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Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

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Four-Square, Sunsets, and Truth or Dare

Posted on : 15-09-2018 | By : A-Pie | In : First Love

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I have liked the same guy since fourth grade. That is a long time seeing as I’m now going into seventh. If your looking for a young love story with a lot of ups and downs, this one is for you. But I must warn you, its a story that takes place over the span of three, almost four years; it might take awhile.

It all started in fourth grade. I have never been into sports but imagine my surprise when a cute, funny, and outgoing BOY helped me figure the game out. Four-Square was the game of the year. He’d start to get me out when I got better, but before that, he got me to square two and helped me stay there, and I’d help him stay in square one. Then when four-square got banned for being too competitive, another boy in my class suggested we play a game he made up, soon after known as Wall Ball. He did the say thing for me there too. The first time it dawned on me that I might actually like this boy was when someone yelled something while we were playing the game. The boy and I were playing against each other and since we are a competitive class, we don’t like long games. Unlike him, I was actually trying, but no matter what I did I couldn’t get him out. I loved watching the faces of the boys when I beet the person who was the best at it, my best friend, that was a boy. He didn’t even have to try, he was winning. But the boys were getting antsy. The next one in line yelled,” Can someone please just get out already. Or are the lovebirds to in love to get each other out.” And even then, when I didn’t like him back, he was still protective of me. He quickly got me out while I was still processing the information. The boy who yelled that out took his turn to emidiatly find himself humiliated at how fast he got out. That was the last thing I saw before I ran off to tell my friends. It was that day when I realized that I liked him.

The nest year, of course, I had still liked him. Though now I wanted him to like me back. So naturally I took the teasing approach at first. And that’s the only approach I took for awhile. My crush plays guitar and loves the 80’s rock style. Mainly that being the hair. Even though he was the most popular boy in my class, he still got made fun of. So I made fun of his hair, a jacket that matched a girls, and boots that were bedazzled. I realize these were some pretty weird things but if you like someone enough it shouldn’t matter what they look like or their fashion choices, the only thing that should matter is their personality. And it shouldn’t be up to you to change someone’s style, it is theirs to change, if they want to. The worst one that I can think of was the boots. I made fun of them, said I was sorry then did it again. I never apologized to him for that. Why I’m talking about this, you will realize later. The major thing that happened to me that year was self-rejection. I had, for whatever reason, a drop of self-worth for the last trimester for fifth grade. Why would someone like him want me? What qualities do I have that this girl over her has? None. she is more pretty, and skinny than me. And so he must like he. Not me. Right? There are so many reasons this is wrong because I was, nd am, pretty. I don’t have to be perfectly skinny to get the guy. But, of course, I didn’t realize this. So I tried for weeks to figure out a way to make myself prettier. Skinnier. Then I tried just to not like him anymore. A new kid came and I thought maybe if I like him then I won’t like this guy who doesn’t like me because I’m ugly and fat. Yes, I was in fifth grade and thinking these things. But, just as you thought, that strategy didn’t work like I wanted to. And so another year passed of me not knowing weather or not he liked me.

The beginning of sixth grade was a blur. But then the annual week long camping trip came  up. I didn’t think anything would happen, but boy was I wrong. The first day passed like a blur with the only highlight of the day being I was in a group with him. We went to the beach that night. It was sunset and I was sitting next to him. Everyone else was playing tag and building sand castles. I don’t exactly remember why we were sitting there but I’m glad I was. I had been thinking about last year and teasing him about the boots. I’d meant earlier to tell him I was sorry for teasing him, but it kept slipping my mind. I chose then to tell him. ” You know how last year I made fun of your boots,” he looked at me and without waiting for an answer, I continued on,” Well I already apologized to you about that. But then I did it again, and well I realized I hadn’t apologized for it.  Well I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m sorry for that.” During my shaky, awkward speech, he looked down at the ground. But then I said sorry and he looked up. He smiled and looked me directly in the eyes and I smiled. We both blushed and looked down at the ground. I sat there for a minute awkwardly before I got up and ran to go tell my best friend. When I got back I talked to my older cousin and he said to tell him that I like him. So the next day I told him that. I didn’t wait for an answer. Life went by, slowly but surely. We both got invited to a boy- girl party. We played truth or dare. He and I were both asked the same question, name your crushes form kindergarten back. I did and so did he. We got to fourth grade and we both said that we have liked the same person since then. Neither of us said who. A week later I texted him and asked him who the mysterious girl was. He replied with, you never said who you liked so I’m not going to tell you. I told him that I’d liked him since fourth grade. He said he’d already known this but wanted to know for sure. He also said that he too had liked me from fourth grade.

If you made it this far then please comment 12345 and if you want a part two than also comment down below. Thank you for reading, hope it wasn’t too boring.


TEDx Talk – A love story

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Hi there, I did my love story as a TEDx talk… I thought you would enjoy it. 🙂 toni


(Screen) Name: tonip



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Hey frnds i'm divya..:) story begins frm my 1st day in d scul when i took admission in stndrd 11th.. I reached,,ws my 1st day an i ws damn nervous.. Bt i saw my frnd sakshi thre..! The bell rang n d time was whn the school used to get over, Thn me n my frnd bahar aaye near cycle stand,, thn jst turning bck i saw a boy.., use dkhte hi 1st time mjhe bilkul alag feel hua it was jst tht mene use notice kia.. Thn sakshi nd our classmate jo ki sakshi ka frnd tha shreyas hm sath ghr jane lage.. sakshi nd shreyas bar bar ek hi name le rhe the shubh bhai tb mene unki baato par zyada dhyan nai dia.. ek din mene sakshi se pucha tht wo ladka kaun h to usne mjhe bataya tht wo cls 12th k shubh singh h shreyas k bhai.. Also tht wo humari ek frnd diksha ko like krte h… Mene suna i ws shocked tht wo diksha ko like kse kr skte h,, phr socha may be jst frgt.. Phr i ws bsy studyng.. Thn i got to knw all tht abt shubh ws a rumour bt i d' nt care.. Phr i ws busy wd frnds.. session ka end aa gya tha hmare annual fnctions hne wale the.. It ws a rainy day mai school prctice k lie gai thi mai 1st floor pe sakshi, shreyas etc k sath thi.. i went out of the cls n jst infront stairs se koi ekdm jaldi me aa rha tha aas pas koi nai tha,, i saw the prsn nd he ws shubh i ws like oh my god aur phr is dar se he'll thnk as i'm staring him i went.. Jst as i entered i heard a voice "aur bhabhi jee" i ws shocked!! wo shreyas tha.. He said shubh bhai ko dkhkar bhag k aai na mene bahut bar bola nai – 2 bt he ws nt believing.. He kept on calling me bhabhi jee..!! Uske upar gussa show kr rhi thi bt inside i used to feel so sweet n spcl…! Thn it ws d final day "Annual function" I reached the venue nd shreyas aaya screaming itna late kyu hua?? I said shreyas ur brother and he ran as wo bahut darta tha apne bhai se.. Shubh mre samne tha n i ws amazed… ohhho!! he's the only 1 perfect on the whole planet… The day was passing nd shreyas kept on teasing me tb humara ek frnd faizal tha jsne mjhe kaha tht divya kya tm sach me shubh bhai ko like krti ho jhut mat bolna.. Tb maine bola YES…. He said ok mai baat krta hu aur wo seedhe shubh k pas gya kch bola phr mjhe bulaya mai gai… Faizal- bolo divya!! Mee- wht as i ws damn nervous… Shubh chala gaya..! function over ho gya aur mai kch keh nai payi.. and winter vacations ho gae.. One day we had a get tgthr shreyas ws thre nd usne mazak-2 me mre cel se shubh ko miss call kr dia.. Thn shubh ka call aya i recieved we had a casual talk..i told my name nd usne turant pehchan lia.. I thght oh he knws me.. Aftr tht faizal ka roz msg aata tha tht divya aj apni feelings zarur bata dna.. Mne ekdm drte hue call kia and badluck cel switch off tha.. I sended a msg..! aftr some time he called, he ws knwng wht i wntd to say but mre muh se sunna chahta tha.. I said all abt my feelings tht i really like uuh.. He ws nt sayn anythg mai puch rhi thi say whts ur answr nd he replied "agr mjhe tmse baat nai krni hoti to mera cel switch off hi rhta" i ws on the top of the world thn usne bola tht dkho tm zyada ladko se frndshp mat rkhna bcz mjhe pasand nai h etc.. Nd ye bhi kaha tht kal mai out of station ja rha hu so we c'nt talk till 1 week.. I said its all r8.. We said bye gud 9t to each other.. Aftr tht mai itni khush thi jse mjhe pata nai kya mil gya ho wo pura week mra isi intezar me beet rha tha tht kb wo aa jae aur mai usse baat karu.. I ws damn happy..! The week passed nd thn humari baat hui he ws so sweet.. bahar se jtna hi tough dkhta tha andar se utna hi cute tha.. Uske bare me sochte -2 mene use apne dream boy se compare krna shuru kr dia…! And thn i found tht he has all qualities jo mjhe apne dream boy me chahie thi smart, hndsome, pwerful nd d mst imp ki wo 1 women man ho..! Thn i noticed tht starting me din me ek bar hi sahi bt wo mjhse baat to krta tha bt suddenly 2 ya 3 dino tk uska cel swtch off rhne laga mene pucha why?? he said Exams hai n i'm under pressure.. Mene socha its ok exms k baad sb thk ho jaega…! 1 day he called me n he shared all his past wd me aur ye "bola tht jo pyr krta h wo barbaad ho jata h.. Mai to alag caste me shadi nai kr skta etc.. I was sad..:( he kept on avoiding me phr mene use ek din pucha tht i luv uh do u luv me?? Usne jo bola i ws hurt he said ki mai insb me nai padna chahta we wre frns.. I said bye frevr.. I thght i'l nt call him roti rahi roz ye sochti thi ki kya karu tht wo meri lyf me aa jae.. Uske purane msgs padhti thi aur khush ho jati thi.. Day passd uske exms over ho gae n i thght i'l expln him mai uske bina nai reh skti i told nd he asked tm mjhse kya umeed rkhna chahti ho i said ap mri kon si umeed puri kr skte ho he said 'sab umeede' i ws hppy he's bck bt no phr bhi wo baat nai krta h, kehta h i ws busy.. Mjhe iska koi solution nai mil rha, mai uske bina reh bhi nai pa rhi koshish ki.. Wht shud i do i luv uh shubh pls undrstd tht hw lucky uh r to hv sm1 who luvs u.. Pls Come.! Mri jsi ladki nai milegi tmhe.. Pls pray frnds tht wo samjh pae mjhe.. Babyee..:)

(Screen) Name: divya


Could he forgive me?

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When I was 14, a boy told me he had a crush on me. I didn’t believe him, I thought it was a joke. His friends were always like “Hey go talk to her!” and he was kind of shy but he came to talk to me. He gave me many opportinities to get to know him better but I was so stupid that I didn’t take these. I kept thinking that he was just confuse, it was not possible that I was the one for him. So one time, while chatting on the Internet, I told him I had feelings for him. He was so happy. But the day after when I saw him at school, I had difficulties to look at him in the eyes. I was so shy. I didn’t even talk to him. I don’t know why. And right now, 3 years later, I regret. I was being the most silly kid and he was the sweetest guy ever. He changed. He started to hang out with different people, he smokes. We have a class this year together. I look at him, I see that he looks at me too and he keep staring me when I open my mouth to talk. I wish I could go back in time. I realize that I like him. What should I do?

(Screen) Name: Sophie


My true love??

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(Screen) Name: Farah Gharib


Broken But Healing

Posted on : 03-02-2010 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Fictional Love Story, Romance Love Story

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I’d read about love and asked my mom what it was like, and the truth was I never thought I’d know what it was. She told me it couldn’t be explained, only known. I didn’t know what that meant and asked her to elaborate. She couldn’t. When I asked her how I would know if I was in love for certain, she just told me I would know. I think very logically; to me there is only black or white. Something is either there, or it isn’t. Therefore I couldn’t understand the fact that something can’t be defined.

Five years later, it turns out, my mom was right.

I’m not sure if it was love at first sight, because really, what is love? All I know is that I saw him and immediately thought, “Wow.” This was followed by, “That’s the cutest guy I’ve ever seen in my life.” As the day wore on, I only paid attention to him. Lucky for me, I got to hear him sing, as he was a musician. The entire time, I was thinking about how amazing he was, how I’d never seen anything like him, and other thoughts mainly composed of admiration. When I returned home, I spent the next week looking at pictures of him and learning everything I could about him. I paid attention to everything he did and said. I framed a photo of him, paid attention to his friends, hung on to his every word. Being a musician myself, I wrote songs about him. At the time I thought it was just infatuation. A year and a half later, after seeing him kissing another girl right in front of me, I knew that I must have been in love with him. Why else did my heart feel like it was snapping into a million pieces? Looking to confirm this, I tried to write down how I felt about him.

It was impossible. The only thing I knew was that I needed to see him, because I couldn’t stand to be without him. (I will call him “Nick” to avoid confusion).

Soon, my luck changed. He talked to me, and eventually we became very close. It was the start of a friendship, so I couldn’t ruin it by telling him how I felt.

One day, he introduced me to his friends. I was eager to please them, and happy that he wasn’t hanging out with goths or other assorted weird people. Unfortunately, I spotted a guy near the back of the crowd and pulled away. This guy was dressed in all black, with shaggy black hair and tatooes on his arms. He was also wearing a leather jacket and what looked like black eyeliner.

I resisted the tempation to laugh at the makeup and instead introduced myself. We talked briefly about music (he was into punk rock). Then I sheepishly told “Nick” that I probably wouldn’t get along with one of his friends. He said I was talking about “Jerry” and to not worry, because he didn’t think I’d like him anyway. “Jerry” was also a musician, so to be nice, I listened to some of his songs. They were awesome, but not really my genre.

The days went by. Like most people, I ran into many challenges. “Nick” was not well liked by the majority of people (to this day I still don’t know why), so my love for him got me into some awkward moments. Ironically, “Jerry” seemed to be more favored, but that didn’t deter me. After a while, the stress became too much. “Nick” could tell I was upset, and frequently asked what was wrong. I told him that I just needed some time alone, and that I loved him.

Against my better judgement, I listened to “Jerry’s” songs again. They perfectly captured what I was going through. I arranged to hang out with him to find out if he actually went through the things he wrote about.

Amazingly, he had, and really helped me through a tough time. He made sense of why things happen, and I figured I was wrong to judge him by all the black clothes he wore. We talked many more times, as something about his morals and beliefs appealed to me. I knew I loved “Nick” and that there was no way to “turn off” love, so I figured I was just being social.

After many months, “Jerry” played a song he had written for me. I asked him if he really felt that way.

He said he loved me.

My reaction can best be defined as: shocked speechless. Instantly, my mind began racing at a thousand miles per hour.

How could you let this happen? What will “Nick” think? Does he know? How can you explain it? Is it cheating? Is it wrong? Why can’t you think straight? Why do you love the fact that he wrote this for you?

My thought process screeched to a halt.

Do you love him?

I didn’t know the answer. I told “Jerry” that the song was beautiful, and that I hoped I would see him again.

At home, I laid awake pondering my dilemma. How complex this matter was! I could even bring human nature into the discussion, because “Nick” and “Jerry” were like light and dark. One is what I want to be, one is what I once was. But which one was real? Which one was I now?

I spent days trying to decide whom was right for me. Which would bring me less pain? Which would benefit me in the long run? Whom does my heart belong to? Was I just maturing?

No matter who I chose, the other will always be in the back of my mind. I can’t have both, because I can only have one serious relationship at a time. And not choosing wasn’t an option, because it would only make the situation worse.

I took as many “Are You In Love?” quizzes I could, comparing “Nick’s” and “Jerry’s” results. Not one quiz gave me a decisive answer. I turned to characters who faced similar problems on TV and in books, but TV and books were not reality. I asked mystical sources like tarot cards without progress. If I mentioned my problem to my parents, I knew why would tell me to choose “Nick” because “Jerry” wasn’t someone they approved of. The problem was, they couldn’t understand my problem completely, and if I told them, they would say to choose whomever I thought was right. But that’s the problem: I didn’t know who was right!

I definately didn’t feel the same about “Nick”. That much was obvious. But I could easily describe how I felt about “Jerry”. That must mean that I didn’t love him, either. No matter what, someone was going to be hurt badly.

In an act of immaturity, I pushed the decision off to the side. I hung out with both of them like nothing was wrong. “Nick” and I talked about the same things as always and enjoyed each other’s company, but when “Jerry” and I talked, it was always fun. We could be openly honest, even if it was awkward. This, of course, only made me try to strengthen my relationship with “Nick”.

Eventually, my mom noticed “Nick” while we were out and about. I asked her where he was, but there was nothing genuine in my voice. It felt like something I rehearsed.

When we got home, I immediately evaluated my situation. The more I thought about, the more something had to be said. I called “Nick” and he answered.

“Nick…um, there’s- okay, please don’t be mad, but- wait, I know you’re going to-”

“What’s wrong?”

“You’re going to be really mad at me, but I swear I didn’t intend for this to happen! Really, I didn’t!”

“Why? What is it?”

“I promise I didn’t do anything! I didn’t even think I…jeez, I thought nothing would come of it, I swear!”

“What happened?!”

“I, um…you’re not going to like this, and it’ll probably hurt you a lot, but I have to say it and please don’t be mad! I didn’t force it!”

“Baby, you’re scaring me. What’s wrong?!”

“It’s about Jerry.”

He didn’t say anything for a while. “Are you…”

“No I’m not cheating! At least not intentionally!”

“Then what happened? Tell me the truth.”

“Okay, I’ve been hanging out with Jerry because life has gotten really complicated and I knew I loved you so I didn’t think anything would come of it and I didn’t think I liked him anyway but a few days ago he played this amazing song and said he loved me and didn’t know what to say and I think I still love you but I don’t know and PLEASE don’t be mad at me!”

There was silence for a long time. I thought I heard him muttering under his breath.

“Please don’t be mad,” I said timidly.

Still no answer.

“I wouldn’t do this on purpose!”


“I still love you, I promise.”

“Really?” he asked, not sounding convinced.

I thought about it, going over what had happened. Did I want him to be hurt? Of course not! Would saying I loved him prevent that? Yes it would. Did I mean it? …I wasn’t saying yes.

“I can’t believe you’d do this to me,” he said, sounding tortured. The next thing I heard was a dial tone.

Did I still love him? I had doubts.

Did I love “Jerry”?

I couldn’t love him! It wasn’t possible! What did that say about me? But the more I whined, the more I knew that I had feelings for him and not “Nick”. It was that simple.

I called “Jerry” and told him about the conversation. The more I talked to him, the more I knew he was the right choice. I had been pretending with “Nick”, and that could only lead to more suffering.

I’ve only been dating “Jerry” for a short time. I frequently think back to “Nick”, but in the long run, I think I’ll be happier this way. I just had to move on and let go of a relationship that I didn’t feel the same about.

There is not a happily ever after yet. This story has merely begun. Wherever it leads me, I’ll remember to do what I think is right. Pain is a part of life, but it doesn’t have to prevent love.

(Screen) Name: Oceiana


I miss him….

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it’s been way too long……….too long. I haven’t met raj for about 10 days. I remember when i had to leave to go to india for a vaction/to study. On the way to the airport all i could feel was my tears falling down. My parents wanted me to study in india for a whole year. That meant that i wouldnt be able to see raj for a whole year. I was so far away from him yet sometimes i felt as if he was right there. When i got onto the plane all i cud wish for was a miracle that just took me away from everything and let me hold my raj. I took my seat on the plane and waited for it to take me so far away from him. I prayed and prayed for all this to be a dream. But no, it was reality. When i got off the plane at the airport in Delhi, i noticed that he wasnt here…besides me. That’s wen it hit me..that now im alone. I walked up to see my uncle waiting there for me along with my my moms uncle. They were so happy to see me and my family. I smiled and tried not to let out my tears. My uncle, Ranveer grabed my arm and held me in his arms. For a second, i just wanted to tell him everything about me and raj right there, so that i cud at least cry. He told me that i had grew so much. Last time he saw me was when i was 5 years old and now here i am infront of him as a 13 year old girl. We got into the car and started to head towards Punjab, my home. I asked them how long is it going to take? All they cud say was just go to sleep manpreet. Later i found out that it takes about 8-9 hours from Delhi to get to Punjab. Yea, a little overwhelming? First i had to leave raj in America all alone, second i had to sit thru 15 hrs. on the plane, and now 8 more hours to get home? lmao i was tired as hell but i didnt close my eyes throughout the whole journey. I wanted to call raj…tell him once more that i love him so much. When i reached punjab everybody just wanted to hug me and talk to me. I was quiet and i didn’t want to talk to anybody. Although i had to act as if i was having lots of fun. After a few days, i had to attend my uncle’s marriage(not ranveer, hes only 20). This uncle was also my mom’s brother but he was older than ranveer uncle. After the marriage, i had to go to school, like every other kid on earth. School was an interesting experience in india. Apparently they called 7th grade 7th class over there….lol. I had a tough time with everything. They made me make up every single work that i missed. I stayed up every nite filling out my notebooks with all the work i had missed since the begnning of the year. Sometimes i used to cry while doing my work, and i told everybody that i was jus worried about my study. At nite, when i was sleeping my aunt told me that i was talking in my sleep in english. She cudnt understand me..thx god or else she’d probably kno that i was talking about raj. On the outside, i was a jolly little 13 year old kid but from the inside, i was turning into somebody that i didn’t even recognize. I wasnt the same manpreet anymore. I didn’t cry….i didn’t sleep….i almost stopped eating. If anybody asked me if i had already eaten, i wud just say yea i did. But the truth was that i was hungry like crazy, but i wanted to be fed by raj. I wanted to eat,sleep, and have fun with him and nobody else. I hated everybody…i stopped going to school after 15 days. I just cudn’t take it anymore. I hated to sit along the window at nite and just stare at the pitch black night. I hated it when i cried and nobody was there to ask me if i was okay. Somtimes i asked god why does he do this to so many people? why is he doing it to me? I thought that he was punishing me but i soon realized that it was all a test from him. God wanted to know if we truly did love each other. He wanted to know if i would forget about raj and start to think of some other guy….he wanted to know if the love that i had and if the love that raj had was actuallly true. Some time in August, i sat in the room alone…looking at my aunt’s cell phone. I knew what i was doing and i knew if i had gotten caught i wudnt have any excuses of why i was talking to a boy. I reached for the phone, and hid inside the closet. It was a burning hot day and i was sweating in the closed closet. I dialed his number with excitement and fear. When he picked up, i heard his soft, smooth, and sweet voice. His voice healed that hole that was riped into my heart when i left him there. I cud tell that he had jus woken up when i heard his voice. He said hello over and over again and thats wen i noticed that i was crying…silently. He told me to talk and the silence between us told him that it was his manpreet. He knew it was me yet i hadnt even said a word to him. I didn’t say anything becaz i was afraid if he had moved on. I know, im stupid to think that way. I thought that raj wud have started to like some other girl after i left. It had been 5 months already now. I didn’t go to school but i started to eat, and sleep a little after i heard his voice. Towards the end of August, i called him again. This time i actually spoke to him for about 2 mins. At first he didn’t believe that it was me calling him. But later i told him that i was coming back from india in September. I heard his voice fill with joy and i had a real smile on my face after so long. After a few days, i was packing my suitcase. Everybody asked me to just stay but i cried and whined how the school isnt good for me and that im going to fail every class that i took. That was just an excuse to go back to india. It took me really long to convince my parents to let me come back to America. They spent a lot of money on me. They bought me my uniform, shoes, books, and they payed for the school fee. It was a lot of money that i had wasted but i knew that i cudnt live without raj. I just couldn’t take 6 more months of pain…it was too much. I sort of felt bad that i wasted their money so much but if i had stayed in india longer, i wud have wasted a lot more money…and i probably wudnt be alive. I was so happy to leave india. Everybody was sad but i was the jolly one out of everywun. I cried a little so that they don’t think im weird or something. Ranveer uncle, and my two aunts droped me off at the Delhi airport. I was sad to leave my real home, but the truth is that wherever my husband is, that is where my home is. My parents, sister, and brother had left a few months earlier than me. I stayed in india with my grandma, aunts, and uncles. In india everybody treats you like their child, so staying away from my parents wasn’t a big deal for me. I waited for my plane to be called so that i cud get on board and fly to America. When i heard my plane’s name, i felt so happy to know that i was going to be in my raj’s arms very soon. First of course i had to sit thru a 15 hour ride. lol…I reached america and my parents came to pick me up from the New York airport. This was the first time i had ever been on a plane by myself….it was kind of scary but i knew my raj was with me so i didn’t have to worry about anything. My mom hugged me and my dad did too. They said they missed me alot and that they are glad that i came back earlier. Even though they were the ones who fought me and tried to force me to stay in india.lol…parents…they so weird. I got into the car and i didn’t fall asleep thru the 15 hour plane ride or the 2 hour ride from the new york airport to philadelphia. When i reached home, my eyes were tired. I went to my room and saw the phone waiting for me. I grabed the phone and i didn’t have the energy to dial the numbers. I fell onto the bed and finally slept in peace after 6 months. Next morning i called raj asap. I heard his voice and he told me how he went through the same thing as i did. I couldn’t believe that he waited for me…for so long. I couldn’t believe that i waited for him for so long. I don’t anybody on earth who wud go through so much for their loved one. Those 6 months in india, were awful but that time proved to me that we were meant to be for each other. We started to meet again and things were back to normal. For the first few weeks, i had to change back to the real manpreet that i had forgotten about in the past 6 months. Soon things were perfectly good again. I guess God got his answers….and that answer was from me and raj. We proved to him that we together were….2 hearts but 1 soul. Those 6 months made us stronger. The fact that we waited for each for so long told us how much love we had and still have for each other. Today i sit here and im whinning about 10 days? ha funny. Because, i know if i could make it through 6 months of pain….i could definately wait for him for 10 days…..forget 10 days…i wud wait for him for the rest of my life if i had to..,..just because we’re not always together, doesn’t mean that we’re going to break and shatter into pieces. Somtimes you have to have hope….and when that hope is strong enough, you’ll know that you have something so special that nobody in the world has. That could be….your love or anything small. Hope is one thing that keeps us together. Trust is the biggest thing that makes our tiny strings of love stronger and stronger every and each second…..hope…. and trust……forever.

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Finding Love Again

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Me and Angela never wanted to get married to each other but we have no choice. My Dad would fire me from my job if I don’t marry her and its goodbye to her glamorous life if she won’t. We hated each other, I’m serious and I concentrate about business while she’s childish and stubborn.

A month after, things between us finally cooled down, we started to understand and became comfortable with each other and not long after we fell in love.
When we heard from the doctor that she was pregnant, it changed our life, we became closer and happier, we wanted the baby so badly. I would come home early so we can have dinner together and call every 2 hours just to check up on her.

One day, I was called for a meeting on my day off, I left my cell phone on the car and when I checked it, there were 5 missed calls from Angela, before I can call her back, my mother-in-law called and informed me that Angela was rushed in the hospital, the doctors tried their best to save the baby but it was too late– she miscarried. I was in the bed side caressing Angela , waiting for her to wake up and when she did, she started crying about losing the baby, my heart went out to her I’m sad about losing the baby but I’m grateful that my wife is alive and that’s what matters most.

I thought everything is going to be alright again but day by day she seemed more miserable, she would hold her tummy as if the baby is still there and starts crying, I tried everything to cheer her up by proposing to have another baby but she’s not ready to have one because she’s scared of losing it again. Angela changed so much; she became bitter and unhappy.

I was called for a meeting one time on my day off and she didn’t want me to attend it, I explained to her how important the meeting was but she wasn’t listening, She got angry and blamed me for her miscarriage, I looked at her with disbelief and slammed the door and went to the meeting. I came home late and drunk and when I entered the room she pushed me out and threw a pillow at my face – “I’m sleeping in the couch”.
The next day, I apologized to her but she doesn’t seem to care about my apology, she told me that were going to have separate rooms. I tried my best to fix things between us but it was no use, I finally gave up on her.

Months later, I met Sandy she’s far different from Angela she has a five year old daughter named Megan. They made my life colorful again; I fell in love with them. Sandy promised herself not to trust another man again but I proved her wrong, I didn’t give up on pursuing her, she was everything Angela could never be, I fell deeply in love with her.

Even though she’s not my daughter Megan and I bonded like a real father and daughter, she had never seen her father and Sandy worked very hard to raise her alone — I’m happy I filled the missing pieces. One of the best things that happened to me was when I attended her school’s Parents day and was called “daddy” for the first time, I was overwhelmed with joy. With them by my side, there’s nothing I could ever ask for, I was ready to divorce Angela and accept whatever consequences from my father.

I thought Angela would agree but she cried when I discussed it to her, she told me that she still loves me and she wants to start all over again — “You killed us a long time ago Angela, it’s too late” I said it harshly and left. My father was enraged when he learned about my plan for a divorce, at that moment I wasn’t scared of him. Angela didn’t sign for the divorce but she didn’t bother us, it was clear in her mind that there’s nothing she can do to make me come back.

I continued my life with the people I care about the most. I bought a house for Me, Sandy and Megan and we lived there like a normal family. Sandy was very understanding to everything that was happening in my life and never pressured me. I fought everything that tried to come between me and Sandy, even my own father, I thought I can win over everything that would separate us but there’s one enemy that I could not defeat and it’s Cancer – Sandy is sick with Cancer, she knew about it but never told me and Megan. My world crumbled down when I heard it from the doctor and to make matters worse, they told me that there’s nothing more they can do to save Sandy, all there’s left is to make most of the time she had left. Even though Sandy knew she was dying, she managed to smile and never showed a sign of suffering, she taught me how to accept the changes that I must face soon and learn to love again.

Sandy left with peace and contentment in her heart, I felt lonely but not hopeless, I still have Megan and I promised Sandy that I would take good care of her. Angela was supportive and became my friend; I noticed that there was a big change in her. She was kind and caring to Megan. I remember what Sandy taught me – It was to love again and I did, but it took a while for me to learn to love Angela again. We got back together and she treated Megan like her own daughter. She gave birth to our baby girl and she didn’t mind calling the baby “Cassandra”, Sandy’s name.

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