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Welcome to the Love Story Blog of Love-Sessions.

Do you have a special love story? Actually every love story is great. How does it begin, what did it take, who was involved and how did it end if it ended.

Hollywood's best movies are love stories! We are eager to read yours or maybe you are just eager to read others.  Maybe one of the producers of Hollywood is reading your story and what a story that would be!

Enjoy our site and we look forward to receive your story!

The man I never thought I would find

Posted on : 15-09-2018 | By : A-Pie | In : Soul Mates

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He came into my life in a moment I never expected. I had recently decided that I wanted a divorce, told my husband, and we both agreed it was for the best. My best friend was giddy with excitement for me ditching him as they never saw eye to eye. The next day I saw her, she grabbed my phone (not an unusual occurrence) and created a Tinder account for me. Determined not to let me settle again, she rejected most men that popped into my account. Within an hour I had several messages, and assumed they all just wanted a piece of me. I was busy trying to pack up 7 years of my 23 on this Earth into as few boxes as possible, going through piles of what to keep, what to sell, and what to toss. Naturally Tinder became a slight distraction, as I had no experience dating as an adult. I received a message from him, simple enough, and being the kind of girl who will kiss as many frogs as I need to until I find my prince, I replied. He wanted to have a conversation with me, not just ask when we could go get a drink or hook up. I’m sure I sounded bitchy or uninterested, but truly I just wanted to get out of that house as quickly as I could. My heart hadn’t been in the relationship since before we got married. I thought that he was all I could get, so I stayed, miserable and depressed, for years longer than our shelf life.

We talked all night, about life, relationships that have failed, and love that we hoped we would find. He was cautious, as was I, but there was something immediately different with him. I told him how I had to find a new home for my cats, and he offered to take them for as long as I couldn’t keep them myself. We arranged a time for him to pick up, which was about a week later. He lived two hours away, but drove through my town twice a week coming and going from work. We continued to talk about everything and nothing for the next few days, and then decided to meet up for coffee a couple days before he was to pick up my babies.

Monday came, the day I was going to meet him, and I was an absolute wreck. I didn’t know what to wear, my hair wouldn’t cooperate, and I was running on about three hours of sleep. I’m perpetually early, so I left about 20 minutes before we said we would meet up, and texted him when I got there about five minutes later letting him know what car I was in. He responded immediately saying he was already there and he would start walking to the door. I saw him instantly, and thought he was incredibly cute. He held the door open for me, let me order first, and we just sat and talked for hours. I didn’t realize that he worked a couple hours away, and he never made it seem like he needed to be anywhere. Our phones never came out of our pockets and we didn’t stop the conversation. The store was about to close, he held the door open for me, and walked me to my car. He said goodnight, took my hand, and kissed it, and closed my car door behind me.

I drove home in a daze, wondering if he was even real. When I got home there was a text waiting for me.

“I just want to say thank you for getting coffee with me today. I had a wonderful time and I look forward to seeing you again.”

Could I have actually found a gentleman in an age where fuck boys were everywhere, or was he just putting his best foot forward to try and get into my pants? I had a feeling it wasn’t the latter, but you never really know. We continued texting all night, and into the next day. Wednesday that week was when he was picking up my babies, and he asked me out to dinner and a movie beforehand. We had both realized we loved kid movies as much as the other, so we went to see Sing. We laughed at the same parts, sang the songs quietly to ourselves, and I even held his hand for a while. We’re both socially awkward, he hides behind his romance skills, and I’ve always hid behind my sexuality. I think it kept us both on our toes, but for the first time in my life, I wanted to take things slow.

After the movie we went to my old place, as I had already moved out by then. My ex-husband was crashing with his brother as he didn’t want to be alone in the home we had built together, thankfully. He took his time letting them get used to him being there, Belle was the first to come up to him. Belle, being the love bug that she is, immediately started purring and let him pick her up. He spoiled her with belly scratches and then got her in the kennel while I went searching for Beast. He was in his usual hiding spot under the bed and after some coercing I got him out and let them meet each other. I excused myself for a moment while a few tears fell from my cheeks. I knew that I would see them again, but I had both of them since they were 12 weeks old. They had never known another home, and although I knew he would take care of them as well as I did, they would still be hours away.

We packed them into the car and started to drive home, listening to them cry in the back seat, and I hid my sorrow with laughter like I normally did.  He walked me to my door, kissed my hand goodnight, and drove away with a piece of my heart that night. I received a text a few hours later letting me know they made it safe and sound, and he listed to Beast cry the entire ride home.

Over the next few weeks we talked nonstop. He drove to work on Sundays, and would come spend a few hours with me, and then again on Thursdays when he got off work.

On our third date I was determined to get a kiss. We went bowling, played best two out of three, and it was a close game. My last frame he told me he bet I could hit at least 8 pins, so I asked what the stakes were. I know that we both were thinking the same thing, but he was still erring on the side of caution and wouldn’t say what I wanted him to. I looked at him, a devilish grin, and said I have an idea. I turned around, rolled, and hit nine pins. I quickly spun around and kissed him, receiving an instant blush from both our parts. He had told me the night before that he had a surprise for me, so I was anxious to know what it was. He had bought a vase and some Post-it notes, and told me to write down everything I’ve always wanted to do, and he would do his best to make them happen. When he dropped me off at home that night, we kissed goodnight, and he left with another piece of my heart.

The next time I saw him my ex-husband had been driving me crazy all weekend. Instead of having two more weeks to clean out our place he told our landlord that we would be out by that Thursday. I felt terrible and told him that I had to spend our Sunday cleaning instead of being with him, and without even thinking about it he offered to help. We got a few rooms done, but I just wanted to leave so I said that I would finish up the next day. We went and ate dinner, talked for a few hours and before we knew it, it was time for him to finish the drive to work.

We’ve talked every day for the past 4 weeks, and I know it seems crazy that I know without a doubt he’s the one, but I do. I never expected to find love, and I never could’ve imagined it would look like this when I did. He is my prince charming, my friend, my lover, and so much more. I see our future clearly, and so can he. They match up perfectly, and I can not wait to see what else is in store for us. With every day that passes, I fall for him more and more. He is the only man I see and ever want to see. Most people would think he stole my heart, but that’s not the case. I have given it to him willingly, knowing that, as with anything, it may end up broken beyond repair. But I trust him to protect it, love it, treasure it, as I do with his.



Infinite Phantom Love

Posted on : 18-09-2015 | By : admin | In : Internet Romance

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Approximately about 4 years ago, I fell deeply in love with a boy.


That boy has grown up, and so have I.


But he still drives me crazy everytime I think about him.


That guy was a popular person on the internet

He never even knew that I existed, and how much I fell in love with him at the first sight. That guy had perfect eyes, nose, jawline, lips, hair, height.. No matter how much I looked at him I just find him perfect… Maybe at the first sight I just fell for his looks, but that thing attracted me to get to know him. I knew I’d never ever get a chance to talk to him, I’ve tried multiple times but I kept on failing. So I picked up my phone and researched almost everything on the internet about him.. This was probably my best mistake or the best miracle that has ever happened to me that I came to know about him. His personality isn’t how he looks, infact, he is a sensitive person that strongly believes in love at first sight, and believes that the first love is the internal love and would only love the person that he finds her as his soulmate, a loving and caring person.., that not just only loves him for his perfect looks but loves him for HIM. When I found about that I went crazy about him, I totally got over obsessed so I tried searching about his likes and dislikes, his hobbies, what he prefers in a girl.. and they turned out to be at least 90% similar to me. I don’t know what kept on motivating me that one day we will definitely meet, and then we will live with each other for forever and always. I’ve dreamt a lot about him, and he coming in my dreams kissing me to sleep, telling me to have faith in my love… But the thing that I was feeling uneasy with was, he was 6 years older than me, I know age should never matter when it comes to true love but I felt he is probably more like an elder brother.. I somehow managed to overcome this feeling, but he lived far away in another country from me. And I can never imagine to reach there yet. Even knowing he doesn’t knows that I even exist I still had hope, we would definitely meet and our love would be internal, due to him telling me in my dreams to always have hope in love no matter what. I guess being too obsessed caused it that my own spirit was telling me to have hope no matter what in that guy’s form, and when I thought about that I started to get my hopes down from being by his side instead of hoping I’d be with him sometime in the future. Nevertheless, the only thing I started to feel was me being more obsessed with him, learning about his likes and dislikes even more, researching if he has/had a girlfriend.. And this just won’t end until even now.. That guy has grown up into an adult which sure looks will find his “true love” anytime soon, of course I might not be the only person that has felt this way but I extremely love him and want him at all costs, and wish to make him happy.. that just seems impossible for someone like me.. the only thing that surprises me is even he still haven’t found that person he wish to spend his whole life with and that he hadn’t dated for years. No matter if its day or night everything in my love is still the same for him, this just won’t change no matter how much I try because I’ve even tried to forget him for good because the reality is, he is never mine… I just wonder if he ever thinks if there’s a person that’s so obsessed with him and would love him no matter what it costs.. If I just had the luck to meet him our love would not be an endless phantom one-sided love that’s only held onto me… I’m so tired of keep on hoping he’ll ever be with me but its helpless, its sad that its not like how you think. I felt like sharing this because he was my first unsuccessful love.., that still haunts me telling “it” will be alive for all eternity.


Young love

Posted on : 21-04-2012 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : First Love, Romance Love Story

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Well first I want to say im only 19. Young love you can say. I been with my boyfriend Aaron for about 2 Years now and Im so in love and we are happy and truley in love. I started a new highschool in a whole new city, state everything, I still remeber the first day i met Aaron. I Was put in all his classes. All these boys were asking my name and if I was single trying to get at me but I iqnored them. Then Aaron walked in and was getting yelled at by the teacher, his looks got my attetion but his personality made me stay. He yelled back and came and talked to me, ask my name, age and told me I was beatiful. I felt butterflies the first time I talked to him. The teacher Ms.Beakly (eww) sent him out of the class, so he left. After he did all kinds of girls were telling me he’s a player and a whole lot of bs about him even some guys called him a player. But I didnt listen I was just thinking about him and the buttErflies I felt, daydreaming I thought ‘he can be mine’. The first class was over and we went to the second class, where my eyes met Aarons. He told me sit by him so I sat right next to him he just kept telling me how ‘pretty and beatiful’ I was I was lost in love when he told me that it made me feel cozy, being the new girl and all. Alot of girls kept giving me dirty looks, I remeber I told him ‘you should leave me alone these girls make me feel unwanted we can be friends though’ and he replied ‘ forget these dumbs broads, I want you and alot of other guys do too but you mine gorgoues’ I believed him. We couldnt really talk in the other classes we didnt sit near eachother but he kept coming to me it made me happy. soon it was lunchtime and more people where outside trying ask me questions and get to know me. So I was talking and some guy named ‘Erick’ grabbed my butt and everyone started laughing and some guys where all touching me and Aaron tells them ‘Common leave new girl alone’ so they did and he took me and was walking toward me while I was walking back, he said ‘You okay gorgoues ?’ and I remeber saying ‘yea fine thanks girls are so rude’. He said ‘They are jelly cause your mine’ and I remeber saying ‘Ha your funny you wish boy’ and he said ‘Well you will be love’ and I said ‘No’ and walked away toward this one girl Isabella (only nice girl to me) I wanted so badly to tell Aaron okay babe or some, but I played hard to get (I thought while walking toward Issebella)I just remeber my arm gtting grabbed and my lips were touched by the biggest,yummiest,softest,warmest lips I ever felt… Aarons. It was just a peck and some girls told him leave me alone and pulled him away. I just followed some other girls and ate behind them (feeling alone and leftout) even though I was pretty everyone had there own friends and didnt pay much attetion to me. But I sat there, ate and when I got up to throw my tray away three girls and like five guys came to the table I was at, one of the girls grabbed my arm and pushed me to sit back down. I was confused, I just sat there listening to them talk then one of the guys (not saying names) asked me if I wanted to play a game I said ‘Yea sure’ Then one of the girls pulled out a piece of paper that had a circle on it and said ‘push’. The girl said ‘Go ahead push it dont be scared its fun’. So I pushed the cirlce on the paper that read push , the girl opened it and had a big smile on her face then said ‘kiss Alex!’ I was like ‘Umm what wait no.’ they push that guy “Alex” towared me and I was sitting there and I didnt wanna kiss him. Then one the girls said ‘Do it already the teachers are wacthing hurry up or we’ll blame this on you.’ So Alex came closer towared me and put his lips on mine. One of the girls was holding my head and he used touge. The girl whispered in my ear ‘Im going to let go now but you better keep kissing otherwise where going to jump your ass.’ and she let go but I kept kissing and he was rubbing my upperleg I wanted to run but also a little scared being new and all. I remeber the one girl behind me (Bitch) Saying ‘Oh hey Aaron, wanna play push, new girl’s playing.’ And I Pulled away from Alex. My eyes met Aarons and he stood there for a second, replied ‘Na I have lunch detention’, He walked away. His voice seem mad, I felt like crap. Then the three girls and five boys including Alex got up were all laughing and walked away, then the girl who held my held said ‘Lets see who gets him now bitch.’ as she was walking away laughing. I felt bad and had nowhere to go. I sat there alone thinking til lunch was over. Ten minutes later I had gym with Aaron. I remeber sitting alone on the cold gym floor, I look over at Aaron and the dumb brod who set me up was rubbing his hair. I remeber my spiderman panties were showing in the back and a whole bunch of guys were yelling ‘whoo-oo spidey’ So I got balls pulled my shorts up and sat by those boys, talking to them. One cute one jimmy asked me out so I said ‘yes’. He was one grade older then me so I only saw him in gym. Anyways after gym, went to fifth period, where I saw Aaron. I sat alone in the back. But the teacher swicthed me seats and I sat by Aaron and his friend chino. Chino was asking me if I was dating jimmy and if I really kissed Alex. I replied ‘Yea why’? He said ‘just wondering, word goes fast.’ and I said ‘Yea.’ Then somebody yelled out ‘new girl a whore Mr.! She kissed Alex and goes out with Jimmy, Whore !’ and the teacher Mr.Ricky Said ‘Queit please’. I felt so alone. Some girls started laughing and coughing ‘whore’ I just sat there all dumb. Then Aaron told everyone this, ‘Just shut the hell up all you girls are dumb and ugly sluts!’ And he sat back down everyone looked at him mad and then it was queit the rest of math. I remeber walking to sixith period alone like always ‘Aaron pulled me aside and said this ‘Is it ture you date Jimmy and I know Sirrea set you up with Alex, he told me.’ and I replied ‘Yea jimmy is cute and not alot of chicks on his jock like you to many girls dont like me cause you do, I mean cause your nice to me.’ and Aaron said ‘breakup with Jimmy for me and who cares those girls well get over it and I do like you alot, well you be my girlfriend ?’ I remeber saying ‘Wow well I like you too, but poor Jimmy I mean’. And Aaron said ‘He’ll be okay and really ?’ and I said ‘Mmmkay well lets do this,Babe !’ And Aaron smiled lifted me up and spun me around we kissed and ran to sixth period. What a rough first day. Later that day I brokeup with jimmy he said he just wanted sex (eww), me and Aaron texted,talked on the phone,hungout alot and eventulay he met my mom and I met his, me and Aaron had a great fun realationship he was so good to me, for about four months we had no problems were very happy and a strong realtionship. But one night I went out to a kickback without Aaron and he trusted me and I madeout with another guy and just madeout like kissing NO SEX ! Aaron foundout and we brokeup thru text. It was the worst feeling ever my first love broke my heart and it hurt more knowing it was my fault. It was even harder seeing him in every class, everyday of school. We were brokenup for about a month in a half it was hard on both of us. Then one afternoon and health I dropped my pencil and it just happend to roll under Aarons desk, he picked it up for me and handed it to me. I told him thanks and smiled he just shook his head . After class he ask me ‘How come we dont talk nomore?’ I replied ‘Aaron please dont Im sorry I regert it please dont bring it up.’ and he said ‘No Giselle I forgave you a long time ago, I just didnt know how to tell you.’ I replied ‘Why ? We were bestfriends.’ He said ‘Thats why you were my girl, my bestfriend, my first love’…. And I looked at him and said ‘First love ? Aaron your my first love I still love you, im stupid what I did.’ and he said ‘What Im your first love to ? and no Giselle everyone makes mistakes, it was mistake not going with you that night, your not dumb, Im in love with you babe.’ After school that day we text and then metup at Walmart that was close to both of us. We worked things out and we got back together. I have now been with Aaron for two years now Im very much in love with him, we lost our viginitys to eachother, I feel very comfty with him were not just girlfriend and boyfriend were also bestfriends. Love isnt always easy but if you pull thru problems your relationship will work, wait for your love. My relationship is the greatest right now and I so happy with him, he is my high and I am his. I hope to have his babbies and we have a happy long life together. Well got to go Aaron’s coming over. I LOVE YOU AARON OCHOCA ! 9/27/10 FOREVER

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loving the unknown

Posted on : 13-12-2010 | By : cuteluvrox | In : First Love, Romance Love Story



It was simple really, falling for him i mean. i never spoke to him but there’s this feeling every time i think about him. i dont even remember the color of his eyes but i knew we were meant to be. there were many signs we met in one of the weirdest places he was helping this old lady around the house and i was there with my mom, he had a cute smile i remember it even from far away he was tall taller them me at least he was 6’ft if i remember correctly ( its hard to judge hight while your sitting) he was amazing he wore my favorite color the exact shade 😀 we stood there surrounded by old lady’s at first i simply thought he was hot but a week later it hit me and boy did it hit me hard i wanted to know more about my mystery boy i know some because of my mom and rumors he was 3 years older then me i think his eyes were blue i want to know more about him ive loved him for one month but just like how my mom knew that her and my dad were meant to be as soon as they met i knew as my mom says merry a guy like your father, i think for the first time in my life i think i may have found him its wrong i know I only met him once i dont even know his last name im not even a girl that crys over guys but thinking that he might not even know me is crushing just enough to cry

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It’s started during CHINESE NEW YEAR..

Posted on : 25-07-2010 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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When I first saw her, I just said “Who is this BEAUTIFUL GIRL?”. i just felt amazed and fascinated with her smile, her beauty, her personality. But the “QUESTION” always playing on my mind. Yeah, Chinese New Year gave me a lot of MEMORY where back then I saw her and started to fall in love AGAIN. She wore BLACK DRESS, a sexy BLACK DRESS that really made my heart beaten fast! With her wide eyes, and her strong sexy smell of perfume make me wanted her more. Back at home I kept on wondered “WHEN CAN I SEE YOU AGAIN,MY DREAM GIRL?” Ohh!! How I wish I have her phone number. After 2 weeks,then I got her phone number with an “effort” by STOLEN IT FROM A FRIEND OF MINE WHO ALSO ADMIRE HER! But finally, DREAMS COME TRUE! When, I asked her out. She agreed. The FIRST DATE is REALLY AND TRULY TOUCHED by her confession where SHE ALSO REALLY AND TRULY DEEPLY FALLING IN LOVE WITH ME EITHER. The whole night we spent our precious time together and talked until morning. I just don’t want it to end like that. My dear, YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING!

(Screen) Name: Andy Alysheah

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