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The Search for Loving Forgiveness

Posted on : 15-09-2018 | By : admin | In : Internet Romance

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By Bobby Larry




Hello, ladies and gentleman. A special shout-out to my beloved Mabel is in order as I dedicate this message to her in the hope that she might forgive me for my recent heinous actions. This is a heartfelt message straight from the man himself, Bobby Larry.


Message Start


Chapter 1

I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve anyone, really. I’m sorry that this crazy bastard that I am chose out of all the women in that little store we toil in, it had to be you. Looking from the so-called competition, it was probably obvious why I wanted you. You have such a lovely, albeit rather unkempt, brunette ponytail. You have a perky, lively manner of walking, something that is still quite apparent when you’re waiting in line, always dancing the time away. You have a such a lovely voice. Now granted, you still sound so much like a girl even though you’re a full-figured woman, through and through. Still, it does make you sound quite youthful, though I imagine you’ll lose such voice by the time you hit 40. However, if there is one physical trait that stands out from everything else, it’s your eyes. They’re beautiful, soft, warmth-giving eyes. When I ever see those eyes with that smile of yours, I seriously feel that the vast, multiple troubles and travails in my life are gone. Those irises of milky azure rope me in into some strange, ethereal world since I don’t see many people with such a color. The rest of your countenance then ropes me into a calming mood which in turn completes a sensation that all of the stresses that I had before seeing your smile are someplace else. It really does feel that I may have seen, for a few seconds, a glimpse into heaven.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 1 Start—————————————–

Sometimes I listen to “Photograph” by Def Leppard whenever I imagine your physical presence. Okay, I try to imagine that tune as your theme song just for the rockin’ themes of infatuation. Yeah, I’m not one for the “contemporary” music of today with its dubstep, hip-hop, techno BS I don’t give a crap about. I’m weird like that. I just like that classic rock from yesteryear. With that in mind, that song of the same name by Nickelback can go to hell!

————————————–Interrupting Side Story 1 End——————————————

I just want to go on record saying that while I found you attractive- and I still do at times -I am somehow not thrown completely out of whack to know that you sure as hell won’t be winning any beauty contests. That nose of yours could really use some straightening up, since it looks like it was smooshed by some wall from a few years back. Do you not have the means to buy some decent shampoo and conditioner to rein in that hair of yours? I see so many split ends and stray hairs everywhere that if you wore a bum’s clothes, I’d think you were that indigent. The most glaring physical feature I see is when you’re not smiling, your face seems to express one of two expressions: sad or angry. Of course, I saved the biggest flaw for last: your short stature. I’m like 6 feet 4 inches tall, and you’re what, like 5 feet tall? Still, there was an attractive hold you had on me despite your homunculus build. I thought to myself “How the hell could I be in love with such a woman? It’d be a struggle to kiss each other since I’d have to crouch or she’d have to climb a ladder of sorts. If I did do impossible and have a relationship with this woman, she’d only have me around as a human cherry picker. If I really wanted to date diminutive beings, I’d date some distant relative from my mother’s side of the family.” I could spend the rest of my time taking cheap shots at your shortness, but I won’t this cruel anymore, I promise. I only wanted to tell you that I know you’re not the most attractive woman in the world, especially given the customer base at our workplace, which can sometimes bring in quite the number of lookers in there. Nevertheless, in the face of more attractive women coming in and out of that establishment, you beat them all in terms of getting me hooked on to you since your aforementioned physical flaws, combined with the lack of makeup which I must give kudos because you don’t hide anything and good on you, combined with the good parts of you make me feel that I’m seeing a real, raw beauty in my midst. I’d like to know more about you, but since I’m the most depraved, decrepit, unbelievably timid and awkward guy in the world, I took the coward’s way of knowing you.

Chapter 2

It’s been over a year since I first met you, and while we’ve had a small chat here and there, my timidity must’ve put you off as me being cold and distant. I’m actually scared and desperate, I assure you. I always thought you were cute, but it was only in the last two months that I thought that you could be more than that. That’s when I began to search you on the Internet for your social media profiles. I discovered them and I enjoyed of what I saw. The lively, joyful life I saw posted- and I’m sure there’s far more of that I haven’t seen that is rightfully for your eyes only -really matches the sunny disposition I see in the physical space.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 2 Start—————————————–

I listen to “Kids In America” by Kim Wilde while I searched for you. I like listening to upbeat New Wave music, though I imagine you’d wouldn’t care for this genre. Sometimes I also listen to “We Got the Beat” by the Go-Go’s which by the way is so far the only female band I would ever care about.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 2 End——————————————

I’m kind of shocked, amused, and bewildered to see your interests, at least the ones I see in cyberspace. First of all, I am shocked at the number of animal-focused pages on your Facebook account. It’s like large swaths of your liked pages are either around dogs, official fan pages for zoos across the country, or baby animals in general. I like animals myself, but I wonder if you’ve ever taken care of one those creatures for at least one day. I got two dogs myself, and while I love them not I’m gushing with overt praise and affection because they can be a pain in the ass. Another aspect that I did not know about is the number of liked pages dedicated to food. You’re no doubt the thinnest employee at our little establishment, and I never would’ve imagined that you were once a rather chubby girl in the past. I guess doing all those exercises that you found on Pinterest really worked out in the end. Still, you sure love your chocolate, pasta, burger, and especially pizza fan pages, don’t you? I think you may have liked at least one page that promoted healthy living, but you sure love to eat, don’t you? Maybe, out of everything I’ve seen from your online presence, that is something I should emulate. I certainly don’t have the physique of Adonis, that’s for sure. Then, I see that you like all of that Marvel, anime, cosplay, really all of that nerdy shindig activities that I wouldn’t ever associate with you.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 3 Start—————————————–

Okay, I got to go off-topic for a bit. When I ever I see Facebook pages like “Nerds with Vaginas” and I see pictures of people that are reasonably good-looking, I’m at a loss of how these folks could identify themselves as “nerd”, “geek, etc. I’d say almost all of you guys- and yes, Mabel, I’m including you as well -are far too attractive to identify with such a stigmatizing term. I’m only maybe two or three years older than you, but this “geek pride” phenomenon is a completely alien concept, despite liking the same things that these newfound “geeks” find so interesting.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 3 End——————————————

I also saw that you love those parenting sites with all of those cute photos and videos of parent-kid interaction. I assume you want to be a mom yourself someday That is a perfect segue into the most glaring factoid about your digital self.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 4 Start—————————————–

Play “Sister Golden Hair” by America to set the mood. It’s just for a nice mood for the following segment. Yeah, I know you’re a brunette, but just go with it.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 4 End——————————————

So, I’ve seen you made a few dating profiles on a few websites. Now, I have to ask the following question: Are you insane?! How many times do I have to repeat myself? You’re an attractive woman! I seriously find it hard to believe you haven’t found the right guy yet. Now granted, you’ve dated once before. That may have colored a negative light on relationships for you. Still, I don’t believe you can look me in the eye and tell me that there aren’t at least three single guys you know in your circle of friends that would go out with you. You’re a charmingly beautiful woman with a more gorgeous heart. You’d be doing any guy a favor to even have just one date with you. Anyone who is even around you would know of your luminous grace. So, don’t go out to the reaches of cyberspace to a site where only vapid, distorted depictions of beauty, suaveness, or really any term of attractiveness that those creeps use to hide behind their own worlds of vainglorious, egotistical detritus. You’re better than that. You might be waiting for Mr. Right to come around the corner, but I really think you’d be surprised who could be a real unexpected catch if you asked anyone in your immediate physical reach.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 5 Start—————————————–

Of course, given your questionable practice of simply abandoning old accounts instead of deleting them means that I may have been reading old, irrelevant content. You might already be in a relationship, or simply not interested in relationships at the moment. The latter scenario would question your current fascination with parenting if you won’t take the first step to starting such a life, but I digress.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 5 End——————————————

Chapter 3

I thought that with this seemingly harmless observance of your online activities I thought maybe I will work the courage to go ask you out. I thought I would be so clever to perhaps coincidentally (wink wink) participate in activities of your liking, for example taking long walks in parks or going out to a nice Italian restaurant.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 6 Start—————————————–

I would’ve been okay with anything except for skating. By Zeus, I would prefer anything to skating. I would’ve gone to a wrestling match with you, despite my dismissal of said activity as a fake sport. I would’ve gone and watched all the crappy Rom-Coms that plague every theater since time immemorial. Hell, I would’ve done something I wouldn’t have expected you to like, like going to cockfights or something. Alright, fine. That last activity was something I know you wouldn’t like, but anything other than skating is my point of my little story here.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 6 End——————————————

I would keep imagining on what to say at the end of the date. It would’ve been memorable, or maybe something that you would’ve made you interrupt my poorly worded sentence with a kiss. I would then leave you at your place to reminisce about the good time you had with me, wanting more. I don’t think that this relationship would’ve been long-term, but it would’ve been a lovely time. I thought that I could take the next step and move forward. That’s when a sobering dose of bitter reality set in.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 7 Start—————————————–

I’d recommend playing “Where Did Our Love Go” by the Supremes at this point, though I’d prefer Soft Cell’s cover. I prefer that edgy, darker vibe from the latter group than that mushy Motown tune that my mother likes, but that’s just me. It sets the mood for what’s to come.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 7 End——————————————

I didn’t ask you out, that’s for sure. I had to take a step back and ask yourself the hard truth. “You’re an unpleasant, cowardly, disgrace of a man!”, I said to myself. “Why the hell are trying to get a relationship with this woman? So she can ‘save you’?! From what?! Yourself?! That’s all on you, you bastard! You’re never going to get what you want, romantic or otherwise, because you really are a wretched loser! It’s time to burn this bridge to nowhere. And do me a favor. Never get involved in anyone else’s life. You can’t love and care for yourself, much less someone else.” That was the impetus for ending what couldn’t be. The problem was that I spent over the course of a month spending almost all of my free time thinking about you. I’m not the sort of the guy that forgets easily. I tried simply not looking you up online for a week and I still didn’t succeed in removing you from my life. I couldn’t quit my job either. Everyone needs money, particularly me at the moment. That’s when I took a dark, rash turn for the worst. I had to make a conscious effort to burn bridges with you so I had a good reason to stay away from you.

———————————————-Interrupting Side Story 8 Start———————————

This is going to be dark so playing “My War” by Black Flag, “Slaughter Of The Soul” by At the Gates, “Dead Embryonic Cells” by Sepultura, “Fear of Napalm” by Terrorizer, “Los Angeles” by X, or “Wild Side” by Mötley Crüe. Don’t listen to them all at once at high volume unless you want to go deaf in 20 seconds.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 8 End——————————————

My puppy love for you turned into hate. I wanted to put the blame for my unrealistic future that was never meant to be on you. I thought this will finally put my imaginative dalliance with you with a very despicable act. I effectively sold your soul to truly depraved devils. I did swiftly and I even had a little cheer for myself for that heinous act. It is something I’ve never done to anyone else in my life. I felt a smug sense of superiority because I thought I tore you a new one. I thought I had the upper hand on someone for once in my life.

Chapter 4

After my darkest hour, I felt that with that act in mind, I could move on and forget that about this woman with this dark stain on her name. I anticipated that there would’ve been a change in my own feelings of self-worth. In short, I thought I would be feeling satisfied. That feeling never came. Indeed, nothing that I thought would feel ever came. I’m sure you know what I did now. The realization that someone did this to you is beyond words, I reckon. I can see that you’re avoiding me at work either by eyeing my movements, running away from me once your shift’s over, and looking the other way when riding a vehicle.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 9 Start—————————————–

Yeah, I noticed you at least three times outside of work. I remember the first two times you looking at me furtively. I was befuddled as to why you were looking at me rather longingly, even as the car move a greater distance from each other. Of course, I knew that you realize that I hurt you because the third time I saw you ducking your head to avoid seeing my derelict and morally compromised face.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 9 End——————————————

I’m sure you’re looking for somewhere else to work, though if there was any sense of justice in the world, I should be sacked. I thought that with my act I would stop caring about you, but instead I feel nothing but remorse.

—————————————-Interrupting Side Story 10 Start—————————————

This is the part where I’d listen to “Edge of Seventeen” by Stevie Nicks. If nothing else, it to mourn any lost goodwill you may have for me, if even care to think of me in any way other than hateful terms.

——————————————Interrupting Side Story 10 End————————————–

I’m sure you don’t feel like it, and I reckon there’s more than a few people that would want to exact violent retribution on your behalf, but now I only want to make a plea for forgiveness. I have tried to remove such a stain from your name, but I can’t trust the wicked people of digital age to do the same even if asked them to do so. Nevertheless, I will make the effort to repair your good name. That is the only thing I want from you now: your forgiveness.

Chapter 5

At this point in time, I’m falling out of love for you. At this point I only feel about parting ways, although I wish we could do so on good terms.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 11 Start—————————————-

If there is only one song you’d actually listen to while reading this message, it should be “Baker Street” by Gerry Rafferty. The lyrics sum me up perfectly, and that saxophone riff is just excellent. It’s my theme song, no less. Take that, Dave Ramsey.

—————————————Interrupting Side Story 11 End—————————————–

It may not be right in saying this, namely because I really fell in love with a façade, but I thought I had brief, beautiful moment with you. It was so beautiful and ethereal that it could only last for a moment. Still, even the briefest moments can make an impact of a lifetime. This is where I make my last goodbye to you, sweet Mabel. Farewell, and may you forgive me.


Message End



expecting too much

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I want to share you about my experience. I’m just a 17 years old girl that not interest with love stuff. I always thought that having a boyfriend while i’m studying wasn’t good at all. I wanted to focus more on studying. But until i met him. We met each-other on a social communication. I never got interest of guys who try to flirt with me. But the moment that he talked to me. I was so attracted to him. We talked to each-other every night because i was on my holiday break. Later, about half of a month, he confessed me. I didn’t reply first because i wanted to think more about this. A few days later, i replied him. I thought over it again and again. Do i love him?
Then i got my answer. I liked him. Every minute we talked to each-other make me happy so much. At first, we were totally in deep love or maybe just only my thought. He always told me that he want to marry me. At first, i ignored that because we are just online-dating. We were world apart from each-other. He won’t make his way to come and get me. But he always told me he how much he want to marry me almost everyday. He always gave me a little hope of being with him. I’m sure he wasn’t serious with me. He rarely shared his little stories with me. I disappointed at first then i think that maybe because he is a guy. Guys usually don’t share problem, right?
But i was wrong. I saw most of the guy share their problem and stories with their girlfriend. I was so upset. I couldn’t even focus on my lesson. I always skipped school and excuse myself that i’m feeling unwell. But thinking for a few days, i could not run away from the problem. I had to face it.
Then when the night come, i talked to him and asked him about it. And i found something. He was talking with other girls while he was in relationship with me too. When i asked him about that, he was totally mad at me. Then he asked for breaking up. I agreed at first but then i always missed him. I couldn’t take it. I was so deep in love with him. I asked him to be back again. Then he said ok. I was so happy at the time he said so.
But not as i expected, he changed day by day. He usually asked for break up even it was such a small things. I forgave him for countless times but he never think about it. I just put at the fault on myself because i thought that i’m so dumb.
I found lots of things that he hide from me. I felt so stupid because i loved him so much.
I’m not sure what i do is right or wrong. I’m really confuse now.


Far Away But Close

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Throughout my life I have been in countless stupid relationships. I have shed tears countless time. There have been many relationships that i have been cheated on. It broke my heart because I soon felt like no one would ever love me, would ever be faithful to me, would ever want to be with me. With all that going through my head im thinking there must be somethng wrong with me. But all that changed. On June 14, 2011. I started talking to the love of my life on facebook for the first time. Well at the time i didnt think he would mean this much to me, nor did I think I would be in love with someone on facebook. I dont even know how we became friends on there but like he said “fait works in mysterious ways” I ended up getting his number, and we would text every so often. I would design his photos for him but we never had that kind personal convo. We started talking more and more and we got so close. We started calling eachother bae, baby, boo and everything by December. On December 27, 2011 we married eachother on facebook to show people we were getting serious even though we weren’t dating. He told me he loved me randomly one day while we was on the phone. That made my heart melt. Despite the fact that he lives in maryland and I live in new york our love is stronger than ever. Here I am in love with some about 6 plus hours away. I wouldn’t of thought this would all happen. He restored my broken heart, he makes me feel beautiul both inside and out. We talk about future things such as living arrangements, children. We talk about everything. He made me believe in love again because i was ready to give up. We oovoo (web cam chat)with eachother all the time, we talk on th phone for at least 5 plus hours and we text everyday. Going to hopefully see him this summer. I love my baby Devonte forever and always.Some advice for everyone depressed about love, I just want to say be patient, don’t rush it, take risks, and just go for. You will find your princ charming or your prince one day. And this is my tale of my beautiul long distance relationship.

(Screen) Name: Shara18


Miles and Miles of Love

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I may be young, but I’m wiser than you may think. It may seem like I haven’t experienced anything but…I’m 14 and I’ve seen slot from the world. I guess that’s how I should start. Even tho thats not the beginning.

It all started near the end of middle school. My friends and I always eat lunch together through our shared interest of anime, manga, drawing, and cosplay. I remember them clearly, all the good times we had. One day, one of my friends brought another girl she knew to the table. She was solemn and a bit dark. She looked like she found it painful to smile. I wanted to fix that but, she wanted to fix me. At that time, I was hiding deep pains in my heart. But with the fun I was having I thought the scars would heal or be forgotten. Absentmindedly, I told her about them. She pledged her service to me, something I didn’t want. It actually surprised me. I thought no one would care like that in this world. I began to grow on her, not only to try and repay but to discover why she was so giving of her own freedom. …I thought I was in love with her. (Yes, I had felt love before. Crushes, with family, ect.) I told her I was in love with her so, we started to try to be a couple. I felt like I was lying to her. Like I was just holding her down. So it only lasted a few days before I told her I would rather be her sister than her lover. She said the same. It was a relief.

Now, I had a ‘best friend,’ if you would. She was modest, she loved acting and anything about england. She played the viola and worked her hardest. I had no talents but our friendship was based on the fact that our names were almost the same commonly. Around that time, I felt as if we weren’t really…cooperating well. I started to feel like a tool or a shadow more than a friend. A person to steal ideas from or get a quick tip from. Someone you could easily forget and throw away, which has happened more than once. So, to soften the blow of losing someone close, I started to cut off our friendship, bit by bit, slowly. Sadly, it couldn’t save me from what happened next.

I remember that night clearly. I had decided to host a sleepover so I invited my ‘best friend’ and my other friend over. ( She still considered me her best friend.) what happened that night hurt me. It was my house, my neighbor hood, and I do my best to be a good host. But they were to caught up in each other than they ignored me. I didn’t see it as much and passed it by but, in the back of my mind, it hurt me down to my heart. The next night, I was in a chatroom waiting for my ‘best friend’ to arrive when I fell asleep. Kinda cliche, huh? When I woke up, I read the conversation I had missed and learnt the truth. The two friends had started going out,andmy so-called ‘best friend’ didn’t have the decency to tell me at my house to my face but, to a total stranger over the Internet. That broke my heart and so, a long, painful battle began.

Different thoughts painted my head with one single question. Why? Why, why, why? Why did she trust someone she hardly knew than one she knew and saw face to face everyday. It didn’t make sense. It’s painful to try and explain in detail, and even if I did, you have a chance of not understanding no matter how smart or wise you are. But at the end of that battle, I was mentally broken. I no longer had friends. Everyone was either against me or had ignored everything passing it off as not their problem. Few people tried. And Maria was one of the few.

Before, my ‘best friend’ has introduced me to a chatroom fro roleplay. That was where I first met Maria. If ‘best friend’ is reading this I just want to say,’ Thank you and eat my sh*t.’ Maria had been one of the spectators of the battle and had acquired my number by ‘best friend.’ She was worried about me, for I had disappeared and ran away from the sourse of the pain, the Internet. I brushed her off and told her to go away because she didn’t care either. I thought to her, it was the same to the rest of them; a show that I had put on to watch. But she wouldn’t go. I turned away from her and everyone else.

However, maybe a week or so later, I came back. Someone hurt and with few to turn to, shouldn’t be alone. I knew that. So, I simply just took her as someone to talk to. I was caucious. I didn’t want to be hurt again. Not only that but this was a person I only knew from chat. Someone still connected to the enemy and might be just a spy. A week after I started talking to her tho, she started to tell me things. She told me she loved me. Believe me, I was thinking the same thing you are thinking right now probably. ‘ You don’t love me,’ I told her,’ You just want to…’ I didn’t really have anything to put in that line. She wasn’t a spy so, why was she here other than to be here? Protect? Help? I thought nothing of the sort and ignored her ‘feelings’. Besides, love after a love after a war? Doesn’t make sense, does it?

You see, if you had ever wanted to be in a relationship with me, you had to play a game. ‘The game’ as i called it, was probably just me looking for key traits of a person, feelings strong enough for me to believe, or maybe actions done out of emotion. I don’t know exactly but the point was to find someone I could trust with my life and my heart. Those who won the game, won my heart. Once you’ve met me, you start playing the game.

Maria and my friend had both practically flew through the game. However, it seemed like my friend either forced her way through or I just let her in. Maria, however, was different. She was gentle and she progressed so quickly and was so close that she was scaring me. She gave me words of comfort when horrible memories flooded my head. One day, she came to me crying. She had stood up to my ‘best friend’, was critized and left the chatroom. She had done it for me. Me. I, surely, throughout she was crazy but, I came closer to thinking,’ Maybe she really did love me.’ It would explain her sacrifices and her tenderness. Maria truly was one of a kind.

The best night of my life, She said I love you. I believed her. I truly believed her. She had won the game and it wasn’t long until I said,’ I love you too.’

It may seem very cliche, sappy, and dramatic but, these events actually happened.

There are problems tho… You see, I live four states away from Maria. Maria lives four states away from me. We’re both bi, we’re both 14, and we’ve never met. Our mothers both don’t approve. They would never say it of course. Her mother thinks it’s a phase; my mother says because of distance it’ll never work. I talk to Maria everyday. Virtually, we hug and kiss, we tell each other how much we love each other, we laugh and sing, we chase each others fears and wipe away the tears, virtually we’re together. But it cannot cease the longing to actually be with Maria. A warm body next to mine, a hand to hold. A moving, breathing face. I long to see her smile.

Maria and I have been together 3 months. I could careless what you adults think or say. These have been the happiest 3 months I’ve ever had. I hope to spend many, many more days just talking to Maria. I can’t wait to show her the things she has never seen. Snow, for one. Right now, I want, more than anything, to be with Maria. But the fates are cruel that way. I have to go to school and see ‘best friend’ everyday, but I get to come home to talk to my real best friend and my lover. Maria. Watashi wa anata o aishite, Maria. I’ll wait as long as it takes to be in your arms.

This is a sad story of heartache and revival, but it’s also a story that hasn’t ended yet.

(Screen) Name: Storie


Heartbreaks, a Resort, and What-Have-You!

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Let me tell you how me and my boyfriend were able to fix things up in this really unassuming place where we want to spend our honeymoon after we get married this coming June. After almost a month of breaking-up with him because of heartaches and quarrels (Reason? You know the type – some petty little things like I think Sarah Geronimo’s wonderful while he thinks she’s one awful singer), I started looking for a good hotel, resort, what-have-you, just to release the bad thoughts that were swarming around my head during that time. You know, I’m a call center agent in Makati and every night’s like a living hell (not to mention my annoying boss) so I was craving for a quick summer getaway. I then started to look for one on the Internet by visiting websites such as Expedia but then the places that I’ve seen were just-above-the-average type and the rates there were too expensive!

Because of frustration, I posted on my Facebook wall that I am “planning to stay in one of the best resorts in Cavite or hotels somewhere in Laguna even for just one night. But I’m not sure where’s the best hotel to unwind in. After a day or two, my boyfriend messaged me on Skype that he knows one the best resorts in the Philippines to have a good time. I said “Weh?” I ignored him for a couple of days but then he kept on bugging me with his text messages every night. And then he asked me for a dinner in his Lola’s place. Call me crazy but I gave in to his request. You know the picture, girls, when former lovers see each other after quite a while: awkward gestures, meaningful stares, his family members asking you how you are doing and their repetitive blah-blahs that “Mas bagay talaga kayo ni Ralph!” After all the greetings and kumustahan in their ancestral house, an inevitable Bea Alonzo-and-John-Lloyd-Cruz-Come-Back-To-Me scene took place in their kitchen. He said we can patch things up but I only need to give him a second chance. Then he told me that his cousin Jay is working in a resort, restaurant, and hotel in Cavite and that the guy wants to see me.

See, my plan was to completely forget him and just have a good time – alone! But then, I must admit that when I saw him again after I-don’t-remember-how-many-weeks was like having my 18th birthday. He also looked better without having me around. Insecurity slapped me. Curiosity boggled my mind. So I gave in to his request (for the nth time).

When we were already in this very unassuming resort in Cavite, I asked Ralph if he’s gonna be staying with me there for the whole night. He said yes. After staying in front of the resort’s Waterfront Pool for quite some time, I was surprised to see how more good-looking my ex-boyfriend has become (aside of course from being more buffed). But what surprised me more is the way he looked at me from afar. I was getting my feet wet while he was staring at me from the deeper part of the pool – his eyes a mixture of yearning and sadness. So I told him that if he really wanna fix things up, he won’t be too demanding and too possessive, that he will let me become more careless and be myself, and that he will teach me how to swim (shame on me!) that very day.

After almost 5 minutes of hesitation from his eyes, a smile broke from his lips. 🙂

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i loved him with all my heart =[

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it started back wen i was in 6th grade and he was in 8th, wen i first saw his face i fell in love,it began by me writing him a note asking if he liked me and if he was intrested in goin out with me and he said yes id be glad to go out with u and thats wen we started hanging out and goin the the bowling ally goin to the movies and stuff like that and one day he comes to school with hickies on his neck the size of a baseball,my heart broke into a million peices a tear came to my eye, i ran up to him and asked him wat that was from nd the most heart breakingest thing iv ever heard was wen he said theyre from ur sister i was destroyed i never thought he or even my own sister would hurt me like that i didnt talk to my sister for awhile and i went home from school that day and just laid in bed crieng and and trieng to wake my self up from the dream but it didnt work :'[

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If Only…

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It was summer, and i had come back from a 1 week camp. I had stayed with some friends and i had had so much fun. This was when i realized that i didn’t fancy my boyfriend ray anymore. As it was summer and he was in Ireland i had no choice but to break up with him by text. It was really upsetting as i didn’t wanna break up with him by text, it’s too harsh. He replied to my text saying if i have a new boyfriend? Over the camp i had a crush on a guy called Manny. But he wasn’t anything compared to my true love. I replied back saying no i haven’t, he then answered saying that he has i immediately felt angry and asked him when the hell he was going to tell me? He said something dumb and replied saying I wasn’t going to. This was when i met Reese. Me and Reese had been good friends for a while. We had exchanged numbers in a maths lesson. We occasionally texted about life. He helped me get through my anger which only lasted about a day. We had texted for a while and i asked him if he wanted to go bike riding with me as friends. He said yes and we met at the park. We couldn’t be asked to go bike riding so we must have spent four hours in the park. From 1:30-5:00 we lay on the hills watching clouds and making wishes on dandelions It was a true holiday love. And best of all it was reality not a dream. Every time i looked at him i just about melted. I had never had as much fun as i did with him! It was so cool! He had to go at 5 o’clock, deep down inside i had to as well but i didn’t care. We hugged for ages and i could just about shout out! This isn’t just friendship. I could tell! Even as mates we said how much we missed each other! We wanted to meet again but he had to go on holiday for two weeks. We texted so much! There wasn’t a day where we didn’t text. Then one day he asked me what I’d wished on my dandelion. I wouldn’t tell him until he did. He admitted that he liked me and said my wish word for word. He said he wished that we could be more than friends. I had wished exactly the same thing! He told me that he had liked me since year 7. (we were going into year 9 now) But he couldn’t ask me out because he was too shy and he knew i had a crush on a boy called Nick. I had to suffer without him for another week until he came back. We met up again in the park, we had so much more fun! And we climbed random trees. Whilst sitting on a branch we lent over and had our first kiss. I gasped and jokily said “That was our first kiss” And he laughed and kissed me again. It was a rainy day and we had nothing to cover ourselves so we sheltered under trees. I was in love and we kissed and hugged so much until we had to go. I had to walk home, around 10 minutes away from my house. Whilst walking home all i could think of was him. I had never been so happy! When we went back to school a week later, we announced we were going out. We hung out so much, sat next to each other in every lesson. We kissed and hugged and went to the park after school. We went out on Saturday to see a film. We kissed and hugged in the cinema! It was amazing! I went into another world when our lips touched. Unfortunately everything was going to change. We shared our last kiss at the park before i was going to Germany for a week a part of my school’s German exchange. I missed him so much! And one day i called from Germany on his mobile. He sounded unhappy and told me if he could call me back, I sensed something wasn’t right. I never called back and when we met with our school every day i talked to his friend Bethany and my friend Shanice. They reassured me. And when i returned to England i texted him and he texted back saying small things, not replying any kisses (xoxo) I realized this was the end and asked him what was wrong. I was sitting on the edge of my bed biting my nails so nervously. HE replied saying he needed to tell me something but couldn’t. I told him to and he broke up it me saying he liked me but not enough to go out. And that he didn’t want a girlfriend. I said OK and told him bye. He told me he didn’t want me to go. All i could remember was me lying on my bed in tears calling my best friend who was also one of Reese’s to call me. He told me he wasn’t worth it and stood by me through all these times. I told Reese i still wanted to be friends just to make him happy. We are friends and i sometimes still catch his eye and we blush. Sometimes i feel he still loves me and melt every time i see him. He flirts with a lot of girls around me and it hurts like crazy. I am mad about him and feels he likes a girl called Georgia. It hurts as she’s a really good friend of mine but flirts back. All my friends are helping me get through it and Reese thinks i am over him. He’s one boy who can make me happy and sad at the same time and break my heart into shards of glass. I am recovering slowly and still myself thinking back to the park times and cinema and everything. But then i remember he was my everything but now he’s my nothing. All i have to say is that don’t hold onto a person too tight. Cause one day they won’t be there…

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The pain of heartbreak.

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Well, it all started with a phone call. The four words that have me into tears today. “Angelo asked me out.” That is, if you don’t count the sobbing. My cousin had called me. He wanted Shannon, my best friend to call him. He said Angelo (The guy I’m practically in love with) had something he told my cousin to tell her. When I hung up after threeway-ing the call and hanging up so Shannon could call him, I was crying. I expected him to tell her Angelo wanted to go out with her. I was babysitting my mother’s friend’s kids. I’m very close to them and neither of the two noticed my tears. When Shannon called me, I didn’t give her a chance to speak. “What the fuck did he say?” Very terrible language for an eleven year old. She was crying as she said “Promise you won’t hate me.” I told her I didn’t have an answer for that. That it all depended on what he had told her. She finally said the words that pushed me over the edge into the pit of never ending darkness. “Angelo asked me out.” I didn’t speak. I was covering my mouth, my entire body looking as though I was hiccuping over and over again. Then tears kept streaming out and I couldn’t breathe. I started silently gasping for air but it seemed nothing could reach me. She kept telling me that we were sisters and sisters didn’t hate each other and that she was sorry. I finally told her I had to go through a straight voice. “Payton. Payton! Do you hate me?” I told her no but she said: “Okay. I love you. Remember that. We’re sisters and I love you.” Of course, we aren’t really sisters and I whispered I love you too. She finally hung up and I started sobbing and crying. Trevor, the oldest son asked me what was wrong and Whitney, his little sister, looked at me. I ordered for them to get out of the room and they did. I ran to the corner of my room and hid under my desk and started crying loudly. I finally needed air again and left the room, swaying side to side. The kids had told my mother and she had stopped me in the hall and asked me what was wrong. I told her to leave me alone but she wouldn’t. I screamed at her that Angelo asked Shannon out and shoved her away. I walked out the front door and she started to follow. I yelled at her to stay inside and she did. Everyone knew to back off. I sat in the middle of the rode and called my friend Taylor. I told her after two minutes of crying and her begging me to tell her what was wrong that Angelo asked Shannon out. She was there in all of five minutes. I forgot my friend Nicole was coming so after my brother came (Which was really awkward) And I stayed out there, crying in Taylor’s arms and the people down the street staring at me, for an hour or longer. Then I went inside and the kids and their mother left. Taylor wound up spending the night. Nicole didn’t find out what had happened until she got there. Micheal, my cousin, came to spend the night. I cried several times that night, locked myself in the bathroom and cried while Taylor and Nicole tried to get in. I hid in my backyard and cried, clawing at the brick. And I wake up almost every night at some time from a dream of a flashback of that day and cry.

(Screen) Name: The forgotten.

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