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Forbidden Love

Posted on : 12-04-2011 | By : Love Story Writer ... | In : Romance Love Story

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When I was 17 I worked in a hospital cafeteria, it was a pretty good place to work at. This really tall,dark and handsome guy who was about 6 months older than me started working there soon after I did. At first we didn’t like each other, he thought I was too annoying and I thought he was too full of himself. But working together a lot and sometimes not having anything better to do got us into talking and soon we were great friends.
I didn’t have a car, and since it turned out that where I lived was on his way, he started giving me rides home after work. And sometimes he would even come to my school and pick me up from there to go to work together. We never spent time outside of work though.
Later it became pretty apparent that he had a thing for me. When he wasn’t working he would come to see me anyways and bring me coffee or chocolate or something. He was the sweetest guy. So I started to fall for him, but was too stubborn to admit it. I come from a different culture and I know this may not sound good to some people, but where I come from you date a few months and get married. So if started dating an american guy who didn’t even go to church (thats a big thing for us too) then of course people would talk. And I stay clear of doing things that make people talk. So I did everything I could to fall out of love with Nick. But it just wouldn’t happen.
By then he had already told me how he felt and he knew my reasons for not going out with him so we just kept it that. But he always found every second we had together to just hold me and talk and sometimes we would just look at each other. I couldn’t not tell him how I felt. So I did. But I refused to date him.
One thing that made things harder for us was his mom. She also worked in the hospital where we worked but not in the cafeteria. So she knew who I was and what was going on. She also knew that I was a flirt before I fell in love with her son. And she did not believe that I had real feeling for him because I didn’t go out with him. She didn’t understand me like he did. So she gave him a hard time about it. She told him he wasn’t allowed to give me rides anymore but he didn’t tell me that at the time and continued doing it.
So there we were, almost done with high school, crazy in love but couldn’t do anything about it.
The saddest thing was that Nick was going away at the end of the summer to the air force. So we didn’t have much time left. We kept getting into fights but always ended up making up really soon after.
I just couldn’t handle him leaving soon and he kept asking me to at least go on a few dates with him before he leaves. so I did. We kept them secret though because my parents and his mom would not have been happy.
But his mom was pretty set on making me suffer so she convinced Nick that I was talking to half the guys in the hospital and that he is leaving and doesn’t need a girl like me so we weren’t talking for the remainder of the time we had left together. Of course I regretted wasting so much of it, but in the end it didn’t matter.
He left and I didn’t see him until he came to visit on christmas. He wouldn’t talk to me and it completely broke my heart. Apparently he was mad at me. When he went back I was very miserable so I called him and texted him, I can be very persistant, until he finally talked to me. So we got things cleared up and talked on the phone every night. He told me that he still kept my picture with him all the time and that all his friends there knew about me. He said he couldn’t forget me. So were both very happy.
Then one day when we were talking on the phone he said his mom was calling him and that he had to go. So we said our goodbyes then after about 30 minutes he texts me and says that we can’t continue talking. He did not tell me what his mom told him, and I know for a fact that whatever it was was a lie, but he believed her. So that ended things for us. Of course his mom was very nice to me and acted like nothing happened but I still even to this day do not like that lady.
I called Nick and left him a mean message because I was so mad and left things at that. Then after a few months passed he came to visit again. But I had absolutely no idea he was coming. I was on break and as I was walking to sit down to eat I saw him eating with his mom in the cafeteria. I could not believe it. He looked amazing and he looked straight at me. So I did the only reasonable thing I could do. I completely ignored him and walked right past.
Time passed and I missed him like crazy. I have no idea how he feels about me. I still have his number but I will not call him. I don’t know where he is at or what he is doing. But I do think about Nick a lot. Even though I’ve been in other relationships and have an amazing boyfriend I’m completely in love with right now.
I just can’t forget that dark, handsome, strong guy who was so sweet to me and loved me so much.

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