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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

Enjoy our site and we look forward to receive your story!

still love you..

Posted on : 03-11-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Internet Romance, Romance Love Story

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I was on the internet like every other day… I was depressed that year which I call being 2010.. It was 22nd November that year when he came on my friends account and without knowing I started the conversation.. without having said a single lie he told me who he was and introduced himself.. little did I know after talking to me for over 2 hours on chat he was head over hills for me.. later on that day he added me after he went home.. I got so excited to know it was him.. he had made a new account since he had deactivated his old account longgg time ago..
after a day he told me he loves me but I didn’t know anything much about him.. I talked with my friend about him and got to know a little.. it turned out that he had promised his first love that he will never say the girl he loves those three words if she was near and would never show himself to the girl who was far so I was far..
the next weekend I was chatting with my friend and he were there too but I didn’t know.. she asked me who loves me the most so I took my friends name.. just seeing that he went off to write my name in his hand with a knife.. I was so worried that I asked my tenants about what should be done when one does such things and they gave me some tips which I told him.. there wasn’t a time that week I didn’t think of it than he told me it was getting better so I was finally a hit relieved.. I told u yes on 26th November 2010 n that was our first time getting together..
he was the most romantic, kind hearted and the sweetest guy ever!
he told me everytime if he would be late or anything.. the next year in Feb he found out about some guys loving me and broke up with me on 28th of Feb…. I couldn’t have believed it.. it felt like my world had ended.. I cried and cried.. my eyes were entirely red.. the tears kept rolling down and I couldn’t help them but somehow I managed to get him back… on March the 5th I broke up with you cause I didn’t want him to be with someone who lives other side of world from him.. I wasn’t even able to be there for him or wipe his tears when he needed someone….I still loved him with all my heart but there was this guy in school getting bullied from everyone and only had me to hang out with.. I asked him around 10 times before dating him n he had replied I could and that I was doing good… I helped that guy as much as i could than stopped dating him..
I didn’t realize that my guy was getting hurt.. sounds stupid but I was immature than.. I was 12.. when he said he was gonna leave me forever after 15 days, he also said he will make me hate him before that.. my world was falling down me…how could the person who promised he would never leave me so many times leave me? how could the guy who didnt go a day without telling me he love me leave me forever? I cried over nights .. as hard as it was for me I know it was for him… my heart had started aching.. my breathing problems had grown worse…
each time I asked him why he gave me different reasons but my favorite was ” everytime I talk to you i realize how much I love you and I realize I can’t have you which makes you love you even more.
it was his birhtday beteeen those 15 days n he didnt celebrate it.. that broke my heart even more… he eventually left me without me bekng able to hate him…

he still came back to me a few times but left after a few days… Oct 2 u purposed me to be your gf.. it was my birthday the next day.. that was the best present ever!
in December he broke up cuz both of our parents had found out n yours told him to do so. but still we were completely in love.. this year 2012, in Feb I was out of my mind so I asked him who r u? he than left me again n time giving me no reason at all.. he came back again 7months and I still love you the same way that I did n I know its the same with him..he loves me and thats the best feeling.. even if he leaves me again its ok cause all i want from him is to be happy..I am always ginna be here for you no matter where or go , i dont care how you look but just be yourself. soon its gonna be our 2nd anniversary and i just cant wait . .

(Screen) Name: true lover


Love thy neighbour, not to be taken literally.

Posted on : 10-09-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Lost and Love, Romance Love Story

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I have lived in my street for seven years, as has Matthew. For seven years nothing but brief eye contact and shy glances have been exchanged, like when you turn to look at somebody as they walk away and they look at the exact same time! He’d always been the type of person I wished I could meet but assumed it would never happen…………until the wonders of the Internet intervened and face book suggested I be friends with him!! I did so [everyone listens to face book!] and within days we were talking non-stop and even exchanged phone numbers! We decided it was definitely time to meet, when this happened I could honestly say I have never felt more nervous and giddy my entire life! Our meetings became more frequent as he’d create any excuse to see me; walking his dog, going to the shop, walking with me to collect my brothers because he was ‘going that way anyway’ ahem. I soon found I was unable to get him off my mind and apparently this was a mutual feeling. As we grew closer he would tell me dreams he’d had where we’d been a couple, that it may be a sign of things to come, we exchanged numerous drawings and created our own little bubble to live in. After a fair few months after this I began to question where we were going but didn’t ask him, knowing how easily scared men are! However a rather protective friend of mine did a lil digging and found that Matthew definitely had feelings for me and planned to tell me the next day, so I said nothing and waited. You would not believe how disappointed I was when he completely failed to confess his feelings but I decided to just let it play out. A few months more later I couldn’t wait anymore so I asked him how he felt, the result was that YES he did feel the same way but his evil psycho ex girlfriend had completely destroyed him with her unfaithful ways and that he would need time! Shortly after telling him I could wait as long as he needed, he told me that since our conversation his feelings had grown stronger and that he had fallen for me! So eventually he kissed me, as we said goodbye, in a gentle and innocent manner. He then did this every time we met, would hold my hand and make me feel like nothing else existed but us! We’d spend mornings cuddled up watching Indian soap operas in dialects we didn’t understand because it didn’t even matter when we were together! I even told my mother about him [I never tell her anything], she must have known it was important to me as she agreed to keep it secret from my father! I felt as though nothing could bring me down now that I had him. I went on holiday for a week not long ago, it was difficult for us to talk as his computer had broken and I had little phone signal but I tried my best, all the while he would let me know he missed me when he had the chance, that he was thinking of me

(Screen) Name: Justine Le Fayye


Heartbreaks, a Resort, and What-Have-You!

Posted on : 08-07-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Holiday Love, Romance Love Story

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Let me tell you how me and my boyfriend were able to fix things up in this really unassuming place where we want to spend our honeymoon after we get married this coming June. After almost a month of breaking-up with him because of heartaches and quarrels (Reason? You know the type – some petty little things like I think Sarah Geronimo’s wonderful while he thinks she’s one awful singer), I started looking for a good hotel, resort, what-have-you, just to release the bad thoughts that were swarming around my head during that time. You know, I’m a call center agent in Makati and every night’s like a living hell (not to mention my annoying boss) so I was craving for a quick summer getaway. I then started to look for one on the Internet by visiting websites such as Expedia but then the places that I’ve seen were just-above-the-average type and the rates there were too expensive!

Because of frustration, I posted on my Facebook wall that I am “planning to stay in one of the best resorts in Cavite or hotels somewhere in Laguna even for just one night. But I’m not sure where’s the best hotel to unwind in. After a day or two, my boyfriend messaged me on Skype that he knows one the best resorts in the Philippines to have a good time. I said “Weh?” I ignored him for a couple of days but then he kept on bugging me with his text messages every night. And then he asked me for a dinner in his Lola’s place. Call me crazy but I gave in to his request. You know the picture, girls, when former lovers see each other after quite a while: awkward gestures, meaningful stares, his family members asking you how you are doing and their repetitive blah-blahs that “Mas bagay talaga kayo ni Ralph!” After all the greetings and kumustahan in their ancestral house, an inevitable Bea Alonzo-and-John-Lloyd-Cruz-Come-Back-To-Me scene took place in their kitchen. He said we can patch things up but I only need to give him a second chance. Then he told me that his cousin Jay is working in a resort, restaurant, and hotel in Cavite and that the guy wants to see me.

See, my plan was to completely forget him and just have a good time – alone! But then, I must admit that when I saw him again after I-don’t-remember-how-many-weeks was like having my 18th birthday. He also looked better without having me around. Insecurity slapped me. Curiosity boggled my mind. So I gave in to his request (for the nth time).

When we were already in this very unassuming resort in Cavite, I asked Ralph if he’s gonna be staying with me there for the whole night. He said yes. After staying in front of the resort’s Waterfront Pool for quite some time, I was surprised to see how more good-looking my ex-boyfriend has become (aside of course from being more buffed). But what surprised me more is the way he looked at me from afar. I was getting my feet wet while he was staring at me from the deeper part of the pool – his eyes a mixture of yearning and sadness. So I told him that if he really wanna fix things up, he won’t be too demanding and too possessive, that he will let me become more careless and be myself, and that he will teach me how to swim (shame on me!) that very day.

After almost 5 minutes of hesitation from his eyes, a smile broke from his lips. 🙂

(Screen) Name: SheenaGraceGarcia27


About Us..(Part 1)

Posted on : 28-05-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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My love story begin when I was thirteen years old. I don’t know what is the meaning of love because I’m still young on that time. From kindergarten until that time, I had very large body or in a short word ‘fat’.There this one boy who had a twins. His name is Nold and his twin is Ken. He(Nold)always make fun of me by calling me ‘fatty’ and even laugh at me in front of my friends.His twin always on my side every time Nold make fun of me. I just ignore him and I cried a lot because of what he said. I keep ignoring him and keep on my carrier as a choir in church since 2000 until I really forget about him. On 2002 on December which is holiday, I went to church as usual to attend caroling practice or choir for Christmas. Again, I met him there and he smiled at me saying “Hi Ella! How are you?” I smiled at him and nodded “Fine, Nold. Thanks” But in my heart says ‘??Why’d he act so strangely by saying ‘Hi’ to me? duh!’
So I keep singing and singing and singing until I noticed that he’s staring at me! “What?” I said. “Nothing” then he smiled. “Huh!” I exhale. On break time, my best friend, Anne and I went to toilet for ‘nature calls’. I waited for Anne and in front of me Nold smile again and shake hands with me. He said “Why you look so sad? Am I doing something wrong? I’m so sorry, Ella” I look at him and said “No, you’re doing nothing wrong.” Then I walk back to the church. I didn’t talk to him. He just look at me and talk with my best friend. I just keep ignoring him but as time pass by and day pass by, he keep busy asking ‘how am I doing’ and ‘have you eat yet’ or ‘are you okay?’ I am really surprised why he’d treat me like someone? Why he suddenly care for me? I keep asking myself. Then I give him a chance to be my friend. We’re really happy and suddenly I forgot about the old him. We are now best friend. Wherever he go, I goes to..and wherever I go, he goes to. Then on 2003 at the exact time which is on December (holiday), my best friend, Anne told me to stay out from Him. I asked why? She said “You’ll see this evening” I was frustrated by her word. So I waited on that evening. Suddenly, there was this pretty women come inside the church and look towards at us all (choir). She’s really pretty and she look at Nold and smile gladly at him. I look at Nold and he smiled back at her. I’m confuse. I looked at Anne and she whispers in my ears “She’s Ana,her girlfriend since 9 years old and she is my friend. I’m afraid she will give you trouble. I’m sorry” I was shocked to hear her. Then after the practice over, I tell Anne “Why’d you tell me all of this? He is not my boyfriend. I don’t love him..” then she continued..”But he maybe loves you..I don’t believe you had no feeling about Him. I can see how you two doing okay?” she says that to me. I agree with her, my heart hurt when she tell me that and I don’t know if I am jealous or what. And again, I ignoring him. As time pass by, he come to see me and want to talk to me explaining everything. I smile and said “Why’d you have to explain it all to me?” He look at me and said “Because I can see it in your eyes you are not okay. I m sorry for not telling you that I had a girlfriend.” then I laughed,”Hah aha, why’d you even bother about my feelings? We’re friends right? I keep ignoring you because I don’t want her to think wrong things about us.Understand?” He smiled and said”I m so sorry.” I smile and we shake hands again. Everything seems normal to me even tough it hurts when I saw them always together. Anne asked me to be patience and pray so that I can live my life on. As usual I’m attending choir practice and meet up with Ken and Nold. “Where are you going, Ella?” said Ken. “Church, practice. You didn’t go?” They looking at each other. “There’s no practice for today because our choir master and our seniors attending a ceremony in the town. They didn’t tell you?” “Oh-uh yes, I see. No wonder Easter(our choir master) call me earlier but I didn’t pick up my phone because I’m too busy doing homework.” So I keep talking with Ken when suddenly Nold said “Okay!!!!!!! Boohoo!!! Goodbye!!!!” and run away from us. “Uh..what’s wrong with your bro?” I asked. Ken only smiled and said. “Let him be like that, I will talk to him later.” I nodded and feels really strange about Nold. “Why you run away?” I text him a message and he reply me “You’re too busy with my brother..!! So be it!!” I was shocked and the I laughed because I know what it means. He’s jealous! Ha ah! Then I went home with a big smile. Dunno why but I can’t stop smiling until I can’t sleep.

(Screen) Name: N2N


An age of technology; of unexpected love

Posted on : 05-09-2010 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Long Distance Love, Romance Love Story

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I feel a slight twinge of shame when saying it, but I met my current boyfriend and possibly last boyfriend on the popular networking site, Facebook.

It all started about a month before final exams, and I was procrastinating as usual on Facebook. Specifically, I was browsing through the popular YouTube make up artist: Michelle Phan’s Facebook fan page comments. While scrolling down, a face caught my eye. He was “cute” as you may describe it, so I decided to take a look at his comment. It stated something about Michelle never messaging him back and therefore she was mean. Being somewhat of a “troll” myself, I could tell this was an subtle and well played attempt at trolling, and that many would be “butthurt”; and many were. Feeling that it would be the most polite thing to do, I calmly commented how he was just joking, in a way, and that people should just stop overreacting.

He thanked me and added me shortly after. I wasn’t expecting that, as I thought the comment would just be a passing event, but after accepting the friend request, I messaged him with a “Hi :)”. He was cute anyway.

From there, we started talking, first through Facebook messages and chat, then through msn. I actually used to have a bad habit of flirting with guys online, and at the time I also even had a boyfriend, though not a very good one. During those days that I would talk to this boy on msn, he was just another guy that I would flirt with, just another person to occupy my time. I also found out he was 5 years older than me, and at the age of 15, I wasn’t expecting anything to happen anyway. It was harmless and all in good fun, but from the way he talked to me, it seemed like he felt more, although I had no idea how that could cross his mind at such an early stage. One day, he asked me if we could talk on the phone. I felt reluctant, as I usually limit myself to online, but eventually I agreed and we talked.

That night we talked for approximately 5 hours, all the way into the morning. We joked, had deep conversations, and he voiced how he was attracted to me…*really* attracted to me. I was slightly taken aback, as I thought the way he talked to begin with was slightly, how may I put it, gay sounding, so I wasn’t too eager to reciprocate the feeling, but I was still happy to call him my good friend.

A few weeks passed, and the exams were over with, and my current boyfriend was going back to Hong Kong for the summer. The guy that I was talking to online and now on the phone for hours convinced me to break up with my boyfriend, so I did. It actually lifted a great weight off my shoulders, and I appreciated the phone guy, who we shall call “David”, that much more.

Time went on, and eventually, I grew more and more attracted to him, up to the point where I really liked him, but I wasn’t sure where it would go. We shared everything with each other, our family stories, friend stories, secrets, tears, laughter, and happiness. That month, I was to go on a 10 day trip to Italy with my school choir; I waited all afternoon before the plane ride at the airport for him to call. He called while we were boarding the plane, and while we were talking, he shyly said,

“Hey…hey…you’re cute. Hey…hey….you’re beautiful. Hey…hey…… I love you.”

I got tears in my eyes and replied,

“I love you too…I’m going to miss you so much.”

“I’m going to miss you a lot too my princess. Don’t worry though, I’ll find a way to call you, to get to you. Anything for my princess.”

My heart felt so conflicted, both swelling with love, while also prickled with sadness to think that I wouldn’t be able to talk to my David for 10 days…

The next morning, while sleeping in my Italian room with my roommate, the phone rang. I was still asleep, so my roommate picked up, and after realizing who it was, woke me up to give me the phone.

I muttered a groggy, “Hello?”


“Bearbear!” (My nickname for him hehe)

“Aw babe, did I wake you up from sleeping? Do you want to go back to sleep for a bit?”

“No, no, no. It’s almost time to wake up anyway, and I want to talk to you.” 🙂

He asked me to be his girlfriend that day, June 26th, 2010. I found it silly that he even had to ask, because he already knew I loved him and would be more than happy to be his girlfriend! 🙂 Silly bear.

Anyway, that entire trip, all I could think of was him. All my shopping was for souvenirs to send to him (he lives 3 hours away by plane), and he would call me every night, no matter how expensive the rate was. That trip, even though we were further apart, it was the distance that actually strengthened our relationship even more.

After returning from Italy, we had our ups and downs, but they were always resolved, and they added to the strength of our connection and love for each other. I ended up telling my older and younger sister, and my best friend, all of whom disapproved heartily, but I didn’t let them affect what we were. The past month or two have been hard though, because I have been with either my sisters or with my best friend on vacation, on and off for a week at a time, so I have not had enough time or privacy to talk to David.

Currently, I am visiting my older sister in the States with my younger sister, and it is simply too risky to talk to my bearbear on the phone, so I have to rely on online means again. He’s going to come to where I live soon, possibly in September or October. I am so excited for that day, when we can embrace and kiss and feel our bodies finally with each other. We have already planned out how it will work. I will go to the airport to go see him, and I’ll run towards him, he’ll pick me up and spin me around while hugging me. It’s going to be picture perfect.

I think of him every moment I wake, and every second I sleep. My thoughts aren’t childish romance dreams,nor are they sexual fantasies. I simply think of him and me lying on the couch together, watching T.V, or just enjoying each other’s company. No awkwardness, no anxiety, just contentedness; peace. I’m waiting for the day when that may come true. For now, I’m happy with our unconventional love, with our destiny to be together. The Princess will forever be with her Bearbear.

(Screen) Name: Unconventionally in love

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