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The Search for Loving Forgiveness

Posted on : 15-09-2018 | By : admin | In : Internet Romance

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By Bobby Larry




Hello, ladies and gentleman. A special shout-out to my beloved Mabel is in order as I dedicate this message to her in the hope that she might forgive me for my recent heinous actions. This is a heartfelt message straight from the man himself, Bobby Larry.


Message Start


Chapter 1

I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve anyone, really. I’m sorry that this crazy bastard that I am chose out of all the women in that little store we toil in, it had to be you. Looking from the so-called competition, it was probably obvious why I wanted you. You have such a lovely, albeit rather unkempt, brunette ponytail. You have a perky, lively manner of walking, something that is still quite apparent when you’re waiting in line, always dancing the time away. You have a such a lovely voice. Now granted, you still sound so much like a girl even though you’re a full-figured woman, through and through. Still, it does make you sound quite youthful, though I imagine you’ll lose such voice by the time you hit 40. However, if there is one physical trait that stands out from everything else, it’s your eyes. They’re beautiful, soft, warmth-giving eyes. When I ever see those eyes with that smile of yours, I seriously feel that the vast, multiple troubles and travails in my life are gone. Those irises of milky azure rope me in into some strange, ethereal world since I don’t see many people with such a color. The rest of your countenance then ropes me into a calming mood which in turn completes a sensation that all of the stresses that I had before seeing your smile are someplace else. It really does feel that I may have seen, for a few seconds, a glimpse into heaven.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 1 Start—————————————–

Sometimes I listen to “Photograph” by Def Leppard whenever I imagine your physical presence. Okay, I try to imagine that tune as your theme song just for the rockin’ themes of infatuation. Yeah, I’m not one for the “contemporary” music of today with its dubstep, hip-hop, techno BS I don’t give a crap about. I’m weird like that. I just like that classic rock from yesteryear. With that in mind, that song of the same name by Nickelback can go to hell!

————————————–Interrupting Side Story 1 End——————————————

I just want to go on record saying that while I found you attractive- and I still do at times -I am somehow not thrown completely out of whack to know that you sure as hell won’t be winning any beauty contests. That nose of yours could really use some straightening up, since it looks like it was smooshed by some wall from a few years back. Do you not have the means to buy some decent shampoo and conditioner to rein in that hair of yours? I see so many split ends and stray hairs everywhere that if you wore a bum’s clothes, I’d think you were that indigent. The most glaring physical feature I see is when you’re not smiling, your face seems to express one of two expressions: sad or angry. Of course, I saved the biggest flaw for last: your short stature. I’m like 6 feet 4 inches tall, and you’re what, like 5 feet tall? Still, there was an attractive hold you had on me despite your homunculus build. I thought to myself “How the hell could I be in love with such a woman? It’d be a struggle to kiss each other since I’d have to crouch or she’d have to climb a ladder of sorts. If I did do impossible and have a relationship with this woman, she’d only have me around as a human cherry picker. If I really wanted to date diminutive beings, I’d date some distant relative from my mother’s side of the family.” I could spend the rest of my time taking cheap shots at your shortness, but I won’t this cruel anymore, I promise. I only wanted to tell you that I know you’re not the most attractive woman in the world, especially given the customer base at our workplace, which can sometimes bring in quite the number of lookers in there. Nevertheless, in the face of more attractive women coming in and out of that establishment, you beat them all in terms of getting me hooked on to you since your aforementioned physical flaws, combined with the lack of makeup which I must give kudos because you don’t hide anything and good on you, combined with the good parts of you make me feel that I’m seeing a real, raw beauty in my midst. I’d like to know more about you, but since I’m the most depraved, decrepit, unbelievably timid and awkward guy in the world, I took the coward’s way of knowing you.

Chapter 2

It’s been over a year since I first met you, and while we’ve had a small chat here and there, my timidity must’ve put you off as me being cold and distant. I’m actually scared and desperate, I assure you. I always thought you were cute, but it was only in the last two months that I thought that you could be more than that. That’s when I began to search you on the Internet for your social media profiles. I discovered them and I enjoyed of what I saw. The lively, joyful life I saw posted- and I’m sure there’s far more of that I haven’t seen that is rightfully for your eyes only -really matches the sunny disposition I see in the physical space.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 2 Start—————————————–

I listen to “Kids In America” by Kim Wilde while I searched for you. I like listening to upbeat New Wave music, though I imagine you’d wouldn’t care for this genre. Sometimes I also listen to “We Got the Beat” by the Go-Go’s which by the way is so far the only female band I would ever care about.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 2 End——————————————

I’m kind of shocked, amused, and bewildered to see your interests, at least the ones I see in cyberspace. First of all, I am shocked at the number of animal-focused pages on your Facebook account. It’s like large swaths of your liked pages are either around dogs, official fan pages for zoos across the country, or baby animals in general. I like animals myself, but I wonder if you’ve ever taken care of one those creatures for at least one day. I got two dogs myself, and while I love them not I’m gushing with overt praise and affection because they can be a pain in the ass. Another aspect that I did not know about is the number of liked pages dedicated to food. You’re no doubt the thinnest employee at our little establishment, and I never would’ve imagined that you were once a rather chubby girl in the past. I guess doing all those exercises that you found on Pinterest really worked out in the end. Still, you sure love your chocolate, pasta, burger, and especially pizza fan pages, don’t you? I think you may have liked at least one page that promoted healthy living, but you sure love to eat, don’t you? Maybe, out of everything I’ve seen from your online presence, that is something I should emulate. I certainly don’t have the physique of Adonis, that’s for sure. Then, I see that you like all of that Marvel, anime, cosplay, really all of that nerdy shindig activities that I wouldn’t ever associate with you.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 3 Start—————————————–

Okay, I got to go off-topic for a bit. When I ever I see Facebook pages like “Nerds with Vaginas” and I see pictures of people that are reasonably good-looking, I’m at a loss of how these folks could identify themselves as “nerd”, “geek, etc. I’d say almost all of you guys- and yes, Mabel, I’m including you as well -are far too attractive to identify with such a stigmatizing term. I’m only maybe two or three years older than you, but this “geek pride” phenomenon is a completely alien concept, despite liking the same things that these newfound “geeks” find so interesting.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 3 End——————————————

I also saw that you love those parenting sites with all of those cute photos and videos of parent-kid interaction. I assume you want to be a mom yourself someday That is a perfect segue into the most glaring factoid about your digital self.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 4 Start—————————————–

Play “Sister Golden Hair” by America to set the mood. It’s just for a nice mood for the following segment. Yeah, I know you’re a brunette, but just go with it.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 4 End——————————————

So, I’ve seen you made a few dating profiles on a few websites. Now, I have to ask the following question: Are you insane?! How many times do I have to repeat myself? You’re an attractive woman! I seriously find it hard to believe you haven’t found the right guy yet. Now granted, you’ve dated once before. That may have colored a negative light on relationships for you. Still, I don’t believe you can look me in the eye and tell me that there aren’t at least three single guys you know in your circle of friends that would go out with you. You’re a charmingly beautiful woman with a more gorgeous heart. You’d be doing any guy a favor to even have just one date with you. Anyone who is even around you would know of your luminous grace. So, don’t go out to the reaches of cyberspace to a site where only vapid, distorted depictions of beauty, suaveness, or really any term of attractiveness that those creeps use to hide behind their own worlds of vainglorious, egotistical detritus. You’re better than that. You might be waiting for Mr. Right to come around the corner, but I really think you’d be surprised who could be a real unexpected catch if you asked anyone in your immediate physical reach.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 5 Start—————————————–

Of course, given your questionable practice of simply abandoning old accounts instead of deleting them means that I may have been reading old, irrelevant content. You might already be in a relationship, or simply not interested in relationships at the moment. The latter scenario would question your current fascination with parenting if you won’t take the first step to starting such a life, but I digress.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 5 End——————————————

Chapter 3

I thought that with this seemingly harmless observance of your online activities I thought maybe I will work the courage to go ask you out. I thought I would be so clever to perhaps coincidentally (wink wink) participate in activities of your liking, for example taking long walks in parks or going out to a nice Italian restaurant.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 6 Start—————————————–

I would’ve been okay with anything except for skating. By Zeus, I would prefer anything to skating. I would’ve gone to a wrestling match with you, despite my dismissal of said activity as a fake sport. I would’ve gone and watched all the crappy Rom-Coms that plague every theater since time immemorial. Hell, I would’ve done something I wouldn’t have expected you to like, like going to cockfights or something. Alright, fine. That last activity was something I know you wouldn’t like, but anything other than skating is my point of my little story here.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 6 End——————————————

I would keep imagining on what to say at the end of the date. It would’ve been memorable, or maybe something that you would’ve made you interrupt my poorly worded sentence with a kiss. I would then leave you at your place to reminisce about the good time you had with me, wanting more. I don’t think that this relationship would’ve been long-term, but it would’ve been a lovely time. I thought that I could take the next step and move forward. That’s when a sobering dose of bitter reality set in.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 7 Start—————————————–

I’d recommend playing “Where Did Our Love Go” by the Supremes at this point, though I’d prefer Soft Cell’s cover. I prefer that edgy, darker vibe from the latter group than that mushy Motown tune that my mother likes, but that’s just me. It sets the mood for what’s to come.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 7 End——————————————

I didn’t ask you out, that’s for sure. I had to take a step back and ask yourself the hard truth. “You’re an unpleasant, cowardly, disgrace of a man!”, I said to myself. “Why the hell are trying to get a relationship with this woman? So she can ‘save you’?! From what?! Yourself?! That’s all on you, you bastard! You’re never going to get what you want, romantic or otherwise, because you really are a wretched loser! It’s time to burn this bridge to nowhere. And do me a favor. Never get involved in anyone else’s life. You can’t love and care for yourself, much less someone else.” That was the impetus for ending what couldn’t be. The problem was that I spent over the course of a month spending almost all of my free time thinking about you. I’m not the sort of the guy that forgets easily. I tried simply not looking you up online for a week and I still didn’t succeed in removing you from my life. I couldn’t quit my job either. Everyone needs money, particularly me at the moment. That’s when I took a dark, rash turn for the worst. I had to make a conscious effort to burn bridges with you so I had a good reason to stay away from you.

———————————————-Interrupting Side Story 8 Start———————————

This is going to be dark so playing “My War” by Black Flag, “Slaughter Of The Soul” by At the Gates, “Dead Embryonic Cells” by Sepultura, “Fear of Napalm” by Terrorizer, “Los Angeles” by X, or “Wild Side” by Mötley Crüe. Don’t listen to them all at once at high volume unless you want to go deaf in 20 seconds.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 8 End——————————————

My puppy love for you turned into hate. I wanted to put the blame for my unrealistic future that was never meant to be on you. I thought this will finally put my imaginative dalliance with you with a very despicable act. I effectively sold your soul to truly depraved devils. I did swiftly and I even had a little cheer for myself for that heinous act. It is something I’ve never done to anyone else in my life. I felt a smug sense of superiority because I thought I tore you a new one. I thought I had the upper hand on someone for once in my life.

Chapter 4

After my darkest hour, I felt that with that act in mind, I could move on and forget that about this woman with this dark stain on her name. I anticipated that there would’ve been a change in my own feelings of self-worth. In short, I thought I would be feeling satisfied. That feeling never came. Indeed, nothing that I thought would feel ever came. I’m sure you know what I did now. The realization that someone did this to you is beyond words, I reckon. I can see that you’re avoiding me at work either by eyeing my movements, running away from me once your shift’s over, and looking the other way when riding a vehicle.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 9 Start—————————————–

Yeah, I noticed you at least three times outside of work. I remember the first two times you looking at me furtively. I was befuddled as to why you were looking at me rather longingly, even as the car move a greater distance from each other. Of course, I knew that you realize that I hurt you because the third time I saw you ducking your head to avoid seeing my derelict and morally compromised face.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 9 End——————————————

I’m sure you’re looking for somewhere else to work, though if there was any sense of justice in the world, I should be sacked. I thought that with my act I would stop caring about you, but instead I feel nothing but remorse.

—————————————-Interrupting Side Story 10 Start—————————————

This is the part where I’d listen to “Edge of Seventeen” by Stevie Nicks. If nothing else, it to mourn any lost goodwill you may have for me, if even care to think of me in any way other than hateful terms.

——————————————Interrupting Side Story 10 End————————————–

I’m sure you don’t feel like it, and I reckon there’s more than a few people that would want to exact violent retribution on your behalf, but now I only want to make a plea for forgiveness. I have tried to remove such a stain from your name, but I can’t trust the wicked people of digital age to do the same even if asked them to do so. Nevertheless, I will make the effort to repair your good name. That is the only thing I want from you now: your forgiveness.

Chapter 5

At this point in time, I’m falling out of love for you. At this point I only feel about parting ways, although I wish we could do so on good terms.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 11 Start—————————————-

If there is only one song you’d actually listen to while reading this message, it should be “Baker Street” by Gerry Rafferty. The lyrics sum me up perfectly, and that saxophone riff is just excellent. It’s my theme song, no less. Take that, Dave Ramsey.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 11 End—————————————–

It may not be right in saying this, namely because I really fell in love with a façade, but I thought I had brief, beautiful moment with you. It was so beautiful and ethereal that it could only last for a moment. Still, even the briefest moments can make an impact of a lifetime. This is where I make my last goodbye to you, sweet Mabel. Farewell, and may you forgive me.


Message End



The memories of you

Posted on : 04-02-2013 | By : Unchange | In : Romance Love Story



I decided to write my story because I could not bear it any longer, everything about you imprinted in my heart and remain unchanged. Your present has always been with me, your touches are still here. I could feel my love for you will not fade.

Its has been ten years and I have spent all that time loving only one person and that is my sweetheart (first love). Times have changed our surrounding but it has not washed away the memories of you.

I remember the first time we kissed. It was raining and we walked through the park. We took a detour to delay my journey home. No matter how hard the rain falls and it was very windy. We were powering through the heavy rain. You wrapped me with your arm tight against my shoulder. You held me very tense and rough. It was your first experiences and I was your first girlfriend. However, I felt safe with the your embrace. Every times. I looked up at you and you smiled back at me. My face were red like a peach and my heart were pounding fast and faster. I was shy. I was in love with you. I wanted to put my arms around. I placed my hand around your waist.

As we kept walking along the park and arrived at the river. Our holds became tighter and tighter. The rains was pouring and we were totally wet. You looked down at me and said” Are you ok?” I nodded my head and gave you a smile and it was your first questions that you asked to break the silence.. Suddenly, you leaned over and stole your first kiss.

I will continue …

(Screen) Name: Unchange


Do you love me?

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I was walking down when I saw a man dragging me to his house and I found out its my crush’friend…I told him where is he,he said that he was asleep.I and my crush were soul mates. I went in to his house. I found him sleeping. He woke up and I gave him wine. I tied his hands at the corner and his feet together. I also tied his hanky at his eyes so that he can’t see. I had sex with him until 12 am(he was naked when I went to his room and I was naked after I tied him up). We had no blanket to cover ourselves. Nobody saw us having sex. After,I removed everything in his body that was tying him. He woke up and had sex with me again. Everyday we had sex. We had no breakfast,lunch and dinner. We loved it. We had children. Our children was away until lunch so we had sex again. We always had time for each other forever. Everyday sex,but we also had no more children and we were happy. He protected me forever.

(Screen) Name: Hannah Sevilleja and Kerubin Narvasa


adhura pyaar

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Hey guys..!! Mera naam navya h! (name changed) … Wese to mri story bahut badi h bt mai ap logo ko short krke bataungi.. Ye mri real luv story h ek one sided luv ki story.. The story begins………:-) me naughty, funloving n a vry hppy grl hmesha ki trh festival enjoy krne apne village jate.. Har saal hi hm apna tyohar wha manaate the wd my whole family.. I had a joint family.. Waha pe humara ek neighbour hua krta tha jo ki hmari hi trh gaun tyohar pe hi ata tha hm sb sth khub khelte the.. Wo mra bahut acha dost tha aur wo mri cousin sis ka bhi acha frnd tha.. Khelte kudate kb mai use like krne lagi mjhe samajh nai aya halaki mai bahut choti thi.. Mai hmsha wait krti gaun jane ka usse mlne ka.. Par wo mri behan ko shayad pasand krta tha jo ki mjhe lgta tha.. Usne nai bola tha mjhe kch..! Tb mai takreeban 12 saal ki thi.. Wo mjhe bahut kum attention dta tha aur mjhe bahut bura lgta jb bhi mai use apni sis se baat krte dekhu mjhe bahut dukh hota.. Yahi sb hote hote time aage badh gayaa ab mai 17 saal ki hu aur wo 20 ka.. Ab mri likeness cn be said love!! Ek chij wo hmsha mjhe bolta ki navya tm ktni choti ho na mjhse vaishali (sis) mri bahut achi frnd ho pati h as she iz of my age.. I dnt knw wo asa q bolta jb ki mene use kbhi nai bataya dt i luve hm.. Mai kai bar asa sochti ki q mai usse age me choti hu q akhr bhagwan ne mjhe chota banaya.. Phr ek din ki baat h jb hm kafi mahino baad sms k through baat kr rhe the mne kch ainwayi bola to na jane use kya laga uska reply aya ” tmhre dil me kch ho to tm bol skti ho” mne bola nai to bcoz mai nai chahti thi ki use mre pyar k bare me kch pata chale.. Bt he started forcing me thn i said tht “i like u n i even knw ths tht u dnt” he said ksne bola tmhe i also like u phr usne gn bola gn bola bt wo sunkar mjhe kha need ani thi.. Phr 10 ya 15 dino baad humari baat hui.. Phn par jb baat ho rhi thi to usne luv tpic pe kch bola aur phr baat baat me usne mjhse nikalwa liya dt i luved him…. Bt phrrr usne bola dt hm sath hnge to bahut prblm ho jayegi navya etc etc…. I was really sad n he was like pls i cnt see u sad plss plsss… Bt couldnt control my feelings n thn he told ok lets do ths.. If u luv me thn i d’nt cre abt d whole world.. I was flyng im airs aftral mra bachpan ka pyar jo ki 5 saalo se hidden tha.. Nw he was wd me bt… Yes bt mri khushi nam ki thi mjhe usse kbhi wo pyar nai mlta tha.. Pura din beet jata tha is umeed me ki atleast uska ek msg milega bt no.. Ase hi din guzarte rhe aur mai aj ek asi jagah khadi thi jaha mai phle bhi zyada tut chuki thi.. I WAS DAMN HURt… Use mud swing ne mjhe pareshan kar diya tha kbhi he let me feel ki wo mjhe bahut pyr krne laga h to kbhi wo prove krta tha ki use mri koi parwah nai.. Phr meri di ki shadi me hm mile wo bhi aya tha.. Phr wahi situation jaha mai wo aur mri sis the.. Waha kch asa hua jisse mjhe uspa shuk hua subah ka time tha mene uska cel dkha to conversation me usne mri behan k bare me ksi frnd se bola tha ki mai uske sath hu wo bhi 2 din tk.. I was shocked n hrt.. Bt he denied aur phr usne mjhe ye bhi samjhate hue bola ki tm bahut choti ho mjhse.. Hm bachpan se ek dusre ko jante the to baate casually ho rhi thi.. Tb se we’r like vry casual aur ek din usne mjhe cl kiya aur kaha dt ur sis iz my gf since 3 yrs bt hmare bich wo pyr nai h i luv u.. He said mjhe mat chodo pls bt mai apni behan ko cheat nai kr skti thi.. I luved her!! Wo na use chodna chahta tha aur na mjhe.. I felt he’s nt worth my love bt pyr tha wo kse samajhta.. I cnt stp luving hm.. Mai ye janti hu ki mai use bahut pyr krti hu bt shayad kch logo ka na milna hi better hota h.. Wo mere pyar ko kbhi nai samajhta bt phr bhi mjhe umeed h ki wo kbhi na kbhi zarur samajhega bt shayad tb tk bahut der ho jaegi.. Mene ye kahi suna tha tha ki jb ap ksi ko chaho aur wo apka na ho paye to udaas nai hona chahiye koi usse bhi behtar apki kismat me milna likha hota h.. Mai ye sochkar khud ko mana leti hu… But i love u sooooooo much ki shayad tmhe koi utna pyar na kre.. Bt tm nai samajhte mere pyar ho.. Ap hi log bataiye kya mera faisla galat tha apni behan k liye use sacrifice kiya.. Mai janti hu ki usne ktni galat baat boli dt tm mri gf raho uske sath to mera naam ka rishta hai.. Par mai kya karu i luv hm aur mera pyr to asa hi h dt mjhe uski lakh galtiya bhi nai dkhti.. Mjhe umeed h ki mri lyf me bhi koi ayega jo mjhe bahut pyar karega.. I hope so jaldi…!! Bye frienzzz…!

(Screen) Name: navya


for being loved

Posted on : 20-03-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : First Love, Romance Love Story



you have to be friendly with every one and that would make everyone in falling in love with you.beauty is not an important or essential thing in good relationships,but intimacy and affection between you and your partner.the most favorite wish of a person is to be loved.you have to love everyone and then you will be loved by every one………………………………….

(Screen) Name: love s m


Liar is always Liar………….

Posted on : 28-05-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Lost and Love, Romance Love Story



Hi, this is me Nirajan. I want to tell u a story from my side. And the story is between me and my one and only girl Gurung… Sorry i could write her name coz i think it shouldn’t like to. And i make a start of my life from beginnig. and it is……..
When i waz below 14, my life was so good and happy……… That time i had a lot of friend- boys and girls. I equally love them. I never discriminated my friends.I had some idea about two people falling in love with each other and their tragedy too. But i didn’t have any special one. At those time i was studying at the school nearby my village. But my father changed my school at 14 where i found many friends. But then i and my friends used to criticized girls a lot. The girls didn’t like my friends but i don’t know why they used to treat me like a good friends. I really love them all. They are my good friends.
When we were on nine class, i told my friends that, i would proposed any girl who join us for first i.e new comer…. That time no girl came.. But after 2/3 months, a girl came to our class. Now i got my work to do. My friends always made a very suitable conditions to propose her. But i never proposed her then becoz one of my senior playboy friend used to tell us that he had his girl friend who lives nearby his home and that waz her, new comer. I couldn’t make it then. But being on same school, she, my ex, knew his idea and behaviour. Then they split up.
But i never cared them at all coz i hate that boys always becoz i really don’t like him. And after one year, i proposed her coz some of my nearer friends told me that she liked me very much. And then i din’t know what happened but i really started to fall in love with her. She used to stay on hostel. So i too joined hostel but on hostel one sir who used to care her very much beats me for that reason. So i left hostel promising her that i would talk her after S.L.C. Then i never went school.
I used to see her most of the days but i never talked her then coz i had made promises already. So i waited the last day of my exam. But unfortunately i forgot to wait her that day. I went to visit with my friends and soon i remembered everything i went back there but there wasn’t she. I really felt sad. This way i got a deep pain in my heart. This is the way how we ended then.
I couldn’t talk with her after that day even if i met her. I felt so bad. But i always loved to see her. One day, i called her from my own cell phone but i couldn’t make a talk. Then i requested my college mate to make a call and asked him to tell me who is the girl that waz answring. He told me that it waz girl not a woman. So i soon called her. Then we started again. We went on date just for once. I don’t know why just for once. I daily used to bonk the classes to see her. I always used to see her. One day she didn’t came and i was so sad. I waited her till evening. But she din’t came. I then started to come back to home. There she was on the same bus. I was happy. And on the way home i made a call to her and her mom answered it and scold me. But i dind’t hear it as i threw my mobile very far. It happened for twice. Then again we kept out of touch.
The days went on so. After few months my friends used to make me a matter of joke telling me “Don’t have to give treat of the marriage?” I didn’t understand what they ‘re sayibg. But someday later i heard that she waz married. This time i really got mad. But i think to make a love success doesn’t mean that we should marry them whom we love. And that’s how i became alone once again.
Then i wanted to make a fresh started now. Then i wanted to forget her try next but my heart could help me out. So i tried a lot. In college i like one girl very much. I never told her my feelings. And one day i told her and she said nothing but trying to escape by saying she had a boy friend but i know she just wanted to take a time to know me and to answer. Few days after it, i wanted reply but she didn’t talked me and i couldn’t call her. So i was so sad and went back to home. But on my way to home, i saw my ral heart just walking in front of me. I really felt like my heart was going to break for sure. That day my heart cried and cried.

I had got her phone number several months ago from her friends and i tried to call her as i couldn’t forget her. But i never made a call because i din’t know any words to say to her. But i just wished her for her better life. I never wanted to hurt her back as i thought it wasn’t her idea to marry. And the life just going on and on. It waz first week of last chaitra, my brother had just returned home from abroad. That day my bro started to miss called her. And she called him back. I used to answer every girls calls in his mobile so i went to him and snatched his mobile and without seeing i told ‘kati phone gareko?” Then the call ended. I looked the number then and noticed that it was her number. Then soon i asked him to call her and asked her to recall at that very number. And he did so. Then we went to have dinner and after that we again started waiting her call. It waz 9:43 when she called and at first i asked her who r u but she didn’t answer it but asked me if i was Nirajan. At last i said yes, i waz Nirajan. Then we started talking. I asked her why she got married. she told me that it’s all her mother. And i asked her “do u love me still?” She said yes. I remember she telling “I love you” for more than 10 times. That time we were happy but also crying. The day after tomorrow was the exam of Nepali but we didn’t care it and we talked on phone till 2 am. That time she promised me that she will come to me after few years. We made many conversatinons that should be or should be talk. Telling true we made phone sex that time. I started to think then that she was changing little bit than the past. And i found her thirst of sex. But being the one loving her for true i never involved in her. Then for few weeks we kept in touch. And again we went on date on chaitra 15. I was so surprised to see her in new get up. She was looking so nice then, so cute and happy. Those time i felt like she was cheating me. There are numerous events to prove it. She din’t even show me her mobile. I can guess there was the things that could hurt me. From that they i started thinking and thinking and became sure that she loves me no more but she loves that stupid playboy. I wanted to hear from her this so i tried and tried. I never succeded. So i write a msg for break up and told that i waz such a fool to love a girl like her who hurts me not for once but for more times. One thing i really believe her waz her innocent behaviour and being the who loves her, i trully and blindly believed her. That time she replied me that not keeping in touch doesn’t mean that the love changes and i was her first and last feelings that ever had had to her. She told me that” me or u neither getting u ir me”. I really felt sad reading those. I thought i made a great mistake then. I thought i really hurt her. So i asked for apologize for several times but she never answerd me. I know her heart is not like human heart, her heart is made of a rock so hard and cruel. Time goes on and on. Today morning at 1 am i got her reply in facebook that she don’t like me and she love that stupid bastard and told me that they loved each other since their childhood. But it doesn’t matter me. My only question for her is the y she said she love me and how can i be her first and last feeling that ever lasted within her as she wrote me in the very msg? I thought she is a liar and liar………….
I promised to god not to stop wanting her, liking her, loving her………………. She is the one whom my heart beats for. I may like a girl but i can’t share her place to my heart coz my ex can’t be replaced from my heart. My love to her is not such a cheaper one………… I really love her…………………

I wish her for her happy life and be happy……………forever…….. Do ur best…………..Best of luck………………

(Screen) Name: Nirajan


One Sided Love

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everyone believe’s in LOve,True Love,Love at 1st sight.girls start to get happy when they meet the one for them.. they get started to be excited as if there was no tomorrow, a Feeling that felt like seeing a blossom flower when your love one is in your front… lolz I always started to smile when I remember that kind of scene..it always see on a anime…but the way enough of that..
all of this I experience it… but the question is Why? Why is it in 19yrs of my existence I don’t have A BF, or let me say I do not experience to have a boyfriend even thus I want to…My friends relative don’t believe on me every-time they ask me too. but I think I know the answer deep in my heart…to be frank “I’m Scared”Scared to get hurt,leave me of my love.. I’m was idiot, always lie to myself saying it gonna be all right. I had a friend or I call it my Childhood friend we were schoolm8 since 4th grade up until we reach 4th yr high school we always bonding,he always come to my house eat lunch,dinner together with my family… and he doesn’t even get shy…he was funny,good on photography,kind person,a joker? but honestly all of her joke was not that funny.. but I like it when he do that.. I dont know maybe because I secretly deeply fallen in love with my childhood friend.but he didn’t notice it..we can call it one sided love..sometimes I’m starting to get hurt because he was so “manhid” don’t even realise what I felt for him..yrs was past we graduate in high school.. study in different school at place and time.. we didn’t see each other often and for me it’s so sad…

to be continued……^.~

(Screen) Name: ceres


spell brought my husband back!!

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hi everybody,,magic is real,just believed that some weeks ago i guess,and the funny thing is i learnt it the hard way..i had been married for four years with two kids and thought everything in my marriage was perfect and extraordinary,my husband was the most loving and my whole family was happy until everything changed..don’t know how or what happened but i guess i didn’t believe it was my fault.he started hitting me and my kids,cheating and we started having dept cos he was gambling quite much and he had lost his job..A friend introduced me to some counselors and therapist but it didn’t get well,it was getting worse so i decided to go the spiritual angle..After several attempts with different spell casters and magicians nothing happened.i met some people online who claimed to know someone who claimed to be able to help but it was all false,i lost a lot of money,was scammed several times and cheated on…i guess i was too desperate for a quick solution,but it all changed when i was introduced to a spell caster online,i thought he was going to be fake,maybe try to scam me again so i was prepared this time,i thought at least i could get him caught or something..but he wasn’t what it thought he was,he did some spell which i used playing along,but he was right,he was true..everything stated to turn around,my husband came home,he was changing and everything was going back to normal..and now after three weeks,everything is perfect and much more..my family is back,he has a new job,i do too..and we are happy as ever..i guess magic truly exist but in the right people with the right heart..magic is real and out there so is the person who saved my marriage,my family and i…

bainessuseee gmail com

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Before i start making this blog i just want anybody to be aware about the word “third sex” and yes I am one of them.
My friend called me mike carlo as the initial of my fem name michelle caroline im 25 years old and I’m from the Philippines, my love story goes so confusing and started like this.
Sometime in June 2000 in one of the hospital in quezon city,i meet someone named lean at first shes just an ordinary girl for me whom I seen every day in front of my bed, yes in front of bed because we are living in the same staff house. One day when I was playing with the kids outside the staff house someone cautioned me and called my name when I look around i saw her smiling at me and said “I was just kidding” then I smiled back and said “it’s ok, how did you know my name when I didn’t know what’s yours?” then she smiled again and her friend look like they are teasing me. These were the story started.
Then the next day early in the morning she smiled at me when she passes through my area and said “good morning michelle” I just nod and smiled…as the day passes we became friends and even close friends we talk a lot, having fun together and we are both so happy just by being together..then I found myself having a strange feeling toward her a kind of feeling that I never thought I can have for her, but I tried to stop it just to keep the friendship going and I’m also afraid that if she will notice she will avoided me and forsake our friendship which I don’t want to happen.
One day she and her friends need to leave the staff house and move in at makati, I felt so sad that day but when I received a text from her that she will going to visit me I was so happy then I’ve waited for her the whole day but she didn’t come I was so disappointed and sad and never expect anything from her again, weeks has passed but still I can’t forget her and the feeling of emptiness get worst just then I realized that I really love her, one day when I was so busy doing on something someone pushed me I get mad and about to fight back but when I was about to look back and try to pushed back the person who pushes me I stopped! And I saw lean so beautiful and smiling at me then she started to hug me but I’m still standing and got nothing to say I just keep on staring at her..

(Screen) Name: mike carlo


Bunny a true lover

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Hi I saw her in my 9th at my school she was not my section i felt love with her.But I didn’t tell her about my love how she know about me I don’t know but didn’t love me at all days passed next year she changed school luckily near to my school only I used to go there daily one day I known that she is loving one fellow you know who is he my friend . I got shocked but then also I didn’t left her I belived in one thing “Give and it will be given to u”.Tenth exams completed I was joined in one college i don’t know she also joined in the same college one I got one book it belongs to her I wrote a letter in that book and gave to her friend to give it to her.I thought that she’ll give complaint on me but she took my phone number and call me. i felt very happy i felt that I was in the heaven from that day on words we both became good friends but I said that I cant feel u as a friend you are my lover and I said how much truly i’m loving her she understood my pain and she told that she will think and tell I said OK next day she called me and said I love you…no words to me to express my feelings now we are a great lovers…..
HI I said a little about my love story I don’t know you all will like it if you liked it and you want to listen whole story you can ask me i hope you all like it but it is not whole story it is a small drop in the ocean bye…..

(Screen) Name: BUNNY

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