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Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

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Four-Square, Sunsets, and Truth or Dare

Posted on : 15-09-2018 | By : A-Pie | In : First Love

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I have liked the same guy since fourth grade. That is a long time seeing as I’m now going into seventh. If your looking for a young love story with a lot of ups and downs, this one is for you. But I must warn you, its a story that takes place over the span of three, almost four years; it might take awhile.

It all started in fourth grade. I have never been into sports but imagine my surprise when a cute, funny, and outgoing BOY helped me figure the game out. Four-Square was the game of the year. He’d start to get me out when I got better, but before that, he got me to square two and helped me stay there, and I’d help him stay in square one. Then when four-square got banned for being too competitive, another boy in my class suggested we play a game he made up, soon after known as Wall Ball. He did the say thing for me there too. The first time it dawned on me that I might actually like this boy was when someone yelled something while we were playing the game. The boy and I were playing against each other and since we are a competitive class, we don’t like long games. Unlike him, I was actually trying, but no matter what I did I couldn’t get him out. I loved watching the faces of the boys when I beet the person who was the best at it, my best friend, that was a boy. He didn’t even have to try, he was winning. But the boys were getting antsy. The next one in line yelled,” Can someone please just get out already. Or are the lovebirds to in love to get each other out.” And even then, when I didn’t like him back, he was still protective of me. He quickly got me out while I was still processing the information. The boy who yelled that out took his turn to emidiatly find himself humiliated at how fast he got out. That was the last thing I saw before I ran off to tell my friends. It was that day when I realized that I liked him.

The nest year, of course, I had still liked him. Though now I wanted him to like me back. So naturally I took the teasing approach at first. And that’s the only approach I took for awhile. My crush plays guitar and loves the 80’s rock style. Mainly that being the hair. Even though he was the most popular boy in my class, he still got made fun of. So I made fun of his hair, a jacket that matched a girls, and boots that were bedazzled. I realize these were some pretty weird things but if you like someone enough it shouldn’t matter what they look like or their fashion choices, the only thing that should matter is their personality. And it shouldn’t be up to you to change someone’s style, it is theirs to change, if they want to. The worst one that I can think of was the boots. I made fun of them, said I was sorry then did it again. I never apologized to him for that. Why I’m talking about this, you will realize later. The major thing that happened to me that year was self-rejection. I had, for whatever reason, a drop of self-worth for the last trimester for fifth grade. Why would someone like him want me? What qualities do I have that this girl over her has? None. she is more pretty, and skinny than me. And so he must like he. Not me. Right? There are so many reasons this is wrong because I was, nd am, pretty. I don’t have to be perfectly skinny to get the guy. But, of course, I didn’t realize this. So I tried for weeks to figure out a way to make myself prettier. Skinnier. Then I tried just to not like him anymore. A new kid came and I thought maybe if I like him then I won’t like this guy who doesn’t like me because I’m ugly and fat. Yes, I was in fifth grade and thinking these things. But, just as you thought, that strategy didn’t work like I wanted to. And so another year passed of me not knowing weather or not he liked me.

The beginning of sixth grade was a blur. But then the annual week long camping trip came  up. I didn’t think anything would happen, but boy was I wrong. The first day passed like a blur with the only highlight of the day being I was in a group with him. We went to the beach that night. It was sunset and I was sitting next to him. Everyone else was playing tag and building sand castles. I don’t exactly remember why we were sitting there but I’m glad I was. I had been thinking about last year and teasing him about the boots. I’d meant earlier to tell him I was sorry for teasing him, but it kept slipping my mind. I chose then to tell him. ” You know how last year I made fun of your boots,” he looked at me and without waiting for an answer, I continued on,” Well I already apologized to you about that. But then I did it again, and well I realized I hadn’t apologized for it.  Well I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m sorry for that.” During my shaky, awkward speech, he looked down at the ground. But then I said sorry and he looked up. He smiled and looked me directly in the eyes and I smiled. We both blushed and looked down at the ground. I sat there for a minute awkwardly before I got up and ran to go tell my best friend. When I got back I talked to my older cousin and he said to tell him that I like him. So the next day I told him that. I didn’t wait for an answer. Life went by, slowly but surely. We both got invited to a boy- girl party. We played truth or dare. He and I were both asked the same question, name your crushes form kindergarten back. I did and so did he. We got to fourth grade and we both said that we have liked the same person since then. Neither of us said who. A week later I texted him and asked him who the mysterious girl was. He replied with, you never said who you liked so I’m not going to tell you. I told him that I’d liked him since fourth grade. He said he’d already known this but wanted to know for sure. He also said that he too had liked me from fourth grade.

If you made it this far then please comment 12345 and if you want a part two than also comment down below. Thank you for reading, hope it wasn’t too boring.


The Notebook (The Story of My Life)

Posted on : 23-09-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Lost and Love, Romance Love Story

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So I just got done watching The Notebook, one of the happiest, saddest, realest love stories ever invented. The love Noah & Allie share is so genuine, and unconditional. I can’t help but wonder if there’s a love like that that out somewhere for me. I know I’ m young and shouldn’t be rushing into things like eternal love but I can’t help it. I can’t help the fact that every moment of every day I think about that kind of love, the love that I can only even remotely think about sharing with one person. He knows who he is, I think. It’s sad because there are only two men in this whole world that I think I could ever love unconditionally, but they’ve both failed me. One of them is my father. He died when I was eight. I wasn’t even fully aware of everything in life especially not love when he died. They say a fathers love is the strongest love, but what happens if you never experience that? Well I guess that’s why people find someone to love and spend the rest of their life with, as a spouse. The second failed love is, my, well everything. Or at least he used to be. We’ve known each other for about 5 years, but it feels like I’ve known him forever. When we started going out, I was the happiest I think I’ve ever been in my life. But somewhere along the road we lost our way, and my heart got broken. I don’t even know how it happened or how it went wrong but it did. I thought I could find my way back to him but it’s hard when the person isn’t trying to find their way back to you. Sometimes I just wonder if love even really exists. I mean of course it does but why is it so hard to come across? Why do people have to go through so much pain to get the love they want, need, and deserve? I know God is supposed to be our everything, and we are supposed to find everything in him, including love. But sometimes that’s not enough, it’s hard to feel the love when no one is right there standing beside you, touching you, talking to you, listening to you, if you can’t see them, how do you know they’re there? I believe in God and that he is omnipresent and is around me at all times but sometimes my flesh needs the earthly love of a man. So what are those of us with no love supposed to do? Do we just live life knowing there isn’t any love for us? Do we pretend to feel loved but deep inside all we feel is pain and abandonment? Or do we just keep fighting for the love we know is out there but may take a lifetime to find?

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Not Everyone Gets Their Happy Ending </3

Posted on : 10-09-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : First Love, Romance Love Story

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Well where do I begin . I met Nathan in September 2010 . We never talked or anything . He liked me , but I didn’t notice him at all . I didn’t care for him one bit , nor did I pay attention . It wasn’t until March 20th 2011 . That he actually started talking to me . It was on Facebook . He sent me a request , & I accepted cause he was my old friend’s boyfriend . & I knew him . He started talking to him , and well I thought he was really annoying . But then a few days later, He started talking to me again. He gave me his number , and I texted him so he would have mine . We texted 24/7 . I never texted him first , & when I wouldn’t text back he would keep texting . But I was okay with that . Autumm (his girlfriend & my friend) stopped talking to me . She was jealous , I didn’t like Nathan , but he liked me . And at first I didn’t know . But he had to pretend he wasn’t talking 2 me , just so Autumm wouldn’t be jealous . We finally talked on the phone . He said I sounded like a 10 year old . Or a squirrel . Which is true . But he eventually told me , my voice was cute . The more we talked , & the more pictures he sent , I’ve grown to like him . But there was a problem , He was to obsessed with Autumm , & I liked this dude Glenn . Eventually me & Glenn started dating . Nathan tried breaking us up . And eventually we did . Me & Glenn were better as friends , & I liked Nathan … a lot . But he still didn’t break up with Autumm . We both had feelings for each other , strong strong feelings . Like when I got my blue highlights , and I walked into the school building , I looked into his classroom , He almost broke his neck to look(: . Finally , One day I was going 2 the movies to see Scream 4 . He wanted to come , so my mom said as long as he got a ride he could . Well he did get a ride , and we were at my house for like 4 hours until we left for the movie . He kept asking if he could kiss me , I said no cause he was dating this girl Autumm . But he said he’d break up with her for me . I still wouldn’t kiss him , Cause it wasn’t official yet . But we watched a movie , Prom Night . & He was too busy paying attention 2 me , and not the movie . He was saying how the girl in the movie was ugly , I thought he was crazy for liking me and not her . Nathan always called me Gorgeous , & Beautiful & Cute & Pretty . Basically everything , it was sweet . Anyways we finally went to the movies . He wanted to kiss me , & he was broken up with Autumm . So after a few minutes into the movie , I wouldn’t kiss him cause I was shy , and he was making all these moves , getting closer and stuff . He wanted to kiss me .. Bad . I wouldn’t cause I was scared , it wasn’t my first kiss . But still . Finally , He took my head, & pulled it closer by his face , And he kissed me . I pulled away quick & said there. He got angry and said I wanna kiss you ! And i said you did kiss me .! And he said No , That kiss was crap . We kissed one more time at the movie theater I think , he wanted to kiss again , and took my phone and said I couldn’t get it back until I kissed him , I didn’t kiss him again , but he gave me my phone back at the end of the movie , but he was mad . We got in the car , and it was like playing a soundtrack of our night . First the reason & then E.T. When we got back 2 my house , he went upstairs and layed on my bed he was mad . I sat down at the end of the bed . & he got up and started kissing me , over & over again . He had to go cause his dad was on his way , he went half way down the stairs , then came back up to kiss me one more time , he didn’t wanna leave . He left , but I had to shut my gate , he didn’t leave yet , I was gonna kiss him bye , but my dad was watching . So we just said bye , then texted the rest of the night (: . Well we dated 2 months . I loved him . & I thought he loved me , But it was all a lie I guess .He always said I was his everything , and if he lost me he would kill himself , cause I was all he had , and he thought he had everything cuz of me , and if he lost me then he wouldn’t have everything . But then .. June 28th . We broke up , I broke up with him cause he started not caring about me , cause he started talking 2 girls again , so he no longer cared . He said he didn’t love me anymore and that he had no feelings for me , but yet , he wanted to be my friend . He grew feelings for my cousin Jessica . It hurt . They dated twice behind my back , Jessica lied to me . Nathan lied to me . I stopped talking 2 them . They hurt me . And i’m never talking 2 either of them again . I really loved Nathan , but i was stabbed in the back by my closest cousin & my ex boyfriend who i loved a lot . So love … Fucked up man . Getting hurt , doesn’t feel to great . But fuck them both , Next time I see them their both getting punched in the face. So people , Don’t fall in love , Look what happened 2 me D: , FML ! . & Yesh , Nathan was my first love , & I hoped with everything he would be my last , But things don’t work out that way I guess & thats what we have to live with .Screw It . =(

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My True Love

Posted on : 30-04-2010 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story, Soul Mates

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I was fifteen when I met Akira.  He was sixteen at the time.  I remember the day perfectly.  I was sitting in fourth period History when my guidance counselor came knocking at the door.  After my teacher let her in, she took a deep breath and said “Here is your new student, Akira Zhang.  I expect you will treat him with the utmost respect,” and left.  At least that’s what I think happened.  I was too busy staring at Akira like every other girl in class.  He was in a word, beautiful.  He was six foot three and his body was absolutely perfect- muscled but not too much.  You could see his six pack through his shirt!  His face was perfect too.  His hair was long and black and straight and silky.  His eyes were a fantastic color that changed every minute from melty gold to light sexy green to darker emerald with mahogany hues.  They were framed with long dark lashes.  His eyes look slightly Asian in their shape.  His skin was perfect and smooth and had an amazing Mediterranean tan.  However, he looked detached, emotionless like a beautiful statue and it bothered me.  He said nothing.  My teacher gave him an empty seat in the back of the class.  It was sorta close to my seat.  He ended up next to Violet Sanders.  She was the most beautiful girl in school.  She was mean and pretty and rich and got whatever she wanted.  Very cliche but still very true.  Her hair was long and blonde like Blake Lively and had the perfect beachy waves.  Her skin was tan and her eyes were ocean blue. He didn’t react to her beauty when he saw her.  That threw her off.  She looked flustered by his apathy.  He sat down, still having said nothing.  My teacher, Mr.Hudson passed out our assignment.  We had to read a “diary entry” of a Muslim girl and try to make a list of assumptions about Islam based on the passage.  A few moments later, for the first time, Akira spoke.  He raised his hand and said “I don’t understand.”  Mr.Hudson countered with “What is not to understand?”  Akira replied that he couldn’t understand why they were doing the assignment.  Mr.Hudson said that it was to learn about Islam.  Akira countered that we wouldn’t learn anything by making even more assumptions about Islam than we already do in America.  That caused Mr.Hudson to collect all the passages up and he left the class, red in the face, claiming to go to the bathroom.  We all knew that he was just leaving to have a shot of tequila in the Attendance Office with Mr.Berkeley.  Akira just sat there and pulled out a book that, to my surprise was in Japanese. I’m fluent and literate in Brazilian Portugese, Italian, Filipino, and Farsi (my native languages) but I also knew Japanese, Okinowan, Chinese, Cantonese, English, Spanish, Classical Arabic, German, and French (I study languages in my spare time) so I knew what he was reading.  I took a slip of paper and wrote “Where did you move from?” in Japanese.  I got it passed to him.  Upon receiving it, he looked at it and put it in his pocket without looking at me.  A week passed.  It turned out that Violet wanted him and was trying her hardest and failing.  During lunch, I saw him.  He walked up to my table and handed me a small slip of paper, gave me a blank stare, and left.  It was the same one I gave him last week.  It said “I was born in Hawaii but I was raised in Japan and the Philippines” in Japanese.  After that, communication ceased.  We never talked. Ever.  But then, a few months later we were paired up for a research project in Science.  This meant we had to work outside of school.  We met up at my house, never straying from the project.  One day, I asked “Why are you so quiet?”  I had no place asking considering how shy I was.  He said       “There is no one I wish to talk to.  I’ve had it with that blonde girl always bugging me.”  “But still, you’re so quiet.  Don’t you get bored?”  “Well, it’s okay talking to you, I guess.”  “Awww.  You like me?  That’s so sweet!” I gushed sarcastically.  “I guess,” he said.  From then on, we hung out a lot.  I started to fall in love with him.  Before I knew it, I was head over heels.  Despite his cool exterior, he was really a emotional person.  His father was a rich man.  He owned a large seafood market in Japan and the Philippines.  His father was a Japanese man and his mother was a half Greek, half Spanish woman.  The marriage was arranged for money reasons.  When Akira was twelve, his little sisters and himself became stranded in India.  They wandered for three years before being found and lived in the Slums, having to protect his sisters from pimps. The day they returned home, Akira’s father beat him with a tree branch, screaming at him for being stupid enough to get lost for three years.  His angry father sent Akira and his sisters to live in America where Akira would be their primary, emancipated caregiver to teach him “responsibility.”  He had suffered so much and I was his only friend.  I didn’t think he liked me though.  I was ugly.  And boring.  One day, at my house we were hanging out when I boldly asked, “Chibi,” (I had nicknamed him that- It was the Japanese word for “cute”- he hated it) “Have you ever been in love?”  He looked unaffected.  “Yes,” he replied quietly.  “Are you currently in love with her?” I inquired.  Again, he replied “yes.”  My heart sank.  He loved another.  Why would he love me?  I was certainly nothing special.  “Is she pretty?”  “No, she is beautiful.”  Of course.  I knew she would be.  “What is she like?” I inquired further, my heart breaking more with each breath.  “Well, she is very intelligent- she knows a lot of languages.  Her favorite flowers are orchids, hibiscus, and calla lilies.  She loves Nutella on whole wheat bread and is obsessed with eating it every morning.  She likes to draw.  She hates to clean and isn’t a fan of Popsicles.”  Wow, she was a lot like me.  Before I could put the pieces together, he cradled my face in his strong yet soft hands.  He looked into my eyes with more emotion than I’d ever seen him express.  He whispered, inches from my face, “I love you.”  I was shocked and in a blind moment, I reached up and kissed him.  My first kiss.  His lips were warm and soft.  It didn’t last long.  I pulled away, my blindness gone.  My cheeks felt flushed.  I whispered “I love you too.”  He pulled me back to him and we kissed for a long while.  Before I knew it, his shirt was one the ground and mine was working its way there.  I yearned for his body and warmth and love.  I was a virgin now.  Maybe soon I wouldn’t be.  I suddenly stopped.  I pushed him away.  My family would be home soon.  I was already in an arranged marriage.  I couldn’t do this.  He looked confused.  I made him leave.  He asked what was wrong but I kept refusing to tell him.  He eventually left.  I stalked up to my room and cried.  I loved him but I was in an arranged marriage.  I was sixteen and I couldn’t make my own decisions.  A few months later, my cousin Aliana was in the hospital after attempting suicide.  She was in a coma.  She might not wake up.  It was too much.  We had played together as kids and we talked and hung out a lot. She was my best friend-the only person I’d told about Akira.  I hadn’t expected this.  I went home from the hospital while everyone else stayed.  I took a cleansing shower and exfoliated and used my face mask.  After I got out, I waxed my legs and treated my hair so it was silky and shiny down my back.  I liked to make myself over when stressed despite how little makeup I wore, if any.  I thought of Akira.  I missed him.  I wanted to talk to him.  I still loved him.  Suddenly I got an idea.  I fished through my drawers for my favorite nightgown.  It was made of white silk and was short to my mid thighs.  I combed my hair and curled my eyelashes.  I needed him so much.  I slipped on some slide-on shoes and started to walk to his house.  It was really close to mine but you could never tell with all the Carolina Countryside in the way.  When I got there, he was out front in his pajamas, thinking.  I suddenly lost my bravery and started to walk away but then he saw me.  He got up and walked toward me.  I remained frozen.  “Why are you here?” he asked coolly.  “Akira, I love you.  I’m so sorry about what happened.  I was so scared and I just couldn’t handle it.  I’m really in love with you.”  My voice cracked on the last word and my eyes were welled with tears by the time I was done talking.  His face had softened.  “It’s okay.  Don’t cry,” he said softly.  We looked up at each other, holding eye contact.  Suddenly, we kissed passionately.  I felt his yearning and love and he felt mine.  He carried me to his room.  He sat me gently on the bed and we kept kissing with more passion as time passed.  His hands moved to my shoulders and pulled down the straps.  The gown was at my hips and he gently pulled it off and dropped it on the ground.  Next he started to take off my panties.  I had worn a lacy pair for tonight.  Once again, they too were on the floor.  Next, we kissed again and I was on my back underneath him.  I pulled off his shirt and ran my hands over his strong back.  He then stood up and took off his sleeping pants and silk boxers.  He looked so beautiful like that, naked.  I was speechless.  He moved back onto the bed and we wrapped our arms around each other.  His bare skin felt so good against mine.  I liked running my hands over him and feeling the muscles as well as his smooth, warm, perfect skin. I could feel his heartbeat.  I loved how gentle he was.  I laid down so I was again on my back underneath him as opposed to sitting up.  He got on top of me.  I moved my hands onto his back.  We kissed, and kissed, and kissed, and touched, and touched again.  All of a sudden, I felt nervous.  I had never made love before.  It could be painful.  When that came around, I was so excited but so nervous.  He rubbed my back and was about to do it when I said softly, “I’m a virgin.”  He paused.  “Do you want to wait?” he asked gently.  “No,” I whispered.  He could see I was nervous. “Are you sure?”  “Uh-huh.”  “It might hurt.”  “Okay,” I said.  He pushed inside me gently.  The first thrust didn’t hurt like I expected.  He looked at my face for “okay” to do it again.  I nodded.  He thrusted in again.  He felt so warm inside me.  Oh, it felt so good.  He thrusted faster and I panted more and it felt better each time.  I felt something amazing coming but I had no idea as to what it was.  I dug my nails into his hips and he pushed harder.  I moaned.  He whispered my name.  But then, it happened.  I felt like, the stars had aligned and made Akira and I a whole entity.  I knew he had one too because I had never seen that look on his face before.  We kept going and aligned to stars again.  After that, I felt so tired.  I fell asleep in his bed.  I woke up on his bare chest.  He awoke when I did and said “Maybe you should get some more sleep.  I love you,” and kissed me lightly.  “Okay.  I love you too,” I whispered.  I fell asleep in time to see Akira getting out of bed.  I awoke a couple hours later but I was alone.  It was ten o’ clock in the morning.  Akira was gone, nowhere to be found.  I waited for him for a couple hours but still no show.  His sisters were gone for the week, visiting his parents but he wasn’t allowed to come.  I started to freak out.  He left me after making love to me.  I started to cry.  I was all alone now.  I had no one else, not even my family.  After all, they did arrange this betrothment to some guy.  My only supporter was in the hospital.  I cried more.  I left.  I stayed in my room and cried all day.  I felt so hurt.  He called me and I wouldn’t answer.  The next week, he approached me in school.  I refused to talk to him.  A couple weeks passed and he finally got the message.   One day, I was sitting in my room doing homework.  I looked at my calendar and I saw my period week marked.  It was last week.  I still had not gotten it.  Then it hit me, Akira and I didn’t use protection.  That meant I could be pregnant.  I got an at-home test to take- it was positive.  This was bad, real bad.  He didn’t even love me.  I couldn’t abort though.  I wanted to keep my baby.  I was still avoiding Akira.  I still loved him though.  I felt so confused him.  Even if he didn’t love me, he would love the baby, right?  What if he ran or said the baby wasn’t his?  Eventually a few months later, I decided to tell him.  At school, the next day, I approached him.  He said coolly, “What do you want?”  “I need to speak with you.”  “About what?”  “I can’t say it here.  Meet me at the tree on the end of our street.  Tonight.”  “Sure,” he said, irritated.  When it came time, I chickened out.  I was too scared.  I stayed in my room the rest of the day and slept.  I awoke in the middle of the night with a wierd feeling.  I felt like someone was watching me.  I saw a figure in the darkness.  I was too scared to scream.  “Shhh,” he said.  Oh my god!  He’s a rapist.  God help me!  “It’s me, Akira,” he said and stepped forward.  It was him.  Before I could ask why he was in my room at two in the morning, he said “Why did you want to talk to me today?”  I didn’t know what to say.  “I um, I uh,” I stammered.  This was too much.  I felt my hormones kick in.  I started to sob.  He looked at me, confused.  He sat on the bed and rubbed my back and said soothingly, “It can’t be that bad,”and wrapped his arms around me.  “Shhh,” he whispered and wiped a tear from my cheek.  “Akira, I-I’m, um,” I stuttered.  ” You’re what?” he asked.  “I’m, uhhh, pregnant. I’m so sorry.”  “It’s okay,” he said.  He said “We’ll get through this together.  We love each other and we will be good parents to this baby.  I love you and my unborn child more than life itself.”  I was touched by his words.  “I love you too.”  Telling my parents didn’t go very well.  I ended up living in Akira’s house with his two little sisters.  They were adorable and beautiful like tiny dolls.  Reiko and Saki.  Saki was outgoing while Reiko was shy.  They were twins.  Reiko and Saki both had large, round Asian eyes like apricots.   Reiko had watery blue-grey eyes and silky straight jet black hair and creamy, milky skin.  Saki had slighter darker, golden skin, toffee coloured ringlets and lovely, golden eyes.  They were seven.  They knew I was with their brother and they treated me so kindly.  When the day came, I was in the hospital room.  Akira’s family had taken a liking to me and allowed him back into the family and all of them were at the hospital.  The contractions hurt.  Bad.  I was giving birth to my baby but then everything went black.  I woke up, tired and sore.  Akira was at my bedside.  “What happened?” I asked.  “You don’t remember?” he said, looking puzzled.  “No.”  He called the doctor in.  “Oh it’s fine,” he said, “Many women experience bouts of amnesia in pregnancy and childbirth.”  He looked relieved.  “What happened?” I asked again.  “Would you like to see?” said Akira.  “Okay.”  He left for a moment and to my surprise came back with my mom.  She was angry with me because of my pregnancy.  They were each carrying something.  Akira came over and asked if I wanted to see my babies.  I was confused.  He explained I had given birth to twins.  I nodded.  He handed me the bundle in his arms.  “Say hello to your mommy,” Akira cooed, so unlike him.  It was a boy. His hair was straight like silk and jet black like Akira’s, they had the same eye shape and eyelashes but his were more gold in color like a tiger.  My son’s skin was more olive with gold undertones like me. He had my ears and fingers and fine yet thick hair.  He was beautiful.  His lips and miniature nose were perfect.  I loved him. The pain was completely worth it.  I nourished him and cradled him in my womb.  My mother walked over carrying my other child.  “Here,” she said smiling as she gave me the baby.  I immediately loved her just like her brother.  Her hair was silky, a soft charcoal black with red and brown in it like mine, thick, curly into ringlets and waves, with fine hair strands and lots of them just like me.  Her skin was the same as her brother’s and mine.  Her eyes were shaped like mine and large as apricots with long, black lashes fluttering out just like mine.  Her eye color was even the same as me though it was much more beautiful on her- switching between a piercing, baby blue and midnight blue and violet.  Her tiny nose and tiny, rosebud lips were perfect.  Her cheeks were flaming with color.  I was a pround, seventeen year old mother.  I chose their names, Sean and Camilla.  I nursed them for the first time.  I felt so close to my babies, feeding them my own snow-coloured milk.  We all lived with Akira close to his family and lived happily ever after.

(Screen) Name: Harlequin Snow


Day 3: I love You Raj

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If you take a fish out of water, it won’t survive

If you take away air from a human, he/she won’t survive

If you don’t put gas in cars, they won’t work

If you take away sunlight from the world, then we’d all die

If you take away pages from a book, it won’t be a book

Just like those things, if you take away raj from mona, she won’t be mona….she’d die.

Life isn’t all that simple when you don’t have what you need… to survive.

When your loved one isn’t with you, you’re still alive but your dead at the same time.

Life and Death don’t go together so well huh?

Well everyday i live through that….my soul fights over life and death at the same time.

It doesn’t know where to go…i promised him i won’t do anything bad but why do i still try to think of ways to free myself from this life…from this pain.

Saying things and understanding them has a huge difference.

When you say, i love you- you think of care, and happy times together….

Yet you don’t know that it means much more than that. I love you means to spend your life with that one special person, to go throught the bad times and the good times together, to help each other out no matter what the situation is. But so many people don’t understand it, yet they say it all the time…..what kinda world to we live in???

My heart aches when i think about how far away he is from me.

I just talked to him about an hour ago….he was sleepy so i let him go….hes jus so cute.

I made him smile and told him to go to sleep…he layed in bed and fell asleep after i hung up…his voice seemed like he was tired…his voice calmly healed my heart…and slowly it began to feel like there was never a wound in it….as soon as i hung up it began again….the pain..the wounds in my heart started to come back… You know how u feel when u have butterflies caz you know you’re making a big step or doing something so amazing and your so nervous that u feel like you wana throw up…imagine feeling like that 24/7. Every second i keep opening up my yahoo messenger and check to see if he’s online…when i don’t see him there i feel as if hes just invisible and he’s joking with me so i hope to receive a msg from him…but i get nothing… it hurts when everyday you wake to expect something so precious to happen to you but then you end up crying all alone. Everyday i sit in my bed reading old emails on our account…..i laugh and then i cry. I read his emails that he sent me when i was in india for 6 months…and i ask myself how hard would that have been for him? In india, you have so many people to talk to…your whole family is there…you go to places and your mind if sort of distracted from what you really need….but here….u sit here and write stupid emails when you know that he’s not going to reply back anytime soon. Stupid love….if you have anybody who u love more than anything…go and spend your time with them…you don’t know how precious something is untill u loose it or untill your really far away from it. That person, doesn’t have to be your boyfriend….it cud be anybody and anything. Love is god…and God is love….nothing in this world is stronger than the power of love. Many people don’t even believe in god or love…and that’s totally against what i think but it’s who you are. One day, when those people find something so close to themselves…they’ll pray to god for that thing/person and that’s when they’ll realize that love is god…and god is love…..

I have many more things to learn in life….i have many things to understand….but for now all i kno is that i love you raj and i hope when u read this….you’ll understand what i was trying to say….i miss u pookie ji come home soon…my arms will always be open for u and my heart….is always with u ….gud night my superman muwhaaaaz i love you tons and i miss u like crazy….i’ll always be waiting for u….and it doesn’t matter how far we are…im always gona love u in fact i will have even more love for u…my love for u increases 1000000000000000000000X every and each second that i live….and every second that i breathe…i love u…and always will

(Screen) Name: monaxoxo831


He’s my New Life

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After I had a relationship with my last boyfriend who was my long time crush and my ideal guy; i never have time to commit again. I got many crushes but loving another guy was not yet in my mind. My bestfriend and me applied at SM Supermarket as a bagger. There I met many guys who’s very charming but none get stuck with my heart. Until new baggers was hired then, after 2 weeks when we were hired. He was so silent and I used to make fun out of him.He is Christian. Day had passed, another baggers was hired because many were got ended their contracts. His named is Juvelie. He really likes me and got a stolen kiss to me. At first, I really hate what he was doing. Our costumer service personnel noticed what he had done with me. When we had our three days workshop, we got a chance to meet and get closed with some of our batches and the other next to us. We were then very closed. Juvelie always wants to get closed with me. We always stayed in one of our co-employees bording house. Our workshop started at 8am but its not consecutive three days. When we got to work about few minutes before 1pm. I had planned to make him dissapointed with me. I told my friends about it and agreed with me. We saw Christian was just beside us. I asked him to do but I wasn’t really sure if he can make it because he is a shy person. Then, after the plan we started to do anything just to make Juvelie get away from me. Our first plan was not successfull. The more we pretend that we are lovers, the more he likes me. Then, the next thing we do is we stop and let it be. We were so tired to do everything but it seemed nothing to him. There was one night, my last night before my suspension startes due to my lates. Christian and me was sitting on the jeepney. Juvelie was just in front of us. Almost the employees had seen us very closed and sweet. But it was my intention to hold his arms because Juvelie was there staring us. I didn’t know whats on the mind of Christian why he did it. I only noticed it after. He talks like his lips brushes to mine. Of course, i didn’t mind it because we’re just making him jealous.When my suspension starts, i realized that i missed Christian and I dont even think of that. Maybe of what happened. When i came back for work I found out that it was successful. He didn’t want to talk to me like he hates me after what he had seen.He never wants to talk to me. And just gave me a fake smile when i told him i missed him. When Christian and I met our break time, we laughed and I was shocked because he hugged me tight and he told me he missed me. So I told him i misses him more. I just want to be honest with him and with myself. Then i started a huge feeling that i was thinking if i like him. He had a girlfriend and I knew it. Months passed, we became closed and people noticed our sweetness. Ofcourse we allowed them to see us because we’re not a real lovers. They always asked us if we were. We answered them were not. Were just friends but we knew deep inside of us we like each other. When we had to go out, we holds our hands and he always offers his shirst when it rains. He waited outside so we could walk together. People were so confused about us. Then, i told them that I have a feeling for him but im quite sure I dont love him. But Christian denied always that he didn’t like me. He keeps telling them though i was always there that it would never happened that he would court me, love me or be his mistress. He never want to cheat with his girlfriend but I dont know. I was really hurt when I heard him saying it. I told some of my friends to stop asking him about us. Months passed by,we’re more sweeter and he can’t denied his feeling for me. He had shown to us how he felt for me. He got jealous and me too. He didn’t want me to get jealous. It’s like we were a true lovers. I didn’t get him. Then, he admit to my some friends that he likes me too.
When we ended our contract there, we still communicate through cellphone but he’s not replying always. I know he just want to keep texting with his girlfriend only. I was hurt but its okay. I never let him know about it. I just smile and smile to pretend it. One day, I went to supermarket alone. We talked and asked me going out to watch movie. I was not able to answer him. He said,deal or no deal. I keep shut up and smile. I didn’t imagine it. After his work by almost 8pm, we walked through our friends bording house. I had to get one thing there. We missed watching movie because the cinema is until 9pm only. We walked and he kissed me. When we got to her bording house, there outside we were staring. We bid goodbye but we still want each other. I told him i want to hug him because it would be our last met. We hugged so tight but he faces me and kissed me like he didn’t want me to go. Then, he left me. When I got home already,I can’t forget his kiss. I feel like I wanted him more. Few days later he texted me that they split up. I saw his wounds on his hands because he hits the wall. I was pity on him that I realized how much he loves his girlfriend.I gave him advices and he agreed with me. I never hurt anymore and I asked him to share me about his ex. He told me everything. When he is alone, he always wanted me to be with him because he wanted someone to talk too. I wanted so but I just can’t go. He did everything to make his ex back to him but she has another boyfriend. Then, he accept it. He can’t forced his girlfriend because she dont love him anymore. And i was there for him,still give him advices. But what happened is we kissed and he asked me to be his girlfriend. I never answered him. I just told him that he is still hurt and I dont want to commit because he just want me,not love me. He understand me but we keep doing it. He explained to me and what we are to be when i answered him. I just smiled and looked him in the eyes. I feel like he was so sincered by what he is saying.Days passed and he ended up his contract too. The day of their exit interview came, he asked me if we can meet. I told him I wasn’t sure because my mom wont let me. He told me he wants to give me a teddy bear. He keeps waiting me on that day and tommorow he had to go home in his place. It took 2 hours or more,it is far. I would missed him if im not going to met him. Then,i met him with my friends. She left us alone in the bench to talk. He gave me a teddy bear and a big chocolates. He kissed me always in my hands and my forehead. He stoled me a kiss too though many people saw it. He wants me to smile before he got to go. When he has to go,i was really crying and he told me that he would come back as soon as possible. He didn’t want to leave me but he has too. He would be home late. That night, we texted and he told me that he loves me but he just can’t tell me personally. I want to say it personally so he decided that we keep friends only. He send me a message that it made me cry. Then, i told him i love him too. He said that he didn’t want me to be confused. Then we stopped texting. The next day,I text him to ask if where is my boyfriend? He was shocked and keep asking me if I was really his girlfriend already. He was very happy and I was happy too. Finally, i can call him my own. We are both happry right now and misses each other. He would make a way to come back here as soon as possible so we wil have time for each other. I love him so much.

(Screen) Name: Jesse


Finding Love Again

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Me and Angela never wanted to get married to each other but we have no choice. My Dad would fire me from my job if I don’t marry her and its goodbye to her glamorous life if she won’t. We hated each other, I’m serious and I concentrate about business while she’s childish and stubborn.

A month after, things between us finally cooled down, we started to understand and became comfortable with each other and not long after we fell in love.
When we heard from the doctor that she was pregnant, it changed our life, we became closer and happier, we wanted the baby so badly. I would come home early so we can have dinner together and call every 2 hours just to check up on her.

One day, I was called for a meeting on my day off, I left my cell phone on the car and when I checked it, there were 5 missed calls from Angela, before I can call her back, my mother-in-law called and informed me that Angela was rushed in the hospital, the doctors tried their best to save the baby but it was too late– she miscarried. I was in the bed side caressing Angela , waiting for her to wake up and when she did, she started crying about losing the baby, my heart went out to her I’m sad about losing the baby but I’m grateful that my wife is alive and that’s what matters most.

I thought everything is going to be alright again but day by day she seemed more miserable, she would hold her tummy as if the baby is still there and starts crying, I tried everything to cheer her up by proposing to have another baby but she’s not ready to have one because she’s scared of losing it again. Angela changed so much; she became bitter and unhappy.

I was called for a meeting one time on my day off and she didn’t want me to attend it, I explained to her how important the meeting was but she wasn’t listening, She got angry and blamed me for her miscarriage, I looked at her with disbelief and slammed the door and went to the meeting. I came home late and drunk and when I entered the room she pushed me out and threw a pillow at my face – “I’m sleeping in the couch”.
The next day, I apologized to her but she doesn’t seem to care about my apology, she told me that were going to have separate rooms. I tried my best to fix things between us but it was no use, I finally gave up on her.

Months later, I met Sandy she’s far different from Angela she has a five year old daughter named Megan. They made my life colorful again; I fell in love with them. Sandy promised herself not to trust another man again but I proved her wrong, I didn’t give up on pursuing her, she was everything Angela could never be, I fell deeply in love with her.

Even though she’s not my daughter Megan and I bonded like a real father and daughter, she had never seen her father and Sandy worked very hard to raise her alone — I’m happy I filled the missing pieces. One of the best things that happened to me was when I attended her school’s Parents day and was called “daddy” for the first time, I was overwhelmed with joy. With them by my side, there’s nothing I could ever ask for, I was ready to divorce Angela and accept whatever consequences from my father.

I thought Angela would agree but she cried when I discussed it to her, she told me that she still loves me and she wants to start all over again — “You killed us a long time ago Angela, it’s too late” I said it harshly and left. My father was enraged when he learned about my plan for a divorce, at that moment I wasn’t scared of him. Angela didn’t sign for the divorce but she didn’t bother us, it was clear in her mind that there’s nothing she can do to make me come back.

I continued my life with the people I care about the most. I bought a house for Me, Sandy and Megan and we lived there like a normal family. Sandy was very understanding to everything that was happening in my life and never pressured me. I fought everything that tried to come between me and Sandy, even my own father, I thought I can win over everything that would separate us but there’s one enemy that I could not defeat and it’s Cancer – Sandy is sick with Cancer, she knew about it but never told me and Megan. My world crumbled down when I heard it from the doctor and to make matters worse, they told me that there’s nothing more they can do to save Sandy, all there’s left is to make most of the time she had left. Even though Sandy knew she was dying, she managed to smile and never showed a sign of suffering, she taught me how to accept the changes that I must face soon and learn to love again.

Sandy left with peace and contentment in her heart, I felt lonely but not hopeless, I still have Megan and I promised Sandy that I would take good care of her. Angela was supportive and became my friend; I noticed that there was a big change in her. She was kind and caring to Megan. I remember what Sandy taught me – It was to love again and I did, but it took a while for me to learn to love Angela again. We got back together and she treated Megan like her own daughter. She gave birth to our baby girl and she didn’t mind calling the baby “Cassandra”, Sandy’s name.

(Screen) Name: Story Teller 777

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