..but there are lots of problem came and went between us but we both just kept trust and kept faith in god that every thing will be good and ok.and till now we are with each other after a long distance of problems…because of our strong and true love

(Screen) Name: monalisa joseph


About Us..(Part 1)

Posted on : 28-05-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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My love story begin when I was thirteen years old. I don’t know what is the meaning of love because I’m still young on that time. From kindergarten until that time, I had very large body or in a short word ‘fat’.There this one boy who had a twins. His name is Nold and his twin is Ken. He(Nold)always make fun of me by calling me ‘fatty’ and even laugh at me in front of my friends.His twin always on my side every time Nold make fun of me. I just ignore him and I cried a lot because of what he said. I keep ignoring him and keep on my carrier as a choir in church since 2000 until I really forget about him. On 2002 on December which is holiday, I went to church as usual to attend caroling practice or choir for Christmas. Again, I met him there and he smiled at me saying “Hi Ella! How are you?” I smiled at him and nodded “Fine, Nold. Thanks” But in my heart says ‘??Why’d he act so strangely by saying ‘Hi’ to me? duh!’
So I keep singing and singing and singing until I noticed that he’s staring at me! “What?” I said. “Nothing” then he smiled. “Huh!” I exhale. On break time, my best friend, Anne and I went to toilet for ‘nature calls’. I waited for Anne and in front of me Nold smile again and shake hands with me. He said “Why you look so sad? Am I doing something wrong? I’m so sorry, Ella” I look at him and said “No, you’re doing nothing wrong.” Then I walk back to the church. I didn’t talk to him. He just look at me and talk with my best friend. I just keep ignoring him but as time pass by and day pass by, he keep busy asking ‘how am I doing’ and ‘have you eat yet’ or ‘are you okay?’ I am really surprised why he’d treat me like someone? Why he suddenly care for me? I keep asking myself. Then I give him a chance to be my friend. We’re really happy and suddenly I forgot about the old him. We are now best friend. Wherever he go, I goes to..and wherever I go, he goes to. Then on 2003 at the exact time which is on December (holiday), my best friend, Anne told me to stay out from Him. I asked why? She said “You’ll see this evening” I was frustrated by her word. So I waited on that evening. Suddenly, there was this pretty women come inside the church and look towards at us all (choir). She’s really pretty and she look at Nold and smile gladly at him. I look at Nold and he smiled back at her. I’m confuse. I looked at Anne and she whispers in my ears “She’s Ana,her girlfriend since 9 years old and she is my friend. I’m afraid she will give you trouble. I’m sorry” I was shocked to hear her. Then after the practice over, I tell Anne “Why’d you tell me all of this? He is not my boyfriend. I don’t love him..” then she continued..”But he maybe loves you..I don’t believe you had no feeling about Him. I can see how you two doing okay?” she says that to me. I agree with her, my heart hurt when she tell me that and I don’t know if I am jealous or what. And again, I ignoring him. As time pass by, he come to see me and want to talk to me explaining everything. I smile and said “Why’d you have to explain it all to me?” He look at me and said “Because I can see it in your eyes you are not okay. I m sorry for not telling you that I had a girlfriend.” then I laughed,”Hah aha, why’d you even bother about my feelings? We’re friends right? I keep ignoring you because I don’t want her to think wrong things about us.Understand?” He smiled and said”I m so sorry.” I smile and we shake hands again. Everything seems normal to me even tough it hurts when I saw them always together. Anne asked me to be patience and pray so that I can live my life on. As usual I’m attending choir practice and meet up with Ken and Nold. “Where are you going, Ella?” said Ken. “Church, practice. You didn’t go?” They looking at each other. “There’s no practice for today because our choir master and our seniors attending a ceremony in the town. They didn’t tell you?” “Oh-uh yes, I see. No wonder Easter(our choir master) call me earlier but I didn’t pick up my phone because I’m too busy doing homework.” So I keep talking with Ken when suddenly Nold said “Okay!!!!!!! Boohoo!!! Goodbye!!!!” and run away from us. “Uh..what’s wrong with your bro?” I asked. Ken only smiled and said. “Let him be like that, I will talk to him later.” I nodded and feels really strange about Nold. “Why you run away?” I text him a message and he reply me “You’re too busy with my brother..!! So be it!!” I was shocked and the I laughed because I know what it means. He’s jealous! Ha ah! Then I went home with a big smile. Dunno why but I can’t stop smiling until I can’t sleep.

(Screen) Name: N2N


The one

Posted on : 22-04-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story, Secret Love



As I was doing my bachelor’s degree i wanted to complete a professional degree as well. So i started CWA classes. I have no female cousins only men. So i grew up with boys all the time. As a result, i wasn’t very girly. I was more of a tomboy. I didn’t know to talk like girls, like about clothes, makeup and stuff like that. I was more into cars and bikes and anime. I like boys just like any other girl.
On the first day of class, sitting in the front row, i was looking around at the new faces around me. Then i heard someone laughing at the back of the class, so i turned to look. He was wearing a dull blue t-shirt. He wasn’t what you’d call a hunk but he had an insane smile. I guess i fell for him then and there but didn’t realize it that time.(let’s call him JACK)
As the days went by we became acquainted. I talked to any guy who would talk to me coz we were all classmates. But people taught that i talk to boys too much. I have always been comfortable talking to guys more than to girls, from childhood.
It became pretty obvious to everyone that I had a crush on jack. It’s clearly visible. I have never grown knee weak for anything in my life except him. when i’m with him, i tug at my hair, i pull at my clothes, i try to keep my cool but i know it shows. i stare at my feet and my cheeks turn red. i search for words inside my head and stand there like i have nothing to say. I can feel my heart beating in my chest whenever he looks at me and sometimes i’m afraid he might hear it.
During an exam he asked me if i was in love with him bcoz his friends seem to think so. I denied it, of course. At the last exam, as he was leaving i realized i might never see him again. So i called him up and said that what his friends told him was not entirely false. He hung up and kept avoiding me for the next year.
During that time he dated a girl who dumped him after two and a half months. I tried to be a good friend and consoled him that everything will be fine. he was still yearning for her. I listened to him talk about her with tears in my eyes coz i couldn’t stand to listen to him talk that way about some other girl.
Eventually, we became friends and he got over her. But he thinks that i’m over him too and that i’m just being a friend. It’s been two years since i saw him and the effect he has on me hasn’t changed at all.
Recently i told him that i was still in love with him. He didn’t avoid me but he told me that he doesn’t feel that way about me. He’s the only one who said that to me.
Now, I don’t know what to do?
How should I react?
There’s a chance that he might never fall in love with me.
Should I move on or should I not lose hope?
It’s driving me crazzy…..

(Screen) Name: Kagome

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